Project Number Project Title & DescriptionGranteeProject LocationProject DurationGrant Amount (USD)
001Pilot Project for Joint Civil and Voter Registry (CVR) in Afghanistan
The joint civil and voter registry pilot project will lay the groundwork for a nationwide programme to be carried out in 2007/2008. The nationwide registry will allow the government to issue tamperproof national identification documents to all Afghans, which will serve as voter registration cards and enable Afghans to access a range of public services. The pilot project will be implemented in three geographically representative districts based on an agreed set of criteria.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - AfghanistanFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 336,567
002Human Rights & Women’s Rights in the Context of Islam and Afghanistan
This project promotes leadership training and support for 1200 rural Islamic and women's leaders and other decision-makers, combined with an innovative dual component of 52 episode radio series: an original programming dramatizing the lives of powerful women in Islam with discussions by influential moderate mullahs and scholars, and the “voices from the field”, testimonies of local role models speaking about the importance of recognizing and applying these rights to the resolution of issues in rural Afghanistan.
Equal Access AfghanistanLocal - AfghanistanFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 350,000
003Strengthening the Voice and Visibility of Women in Elections
This project focuses on women in African elections, through the promotion of linked communication activities for journalists, female candidates and women organizations. Journalists will be mentored and commissioned to participate in independent electoral reporting on gender issues. Female candidates and women organizations will be trained to use the media to get their messages across. Cross-training encounters will link journalists, candidates and NGOs. Furthermore, a tool kit, the "iKNOW politics" and other networks will capture relevant lectures.
IPS Inter Press Service International AssociationRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 253,000
This project aims to bring about an electoral reform, through lobbying and advocacy by political parties, to improve the environment in which elections occur; enhacing the participation of women in political and democratic governance processes. As the sole observation of elections does not guarantee democratic electoral competition, the legal and political environment in which elections are conducted must be influenced by the political involvement of women.
SADC PARLIAMENTARY FORUMRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaApr 2007 - Apr 2009USD 234,500
005Strengthening Women's Engagement in Peace and Recovery in the GLR
This project aims at the realisation of women’s political empowerment, human rights and security in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, with a special focus on Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this programme, UNIFEM relies on advocacy, policy dialogue, action networks, and capacity building, to help eliminate gender inequality, insecurity, and the exclusion of women.
UNIFEM East Africa OfficeRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 267,950
006Dialogue des sociétés civiles pour la Démocratie en Afrique de l’Ouest
Through this project national coalitions of NGOs from Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Chad and Togo are seeking to act together to promote the interface between public authorities and civil society on a national and regional level. The two-year project aims to strengthen the analysis, mobilization and communication of NGO coalitions through programs of capitalization, expertise and institutional strengthening.
Conseil des ONG d’Appui au DéveloppementRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 250,068
007Role of Parliaments in implementing UN human rights treaties
This project aims to increase parliamentarians' knowledge about human rights treaties, by strengthening their capacity to contribute to the preparation of country reports for UN treaty bodies, for the implementation of their concluding observations, thus increasing the number of ratifications. This project will focus on francophone African countries, where the need to improve compliance practices is most needed.
Inter-Parliamentary UnionRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 340,995
008Democratic Reforms in Arab region; focus on socio-economic processes
This project aims to articulate civil society visions of democratic governance and related strategies in light of socio-economic reforms and political processes. The value added is to raise awareness around social and economic rights and realities as well as needed reforms, contributing to building capacities of CSOs and mainstreaming the monitoring of social and economic national policies.
Arab NGO Network for DevelopmentRegional - Middle East and North AfricaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 250,000
009Strengthening BMENA civil society in the democratic process
The Middle East and North Africa suffer from a lack of democracy primarily stemming from a failure to engage civil society in the political process; negatively affecting development, governance, stability and relations with other States. This project will be implemented in Yemen, Jordan and Morocco, focused on enhancing civil society organizations' input in decision-making processes; by reinforcing their role within society, the capacity-building of democracy advocates, and by creating opportunities for dialogue.
Non c'e' pace senza giustizia - No Peace Without JusticeRegional - Middle East and North AfricaApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 233,333
010Dialogue on Democratic Values in the Arab World
CoM, utilizing the leadership experience of its 68 Members, all democratic former Heads of State and Government, will engage civil society and official institutions to strengthen dialogue and democratic discourse in the Arab world. CoM, in collaboration with local partners and UN agencies, will promote the amelioration of relations between civil society and authorities through dialogues with the objective of building consensus on reforms for the freedom of association; key element in the construction of participatory democratic practices, in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco.
Club of MadridRegional - Middle East and North AfricaMar 2007 - Feb 2008USD 254,550
011Organising women against corruption
This project aims to aid women in Argentina by supporting them in their struggles against corruption through public awareness campaigns on gender-specific issues and the impact of corruption, journalist training, programme development to monitor politicians, campaign finance and anti-corruption positions of candidates throughout the 2007 election campaign. Moreover, it promotes South-South exchanges in LAC to share strategies for mobilizing women against corruption, in support of the right to information on anti-corruption work.
Fundación Mujeres en IgualdadLocal - ArgentinaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 300,000
012Government, Civil Society and Media Participation against Corruption
The proposed project aims to strengthen the capacities of journalists to engage in anti-corruption reporting of civil society organizations, to monitor government spending of public officials; promoting government transparency, and to establish a network for cooperation between media, civil society and government on anti-corruption activities.
Eurasia Foundation Representative Office in ArmeniaLocal - ArmeniaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 280,997
013Councillor training for local democracy and good governance in South A
This project will use the Aberdeen Agenda as a foundation for the design of a series of training modules for elected Councillors in the region. It will be developed by a multi-disciplinary team of the Commonwealth, and will use practical case studies from the region. Further, it will explore the role of the elected representative and will help Councillors to understand the principles of effective local democracy and good governance and how this relates to local accountability. Additionally, it will explore practical solutions for developing robust structures, tools to improve local accountability and decision-making, by suggesting initiatives and projects to foster and support local democracy within the community. Key practices to be addressed, in line with the twelve principles in the Aberdeen Agenda will include: participation by ensuring local accountability within the council and local communities, enabling all individuals to participate in local decision-making, improvement of accessibility and transparency of information, and endorsement of the role of the Councillor in public policy making. This project will be delivered by AIILSG: Äôs South Asian Unit. AIILSG has created this unit to continue its UMP anchor-institution functions. The unit supports the development of a local government in South Asia. Through the development of the project, CLGF hopes to develop exchanges and peer-to-peer learning. In liaise with the project objectives, partners will internally evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, and explore ways to mainstream long-term sustainability.
Commonwealth Local Government Forum - PacificRegional - Asia and PacificApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 260,000
014Civil Socety Support to Democratic Processes in 5 Pacific Island Ctrie
This proposal is specifically seeking funding for one component of the RRRT Community Paralegal Programme and will focus on the following objectives: the role of civil society in democratic governance, the development of local community leadership codes, civic education, the role of civil society in combating corruption and increasing accountability as well as the role of civil society as a watchdog and the use of media in a democracy. RRRT has trained more than 300 community paralegals (CPs) in Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga Cook Islands and Solomon Islands. The CPs have been equipped with fundamental legal rights knowledge allowing them to act as agents of change in their respective countries. The CPs are also TOT (Training of Trainers) certified. These CPs have mobilized at both community and policy levels to bring about diverse changes in the Pacific human rights landscape. RRRT has provided training to create this mass cadre of human rights advocates at the grass roots level. What is now required is to bring the CPs in for further skills building in the areas of democratic governance, accountability, monitoring and reporting on corruption, the role of civil society in democracy as well as training in new topics such as; HIV/AIDS and the law, stigma and discrimination, strategies for change, human rights monitoring and reporting and accessing and utilizing the media. RRRT has developed a two week refresher training model and has already implemented this model in the Solomon Islands. The goal is to bring in the following Community Paralegals for refresher training; Solomon Islands 60 CPs, Vanuatu 60 CPs, Tonga 25 CPs and Kiribati 25 CPs.
The Pacific Regional Rights Resource TeamRegional - Asia and PacificMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 242,880
015Asian Young Leaders in Governance
This project proposes to build upon the UNDP pilot initiative for the cultivation of young governance leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region. The success of the 2005 initiative, resulted in an increased demand from countries of the region to organize national roll-outs and to customize training that would imbue young leaders with special skills; deepening their role in supporting good governance and strengthening country capacities to maintain momentum for democratic change.
UNDP Regional Centre in BangkokRegional - Asia and PacificMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 314,624
016Strengthening the APJRF and developing a judicial reform handbook
This project will develop practical tools for judicial reform in accordance with human rights norms through a network of 49 national judiciaries in Asia Pacific. It will target low and middle income countries, in addition to those in transition, supporting successful country-led judicial reform programmes. Direct participation by national judiciaries in the development of the tools will ensure home-grown solutions and enhance national capacity to engage in sustainable reforms.
Asia-Pacific Judicial Reform Forum c/- High Court of AustraliaRegional - Asia and PacificFeb 2007 - Feb 2009USD 326,200
017Suppo. democratic Governace & civic edu. & streng. capacity of new MPs
This project will provide civic education to all sectors of society, fully guaranteeing civil society participation in the democratization process of the country, by organizing differentiated capacity-building programmes targeting female and male candidates running for the 2006 Municipal and Parliamentary elections, further assisting newly elected MPs in the post-election phase.
The Bahrain Institute for Political DevelopmentLocal - BahrainApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 274,750
019Appui à la mise en place d'un mécanisme de gouvernance concertée
A l'issue des elections de mars 2006, le President Boni Yayi a ete elu avec plus de 75% des suffrages. Ceci traduit une aspiration des populations vers une gestion des affaires publiques, privilegiant la transparence,la reddition de compte et l'ecoute.En reponse a cette aspiration, le President a propose la mise en place d'une gouvernance concertee et a publie la Charte de fonctionnement du Gouvernement definissant les principes cardinaux regissant l'action de son gouvernement. Le present projet vise a soutenir cette dynamique de consolidation de la democratie au Benin en mettant en place un forum periodique de concertation au cours duquel les differentes composantes exprimeraient leurs preoccupations au gouvernement qui donnerait des explications et prendraient des engagements qui seraient suivies lors du forum suivant.
Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement au BéninLocal - BeninMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
020Democratic Dialogue and Consensus Building for Constituent Assembly
Through this project, IDEA and UNDP/Bolivia will promote a democratic dialogue among political and social actors to facilitate consensus over the agenda of the Constituent Assembly (CA), scheduled to initiate in August 2006. This dialogue will complement and feed into the Assembly`s formal work.
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral AssistanceLocal - BoliviaFeb 2007 - Feb 2009USD 333,060
021Bolivia, Conflicts, Communication, and Constituent Assembly
The question this project wishes to answer is: “Why does Bolivia live in a situation of permanent conflict?”. Hence, this project seeks to identify the structural causes creating permanent conflict in Bolivia and to suggest possible solutions. Results will be widely disseminated at a municipal and political level, to gain a general consensus from the Constituent Assembly.
Fundación Boliviana para la Democracia MultipartidariaLocal - BoliviaMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 350,000
022Money and Elections
AEOBiH will conduct educational campaigns in all municipalities, pertaining to potential changes and amendments to the Election Law adopted in 2006, in order to increase voter turnout at the 2008 local elections. Election officials, young individuals, women NGOs, and vulnerable groups in local communities will be educated through educational campaigns. Additionally, AEOBiH will work with political parties and citizens, for the promotion of a transparent reporting system on political parties financing.
Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and HerzegovinaLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 279,759
023Monitoring Brazilian Legislative Houses and Representatives
This project intends to establish a nation-wide legislative monitoring mechanism. It will seek to institute articulated local-based groups of observers that will follow the elected representatives’ votes and activities, initiating a comparison between their actual performance and their political commitments. Furthermore, a series of internet tools, will be developed to enhance the availability of information to citizens and groups of interest on legislative performance.
Transparência BrasilLocal - BrazilFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
024TO SERVE AND CORRECT. Fostering local ombudsmen elections.
This project aims to raise awareness among 250 000 citizens, by drawing media interest from 100 national and local media channels; training and supporting NGOs in implementing 12 local advocacy campaigns, fostering the election for 12 local ombudsmen and driving legislation initiatives to improve electoral processes.
Crime Prevention Fund - Initiatives and Civil Activities FoundationLocal - BulgariaMar 2007 - Feb 2009USD 113,085
025Campagne d'Education Civique et Electorale.
This project focuses on developing a Campaign of Civil and Electoral Education. It consists in informing the population on civil rights and raising its awareness about voting systems. It also includes informing and educating all the actors involved in the election processes in Burundi such as NGOs, media, students, security services and political parties so that the people involved become informed about his/her contribution to the amelioration of the quality of election processes. It also consists in raising the awareness of legal experts, MPs, about the introduction of the texts allowing political parties and marginalized groups to access political life. Given the results obtained from the past election processes, this project aims to find common education topics for the amelioration of the upcoming elections.
Coalition de la Société Civile pour le Monitoring des ElectionsLocal - BurundiMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 302,450
026Soutien aux femmes parlementaires du Burundi
Women sitting in the Burundi Parliament are mostly newly elected and lacking experience. This project aims to reinforce the capacity of female MPs to fully participate in the management of public affairs and to reinforce the capacity of the Parliament with regards to gender equality issues; developing a platform for dialogue centred on female MPs, for intragroup exchanges with other actors of civil society.
Union interparlementaireLocal - BurundiFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 332,815
027Promoting Women in Democratic Decision-Making in Cambodia
Commune and General Elections in Cambodia will be respectively held in 2007 and 2008. This project aims to increase the number of women candidates running for local government seats, and to build their capacity, once in office, to influence policy-making and local spending decisions. Women in public office will be supported through an established network system and their role will work in support of a gender equality policy agenda.
Committee to Promote Women's Political ParticipationLocal - CambodiaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 346,150
028Chilean Initiative for the Reform of the Binominal Electoral System
The project aims to support a process of dialogue and consensus building on the reform of the electoral system among government, political parties, the Parliament and civil society. Through learning from best practices, consultation at local levels, training and dissemination activities, this project seeks to support the development of an electoral system that is more inclusive of Chilean society; enhancing the political participation of marginalized groups.
United Nations Development Programme, Country Office ChileLocal - ChileFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 350,000
030National Dialogue for the Development of the Political Reform
The project aims at building a national consensus around the institutional reforms, to strengthen the political system in Colombia. Reforms concern the Electoral and Parliamentary Group Laws in the short-term and a series of other subject matters in the long-term. These measures should be supported on a nationwide consensus from political parties, academy experts, the political world in general, civil society, international organizations, and grassroots organizations at a local level (women, youth and marginalized population).
Grupo Promotor Reforma Política (NGOs,Universities,UN Secretariat)Local - ColombiaFeb 2007 - Mar 2009USD 271,442
031Democracy Builders: Youth Capacities for Active Citizenship
The project aims at developing youth capacities for active and democratic citizenship, pro-social identity building and personal fulfilment. It articulates the efforts of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), FOD, the Electoral Tribunal, UNICEF and UNDP and addresses the design and validation of an educational proposal oriented to enrich the civic education curriculum and the student government activities, with an innovative pedagogical approach based on experiential learning.
Omar Dengo FoundationLocal - Costa RicaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 299,888
033Capacity Building of the State Election Commission in Croatia
During Croatia's fifteen years of independence, the State Election Commission has not been a permanent body. Established as an ad hoc institution, it has been active only two months prior to the elections and one month post-elections. Given the importance of this enitity and the recent Parliamentary choice to establish the State Election Commission as a permanent body through the passing of a law (NN 44/06), this project seeks to enhance the operativity of the same and to be involved in its capacity building, by providing technical assistance.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - CroatiaMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 235,250
034Building Democratic Institutions through Gender Equality in DRC
This project will undertake a series of training for members of the Parliament, government, civil society, media as well as private sector organizations, on issues pertaining to human rights, democratic governance, rule of law and leadership with a particular emphasis on Women Human Rights issues; in utilization of the Protocol on Women Human Rights in Africa, the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa, and related international legal instruments (UN Res. 1325). Within this framework, the Organization for Consultation for Congolese Women will have an active role as an observatory institution.
Femmes Africa SolidaritéLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoDec 2007 - Dec 2008USD 248,951
035Renforcement des Capacités Institutionnelles des Partis Politiques
Le projet pursuit le but de promouvoir une meilleure representation des intérêts de la population par les PP. Cela contribue à rendre le nouveau système politique plus démocratique. L’objectif principal est le renforcement des capacités institutionnelles des PP ainsi que des capacités des PP représentés aux Parlements pour légiférer, représenter des intérêts collectifs hétérogènes, établir des priorités du développement, et des allocations de ressources affectant la vie des citoyens/ennes.
Programme des Nations Unis pour le DéveloppementLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 349,720
036Strengthening the Political Participation of Women Leaders in Ecuador
This project promotes the participation of women in politics and builds their capacities, once in office, to work with the community, municipal and provincial political associations, CSO leaders, government authorities and media. Furthermore, it seeks to create a unified and consensual political agenda, to train women leaders, monitor political developments, strengthen women's associations, create networks, communicate campaigns and train government officials. Overall, it focuses on providing women leaders with strong effective tools to lead governments at a local and regional level.
United Nations Development Fund for WomenLocal - EcuadorFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 297,000
037Strenghtening Dialogue and Democratic Institutions in El Salvador
Based on the study, "The Democratic Institutions in El Salvador: Assessment and Strengthening Plan", this project will advocate for an institutional reform through a threefold strategy: dialogue involving political actors, civil society and government, debate and consensus building activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting democratic culture with emphasis on marginalized groups, and a target research on issues raised by the study.
Fundación para el Des Econ y Social and UNDPLocal - El SalvadorApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 339,500
038Transnational Crime and Corruption Reporting Program
Through this project we propose a regional capacity-building program to help investigative reporters and reporting organizations tackle transnational organized crime. As organized crime works across borders, journalists should have the tools and be adept in directly combating crime. Hence, the objective of this program to connect existing centers and reporters in the region, to enhance their capacities in providing adequate protection, by raising standards and improving the quality and depth of their work. This program will be driectly coordinated by internationally respected and known editors.
Center for Investigative Reporting - Bosnia and HerzegovinaRegional - EuropeApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 346,045
039Promote Democratic Practices in the Balkans
Global Rights will undertake this joint project in collaboration with local partners in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia-Montenegro; namely the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, BaBe, and the Voice of Difference. Focusing in substantive terms on the domestic implementation of the EU anti-discrimination directives, designed to promote legislative transparency, government accountability, and citizen engagement with government policy-making in three Balkan countries, this project will promote democratic practices throughout the Balkan region. This project will target three countries in the Balkans; Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), Croatia, and Serbia-Montenegro. The overall goal of this initiative is to promote human rights, increase citizen participation, and establish strong foundations for a sustainable peace in the democratic processes through effective NGO advocacy at a national and regional level. In addition to promoting legislative transparency and non-discrimination policies throughout the Balkans. Firstly, local human rights NGOs and lawyer partners will enhance their advocacy strategies through collaboration, networking, and sharing of experiences and techniques with their counterparts in other countries, with similar legal traditions. Secondly, the regional approach will focus on the positive reinforcement, encouraging each country in the region to conform to advancements made in neighboring countries, with the ultimate goal of progressively raising the level of the protection of citizen rights across the region. Moreover, changes in one country may indirectly impact other neighbor countries bringing about extensive change, through the pressuring of states and governments to effectively and efficiently intervene. Hence, regional competition will be considered highly effective on issues relevant to justice, human rights, and democracy; emphasizing a significant progress in the implementation of accession criteria required by members of the European Union.
Global Rights: Partners for JusticeRegional - EuropeFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
040Capacity Building in East and South East European Parliaments.
East and South East European (ESEE) Parliaments are pressured to pass terrorism, security and defense related legislations, vital to the Euro-Atlantic integration; yet lacking access to relevant policy expertise. Through this project DCAF aims to strengthen the oversight of security policy by helping Parliaments employ and train local staff experts for their security committees. Additionally, DCAF will also form a regional network of the security committee staffers to foster cooperation between regional entities.
Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed ForcesRegional - EuropeFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 347,760
041Support to Capacity Building of Mass Media
The promotion of good governance and the protection of human rights form a major crux of UNDP's intervention in Gambia. Primary in this regard is the need for the presence of a vibrant, professional and well-equipped media. This project therefore essentially aims to support the capacity building of mass media, as means to engendering civic awareness, promote popular participation and rendering the Government and civil society organizations accountable to the people.
Untied Nations Devcelopment ProgrammeLocal - GambiaApr 2007 - Mar 2009USD 350,000
042Supporting Ethnic Minorities for Democratic Political Participation
The project contributes to the civic integration of ethnic minorities in Southern Georgia, by supporting the target group population in resorting their electoral rights effectively. This will be achieved through state language teaching, civic education, voter education, and political parties’ capacity building.
Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and DevelopmentLocal - GeorgiaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 333,550
043Promotion and Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms in G
CEPIL seeks funding from UNDEF to undertake a project for the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms through legislative advocacy, capacity building and public interest litigation initiatives in Ghana. Specifically, CEPIL will use the funds to expand access to justice for the poor and marginalized groups and individuals through the provision of legal representation and innovative public interest strategies, where public and private actors are accountable for the promotion and protection of fundamental human rights.
Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL)Local - GhanaMar 2007 - Mar 2007USD 270,000
044Achieving Consensus: Global Standards for Political Finance
IFES is assembling a global coalition of academics, experts, and practitioners in political finance to develop a set of global standards that clarify and define article 7 (3) of the UN Convention against Corruption, relating to political finance. The standards will be based on the Convention's language and an emerging set of global best-practices. Concurrently, IFES and its partners seek to launch a 2008 Agenda, which encourages countries to incorporate the established standards within their legislation and practice.
IFESGlobalFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 309,696
045International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)
iKNOW Politics offers women political activists an interactive web-based platform featuring access to experts, practitioners and research on women in politics, mediated discussion forums and information exchanges to facilitate the creation of new knowledge networks, opportunities and tools that allow women to share experiences, lessons learned, and best practices. The outcome of the project will be a cadre of informed, skilled and knowledgeable women, actively participating in politics.
National Democratic Institute for International AffairsGlobalFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 336,451
046ACE Electoral Knowledge Network—Regional Resource Centers and Capacity
The project addresses 2 of the 4 components of the “ACE Electoral Knowledge Network”, which aims to promote a professional and sustainable administration of elections through the creation of an electoral knowledge network centered on services, information networking, regional resource centers, and capacity development. This project focuses on the creation and sustenance of regional resource centers and the launch of a capacity development facility in Southern Africa.
United Nations Development Programme – Democratic Governance GroupGlobalFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 349,160
047Building a Global Civil Society Network for Democracy
The goal of this project is to develop extensive regional networks constituting the ISC, to strengthen the role that civil society plays in democracy. Networks will be established during regional conferences held over the course of 12 months in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Each conference will identify issues and propose actions for CD's Convening Group and the 2007 Bamako Ministerial Conference.
Council for a Community of DemocraciesGlobalApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 256,500
048Sustainable Democracy: Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Groups
Sustainable democratization can be achieved only if the rights of all who are affected by the transition are ensured in the long-term. This project aims at strengthening the involvement of marginalized groups in both the transition process and the functioning of democracy, through the development of legal institutions and the establishment of mechanisms to protect the rights of vulnerable groups. Moreover, it aims at transmitting the experiences of the Central and Eastern European countries to the target countries (Haiti, Liberia, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Ukraine) through conferences, workshops and site visits.
International Centre for Democratic TransitionGlobalFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 327,964
049Strengthening the Voice and Impact of Southern Human Rights Advocates
The project aims to break down geographic, thematic, linguistic and vocational barriers, which undermine collaborations among Global South HR advocates. To strengthen their in-country work, their collective voice and impact, it provides a one-of-a-kind forum for activists and scholars working in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to overcome their isolation, build their professional capacity, develop their knowledge, share their experiences, challenge orthodoxies, and develop shared agendas.
Conectas Direitos HumanosGlobalApr 2007 - Mar 2009USD 267,458
050Implementing the Convention against Corruption in emerging democracies
The project aims at assisting countries in implementing normative measures to control corruption in line with the UN Convention against Corruption. It will be geared towards supporting emerging democracies, such as Liberia and Sierra Leone in becoming active promoters and adopters of the Convention. The planned activities will complement ongoing governance activities focusing on the normative aspects, where UNODC as the custodian of the Convention holds a unique expertise.
United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeGlobalApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 342,650
051Communication for Empowerment
This project seeks to support enhanced participation of poor and disadvantaged groups in national development processes, in five Least Developed Countries in Africa and Asia. It is anchored in the belief that one of the most serious problems, countries are currently facing, is linked to the fragility of the democratic systems in many resource scarce countries, due to the lack of inclusion and participation of poor and vulnerable groups in society. Their inclusion is hampered by, among other factors, the lack of information on issues that shape their lives, and a lack of capacity to communicate their perspectives into public and policy debate. Furthermore, success in achieving the MDGs and the broader millennium agenda, will be determined in large part by how well national planning processes are informed by the genuine participation and involvement of those most affected by development; individuals living at the margins of societies. This project recognizes that such participation can only take place if the needs of all citizens are met and that the voices of those most affected by policy decisions are heard. Moreover, relevant information made available through appropriate communication mechanisms is therefore essential, for poor women and men to effectively participate in public dialogue, policy development; in expressing their point of view on the performance of governmental entities and officials. Hence, core democratic principles of active participation, transparency, accountability, responsiveness and equity will guide the implementation of the strategy for dialogue, research, information validation and dissemination, advocacy and alliance building. The project will focus on: the provision of national consultations to key stakeholders, information and communication audits, the development of partnerships for strategic responses to meet information and communication needs of poor people and consequently the dissemination of project results to global audiences.
Oslo Governance CentreGlobalMar 2007 - Feb 2009USD 230,650
052National Campaign for Interethnic Dialogue: Our Diversity is Our Stre
CIRMA requests support to launch a final five-year effort of the National Campaign for Inter-ethnic Dialogue: Our Diversity is Our Strength!” to directly engage over 20% of Guatemala’s students in an intensive learning opportunity concerning entrenched racism against indigenous people (50% of the population) through an innovative and proven interactive exposition and dialogue process for all Guatemalan students.
Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de MesoamericaLocal - GuatemalaFeb 2007 - Dec 2009USD 350,000
053Furthering participatory democracy and democratic dialogue
Within the Guatemalan emerging democracy, the project will enhance community participation, contribute to local governance and the respect of human rights by supporting dialogue spaces at a municipal level; strengthening the technical capacities of local actors that enable civil society and state institutions to interact to tackle the problems posed by violence that severely affect marginalized and vulnerable social groups, state legitimacy and the democratic consolidation of the country, which ultimately undermine violence prevention.
United Nations System in GuatemalaLocal - GuatemalaApr 2007 - Mar 2009USD 349,720
054Citizen Formation and Action with the Q'eqchi' People
This project proposes concrete actions in favor of the Q'eqchi' Mayan population in Guatemala, in the context of the 2007 General Elections, following reform. The objective is to enable the population to actively participate in the electoral decision-making processes, in elimination of fraudulant electoral behaviors.
Asociacion Estorena Para el Desarrollo IntegralLocal - GuatemalaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 241,675
055Peacebuilding programme in Guinea-Bissau - Phase 1
This project answers the structural need for an inclusive national dialogue and policy support in an environment characterized by deep political divisions and societal dissatisfaction with governance and the economy. It creating and facilitating, the basis for a long-term process of national reconciliation, the objective of this project is to amplify a political dialogue and planning. Multi-stakeholder consultations, the articulation of policy inputs, support to state agencies' dialogue and coordination with civil society orgaizations, will enable the achievement of the above mentioned objectives.
Interpeace – The International Peacebuilding AllianceLocal - Guinea-BissauFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 350,000
056Legislative Strengthening and Capacity-Building for Guinea Bissau
To support the prevention of national conflict and manage the capacities of the Parliament in carrying out its functions, this project provides MPs with training in leadership, negotiation and conflict transformation; promoting the work of parliamentary specialized committees in establishing an inclusive and sustainable space for political dialogue, the development of civil society and the creation of technical expert linkage programs as well as the improvement of media links and the provision of access to oral-based learning infrastructures.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - Guinea-BissauMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 348,831
057Supporting Women's Political Participation in Haiti
This project seeks to strengthen transformational leadership of Haitian women, in participating in and influencing the governance processes and outcomes based on principles of gender justice, development and peace. Concurrently, it will support elected women through coaching, capacity building and advocacy; promoting dialogue between women’s organizations, civil society, the government and the UN system.
United Nations Development Fund for WomenLocal - HaitiFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 349,940
058Enhancing the Role Of Women in Strengthening Democracy
This project aims to build the capacity of marginalized women at a regional and local political level; catalyzing democracy and minimizing gender deficit. Advocacy and lobbying with political parties will raise women's involvement in politics; enhancing South-South regional cooperation.
Centre for Social ResearchLocal - IndiaDec 2007 - Dec 2009USD 344,575
059Enhancing women’s roles and participation in local governance
The project proposes a 3 way strategy to address good governance issues in 4 states of India; establishing a human rights based framework for rural self-governance (panchayati raj- PRI) with a focus on gender justice, the analysis of the role of women within their communities, and the active political engagement of women and marginalized groups.
Actionaid India SocietyLocal - IndiaDec 2007 - Jul 2009USD 244,643
060Empowering Civil Society Group to Promote Participatory Governance
The Forum Persaudaraan Jayawijaya (FPJ) is a civil society organization operating in Wamena Papua, supporting communities on a number of cross cutting issues (development, conflict resolution, social policy). Wamena focuses on addressing issues on human rights violations, conflict and poverty. In light of the above mentioned objective, CSIS will build the capacity and empower FPJ to pioneer participatory governance.
Centre for Strategic and International StudiesLocal - IndonesiaFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 153,525
061Enhancing Women Political Participation in Local Politic
To empower woman political participation in the context of democracy within the changing era of Indonesia’s decentralized local government, this project intends to improve the democratic social and cultural integration resultant from the 1999 social conflict, which caused the internal displacement of thirty thousand people.
Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Swadaya dan MandiriLocal - IndonesiaFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 54,776
062Building a Sustainable Independent Nationwide News Agency for Iraq
This project will diversify the news available to Iraqis, by enabling the new independent National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) to open reporting offices in nine governorates, supporting the key component of democracy represented by independent media. The project will allow regular reporting on Iraq's ethnic communities and employment of women journalists to foster gender coverage, and establish a national network of communications to deliver objective and professional news to local media outlets.
IREX EuropeLocal - IraqApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 318,041
063Community Conversations: Empowering Democractic Dialogue in Iraq
This project will empower 20 CSOs in Basra, Missan and Thi-Qar provinces, Iraq to become community facilitators and partners of local government in developing a democratic dialogue. 120 community meetings, training, seminars and workshops for both CSOs and local government representatives will be held. The project will utilize the experience of Central Europe in achieving a democratic transformation, by bridging the gap between the citizens and the government in Iraq, through the empowerment of CSOs.
People in NeedLocal - IraqMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 293,125
064Dove of Peace Program for Northern Iraq
This project will be implemented in the Northern Iraqi governorates of Dohuk, Erbil, Suleimaniyah, and Ninewah, and will develop over 1,700 human rights seminars, 48 3-day human rights workshops, 48 2-day gender equality and social change workshops, 4 counseling and peace building centers, 3 art exhibitions on human rights, and 2 multicultural music festivals. In facilitating the implementation of this project, Concordia's board and staff will meet with the KRG, Office of the Coordinator for UN Affairs, to share project information and outcomes; establishing a network of local Iraqi NGOs.
Concordia (local Iraqi politically independent NGO)Local - IraqApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 348,367
065Strengthening Democracy & Minority Rights in Israel
This project seeks to promote equality for the Arab minorities in Israel, by facilitating the adoption of democratic processes within the state. This objective will be achieved through the promotion and development of inter-communal relations between the Jewish community, the Arab community and other ethnic groups - Russian, Ethiopian & Mizrahi communities in Israel - by cultivating an inter-communal understanding and respect of all minorities, in support of a democratic, multi-cultural society where full rights are accorded to all ethinicities.
Mossawa Center, the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of IsraelLocal - IsraelApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 349,540
066Development of electoral culture of population
In Kazakhstan, the 2004 and 2005 elections, demonstrated significant failures in the voter registration system and the extent to which the absence of qualifications in members part of the election commissions were considerate. Furthermore, population passivity as well as their limited knowledge in relation to the function of the electoral system have raised different types of violations. The objective of this project is to intervene, directly involving citizens in the public administration, by raising their political activity and legal competencies, thus intervening in favor of the elimination of all violations.
United Nation Development ProgrammeLocal - KazakhstanFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 224,000
067Monitoring General Elections in Kenya in 2007
KNCHR will develop a human rights manifesto for the endorsement of political parties and electoral candidates; seeking the involvement of parties and candidates as endorsers of the manifesto. KNCHR will monitor the 2007 General Elections in Kenya evaluating: the use of violence and hate speech in campaigns as well as the use of public resources by the incumbent political parties and other individuals during the elections.
Kenya National Commission on Human RightsLocal - KenyaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
068Strengthening Democracy Efforts in Kosovo through Peacebuilding Initia
CARE is seeking to contribute to the strengthening of democracy efforts in Kosovo by building a strong foundation for an inter-ethnic co-existence and cooperation in selected communities across the territory, through the development of dialogue, relationships and networks across ethnic communities. The proposed project seeks to build on CARE's peace building work to date, to address both the causes and consequences of inter-ethnic conflict through a three-tiered approach that seeks to both address and alleviate the pressing fears between ethnic communities, in eliminating conflict. CARE will focus on capturing tools and methodologies to contribute to a growing body of peace building approaches within Kosovo. At a community level, CARE will utilize and promote peace building tools and principles that will build the capabilities, attitudes and beliefs of individuals, needed to address ethnic differences. Strong emphasis will also be given to the resolution of existing disputes through a peace building approach. Ethnic communities will also be supported in mapping and analyzing the root causes of conflict and in identifying the means to address them in a systematic manner through open and transparent dialogue forums. Additionally, the project seeks to intervene by directly engaging with civil society organizations, municipal government structures, and community-based organizations (CBOs) in an effort to develop local capacity and to contribute to international peace building efforts. As CARE intervenes, it will work towards bringing about positive changes at macro level and within the public sphere.
CARE International KosovoLocal - KosovoMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 315,000
069Women's Networking for Peace and Regional Stability
The project seeks to strengthen the capacities of both governmental and non-governmental institutions, to engender democratic processes and strategies in the post-conflict reconstruction in Kosovo and the wider sub-region, specifically in light of the negotiations currently occurring and the future arrangements concerning the governance of the country.
Kosova Women’s NetworkLocal - KosovoMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 296,800
070Creating Demand for Accountability in Kyrgyzstan through the Anti-Corr
Through this project technical assistance will be provided to Kyrgyzstan through an anti-corruption mentor, who will provide a broad range of hands-on and sustained technical assistance via policy advice, technical expertise and implementation support. The mentor will be based at the newly established anti-corruption agency in Kyrgyzstan and will work in eliminating the current impasse and paralysis in which the country finds itself, by creating a demand for accountability through anti-corruption initiatives.
United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeLocal - KyrgyzstanDec 2007 - Dec 2009USD 310,625
071National Dialogues on Democracy
This project seeks to develop and provide workshops in eight countries, to 20-25 leaders from diverse backgrounds (public/private sectors, civil society, community organizations, academia) to review the quality of democratic politics and propose recommendations for improvement. Participants will discuss democracy's setbacks and progresses, identify high-priority tasks to strengthen democratic institutions, develop concrete benchmarks to measure and assess future progress, as well as discuss the role of external actors in the consolidation of democracy.
Inter-American DialogueRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 300,000
072Building dialogue and networks - pol. parties and NGOs in Mercosur
The project promotes the strengthening of democracy in the Mercosur countries, through the deepening of the relationship between political parties and civil society organizations. Within the framework of this project, training will be provided to a number of selected candidates, who will be asked to assume the task of developing and facilitating dialogue and debate between political parties and NGOs.
Konrad Adenauer Foundation in BrazilRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 275,000
073Empowering civil society by training women leaders in policy advocacy
The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations, impacting public policies in Bolivia, Peru and Chile by training women social leaders on ways to use public information to improve policy. The training courses for leaders of civil society organizations will focus on leadership, social management skills, monitoring and policy advocacy; consequently improving their capacity to become effective leaders in society, by focusing on strategies promoting social inclusion.
Latin American Faculty of Social SciencesRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 342,930
074Pluralizing & Expanding the Network of Actors for Citizens' Democracy
This project aims to strengthen and expand the PRODDAL network of actors and orient it as a tool for mobilizing actions and building an agenda for state-reform and public policies for a citizens’ democracy. The project intends to raise awareness by promoting community initiatives in support of democracy.
UNDP, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the CaribbeanRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanApr 2007 - Mar 2009USD 350,000
075Building a national Integrity Framework for Liberia
This project seeks to elaborate a comprehensive national integrity strategy, within the broad framework of a governance reform, in consultation with a segment of Liberian society; implementing strategic activities to lay the foundation for a robust and functioning national integrity system. It supports a reform of the institutions for auditing and procurement purposes, as well as the drafting of a code of conduct for public servants.
Governance Reform Commission of LiberiaLocal - LiberiaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
076Encouraging Participation of the Youth in the Democratic Process
Through a selective and competitive mechanism, the aim of this project is to provide legislators with student staffers to support their Committee work, in provision of research, note-taking, organization and managerial assistance, benefiting the overall coordination of the Committee.
United Nations Mission in LiberiaLocal - LiberiaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 120,000
The project focuses on promoting and advocating for human rights in schools, educational public and private centers of social reintegration and educational communities through the issuance of textbooks on human rights, citizenship, schooling, tolerance and peace for students and lecturers. The project will as intervene through awareness-increasing and society-mobilizing campaigns.
Office de l’Education de Masse et du CivismeLocal - MadagascarFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 348,103
078Community Based Paralegal Project
The project will empower marginalized people in Malawi to claim for their rights and fundamental freedoms, by providing a supporting team of paralegals, on a district level, who will train community and village-based volunteers on laws with regard to human rights, property, gender, and domestic violence. Marginalized groups will be provided with the tools and skills to resolve and address the most commonly occurring and widespread human violations in Malawi.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - MalawiMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 234,325
079Strengthening the Non Governmental Process of the Community of Democracies
This project intends to strengthen civil society capacities through community education in democracy, by empowering media through training sessions; enhancing women and youth participation in the political processes of the country.
Executive Secretariat of the Non Gouvernmental Process CoDLocal - MaliFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 300,000
080Stronger cooperation of political parties, electoral bodies and voters
The project aims at improving communications between Moldovan political parties, electoral bodies and citizens, subsequent to the deep modification of the electoral legislation. ADEPT in cooperation with CEC intends to bring political parties to cooperate with citizens and electoral bodies, in line with the modified electoral legislation and in accordance with the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, compliant to OSCE recommendations.
Association for Participatory DemocracyLocal - Moldova, Republic ofApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 207,000
081Support in Achieving MDG-9 on Human Rights, Democratic Governance
The project aims to assist the Government to realize its commitment as specified in the MDG-9, defining related interventions and monitoring mechanisms for their implementation. Tools such as piloted DGIs, will be further refined to measure Mongolia’s efforts to achieve the targets set under the MDG-9. Additionally, the project will facilitate policy dialogue on democratic governance issues with a particular focus on promoting civil society inclusion.
The Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, Academy of SciencesLocal - MongoliaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 238,350
082CB of local NGOs to Participate in Anti-corruption Initiatives
This project aims to contribute to the effective implementation of anti-corruption initiatives and the improvement of democratic governance in Montenegro, by enabling partnerships between the Directorate for Anticorruption Initiatives (DACI) of the Government of Montenegro, local civil society organizations (NGOs) and private businesses. Moreover the project focuses on raising public awareness and strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to participate in the design and implementation of anti-corruption policies within the country.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - MontenegroFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 250,000
083Promoting Women's Role in the Transitional Justice Process in Morocco
The findings and recommendations of Morocco's recent Truth And Reconciliation Commission highlight the injustices perpetrated on women, and the need for reparations and the stronger protection of women's rights. This project supports the implementation of TRC's recommendations to ensure they fully address women's human rights; by building on the recent progressive reform of the Family Code and a range of other initiatives focused on women, currently underway in Morocco.
Consultative Council on Human RightsLocal - MoroccoFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
084Support to the ACC on the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Act
The project aims to strengthen the capacities of the newly established Anti Corruption Commission, and related agencies (Auditor Generals's Office, Ministry of Finance) to fulfill their mandate as per the Anti Corruption Act of 2003 and supporting the intention of Namibia's government, to ensure good governance, accountability and service delivery within the country, as part of the national development objectives.
Anti Corruption Commission -NamibiaLocal - NamibiaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 245,000
085Nauru Constitutional Review Project
The Republic of Nauru is facing serious governance related issues resulting from the Constitution, adopted at independence. This project seeks to intervene by advocating for a constitutional reform, to strengthen the accountability of institutions and address the structural causes of political instability; supporting a consultative process to revise the Constitution and intervening through the provision of ad hoc recommendations.
United Nations Development Programme (Fiji Country Office)Local - NauruFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 289,450
086INSPIRE: Reconciliation and Democracy Building in Nepal
This project will focus on providing leadership training and support to 1500 rural young people, to catalyze local dialogue and engagement through an innovative civic education and reconciliation radio series which highlights and gives voice to rural youth, as an informative tool on local and national governance activities. Broadcasts will be utilized to enhance citizen access to information and for the dissemination of ideas to a rural and underserved audience of over 9 million people.
Equal Access NepalLocal - NepalApr 2007 - Apr 2008USD 350,000
087Deepening Democracy: Women's Participation in Politics and Peace
This project will enable women in Nepal to be more involved in the democratization and peace processes of the country, through the strengthening of their capacity relevant to the legal and policy-making mechanisms, in light of a constitutional reform. Moreover, this project will provide women with the capabilities and skills to lobby for women's role in peace processes, governance reforns and participation in politics.
United Nations Development Fund for WomenLocal - NepalFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
088Appui à la prévention de la corruption
Devant le caractere endemique de la corruption, l'Etat du Niger, les organisations de la societe et les medias se sont mobilises pour mener des actions de prevention. Certaines de ces actions ont un caractere strategique, tandis que d'autres ont un caractere operationnel. La mise en ouevre de ces actions exige des moyens materiels, financiers et une expertise que les ressources de l'Etat et des ONG ne permettent pas de mobiliser. Le present projet se propose d'appuyer ces diverses initiatives.
Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement au NigerLocal - NigerMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 349,168
The 1999 and 2003 general elections in Nigeria were rigged and lacked credibility. The monitoring by civil society did not cover state actors and the officials of the police, army and state security were used to rig the elections. This project aims to support the establishement of an ad hoc Commission, in support of the overall goal of attaining free and fair elections in Nigeria.
National Human Rights Commission of NigeriaLocal - NigeriaJan 2007 - Dec 2007USD 349,720
090Strengthening Women's Participation in Governance in Nigeria
This project is a series of interlinked activities aimed at enhancing women's capacity to participate effectively during the elections, in working closely with party leaders in providing a framework to strengthen their ability to address gender issues through the use of plaforms and manifestos. Activities include: a series of interactive consultations with marginalised groups, capacity building leadership workshops for women within the political spheres and the development of IEC materials.
Alliances for AfricaLocal - NigeriaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 339,550
091Strengthening Democratic Practices in Pakistan
CCHD has built a network of political,social and community activists, NGOs and media groups focused on promoting democracy. The proposed project plans to: bring change to the attitude of target groups by enabling their full participation in the establishment of democratic processes, develop the capacity of stakeholders in relation to democratic governance, and build an interface between stakeholders and citizens to promote democratic practices.
Citizens' Commission for Human DevelopmentLocal - PakistanApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 232,300
092The National Campaign for advocating the UNCAC provisions
The translation process of UNCAC will involve a number of activities that mainly aim at determining the required changes in the current legal, regulatory and policy framework. This project will focus on mobilizing civil society organizations through workshops, rallies, meetings and promotional material, in order to push forward the development of the anti-corruption National Action Plan for combating corruption in palestinian society.
The Coalition for Accountability & IntegrityLocal - PalestineFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 294,665
Youth Monitor aims at enhancing the leadership skills of young Palestinians, to act as observers on a legislative and executive level. Young people will be trained and educated on the democratic processes and practices, as the project seeks to disseminate information and enable youth engagement through awareness-raising workshops and media platforms (newspaper, TV program, special website, etc…).
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership And Rights ActivationLocal - PalestineFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 269,311
094The Integrity Index for Panama’s Public Institutions
The Integrity Index evaluates risks associated with corruption in public institutions in Panama, through the observance of three mains conditions: transparency, sanctions and institutional strength. This project will focus on deepening the debate about the quality of public institutions, by raising awareness on the current factors that increase corruption within public entities. Furthermore, this project seeks to establish partnerships among key public institutions, with the objective of outlining the differentiated practices that may aggravate corruptive behaviors.
Foundation for the Development of Civil LibertiesLocal - PanamaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 294,521
095Good governance and anti-corruption education project
TI PNG is seeking funding for a group of related projects that will develop and implement nationwide civic educational practices in upper primary and in lower secondary teacher training. TI PNG will partner with the Department of Education to create didactic materials for community school boards, with the objective of promoting financial accountability and good governance in schools.
Transparency International Papua New GuineaLocal - Papua New GuineaApr 2007 - Sep 2009USD 224,000
096Women actions to strengthen the institutionalization of democracy.
The end goal of this project is to give women equitable access to roles of social power within political parties, by advocating and lobbying for gender-equality policies in the next municipal elections and by strengthening citizenship involvement in influencing public policy decision-making. The project aims to reach the above mentioned objectives, by developing targeted strategies, in terms of opinion and information as well as involving media through live radio debates.
ALTER VIDA Center of Study/Radio & Communication Program FM TRINIDADLocal - ParaguayApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 273,000
097Innovative System for Citizens' Participation with Congressmen/women
This pilot project aims to increase the participation of citizens, especially marginalized individuals, in the representative role of Congressmen, through the use of technology. This project will provide, Congress members (two men and two women, from four different political parties, in three regions: coast, highlands and jungle) with an innovative communication system to enhance their participation in support of a democratic dialogue.
Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSS), Munich / GermanyLocal - PeruApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 264,784
This project contemplates the development of a series of targeted activities and initiatives sustaining forms of support, which will measurably reduce corruption, promote transparency and provide for an opportunity to bolster democractic governance, as a credible solution in improving daily life in Peru.
United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeLocal - PeruApr 2007 - Apr 2009USD 303,800
099Media; Democracy and Development in the Philippines
Philippines' mass media watchdog role is critical to the preservation and advancement of Philippine democratic institutions. This project aims to renew media ethics and sense of responsibility, by increasing public awareness on the right to information, improving investigative journalism and promoting the independence of mass media by strengthening their relations with citizens, to better address governance related issues and concerns.
Center for Community Journalism and DevelopmentLocal - PhilippinesApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 349,125
100I am young, I get involved, therefore I count!
The project aims at contributing to the development of participatory democracy, by informing and motivating young people, between the age of 16 and 29, marginalized due to poverty, disabilities, school drop out, domestic violence, and other related issues, to strengthen their role within society. This aim is to be attained by guaranteeing youth systematized and updated information on human rights and social obligations, which may arise in light of their citizenship, when advocating on the importance of social and political involvement as well as the relevancy of active participation in the legislative process. The ensemble of these initiatives are a contribution to democracy, with the objective of enhancing the inclusion of marginalized young people and non-governmental organizations.
Romanian Society for Lifelong LearningLocal - RomaniaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 267,375
101Development of the Civil Society in the Southern Federal District
The objective of this project is to develop and strengthen the capacity of 11 Southern Federal District Ombudsmen offices in view of promoting human rights by raising civil society awareness on the role and work of the Ombudsmen; contributing to improving human rights protection in13 regions of the Southern Federal District of the RF. Project activities will focus on strengthening the role of the Ombudsman Offices as institutions, whilst developing their collaborations with civil society organizations in the Southern Federal District of the RF in the following areas: the protection of human rights, information dissemination, drive awareness relevant to the role and capacities of the Ombudsmen offices, and propagating the fundamental documents of the UN, the Council of Europe and the EU in relation to human rights.
Non-Commercial Partnership ‘Bureau for Human Rights’Local - Russian FederationAug 2008 - Jul 2010USD 224,000
102Russia’s Official and Civil Society Action Against Corruption- ROCSAAC
Following the ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption, by the Russian Federation, in February 2006, the project aims to support the initiative of developing a systemic set of measures to prevent corruption. The project puts a strong emphasis on the role of civil society in supporting the state in ensuring a sustainable rights-based approach to the prevention of corrupt practices. The project covers both federal and regional areas, with North Caucasus being the major regional site. It will focus on five main activities: public opinion survey on corruption, capacity development for civil servants, a pilot one-stop-shop facility, the creation of a nation-wide network to fight corruption, the devolvement of small grants for outstanding initiatives that focus on fighting corruption, and the education of right-holders and duty-bearers.
United Nations Development Programme in the Russian FederationLocal - Russian FederationFeb 2007 - Jun 2009USD 350,000
103Capacity Building for the Ombudsman Office
The Ombudsman Office (OO) was established in 2004 to monitor good governance, and has since taken an active role in investigating and exposing cases of corruption, requiring Officials to declare their economic wealth. Moreover, it has played a significant role in assisting the marginalized people and citizens in rural areas to seek redress from social and economic injustices. Despite its achievements the Ombudsman Office remains challenged with deficient structural and human capacity. This project aims at developing and leveraging the capacities of this institution towards the achievement of successful outcomes within its framework of intervention.
Ombudsman OfficeLocal - RwandaMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
104Civil society enhancing democratic dialogue for peace
In partnership with other institutions, this project was created to focus on consolidating a space for democratic debate at both a local and national level, as an essential way to rebuild a post-genocide society. As research from preceding stages suggested the necessity for interventions and provided recommendations on key issues and areas of intervention such as history, genocide, democracy, rule of law and poverty; this project seeks to implement 3 steering committees, who will be responsible for facilitating the implementation of recommendations adopted by the National Dialogue Group.
Institut de Recherche et de Dialogue pour la PaixLocal - RwandaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 256,375
105Promoting Democracy and Accountability in Sao Tome & Principe
Given the growing fears in Sao Tome Principe and the increasing need to transparently manage the oil economy with the necessary interventions of public institutions, this project seeks to promote democracy and accountability. More specifically, it will focus on strengthening the capacities of citizens to participate in decision-making processes, by developing and rendering accessible community-based channels of communication, thus promoting civil society efforts to scrutinize government actions and policies.
International AlertLocal - Sao Tome and PrincipeFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 339,839
106Renforcement de la participation des OSC aux processus démocratiques
Ce projet s'inscrit en faveur du renforcement des capacités de participation des populations, notamment des femmes, à la gestion des affaires locales. Il entend ainsi doter les OSC d'outils d'influence sur les politiques publiques. Il s'agit en outre de faire en sorte que les décideurs pronent l'egalite des genres en toutes circonstances. Qui plus est, le projet vise la création de synergies entre les différents acteurs.
Association des Jeunes pour l’Education et le DéveloppementLocal - SenegalApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 259,017
107Parliament in Transition – Strengthening Accountability in Serbia
The Parliamentary Centre in partnership with ProConcept, will work with the National Assembly (NA) of Serbia to strengthen its capacity to oversee government spending and policy implementation as well as the development of related internal policies and procedures for oversight. The project will focus on engaging members of the Parliament, parliamentary staff and civil society organizations on holding public consultations on important governmental anti-corruption policies and initiatives, and seeks to address the role of the National Assembly in Serbia’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy.
The Parliamentary Centre in partnership with ProConceptLocal - SerbiaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 312,161
108Democracy, Human Rights and Media in Sierra Leone
Journalists for Human Rights’ project in Sierra Leone will build the capacity of local media to report effectively, bolstering the media’s ability to act as a medium for human rights and democratic information. Based on a local needs assessment conducted by Journalists for Human Rights’ staff and its local partners, the project will work with a number of local media organizations and journalism schools, to establish a sustainable tradition of fair human rights and democracy reporting throughout Sierra Leone.
Journalists for Human RightsLocal - Sierra LeoneApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 348,959
109Promoting a culture of Equal Representation (PACER)
The project addresses the absence of women participation in politics and the barriers they encounter. In addressing the issue, it focuses on developing training programmes for women leaders, and supporting them for their candidature in the 2007 parliamentary elections and the 2008 local ones. Accordingly policy and practices changes sought, will foster inclusive planning and female leadership. Upholding the principles of equal participation enshrined in international instruments, this project will focus on governmental initiatives developed to favor the reduction of poverty.
OXFAM GBLocal - Sierra LeoneJun 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
110School for Democracy/ Shule ya Ki Democracia
Drawing on its diverse experiences in democracy education for almost 20 years, IDASA proposes the establishment of a School for Democracy that will offer courses to citizens, leaders, politicians, government officials and professionals from the African continent. The philosophy delineated demonstrates how democracy if expressed in society, not simply through state structures, requires the development of robust civic capacities for collaborative work opportunities to address public issues, thus indicating the need for the establishment of an educative system consolidated on democracy.
Institute for Democracy in South AfricaLocal - South AfricaApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 350,000
111Engendering Democracy and promotion of women’s political participation
The project seeks to ensure a strong representative group of women to participate at a state policy level, in representation of the rights of Sudanese women and proactive in prioritizing issues that concern women. More specifically this project focuses on ensuring: the reintegration of women in society in favor of the resolution of issues affecting girls and female-headed households, the political representation of women in decision-making processes to ensure their active participation and engagement, and the development of policies in favor of gender equality in Sudan.
Care International in SudanLocal - SudanApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 50,000
112The Forth Power Needs Protection
Khoma, a public organization, aims to establish a network of lawyers and legal experts to defend the interests of independent media in Tajikistan. The lawyers will analyze media laws and educate journalists and other concerned individuals, on legal issues pertinent to their work, on personnel-related matters relevant to the Tajik law, and the timely and appropriate use of the judicial system to defend the interests and rights of independent media.
Public Organization KhomaLocal - TajikistanApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 180,875
113Promotion and Protection on Human Rights of Indigenous and highland et
The project aims at promoting and protecting human rights of indigenous and highland ethnic people, who are marginalized and considered to be vulnerable groups in Thailand, given the longevity and extent to which their rights have been violated. Forms of human right violations that indigenous and highland ethnic people are continuously facing related to ethnic discrimination are a result of irresponsible deforestation, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Moreover, given their limited access to natural resources, lack of adequate housing/shelter and human security, there is a need to develop a strong network capable of assisting minorities for the protection of their human rights. This project has been conceived in light of several consultations and lessons learnt from former advocacy campaigns and initiatives, and seeks to leverage community activism in favor of indigenous and highland ethnic minorities.
Highland People Task Force , c/o Inter Mountain Peoples EducationLocal - ThailandFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 230,000
114One voter- one ballot: addressing proxy and family voting in t Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
The project aims to address the proxy and family voting, by empowering vulnerable groups to exercise their electoral rights; strengthening the capacities of local NGOs and media outreach. The initiative will also strengthen the capacity of the State Election Commission to transparently handle the election process, enhancing a collaboration between the Commission and NGOs.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - North MacedoniaFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 349,860
115Training for new journalists on basic journalism in Timor-Leste
This project aims to offer training to journalists, to equip them with the capabilities and skills for the professional gathering of information and production of news in Timor-Leste; in support of the freedom of information and of speech.
Timor Lorosa’e Journalists’ AssociationLocal - Timor-LesteApr 2007 - Mar 2008USD 80,740
116Enhanced Participation of Political Parties and Women in 2007 National
This project focuses on strengthening the institutional capacity of political parties, in guarantee of the respect of principles of pluralism, tolerance, participation and transparency. Activities will be developed in collaboration with UNIFEM, and focus on women's political participation, in strengthening and supporting their role in influencing policy as well as promoting the development of dedicated women workplace within political parties.
United Nations Development ProgrammeLocal - Timor-LesteMar 2007 - Dec 2007USD 350,000
117Programme de Renforcement de la Société Civile Togolaise
This project focuses on: the reinforcement of technical capacities and web-design skills of civil society organizations, educating by raising awareness, promoting advocacy of civic engagement and bottom-up democracy, informing with the objective of ameliorating civic participation during the legislative and local elections, as well as developing new technologies in provision of data support for initiatives created specifically for local citizens.
Concertation Nationale de la Société Civile du TogoLocal - TogoApr 2007 - Dec 2008USD 302,680
118PUT A WOMAN 2006/7
This project focuses on educating women and young people, with the objective of leveraging their participation in the 2006 local government and 2007 general elections, by strengthening their networks and developing their capacities. Moreover it will contribute to the Global 50/50 campaign financing initiative, benefiting political activist women,youth and first-time voters.
Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of WomenLocal - Trinidad and TobagoFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 262,500
119Grassroots Women Leaders in Democracy (GWLD): Project
The Project will aim at increasing the visibility, number and impact of grassroots women in decision-making in conflict areas. This will be accomplished by increasing the capacity of women politicians at the local level to gather information and analyze proposed legislation, budgets and existing policies; gender-sensitive monitoring of local government service delivery; civic education; and empowerment of women in political party structures
Forum for Women in DemocracyLocal - UgandaMar 2007 - Mar 2009USD 224,130
120Human rights and fundamental freedoms awareness project.
This project seeks to promote human rights and empower communities, policy makers and rights advocates with skills to advocate, lobby and influence policies and programmes in favor of rights observance. Moreover this project encourages communities to actively participate in fundamental freedom programmes and empowers elected members of local councils representing vulnerable groups, to fight for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Uganda Community Based Association for Child welfareLocal - UgandaMar 2007 - Mar 2008USD 100,221
121Spreading the democratic culture in small towns/settlements of Ukraine
This project aims to disseminate democratic culture among local councillors in Ukraine, by providing 46 seminar-training, which will explicate relevant methods and procedures for democratic decision-making in local councils, with the objective of developing strong ties with the local community.
Volyn Resource CentreLocal - UkraineMar 2007 - Jul 2009USD 216,752
122Extension of workshops on active citizenship to improve governance.
This project seeks to offer civic education workshops in Vanuatu Islands, in response to issues deriving from limited accessibility to education, due to its geographical position and high transport costs; guaranteeing citizens with limited or no access to information with an education. The extension of this objective, is the provision of an educational formation for the purpose of enhancing active citizenship and governance.
Transparency International VanuatuLocal - VanuatuFeb 2007 - Dec 2008USD 107,776
123Raising Civic Awareness Among Youth: Participation & Community Service
IFES aims to enhance the know-how and skills of youth in Yemen, improving civic awareness among marginalized populations by providing them with the necessary tools to address significant issues and develop solutions, by engaging civil society, local governments, and Yemen’s Parliament. IFES will achieve sustainable results closely working with partners through capacity-building and the provision of sub-grants in support of the effective implementation of initiatives.
IFESLocal - YemenFeb 2007 - Dec 2007USD 347,303
124Constitutional Reform: Support to Constituent Assembly in Zambia
This project aims to deepen a democratic culture based on human rights in Zambia, through the establishment of a new constitution. It will support, the institution of rules and procedures, the capacity development of the secretariat and its members, and the establishment of an effective media strategy for the dissemination of the proceedings of the Constituent Assembly.
United Nations Development Programme, Zambia Country OfficeLocal - ZambiaApr 2007 - Mar 2009USD 350,000
125Constituency Development Programme
This project seeks to highlight and strengthen the promotion of gender mainstreaming among local leaders, raising awareness and assisting them in reducing the causes and effects of poverty, by encouraging them to address and spearhead behavior change when dealing with health related issues, like HIV and AIDS, which affect the lives of the people they represent.
Public Affairs and Parliamentary Support TrustLocal - ZimbabweMar 2007 - Dec 2008USD 266,000
126Civil Society Capacity Building for Participatory Governance
Drawing on global best practice, this project will build the capacity of 100 practitioners to promote and implement participatory governance approaches. The project will emphasize inclusive approaches that are evidence-based, solution-oriented and have proven to be beneficial in intervening on participatory budgeting, evidence-based advocacy, constructive dialogue, participatory expenditure tracking and community-based monitoring of public services. Capacity building will be achieved through a multi-faceted strategy of skills, training, South-South networking/mentoring, and direct support to innovative pilot projects. The project will target CSO practitioners, but will also directly involve and aim to build sustainable relationships with government counterparts at a local and national level.
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen ParticipationGlobalNov 2008 - Dec 2010USD 400,000
127The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network Regional Resource Centres
This project aims to strengthen democracy and promote electoral reforms through the enhancement of a sustainable electoral administration at a regional level. The approach used will entail the decentralized identification of needs, target research, and the dissemination and provision of electoral guidance to influence the electoral agenda and aid in the resolution of regional challenges.
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral AssistanceGlobalNov 2008 - Dec 2009USD 225,000
128Global Forum for Media Development: Creating Democratic Media Cultures- Quality Information for All
This project works in support of the development of the second Global Forum for Media Development, taking place in Greece, Athens on December 7-10 2008; involving 500 participants of media organizations from 100 countries as well as media executives, donors, government representatives and international organizations. The aim of the 2008 Global Forum is to develop actionable recommendations in key areas of media development such as advocacy, civil society engagement, democratic governance, as well as monitoring and evaluation. Additionally, this project works into rendering future media development programmes more cohesive, comprehensive, and impactful. It will also establish GFMD as a membership network with a clearly defined mission, statute and governance; forging closer collaboration links between local media NGOs, thus promoting South-South cooperation.
Global Forum for Media DevelopmentGlobalSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 200,000
129Cultivating National and Grassroots Women Leaders with iKNOW Politics
Through this program, iKNOW Politics will connect politically active women and reach beyond the initial tier of literate informed women who already use the internet to achieve their political goals. During the first phase, iKNOW Politics will develop a website, recruit members and facilitate information sharing among five hundred thousand women. The proposed program, selects 3 regional coordinators to respectively work in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East to conduct research and develop outreach strategies to target women; facilitating knowledge sharing in Spanish, French and Arabic. The activities have the objective of raising the number of users, by increasing the number of iKNOW Politics events and training held. This will allow iKNOW politics to share the political experience of 2000 members, with women from grassroots organizations, rural areas, and places with limited access to technology.
National Democratic Institute for International AffairsGlobalSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 350,000
130Strengthening the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI)
The International Forum for Democratic Studies serves as the secretariat for the NDRI; a global network of 69 member institutes that conduct research on democracy, democratization, and related policy issues. To strengthen and expand this network, the forum seeks funding to develop four interrelated initiatives, namely: convene a research conference for NDRI members on poverty, inequality, and democracy, inaugurate a translation project, publish a yearly edition of the Journal of Democracy (JOD) in Spanish, hold a week-long workshop in Washington for 10 managers of member institutes who will visit leading think tanks to bestow advice on publishing, communication, outreach strategies, conference planning, website development, and fundraising as well as digitize NDRI publications, rendering them accessible to the public via a searchable database.
International Forum for Democratic Studies (a division of NED)GlobalSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 200,000
131Gorée Center For Electoral Processes ( Senegal)
A l’heure de l'intégration économique et politique régionale, les élections sont devenues un défi en Afrique de l’Ouest. Ce projet entend contribuer à relever un tel défi, notamment en stimulant la mise en place d’un réseau sous-régional d’organisations de la société civile, en mettant en place les moyens de collecte et de diffusion des informations les plus pertinentes en matière électorale, en développant des modules et en exécutant un programme de formation capable de renforcer les connaissances et les compétence en la matière, et en créant un espace de réflexion et de dialogue sur les processus électoraux et l'état de la démocratie en Afrique de l’ouest. Ce projet prêtera une attention particulière à l’entre-deux élections, car c’est souvent le moment où les initiatives de modification des lois et autres manipulations constitutionnelles se produisent. D’autre part, ce projet s’intéressera à l’ensemble du cycle électoral, du recensement à la proclamation définitive des résultats, en ne négligeant pas la phase contentieuse. Ainsi, ce projet complète les initiatives existantes en renforçant la capacité régionale d'analyse et de réforme électorales, en créant un environnement propice à des élections libres et justes, en promouvant de bonnes pratiques électorales et en construisant des réseaux de partenaires électoraux en Afrique de l’ouest.
Gorée InstituteLocal - SenegalSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 225,000
132Educational Film Collection on Contemporary Democracy
This project focuses on the production and distribution of 500 DVD sets, consisting of 10 long documentaries, 18 short films and a Facilitators Guide in five African languages, with the objective of providing a relevant and contemporary educational resource to organizations and institutions working in the field of democracy throughout Africa.
STEPS InternationalGlobalSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 500,000
133Development of Sustainable Voter Registration Methodologies
This project aims to promote the development of a sustainable and cost-effective voter registration model, particularly in least developed and post-conflict countries, by analyzing the costs and the effectiveness of low, medium and high tech approaches to voter registration. The results generated by this project will enable election administrators to make informed decisions when considering the acquisition of new voter registration technologies.
Electoral Institute of Southern AfricaRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaJan 2009 - Nov 2010USD 225,000
134Access to Legal Aid in Africa
The project aims at assisting Member States in enhancing their capacity to provide access to legal aid in the criminal justice system, in accordance with the ECOSOC Resolution 2007/24 and the Lilongwe Declaration on Accessing Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System in Africa, as well as other international legal instruments such as the ICCPR (article 14) and relevant United Nations standards and norms for crime prevention. Criminal Justice will be achieved through: the undertaking of a survey on the efficiency of existing legal aid systems and mechanisms in Africa, the assessment of the additional needs of 3 African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone and South Sudan) emerging out of conflict in provision of effective legal aid and pilot training for paralegals and other legal aid providers as well as the publishment of a best practices handbook. Furthermore, the project will focus on post-conflict countries, providing them with a normative framework for access to legal aid for suspects, accused individuals and victims of violence, particularly in rural areas.
Paralegal Advisory Service Institute (amendment)Regional - Sub-Saharan AfricaNov 2008 - Oct 2010USD 400,000
135Conférence internationale « Les défis de l’alternance démocratique » au Benin
La Conférence sur le thème : « Les défis de l’Alternance démocratique » est un projet multilatéral de coopération qui vise à rassembler les experts et participants impliqués dans les processus démocratiques pour (i) réfléchir sur les grands problèmes rencontrés dans la gestion pacifique des transferts du pouvoir au sein des systèmes politiques démocratiques ; (ii) identifier les enseignements tirés de l'expérience et des pratiques ayant permis la mise en œuvre du principe de l'alternance ; (iii) examiner et proposer les mécanismes à mettre en place pour une coopération internationale plus efficiente dans la gestion pacifique des alternances, en particulier en Afrique. L’Institut des Droits de l’Homme (IDH) intègrera dans ses activités un enseignement portant sur la « culture de la démocratie » et encouragera d’autres structures nationales et régionales africaines se préoccupant des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie à en faire de même.
Institut des Droits de l'Homme et de Promotion de la DémocratieRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaSep 2008 - Aug 2009USD 350,000
136Strengthening Transitional Justice Processes in Burundi
The ICTJ is one of the foremost international organizations working on transitional justice (TJ) in Burundi since 2005; conducting multiple expert missions, organizing various technical workshops, and implementing security system reforms (and presently leading a country-wide police census). The ICTJ works in close partnership with the UN, civil society organizations, and other key partners. Within the framework of this project the ICTJ seeks to achieve the following three objectives: to ensure that consultative democratic processes are inclusive, to train and advise the multi-stakeholder consultation steering committee and civic groups to implement effective TJ measures and to ensure the full inclusion of gender and victims' concerns in all TJ mechanisms. The capacity development component of this program will focus on the proposed TRC, government, civil society, media, and the UN to further strengthen TJ initiatives; providing technical expertise to the UN Integrated Office (BINUB), UNDP, and the OHCHR. In addition the ICTJ will advocate for victims’ organizations and support an effective Security System Reform (SSR) and interrelated vetting initiatives. Through these activities the ICTJ will contribute to the strengthening of transitional processes, the rule of law, and peace building operations in Burundi - providing increased opportunities for the consolidation of democratic gains since the 2005 legislative and presidential elections. To achieve its objective the ICTJ will specifically provide technical support to the national (TJ) consultation process, develop the capacity of Burundi-based organizations on transitional justice mechanisms, conduct research on reconciliation, reparations, and institutional reform, explore the nexus between TJ and the peace building process as well as advocate for an effective implementation of TJ mechanisms.
International Center for Transitional JusticeLocal - BurundiSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 225,000
137HR-based Approach to Strengthening Participatory Democracy in Cameroon
This project's goal is to strengthen and reinforce participatory democracy in Cameroon by supporting voters' sensitization, education and follow-up registration to combat voter apathy. The project aims to increase the political participation of women and young people and to reinforce the rule of law through a justice paralegal program. Hence the importance of the intervention of grassroots organizations who will be involved in enhacing the active participation of the population in the 2011 Presidential Elections. Additionally, the project will work in support of the protection of human rights and the reinforcement of the rule of law. Women and young people, part of vulnerable groups, constituting more than 60% of the Cameroonian population will be the direct beneficiaries of the justice paralegal program.
Centre for Human Rights and Peace AdvocacyLocal - CameroonNov 2008 - Oct 2010USD 375,000
138Renforcement de la citoyenneté/consolidation de la démocratie au Tchad
Le projet s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme d’appui aux initiatives citoyennes et démocratiques – PAID - des populations à la base. A travers ce projet, la Fondation pour la Démocratie et le développement vise d’ici à 2010, la mise en place d’un observatoire national permanent et efficient des consultations électorales nationales et locales, le renforcement de capacités des populations à la base dans le domaine de la démocratie et des libertés au moyen de la formation, le développement de l’information et de la communication à la construction d’un Etat véritablement démocratique au Tchad.
Fondation pour la Démocratie et le DéveloppementLocal - ChadOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 150,000
139Formation des élus locaux en DH et gouvernance démocratique au Congo
Le projet consiste en une formation en droits de l'homme des elus locaux (conseillers departementaux et municipaux) de sept regions (ou departements) du Congo. Il sera egalement responsable de mettre les conseillers devant leurs responsabilites en tant que garant des droits des communautes locales par la mise en oeuvre d'un mecanisme de surveillance des droits de l'homme au sein de ces institutions.
Observatoire congolais des droits de l'HommeLocal - Congo (Republic of the)Feb 2009 - Jan 2011USD 250,000
140Renforcement des capacités des acteurs ivoiriens des droits humains
Le projet vise à: former les acteurs ivoiriens des droits humains sur les mécanismes internationaux relatifs aux droits humains, former les acteurs aux techniques d'enquête, de surveillance et de documentation sur les violations des droits humains, créer des réseaux de la société civile et a organiser une campagne nationale de promotion et de plaidoyer en faveur des droits humains. A cette fin, les activités suivantes seront réalisées: la création d'un centre national de documentation et de recherche en droits humains à Abidjan, 5 bureaux régionaux (San-Pédro, Man, Korhogo, Gagnoa, Bondoukou) et 2 bureaux centraux (Yamoussoukro, Bouaké) d'animation, de formation, d'enquête et de surveillance des violations des droits humains et l'organisation d'une campagne itinérante de promotion et de plaidoyer en faveur des droits humains à travers les villes sus-citées ainsi que les villes de Divo, Daloa, Tiassalé et Odiené.
Actions Pour la Protection de Droits de l’HommeLocal - Côte d'IvoireOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 125,000
141Formation des citoyens au droit et dialogue avec les institutions en Republique Democratique du Congo
Tout processus démocratique implique l’instauration d’un système de justice légitime, indépendant, en adéquation avec les attentes des citoyens, et protecteur des plus vulnérables. La vulgarisation du droit auprès des citoyens est donc un préalable pour leur permettre de prendre une part active à la construction d’un état de droit démocratique. Le rapprochement des acteurs de justice et des représentants de la population s’avère aussi indispensable pour établir la confiance de la population envers ses institutions. Pour susciter ce rapprochement et cette participation des citoyens au processus démocratique, RCN Justice & Démocratie formera des personnes, ressources de la société civile aux notions de droit, organisera des campagnes de sensibilisation sur le droit et la justice, produira des dépliants, appuiera des espaces de communication, organisera des journées portes ouvertes dans les tribunaux et les commissariats de police et des ateliers rencontres. Ce projet aura lieu à Kinshasa.
RCN Justice & DémocratieLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 325,000
142Addressing the Exclusion and Marginalization of Social minorities "
This project seeks to tie grassroots work with macro level advocacy in order to minimize the distressing situation in which minority groups in Ethiopia find themselves. Policy makers will be influenced to work within a determined legal framework and reinforce its implementation by instituting different systems and mechanisms; enhancing the political engagement and commitments of governmental bodies in understanding the root causes of marginalization and in seeking adequate solutions.
ActionAid EthiopiaLocal - EthiopiaJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 400,000
143The Right to Communicate through Community Radio in Ghana
This participatory project advocates for communication rights through the use of community radio, by raising the number of allocated frequencies in Ghana to operate and advocate for the freedom of information within communities.
Ghana Community Radio NetworkLocal - GhanaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
144Preparing for Emerging Democratic Governance in Guinea
A collaboration between International Alert (Alert) and Search for Common Ground (SFCG) leveraged the development of this project in Guinea; focused on building a platform of work to support emerging democratic processes. This project targets key political and civil society leaders, leading academics and individuals, which seek to bring change by reaching out to the population through local and national media. More specifically, the project aims to intervene four core activity areas: information availability and accessibility to Guineans active in politics, awareness raising on good governance and democracy, creating opportunities for a sustained dialogue and communications among Guinean leaders, the production of radio programs, and by influencing policies and practices relevant to the international donor community.
International AlertLocal - GuineaDec 2008 - Nov 2010USD 400,000
145Promoting human rights awareness/realization
The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) aims to raise awareness on women’s human rights in six communities in Kenya through advocacy interventions targeting marginalized and vulnerable groups: media, youth, victims, and persons belonging to minority ethnic tribes. As media seeks to ensure a rights-based approach to reporting on sensitive issues when covering the proceedings of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), this project will focus on enhancing the capacity of journalists and young writers in reporting human rights stories. Such interventions will give voice to the community and empower women to meaningfully contribute to findings and recommendations of the TJRC. Moreover, it will enable women, youth and media practitioners as well as the public at large to highlight perpetrated injustices on women; contributing to discussion forums on gender and women rights.
Association of Media Women In KenyaLocal - KenyaSep 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
146LIBERIA WOMEN DEMOCRACY RADIO: "Giving Voice to the Voiceless"
Liberian women have suffered discrimination during the fourteen years of armed conflict in Liberia, in which 250,000 people were killed. Perpetrated conflict left the country in economic ruin and overrun with weapons, affected by the absence of electricity and running water, the rise of corruption, unemployment and illiteracy. As a high percentage of women in Liberia are illiterate and access to knowledge and leadership opportunities are denied, new interventions are required. Within the framework of this project, two Liberian organizations, LIWOMAC (Liberia Women Media Action Committee) and YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) seek to establish a Liberia Women Democracy Radio to serve as a medium through which the voices of women in the country are heard, enabling women throughout the country to benefit from access to information and the strengthening of the capacity of women journalists, ensuring them equal work opportunities.
Liberia Women Media Action CommitteeLocal - LiberiaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
148Youth and Women Participation in Governance and Democracy
This project's goal is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable human rights and democratic culture in Malawi, through the promotion of free and fair general elections with a focus on women and youth. More specifically, it will focus on achieving the following objectives: to conduct civic and voter education workshops for the 2009 and 2010 presidential, parliamentary and local elections, to develop advocacy, leadership, communication and lobbying skills of aspiring youth and women candidates, and to monitor the electoral and post-electoral processes; rendering youth and women active participants of the democratization process in Malawi.
Youth Net and CounsellingLocal - MalawiOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
149Participation massive et équitable des citoyens aux élections de 2009 au Mali
Le présent projet intitulé « Participation massive et équitable des citoyens aux élections de 2009 », est une initiative du Réseau ONG d’Appui au Processus Electoral au Mali (Réseau APEM) qui a pour but d’améliorer la légalité et la légitimité du processus électoral Malien, de même que la représentation des femmes aux instances de décisions. Il sera mis en œuvre à travers quatre axes : l’Information, l’education et la communication électorale, la formation des acteurs de la classe politique, le soutien technique et matériel aux femmes candidates, et l’observation électorale (formation et déploiement). Le projet couvrira tout le territoire national avec le financement majoritaire du Fonds des Nations Unies pour la Démocratie (FNUD).
Réseau ONG d'Appui au Processus Electoral au Mali créé en 1996Local - MaliNov 2008 - Oct 2010USD 350,000
150Women in Democracy in Mozambique
A quota system contributes to the participation and representation of women in political decision-making positions, either by nomination or by election, yet this system needs to be complemented with actions and initiatives at various levels, to ensure a greater involvement of women in politics. This project aims to enhance women participation in electoral processes, using media as a tool for political and social consciousness.
Forum MulherLocal - MozambiqueOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
151Renforcement ds capacités ds magistrats ds la lute contre ls infractions financieres au Niger
Le projet a pour objectif de renforcer les capacités des magistrats nigériens dans le lutte contre la corruption et les délits assimilés. Les principales activités consistent à des formations et des séances de sensibilisation à l’endroit des magistrats et certains acteurs de la justice. Le project sera mis en œuvre par le Bureau Exécutif National du SAMAN.
Syndicat Autonome des Magistrats du NigerLocal - NigerOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 100,000
152Strengthening Women's Participation in State and Local Governance in Nigeria
Nigerian women suffer violations of their basic human rights on a daily basis in all sectors of society. In Nigeria, women are under-represented in both the national and local political sphere, due to a number of factors. More specifically, barriers to education and access to information impede women from accessing higher leadership positions. Accordingly, once women gain political recognition and leadership roles, they face daunting obstacles, as a result of a traditional patriarchal culture; present in political parties and in local and national public institutions, which lack of mechanisms to support (let alone guarantee) women’s political involvement. This UNDEF project seeks to strengthen the political participation of women in Nigeria at a local and national level – through four key strategies: advocacy, capacity-training, network building and information dissemination. This project will strengthen the cooperation between women leaders, political party authorities, local and national government authorities, as well as promote media involvement in raising stakeholder awareness, as a result for the equal political participation of men and women.
Community Partner for DevelopmentLocal - NigeriaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 225,000
153Projet de Renforcement des Jeunesses Féminines des Partis Politiques au Senegal
Le Sénégal compte près de 120 partis politiques officiellement reconnus, la plupart étant très peu représentes au niveau national. En plus de la tension sociale induite par la flambée des prix des produits énergétiques et alimentaires, la situation politique du Sénégal est caractérisée par une rupture du dialogue politique entre la coalition au pouvoir et les principaux partis de l’opposition. Plusieurs organisations de la société civile et des leaders d’opinion se sont engagés à renouer le dialogue politique dans le but d’une plus grande mobilisation des leaders politiques autour des problèmes économiques et sociaux du moment. Tous ces partis sont acquis au principe d’une plus grande présence des femmes et des jeunes dans les instances de prise de décision, qu’ils envisagent lors des élections locales prévues en novembre 2009 représentent un enjeu. Ce projet va ainsi accroître l’inclusion des femmes et des jeunes au sein des partis politiques, et par delà au sein des instances de décision électives. L’impact sera aussi considérable sur leur prise en compte dans les politiques publiques. Le projet vise à atteindre une masse critique de capacités, de compétences et un environnement incitatif afin d’augmenter la présence des jeunes filles dans les instances de prise de décision au niveau national et local, en particulier lors des élections locales de novembre 2009.
Mouvement CitoyenLocal - SenegalOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 225,000
154Democratic Dialogue through Media in Sierra Leone
Journalists for Human Rights' project will build the capacity of local media in Sierra Leone, to facilitate a national dialogue between civil society groups, government officials and citizens. This will bolster Sierra Leone’s fledgling democracy by fostering participation and accountability, and by improving the availability and flow of information.
Journalists for Human RightsLocal - Sierra LeoneSep 2008 - Nov 2009USD 350,000
155Jurisprudence on the Ground "JOG" in Tanzania
The International Association of Women Judges in partnership with the Tanzania Women Judges Association, will provide training seminars to magistrates as well as to community workers who work with marginalized women in Tanzania. The objective is to improve access to justice for marginalized women and enhancing their dialogue with members of the judiciary as well as their understanding of court processes. Focus and key groups, training and seminars will be used as tools for knowledge and education for marginalized women, HIV-positive widows and orphans, to gain in-depth knowledge of their rights, in partnership with the Society for Women & AIDS in Africa-Tanzania. Moreover, ‘feedback loops’ will be created for CSOs to provide a forum for marginalized women to share information about their experiences, aiding the judiciary to act in eliminating obstacles that extensively limit access to the justice system.
International Association of Women JudgesLocal - Tanzania, United Republic ofSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 300,000
156Droits et Libertés pour Tous au Togo( DL2T)
Ce projet vise à sensibiliser les populations du monde rural sur le concept de la démocratie à l’aide des projections de film, des affiches, des dépliants et publications. De plus ce project vise a la formation des élites locales qui sont les futurs probables élus locaux sur les thèmes de la démocratie participative, des droits de l’homme et de la citoyenneté. Par conséquence, l'information, l'éducation et la communication, sont a la base d'une participation sans violence des populations aux élections présidentielles de 2010 et aux prochaines élections locales.
Centre d’Observation et de Promotion de l’Etat de DroitLocal - TogoOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 325,000
Uganda’s Youth Civil Society Empowerment project will be executed by UNDP and implemented by Uganda Youth Network (UYONET). The project aims at increasing young people’s meaningful participation and contribution to the country’s ongoing democratization and development process; characterized by both a political and socio-economic transition. The political transition will entail moving the country to a functional multi-party democracy, while the socio-economic transition will favor the reduction of poverty and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The objectives of Uganda’s Youth Empowerment project are to advocate for an enabling legal and social framework that promotes young people’s participation, to build the capacity of youth Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to enable them to effectively participate in Uganda’s political and socio-economic transformation, by mainstreaming contributions/concerns into the country’s MDG initiatives. Hence, the project will enable 40 youth CSOs and 200 youth leaders to participate in effective lobbying and advocacy. More specifically, it will support organizational development and skills enhancement of selected youth CSOs in the country, to influence the government and media to have a positive attitude towards issues critical to youth development. Uganda’s youth civil Society empowerment project will enable young people (mobilized by CSOs) to participate in the country’s ongoing governance and development initiatives; sustaining democracy by aiding Uganda to meet its MDG targets.
Uganda Youth NetworkLocal - UgandaJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 250,000
158Carlos Lopes Popular Participation Fellowship
The Carlos Lopes Popular Participation Fellowship Program will equip 50 of Zimbabwe’s emerging leaders with democracy knowledge, leadership skills and a platform for public policy discourse. In particular, through a combination of experiential modules, field work and individual community projects, the fellowship program will assist Zimbabwe to embrace a democratic political approach.
National Youth Development TrustLocal - ZimbabweJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 300,000
159Providing easy access to human rights for all in Arabic countries
This project focuses on the development of an Arabic legal search engine on human rights and humanitarian law, in order to provide citizens and civil society organizations with a user-friendly and accessible system, that provides clarity and facilitated access to the content of over 250 multilateral conventions for citizens speaking Arabic. More specifically, it will: improve access to humanitarian law in Arab countries, facilitate the work of professionals and NGOs, democratize access to international law as well as increase public, educational, and media awareness on current international regulations.
Mandat InternationalRegional - Middle East and North AfricaSep 2008 - Oct 2010USD 275,000
160Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy and Leadership skills in Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen
Partners Jordan (P-J) developed a two-year project in Yemen, Lebanon and Jordan. The project aims to increase civil society involvement in the local government decision-making processes through community mobilization, based on Partner's well tested cooperative advocacy module. The goal is to increase the number, scope, diversity and effectiveness of local-level community-based advocacy initiatives, by building the capacity of civil society leaders to advocate for change and actively participate in decision-making processes. The expected results are to build the capacity of a number of civil society organizations and local community members in Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon to disseminate cooperative advocacy, in support of the efforts to increase community-based change and participation in decision-making as well as improve local government development plans that reflect community inputs. P-J will prepare a cadre of professional trainers, who will then work with local community members to prepare and implement locally identified cooperative advocacy efforts in their communities which will be delivered by conducting mapping sessions. This project is designed as a continuative opportunity, building on the activities and projects that have been already been implemented within the three countries. In Jordan, the project will have the objective of augmenting the impact of cooperative advocacy in the southern area of Jordan. In Yemen an extensive effort will be made by UNDP and the Social Fund to train local administrations on good governance and participation, focusing on advocating for local organizations, government and NGOs. In Lebanon the project will be implemented in the district of Mount Lebanon, as efforts are put into place from local Lebanese organizations to bring change into the local government.
Partners-JordanRegional - Middle East and North AfricaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
162Building Democratic Spaces
This project aims at empowering the different local agents of democratic change in Egypt through knowledge production, joint and collective actions and by raising public awareness. The idea of this project, is based on the assumption that creating a democratic critical mass is a vital need for any sustainable democratic change. Hence this process needs action plans to democratize political, social and cultural structures, where project activities will focus on producing knowledge on issues relevant to democratic change through political, civil, social and media empowerment on different aspects of democratic change, where gender will be considered a cross-cutting issue. Decisively, the enhancement of joint actions towards democratic change and the promotion of political and social dynamism in Egypt will be the main expected outcomes of this project.
The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.Local - EgyptSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 350,000
163Training, institutional support,capacity building for the Iraqi Bar
This project provides a framework in which Iraqi Lawyers can receive training in international humanitarian laws as well as in-depth knowledge of regulatory standards anent to human rights.
International Legal Assistance ConsortiumLocal - IraqSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 400,000
164Emerging Leaders: Young Adults Empowerment through CS Engagement
This project aims to develop university students’ capabilities and provide them with opportunities for active and democratic citizenship, by building their self-confidence and leveraging their engagement and contributions to community development.
World Learning, Inc.Local - JordanOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 400,000
165Lebanese Youth Parliament
The overall objective of this project is to promote the ongoing post-conflict recovery process in Lebanon by supporting the establishment, functioning and sustainability of a Lebanese National Youth Parliament (LNYP). The main objectives of the LNYP will be: to stimulate and initiate the active participation of youth in democratic decision-making, to associate youth to local and national public interest issues as well as aid youth to acquire leadership, negotiation and cooperation skills. Thus young people will be considered critical actors in making a difference within their communities, in deconstructing assumptions, prejudices and negative attitudes towards diverse social groups; positively and directly impacting national debate. The LNYP will create a platform of democratic dialogue and free expression for Lebanese Youth between the age of 15 and 19, where designated members of the Youth Parliament (‘MYPs’) of different ethno-religious communities and social backgrounds will work in LNYP Committees to discuss issues of common concern – in particular the most pressing needs from the perspective of this age group – and address them by drafting bills to be adopted in the plenary sessions of the Lebanese National Assembly.
International Organization for Migration (Lebanon)Local - LebanonJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 200,000
166Supporting the Engagement of Civil Society in Morocco’s 2009 election
The purpose of the project is to create a unique program in Morocco, which promotes and supports civil society engagement in the 2009 local council elections. The Center's main objective is to provide materials, training, and support for local programmes to engage young adults in public policy issues and enable them to participate in an informed political dialogue with other voters and candidates.
Moroccan Center for Civic EducationLocal - MoroccoOct 2008 - Oct 2010USD 250,000
167Strengthening Participatory Democracy and Public Dialogue in Palestine
Through communication activities, debates and capacity building initiatives, this project will foster a participatory dialogue between Palestinian people and decision-makers to strengthen democratic processes. Citizen journalism and blogs will serve as a platform for interaction between people, communities and palestinian authorities, bridging the communication gap. Journalists and CSOs will be trained on the production of community radio talk shows and national TV debates on good governance, development and democracy. Cooperation between media and CSOs is fostered and participation of youth, women and marginalized groups in rural areas and refugee camps is encouraged. Mobile radio units will be in charge of reaching out to communities that don’t have access to media and decision makers. TV debates will focus on issues concerning Palestinian society as a whole; connecting people between the West Bank and Gaza in a national dialogue as a remedy for feelings of isolation, desperation and lack of political perspective. The project will be executed by UNESCO with a mandate and global expertise to support the freedom of expression and promote access to information and support media development, particularly in developing and post-conflict countries. AMIN Media Network, is a Palestinian civil society organization, with a network of 16 local radio stations and a regional news website (Arabic Media Internet Network www.amin.org), supporting the development and capacity building of the Palestinian media sector. Since 1996, the organization has carried out numerous training for journalists working in radio stations and TV networks on print and Internet.
AMIN Media Network/Internews Middle East (amendment)Local - PalestineOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
168Strengthening Somali Media Capacity For Democracy and Human Rights
The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) will use the funds provided by UNDEF to conduct countrywide training on ethics and best practices in journalism. Additionally, NUSOJ will organize workshops on good governance and human rights as well as establish a well-equipped Media Centre. Overall this project will strengthen the capabilities of the media to implement principles and practices of democracy and human rights, in direct linkage with UNDEF's mandate.
National Union of Somali JournalistsLocal - SomaliaSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 200,000
169Leadership for Strenghtening Women's Political Participation through Dialogue in Yemen
Responding to one of the greatest challenges nations are currently facing, this project will work towards the political and social integration of women in Yemen over the course of a year. Building on the experiences of the Club of Madrid within the region, this project will seek to build consensus and networks in support of women’s political rights and involvement across a broad spectrum of political and civil society actors. It will work with Yemeni women organizations, political parties, governmental entities and other civil society actors to raise the number of profiles and roles attributed to women leaders. Forward, this project will contribute to strengthening female political leadership and in the long-term, raise public confidence in women as political leaders. More specifically, it will identify and share best practices on women’s political involvement, providing them with the necessary resources and skills to strengthen their political leadership and identifying obstacles relevant to their political participation, in facilitating the sharing of experiences and leveraging dialogue opportunities between regional women parliamentarians and political leaders. Thus high-level networks will enable the adequate allocation and use of resources in devising and identifying advocacy strategies and policy interventions.
Club of MadridLocal - YemenSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 225,000
170Bottom-Up Governance Leadership Program for Women in the Pacific
This project will train women from four Pacific Islands to gain leadership and governance skills. Upon receival of a "Certificate in Bottom-Up Governance" the graduates will have the opportunity to apply for funding allocated for innovative small scale local level initiatives that enhance women civic empowerment and leadership in governance.
The Foundation for Development CooperationRegional - Asia and PacificSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 300,000
171Strengthening Pacific Women’s Political Representation
This project aims to reinforce the role of municipal local governments in achieving gender equality in Fiji by deepening women’s political representation and participation. Key strategies will be implemented to promote attitudinal changes towards gender issues, by raising awareness at a local community and political level through the integration of gender policies, processes and service delivery activities; strengthening support networks for women candidates and councillors and leveraging strategic partnerships. This approach is to be considered strategic, multi-level and integrated within existing programs and activities; particularly UNIFEM’s regional program ‘Advancing Gender Equality in Political Governance in the Pacific’.
International Women's Development AgencyRegional - Asia and PacificNov 2009 - Oct 2010USD 300,000
172Afghanistan Accountability & Transparency AIRTIME Initiative
The AIRTIME Initiative aims to establish informal traditions and trusted institutions that mediate and create demands for accountability and integrity whilst raising transparency and responsiveness in governance. The three-pronged strategy will utilize comprehensive, dynamic and engaging media series, roundtable discussions and public forums to improve the willingness and possibilities of citizens to question political leaders and leverage the capacity of government officials to be responsive to citizen demands. This apporach will promote access to information and accordingly demand accountability, transparency and integrity to communities across Afghanistan.
Equal Access InternationalLocal - AfghanistanOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 400,000
173Underpinning and developing the democratic electoral processes
The project will be directed to the propagation of democratic values and mobilization of women in political elections. The given project represents a complex information-educational program on critical topics in the domain of democratic elections and women rights.The purpose of this project is to actively draw women to election processes by increasing their awareness on election rights and enable their candidature, whilst creating the necessary conditions for their active involvement in the rural part of Azerbaijan, when carrying out fair and democratic elections in the country.
Centre «Women and Modern World»Local - AzerbaijanSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 200,000
174Promoting Rights of women through changing Mindset
Due to the traditional patriarchal socio-economic system, structure and mindset, violence and injustice against women are common phenomena in Bangladesh. With significant constitutional provisions and statutory laws guaranteeing human, fundamental and women’s equal rights, in Bangladesh, the poor quality of governance and the absence of national policies have undermined the constitutional pledges. In this context, effective interventions are necessary to push policymakers to intervene by achieving significant changes and results. The objective of this project is to sensitize stakeholders (policymakers, government duty bearers and civil society) to create and implement targeted interventions aimed at elevating the status of women. Two main outcomes are expected to be achieved: the integration of national policies and the development of an organized movement focused on women’s rights. Additionally, the project will conduct studies on the present status of women in poverty, by investigating government budget allocations and the implementation of governmental policies and international covenants on gender issues. As a result, findings will be disseminated through seminars, workshops, meetings and a media campaign, which will require the involvement of government officials, professional groups, intellectuals, columnists, and journalists along with women and civil society organizations.
Bangladesh Nari Progati SanghaLocal - BangladeshSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 150,000
175Strengthening Citizen’s Participation in Democratic Governance
The proposed project has the objective of ensuring that citizens (as the electorate) in 24 constituencies of Cambodia are empowered to enjoy a more informative climate in demonstration of their active participation in democratic governance. Mainly the project empowers voters with knowledge and an understanding of democratic rights and responsibilities; enhancing political capital through participation and influence on the fulfillment of political ambitions as well as the increased accountability of elected officials to voter constituencies. Hence, 2.5 millions Cambodian citizens (poor, women, youth, disadvantaged people and ethnic minorities) will be the intended beneficiaries of the project; empowered to gain knowledge on the importance of their participation in democratic governance and the sharing of their voices, opinions and concerns through training, forums, debates, reports and media broadcastings.
Committee For Free and Fair Elections in CambodiaLocal - CambodiaDec 2008 - Nov 2010USD 300,000
176Being there, being heard
In order for China to transform its rapid economic growth into a balanced and equitable development, the creation of civil society organizations (CSOs) is imperative to providing humanitarian services to the disadvantaged and marginalized individuals. This project is designed to address the key challenges CSOs are currently facing in China, in terms of policy-making processes; aiming to enhance CSOs participation in legislation and decision-making processes, in highlight of their positive role and contributions in responding to development issues and in effectively communicating with the public and government. Ultimately, this project will contribute to creating a more favorable social and legal environment for CSOs, thereby promoting democratic values and human rights in China.
Center for Nonprofit Orgnaization Law, Law School, Peking UniversityLocal - ChinaMar 2009 - Feb 2011USD 400,000
177PRI Action for Community Development
The project will contribute to a positive development of the Panchayati Raj Institution. Through capacity building workshops and execution of short-term community development programs, this project aims to enable the PRI members in 90 Gram Panchayatis to perform the tasks which were envisaged in the 73rd Amendment, when Panchayati Raj was accorded constitutional status in 1993. More specifically, the project seeks to ensure child welfare and to provide people living in villages with health, education, communal harmony, social justice and dispute resolution. It aims to inform women on their rights and responsibilities, in accordance with the Panchayati Raj Act, enabling the same to take leading roles in community development initiatives. Given its presence on the territory, HPPI envisages executing the project in 2 Indian states: Uttarkhand and Haryana.
Humana People to People IndiaLocal - IndiaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
178Promoting Women's Leadership in 2009 Election and Beyond
As a unique opportunity, this project will be implemented in anticipation of the 2009 national elections, with the objective of implementing capacity building methodologies and strategies (e.g. theoretical, practical/technical training and mentoring) for women, by ensuring their successful candidature and representation within their community, through the development of public awareness raising campaigns and the use of multiple media channels. Furthermore, political parties and leaders will be targeted through direct advocacy and lobbying in support of women's involvement and role in society. Additionally, the project will also build accountability mechanisms by: supporting the consolidation of women’s agenda in prioritization of their rights, evaluating the election platform of political candidates and monitoring the performances of elected representatives.
Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (Indonesian Women's Coalition)Local - IndonesiaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
179Coalition “Oil revenue – under public oversight!” against poverty
Governance in Kazakhstan is not sustainable due to the lack of transparency and accountability as well as the rise of inconsistency in terms of economic and social development. This project focuses on organizing a number of training in specific regions, developed to explain the link between poverty and oil and to inform extraction industries and government on budgetary redistribution and the principles of sustainable development. Training will be prevailed by surveys and analytical research for statistical purposes in demonstration of the link between poverty, transparency, accountability and effectiveness, to empower local NGOs with the necessary tools to analyze information relevant to sustainable development. As a result, a national and regional public council on sustainable development will be established with the objective of executing analytical research and implementing educational and advocacy campaigns.
Sange Research Center, Civic FoundationLocal - KazakhstanOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
180Deepening Democratisation processes through Youth Leadership
This project aims to upscale community learning in Myanmar, through a leadership development programme and fellowships with the objective of strengthening the foundations of civil society action by engaging young people in community initiatives through the utilization of social networks. These networks will mobilize the community to understand, practice and demand democracy by strengthening civil society work, through media channels and democracy discourse and by commissioning policy research in light of policy dialogue and exchanges among the ruling authority and civil society. Around 11,000 people will directly participate in this project along with 3,000 active youth volunteers and 100 youth leaders. This project is expected to reach a wide range of citizens across 5 of the 14 states, and involving 17 ethnic groups.
ActionAid International in MyanmarLocal - MyanmarOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
181Enhancing Political Participation of Marginalized Women in Nepal
The project "Enhancing Political Participation of Marginalized Women in Nepal" aims to promote active political participation of marginalized women in strengthening democratic processes. With a duration of 24 months, implemented in five selected districts of Nepal, the project complements Nepal’s ongoing democracy and human rights strengthening initiatives, in attaining UNDEF's objective of democratizing processes in Nepal, post-conflict.
Association of District Development Committees of NepalLocal - NepalOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
182Democracy for rural women's rights
In Pakistan, districts like Thatta, Badin and Tando Mohd Khan are few of the most deprived and poor districts of Sindh, where 90% of the population lives in rural areas. Women are generally deemed inferior in these areas and do not have any freedom to choose their own representatives in local and national legislative forums due to their illiteracy and unawareness of power of their vote. Given the need to educate rural women as well as to motivate and mobilize them to strive for the protection of their rights, this project will be implemented by ALWS, in 680 villages of the targeted districts, motivating women through interpersonal dialogues, meetings, media campaigns, social gatherings, theatres, as well as formation and group training.
Aasthan Latif Welfare SocietyLocal - PakistanSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 325,000
184Promoting Gender Responsive Governance for Rural, Indigenous and Muslim women in the Philippines
This project will address issues of marginalization, gender discrimination and violation of human rights among rural, indigenous and muslim women in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) using the government’s objective to implement the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) as a basis for these women to demand accountability of the government to realize the protection of their human rights. This two-year project aims at demonstrating the application of CEDAW principles on human rights for rural, indigenous and muslim women in Mindanao through the development of special and temporary measures in response to the 2006 CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Comments. This project will have distinct beneficiaries: rural and indigenous women, and muslim women in ARMM. Specifically, in targeting rural and indigenous women, a baseline research and benchmarking of CEDAW standards will be done in advocating for the adoption of gender-responsive policies, programmes, structures and other measures. The overall objective is to integrate economic, political and social rights in policies, programmes, structures and measures that will be adopted in protection of women’s property rights on land, natural and coastal resources and ancestral domain claims. Initiatives will concern six provinces with the development of six sites for fishing, farming and other related sectors. For initiatives concerning muslim women in ARMM, the project will focus on action research for baseline and monitoring of rights and state responses to violence against women and girl children, reproductive health, participation and representation in local governance. Moreover, training and mentoring activities will be implemented in collaboration with women NGO leaders to capacitate muslim women in Mindanao giving the same the ability to monitor, document and engage in a democratic dialogue with their local government. Conclusively, the project will bring together key actors, women and gender advocates, at a provincial level to consolidate governance mechanisms. This exchange will sharpen strategies on how to elaborate proposals for special measures and give access to services for the negotiation of women rights at a local, sub-national and national level.
National Rural Women’s Coalition (amendment)Local - PhilippinesOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
185Cultivating Democratic Leaders from Marginalized Groups
The Asia Foundation proposes a program targeting young people between the age of 15 and 25, from marginalized groups who face perpetrated struggles to protect their human rights. The project will target: ethnic Thai-Malay in the southern provinces facing ongoing conflict, tsunami-affected provinces, high-risk human trafficking provinces in the Northeast, and tribal minorities in the North. Training and youth-initiated community projects will seek to improve the rights of young individuals and promote the implementation of positive actions for marginalized youth representing a new generation of community leaders.
The Asia FoundationLocal - ThailandSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 400,000
186Enhance Women's Role in Post-Conflict Reconstruction & Nation Building
The project will use the village council election in Timor-Leste, scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2009, as a strategic opportunity to enhance women’s participation in post-conflict nation building by developing a gender responsive reconstruction agenda. Building on the knowledge, experiences and networks of the Programme for Enhancing Rural Women’s Leadership and Participation in Nation Building in Timor-Leste (2004-2007), the project aims to enhance the quantity and quality of women’s representation in councils through the promotion of a gender responsive local electoral law in support of potential candidates and the implementation of voter activities. Additionally, accountability mechanisms will be put into place for elected officials to act effectively, as the project seeks to promote a gender responsive reconstruction policy platform to strengthen the dialogue between elected women. The project will target four districts: Oecussi, Ermera, Viqueque and Lautem.
Rede Feto (Women's Network)Local - Timor-LesteOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
187Towards an active democracy with Theatre in Education
This project aims to create participatory Theater in Education (TIE) programs that transmit empowering felt-understanding concepts at the heart of democracy to young people from different minorities and marginalized backgrounds. This will provide youth with a chance to relate their own social and personal values to the concepts of democracy and to enable them to express their lives and concerns artistically. Moreover, the project aims to cross borders, not only on an artistic and educative level, but also on a national, social, ethnic and individual level. Additionally, it will offer young people and their teachers new models of democratic dialogue, and stimulus for active involvement in democratic institutions. Three different TIE programs, created for children of varying age-groups will be targeting different communities in Hungary,Slovakia and Serbia in support of education. Lastly, an exhibition and publication will be developed to give voice to young people's artistic input to the above mentioned programs.
Round Table Association (Kerekasztal Tarsulas)Regional - EuropeSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 80,000
188Developing accurate voters’ list in transitional democracies
This project involves the central electoral bodies of member states and focuses on surveying the legal framework in which voter registration occurs and in exploration of the malfunctions and the reasons pertaining to the same, by identifying best practices and recommendations. Moreover, the project also aims to organize a global conference on the subject “Developing accurate voters’ in transitional democracies.
Association of European Election OfficialsRegional - EuropeDec 2008 - Nov 2010USD 250,000
189Empowerment of Roma to Fight Deprivation of Rights
This project’s goal is to empower grassroots Romani organizations to participate effectively in the process of developing legal and policy tools for protection against discrimination as well as to give prominence to issues of non-compliance to domestic law and practice in accordance with international human rights standards. Capacitation of Romani grassroots organizations will be achieved through targeted training conducted by ERRC; a collaboration between ERRC and Roma NGOs in formulating advocacy strategies to amend legislation and policies which have an adverse impact on Roma, and joint advocacy actions at a national and international level. Advocacy actions at domestic and international level will be expected to prompt reaction of civil society organizations and international monitoring bodies by pressuring governments to comply with their obligations under international human rights laws.
European Roma Rights CentreRegional - EuropeSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 400,000
190Media, Transparency, and Accountability in Albania
This project focuses on developing the role of media in Albania by promoting transparency and improving its capacity to investigate and inform citizens on corruption and issues of civic concern; developing, implementing and enforcing medias' ethical and professional standards. IREX Europe will support two nascent media support organizations: one to produce investigative TV news shows and the other to advocate for journalists, build consensus on ethics codes and monitor the freedom of press.
IREX EuropeLocal - AlbaniaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
191Learning and living democracy
Through the content, structure, and methodology of its activities, the “Learning and Living Democracy” project seeks to promote human rights, intercultural and informational technology education as well as empower participants from all ethnic groups to work jointly on the realization and protection of human rights by means of civil society networking. The project will utilize open forums, training, seminars, media and a five days student camp, to empower participants to integrate democracy concepts and democratic practices in their everyday life.
Democracy and Human Rights Education Center CIVITASLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 150,000
192Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy in Kosovo
Following the determination of Kosovo’s status and subsequent departure of several international organizations, domestic groups must play a larger role in advancing the nation’s democratic political system. The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI), proposes a program to enhance the transparency and accountability of the legislative process, in Kosovo, by raising civil society organizations’ (CSOs) monitoring and public awareness activities in the short-term; strengthening their capacity in advocating for change of the legislative procedures. The BIRN-led consortium will monitor the Assembly's activities, advocate for inclusive policies and transparent practices through televised reports and debates, in order to narrow the information gap between citizens and their elected representatives.
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network KosovoLocal - KosovoOct 2008 - Mar 2010USD 400,000
193Enhancing Good Governance in Romania
In view of the local elections which took place in Romania on the 1st and 15th of June 2008, APD will take this opportunity to support the initiatives of the newly elected Roma and women local representatives, to prepare them throughout their professional mandate. In this regard APD will identify the newly elected Roma and women representatives and invite them to take part in 'Enhancing Good Governance in Romania” Project. Activities will consist in, organizing a series of training and discussions on different techniques applicable to good governance by working with citizens and civil society organizations through communication strategies, stakeholder meetings, and the development of intergovernmental relations and conflict negotiations. APD will also assist the newly elected representatives to organize public events to raise their profile within communities, thus encouraging political overview. In the final stage of the project a series of focus groups will be organized to evaluate citizen perceptions on local councillors, with a special emphasis on Roma and women representatives.
Asociatia Pro DemocratiaLocal - RomaniaJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 250,000
194Development of Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and North Osetia CSOs
The goal of this project is to integrate democracy at a community level in Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia by equipping NGO leaders with advanced community leadership and advocacy skills as well as resource mobilization, to achieve concrete results. The project addresses problems relevant to a low level of civil society development, weak and uncoordinated NGO communities, and the rise of disconnection and distrust between local government and CSOs community, as well as distrust and apathy among the population. The recognized objectives will be reached through the collection of relevant and accurate information on civil society development in 4 republics of North Caucasus, the strengthening of CSOs capabilities in implementing well-managed projects and effective networks and connection improvements. This will require particular attention to fundraising, and awareness raising initiatives, aimed at developing democratic communities. Furthermore, objectives will be attained through the implementation of project management, fundraising, PR, advocacy and partnership building focused workshops. Additionally, NGOs and CSOs will be sustained by a wide network developed in the course of training, meetings, conferences and joint actions. In particular, participants will be asked to raise funds for the implementation of 20 small projects with additional resources provided from FOCUS-MEDIA's partner Caritas, in France. By the end of the project cycle, three 4-day training sessions will be held with 30 attending participants and 20 projects will be developed to focus on community development along with the realization of a photo exhibition concerning CSOs work relevant to the general public. Local authorities will be invited to support the implemented projects and a vivid network of well-prepared NGOs and CSOs will be active in the region, to promote democracy and advocate for positive change within their communities.
Public Health and Social Development FoundationLocal - Russian FederationSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 350,000
195Strengthening Democratic Governance at Local Level for EU Integration
Through training, educative exchanges and networking, this project aims at improving the capacity building of local leaders from different sectors in 2 multi-ethnic poverty-stricken regions of Serbia (southern Serbia region and the Banat region in northern Serbia); effectively utilizing the EU integration processes to contribute to local development and social inclusion. Moreover, the project seeks to improve the understanding of the integration processes and the benefits of accession for the local communities, when addressing local problems and development priorities, in correlation with relevant EU policies. Overall, the project fosters principles of good governance and cooperation between different sectors as it works towards enhancing knowledge, self-esteem and visibility of local leaders in the public administration, business and media sectors and in civil society.
Belgrade Fund for Political ExcellenceLocal - SerbiaDec 2008 - Nov 2010USD 350,000
196“Gender Equality and Equity” - follow up CEDAW and Romani women
Roma Center Skopje's project will mainstream Romani women issues in gender programs on a local and national level. The initiative "Gender Equality and Equity" intends to: increase the capacities of young Roma in advocating for women's rights, raise public awareness against discrimination and engendered political programs of Roma parties, strengthen Romani women NGO's capacities as well as develop the capabilities of local authorities to mainstream related Romani women needs. This initiative will target 60 direct and 300 indirect young Roma and Non Roma youth (18-30 years old) from 10 cities in the Republic of Macedonia: 3 Romani parties, 5 Romani women NGOs, 5 local municipalities, public officials in 10 municipalities, domestic and international NGOs and other stakeholders.
Roma Center SkopjeLocal - North MacedoniaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 90,000
197Empowerment of Women Citizens
In a society with a traditional patriarchal structure, cultural conservatism and sexist prejudices, achieving the Millennium Development Goal of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment is a demanding goal for Turkey. Gender equality is an issue of justice itself with an instrumental aspect: an effective use of citizen rights and participation of the population in all social, economic and political spheres. This project aims to raise awareness on citizenship rights of women and to enhance their participation and representation in decision-making processes involving political issues. To achieve this goal, the proposed project aims to improve the capacity of women NGOs based in 7 regions of Turkey, by developing a training kit for 350 participants in 14 provinces. The training kit will focus on the propaganda of civic and women’s rights as well as outline international agreements and the regulamentary standards of the Turkish Penal and Civic code. Moreover, it will seek to develop an informative booklet on civic education for certified trainers, utilized within the framework of training sessions.
The Association for Support and Training of Women CandidatesLocal - TürkiyeDec 2008 - Nov 2010USD 350,000
198The GENDER EQUALITY "SOCIAL WATCH", Following Bachelet's Government
Women participation in politics, in Chile has traditionally been weak and discriminatory practices against women remain present in all spheres of social life, despite the current election of a woman as President and the equal representation of men and women in the cabinet. Given the current political situation, this is a unique opportunity to strengthen gender equality in the nation and to capitalise on this opportunity by monitoring the evolution in gender equality policy-making, with women directly assessing Bachelet's commitments to gender equality. The Gender Equality Social Watch, created in March 2007, brings together gender experts, women NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) and aims at strengthening women citizenship throughout the nation by putting them at the helm of assessing government performance. It also enables Chilean women to influence gender-sensitive policies as well as to raise awareness in the public debate on gender equality through mass media. Additionally, it provides an evidence based analysis to support the gender equality policy agenda; empowering women in civil society by giving a voice to women leaders, experts, NGOs and CSOs and enhancing collective action and linking of virtual networks in the country and throughout Latin America. During the first year of its implementation 20 Chilean organizations that are committed to gender equality will be involved in the Social Watch project. This project proposes to complement the work of the Gender Equality Social Watch, by strengthening communication and outreach strategies through extensive media collaborations, the creation of a Latin American network of experts on gender equality (academics, NGOs, leaders), and the sharing of lessons and best practices learned. The overarching goal of this project is to encourage the active participation and citizenship of women in public debates to influence gender-sensitive policy-making and to actively support gender equality by informing politicians of women’s concerns.
Corporación de Estudios para el Desarrollo de la MujerRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 250,000
199Methodology to Monitor the Role of the Media in Electoral Processes
This project seeks to design a standardized methodology to monitor the role of the media in an electoral process, which can be implemented systematically in the Organization of American States' (OAS) and the Electoral Observation Missions (EOMs). With its standardized Media Analysis Methodology, the OAS intends to monitor the role of mass media through its objectivity, neutrality and fairness, as well as its ability to enhance public knowledge and related information, candidates and issues. In doing so, it will observe mass media responsibility towards campaign expenditures reporting, as well as scrutinize the electoral process as a whole to guarantee transparency and compliance within the established legal election framework. This methodology will allow OAS to provide a comprehensive assessment on the electoral processes, systematically monitoring the external factors impacting elections.
Organization Of American StatesRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanFeb 2009 - Jan 2011USD 300,000
200Human Rights training and capacity building for Indigenous Peoples
Within the framework of this project 6 training and capacity-building workshops will be conducted for indigenous people, communities and organizations in 4 countries in Latin America, to expand their awareness and build their ability to understand and use international human rights standards and mechanisms in support of local human rights issues, struggles and campaigns. For the purpose of a broader dissemination, human rights training materials will be developed and a defined curriculum for project activities will be tendered.
International Indian Treaty CouncilRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 150,000
201Support of the political dialogue and debate in Argentina
This project oversees the 2008 Annual Meeting and a series of seminars with the participation of RAP Politicians coming from different political parties and ideological backgrounds to foster dialogue and debate to promote “civic friendship” and develop an environment that facilitates the establishment of basic consensus with respect to defining a shared vision for Argentina 2016.
Fundación Red de Acción PolíticaLocal - ArgentinaSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 100,000
202Women and Politics: gender advocacy at local level in Rio de Janeiro
In October 2008 Municipal elections will be held throughout the nation in Brazil. This is a critical opportunity to ensure women to effectively participate both as voters and candidates, and an occasion to increase considerably the number of women who seek leadership positions in municipal bodies in the upcoming 2012 elections. The former municipal elections, held in 2004, were marked by a low rate of women elected candidates; although 3650 women competed, only 90 were successfully elected as Rio de Janeiro Municipal Councillors. As a result the number of elected women leaders was far from the 30% quota established by the law. This UNDEF Brazil project will aim to build the leadership capacity of elected and future women municipal leaders at a local level in the State of Rio de Janeiro, by providing capacity training for women leaders, specifically: technical assistance, knowledge dissemination, awareness-raising and capacity building workshops on gender-sensitive political issues. Advocacy activities will be targeted specifically at supporting newly elected women during their first two years in office and more generally, to enable women to access leadership positions in Municipal Councils.
Instituto Brasileiro de Administração MunicipalLocal - BrazilOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 300,000
203Article 40"
Colombian democracy suffers from a lack of citizen intervention, which combiined with the presence of illegal armed groups, is a determinant cause of the current political crisis in the country. In this context, as a consequence Colombian citizens do not have access to information, thus limiting them to actively participate and influence governmental decision-making processes. Likewise there are very few spaces where citizens and CSOs have the possibility to express their views. The objective of this project is to raise the number of available spaces and information required to improve citizenry; mainly achieved through the founding of a network of local political and electoral observatories of democracy, to generate regional roundtables that facilitate the discussion of democratic issues.
Corporación Misión de Observación ElectoralLocal - ColombiaOct 2008 - Sep 2010USD 350,000
204Promoting the Political Participation of Marginalized Minorities in Ec
The objective of IFES’ project is to increase the political mobilization and participation of marginalized ethnic minorities, specifically indigenous and Afro-descendent groups in Ecuador by strengthening local civil society organizations that represent marginalized communities. Through the provision of training, tools and funding, IFES seeks to augment the participation and leadership of minorities, especially of youth and women in local government and political parties to further promote their integration in ongoing and future political processes.
IFESLocal - EcuadorSep 2008 - Aug 2010USD 350,000
205Towards the Full Participation of Women in Politics in El Salvador
This project seeks to create opportunities for Salvadoran women to achieve, maintain, and progressively increase their participation in political decision-making spaces at a local and national level through a twofold strategy: by raising awareness among key central and local government actors, national entities, political parties and civil society on the lack of female representation in political decision-making processes, and by training women both affiliated and nonaffiliated with political parties to exercise political leadership.
Asociación de Mujeres Parlamentarias y Exparlamentarias de El SalvadorLocal - El SalvadorNov 2008 - Oct 2010USD 300,000
206Training Program on Human Rights for Indigenous Peoples in Quiche
El Quiché is one of the departments in Guatemala that was hit the hardest by the country's internal armed conflict. At present, this department shows a high number of cases of social violence, which evidences the need to promote knowledge and the observance of human rights. More specifically, this project will carry out human rights educative programs for indigenous people by forming facilitators to carry out training, by training indigenous leaders to hold workshops, and by sensitivizing community groups and participants in the exercise of human rights.
Asociación de Investigación y Estudios SocialesLocal - GuatemalaJan 2009 - Dec 2010USD 150,000
208Empowering civil society and women to engage in policy processes
This project will contribute to enhancing democratic governance and gender equality both at a national and local level, by generating political and gender analysis capacity among civil society organizations. It will focus on the implementation of legal mechanisms, policies and programs related to women rights, municipal development plans, public budgeting and social audits in four municipalities of Honduras. Moreover, it seeks to promote active citizenship of women and to enhance the legitimacy of women networks before the State and society; strengthening women organizations in public policy processes related to poverty reduction strategies, MDGs, gender equality and women’s rights policies through the design and implementation of ad hoc communication and advocacy strategies. Lastly, women organizations and networks will be supported in designing and conducting social audits, thus contributing to local leadership and the institutionalization of transparent political processes in Honduras.
Oxfam Great BritainLocal - HondurasNov 2008 - Oct 2010USD 400,000
209Strengthening Women's Leadership in Jamaica
This project focuses on training women for leadership positions both at a national and local level in Jamaica, whilst facilitating the completion of a baseline assessment on women’s participation on Boards and Commissions in Trinidad and Tobago.
Women's Resource and Outreach CentreLocal - JamaicaFeb 2009 - Jan 2011USD 300,000
212From Lisbon to Vilnius: Implementing Civil Society’s Action Agenda
As part of the International Steering Committee Secretariat (ISC/CD), the Council for a Community of Democracies (CCD) played a major role in developing the agenda for the 2009 Lisbon Community of Democracies Ministerial. Within the framework of this project the Council for a Community of Democracies, will organize regional workshops and a meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York to incentivize action on the recommendations issued in Lisbon and to prepare a civil society agenda for the 2011 Vilnius Ministerial. This process will strengthen the CD and link civil society to the Permanent Secretariat, urging actions on related democracy issues.
Council for a Community of DemocraciesGlobalOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 325,000
213Assessing Democracy Assistance
This project will bring together local democracy stakeholders, experts and donors to produce the first worldwide comprehensive assessment on democracy assistance. Field assessments of democracy assistance in selected countries will be used as a basis for wide-ranging consultations with stakeholders to determine how to make democracy support more effective in future policy design.
Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo ExteriorGlobalOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 220,000
214Pour une diplomatie non gouvernementale
Le projet vise à promouvoir les positions communes des plates-formes nationales d’ONG sur les grands enjeux de la mondialisation, à soutenir leur participation aux débats internationaux, régionaux et nationaux et à favoriser la structuration de leur mouvement à ces différentes échelles, afin que les organisations internationales et les gouvernements prennent en compte la voix des plates-formes nationales d’ONG en tant qu’acteurs représentatifs de la société civile. Ce projet s’articule autour d’un concept : « la diplomatie non gouvernementale », et de quelques grands objectifs : la structuration régionale et le renforcement des plates-formes nationales d’ONG ; les actions de plaidoyer autour de six exercices de diplomatie non gouvernementale ; l’animation d’un centre de ressources international ; l’institutionnalisation et la consolidation du Forum international des plates-formes nationales d’ONG créé en 2008.
Coordination SUD-Solidarité Urgence DéveloppementGlobalDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 400,000
215Global Internet Freedom Network
Freedom House proposes a 15-month global project to promote the use of internet and digital media for purposes of research, dialogue, and empowerment. The program will aim to: create an international network of internet freedom analysts and advocates, enhance the rigor of an internet freedom assessment tool and promote intra-regional cross-country discussions on the steps needed to ensure the free flow of online news and information.
Freedom House, Inc.GlobalOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 300,000
216Promoting the African Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance
In January 2007, the Member States of the African Union (AU) adopted the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance. The Charter offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders to consolidate the democratic gains that they have made and to ensure that governments in Africa engage in democratic practices. To maximize the potential of the Charter, Idasa and the Africa Democracy Forum, a regional network of over 400 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), plan to launch a campaign urging Member States to sign and ratify the Charter. By developing regional and national strategies, the campaign will build solidarity among NGOs and enhance the capacity of NGOs to engage in constructive dialogues with policy makers. The successful campaign will ultimately result in the ratification of the Charter by at least 10 AU Member States, thus creating a critical momentum to encourage 15 other countries to ratify the Charter, by which means the Charter comes into force.
Institute for Democracy in South AfricaRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 400,000
217Electoral Justice Principles for Trust in the Electoral Process
Electoral conflicts are far more likely to arise when the electorate and political parties do not trust the integrity of electoral authorities. This project will aim to raise the standard of integrity of the electoral authorities by addressing the relations between key electoral justice institutions and their relevance within the electorate. Hence, the overall objective will be to contribute to the political accountability of institutions by leveraging the trustworthiness of key stakeholders and the credibility of electoral decisions.
Tiri-Making Integrity WorkRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 250,000
218Strengthening Civil Society & Developing Independent Media in Africa
This project aims to enhance democratic initiatives in Africa by establishing a regional street-paper news syndication bureau in Zambia to forge a stronger presence of independent media in Africa and by building a new, independent rights-based paper in Nigeria to provide employment and training opportunities to people living in poverty in Lagos. The contributing members of the bureau will initially consist of six independent street paper organizations in Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia. This new regional news network will provide marginalized people with a platform through which their voices can be heard, thus encouraging an active democratic dialogue and empowering citizens to actively participate in conversations on democracy, human rights, and development at a local, regional and international level. A regional coordinator will be hired to facilitate news gathering, communications, collaborations and information-sharing between all contributing members. This position will be supported by a newly-appointed regional trainer, in charge of raising the capacity of street papers at a local level. External partners, Reuters and Inter Press Service, will further enhance the capacity of the regional bureau members by undertaking specialized media training for street paper journalists. Hence, the paper will promote awareness of important national and international, social and political issues and contribute to change with relevant content.
The INSP Foundation, known as, International Network of Street PapersRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 350,000
219Leadership for Accountable Governance in Southern Africa
The Africa Institute for Governing with Integrity will conduct a 12-month project to empower forty-five young government and civil society leaders from Southern Africa to catalyze transformative change in their home institutions and communities. Through intensive courses, young leaders will design reform initiatives with the objective of strengthening citizen participation and rendering state institutions directly accountable for their decisions and actions. A vibrant alumni network will provide ongoing support for these initiatives. Collectively these initiatives will provide a range of innovative examples of grassroots reform that can be replicated across the region.
Freedom House Southern AfricaRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaNov 2009 - Oct 2010USD 350,000
220Governance and Transparency through radio in Southern Africa
With the goal of empowering local communities in Zambia, Malawi, Lesotho and South Africa to drive democracy and development discourse, this project aims at improving transparency, responsiveness and accountability of governmental institutions to their citizens; poor individuals, women and other marginalized groups, by bridging the gap between policymakers and citizens through the use of radio as both a voice and platform for engagement.
Panos Institute Southern AfricaRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 325,000
221Projet d’éducation et de formation des jeunes pour la démocratie au Burkina Faso
Le projet a pour but de renforcer les capacités des jeunes filles et garçons, membres des associations afin qu’ils contribuent à améliorer d’une part la participation des jeunes à la gestion des affaires publiques et au contrôle citoyen et, d’autre part la participation efficiente des jeunes à l’élection présidentielle de 2010. Il permettra d’inculquer aux jeunes des pratiques citoyennes par le respect des principes démocratiques en vue de renforcer la démocratie, l’Etat de droit et la bonne gouvernance; facteurs de lutte réussie pour la réduction de la pauvreté au Burkina Faso.
Réseau Afrique JeunesseLocal - Burkina FasoDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 150,000
222Prévention de la violence durant la période électorale de 2010 au Burundi
In preparation for the 2010 elections in Burundi, the AJCB proposes to act by contributing to the educative process of democratic principles and the promotion of peaceful elections, through the development of electoral programs that address the concerns of the population, thus eliminating elections of ethnic origin and related post-election conflicts.
Association des Juristes Catholiques du BurundiLocal - BurundiDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 250,000
223Appui a la participation politique et citoyenne de la femme dans le processus democratique au Burundi
The project aims to strengthen the political and civic participation of women in democratic processes by developing the capacity of women's organizations to access and acquire information concerning laws, policies, institutions and structures, therefore enabling them to become knowledgeable of their rights and to assert the same within a political framework.
TwungubumweLocal - BurundiDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 225,000
224La société civile engagée pour la démocratie et la bonne gouvernance en Côte d’Ivoire
Ce projet a pour objectif de renforcer la démocratie et la bonne gouvernance à travers le renforcement de la participation de la société civile d’une part et d’autre part de stimuler la coopération des élus locaux et les populations. Il consistera à créer aussi une saine concurrence dans la pratique de la démocratie et de la bonne gouvernance entre les élus locaux des différentes localités concernées. Au niveau national, il permettra à la population de se prononcer sur des questions essentielles de gouvernance dans le but de promouvoir la démocratie et la bonne gouvernance.
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Côte d’IvoireLocal - Côte d'IvoireDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 250,000
225Renforcer les dialogues dans les Communautes pour la prise de decision en Republique Democratique du Congo
Dans une zone post conflictuelle où la paix doit être consolidée, ce projet vise à associer les communautés de base dans le processus de démocratisation, à promouvoir et renforcer le dialogue entre les citoyens et les dirigeants, et enfin à encourager les groupes marginalisés à s’impliquer activement dans la vie politique.
Radio Canal RevelationLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 150,000
226Appui à la participation citoyenne des communautés de base en République Démocratique du Congo
En vue de résoudre les problèmes de déficit de culture démocratique et de participation à la gouvernance locale, de méfiance et du désintéressement de la population vis-à-vis des institutions et de leurs animateurs, le projet APCCB vise à accroître l’accès et la participation des citoyens à la gouvernance locale, à travers la promotion et le renforcement de la gouvernance participative à la base.
Organization Paix Unite Reconciliation ReconstructionLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 250,000
227Enhancing the Functional Protection of Human Rights in Ethiopia
Through targeted institutional capacity building, technical assistance and mentoring activities, this project aims to further transform the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) into a functional institution able to protect and enforce human rights in line with Ethiopian laws and international human rights norms and standards. Ultimately, this project seeks to empower EHRC to effectively monitor and protect the rights of Ethiopian residents; women and marginalized groups.
International Development Law OrganizationLocal - EthiopiaOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 400,000
228Accès à la citoyenneté et promotion des pratiques démocratiques au Gabon
Il a été constaté qu’il y a un déficit de participation des peuples autochtones au processus démocratique du Gabon depuis son indépendance. De fait, ce projet vise d'une part à convaincre les décideurs politiques sur l’intérêt de favoriser l’accès des populations autochtones à la citoyenneté. D’autre part, de sensibiliser les populations autochtones elles-mêmes sur la nécessité de se faire recenser pour obtenir des pièces d’état civil qui confèrent la citoyenneté à un individu dans un pays, donnant par la même occasion accès à la jouissance des droits de citoyen.
Mouvement des Minorités Autochtones pygmées du GabonLocal - GabonMar 2010 - Feb 2012USD 125,000
229Addressing Ghana's Governance Deficits Through Constitutional Reform
The primary objective of this project is to address Ghana’s governance deficits through a constitutional reform. The project seeks to establsih a process by providing public education on governance reform, technical support and the development of key national constitutional reform conferences for stakeholders, with the alternative intervention of an ad hoc advocacy group.
Ghana Centr for Democratic DevelopmentLocal - GhanaOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 250,000
230Strengthening, Promotion of Women's Rights
The objective of this project is to enhance the principles of democracy for citizens to participate in governance regardless of their ethnicity, gender and disability status through the monitoring of review processes. It aims to build the capacity of parliamentary women for the advancement of women’s rights through the use of media and to monitor the gender sensitive language and content used in digital newspapers and platforms.
African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWC)Local - KenyaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 250,000
232Women in Politics
In the context of the recently concluded municipal elections and soon to come provincial elections, this project seeks to provide training opportunities for 198 female elected members of the municipal and provincial assemblies (politicians and community leaders) to advocate for gender equality, and to target issues and policies that inhibit the equal participation of women, and facilitate the interaction between female politicians and their constituencies.
Ibis MozambiqueLocal - MozambiqueOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 350,000
233Nigeria procurement Monitoring Program
This project is intended to promote the effectiveness of procurement monitoring by non-state actors in Nigeria, through the utilization of ICT tools for the analysis and dissemination of procurement monitoring reports, and by building the capacity of non-state actors to monitor and report on procurement processes. Moreover, it seeks to intervene on building the capabilities of legislative committees to bring forward procurement monitoring and oversight activities as well as leverage partnerships between non-state actors.
Public & Private Development CentreLocal - NigeriaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 325,000
234Campagne de la démocratie et des droits de l'Homme au Sénégal
L'objectif general de ce projet est de contribuer a l'emergence d'un citoyen averti et responsable dans 4 regions du Senegal. Trois objectifs visent a mettre a la disposition de 270 elus et leaders locaux et des 30.000 citoyens, des informations sur la Democratie et les Droits de l'Homme, de permettre a 5000 citoyens sachant lire en pulaar ou en wolof d'acceder aux textes et de disposer d'une expertise locale de 60 personnes-resources et 12 observatoires.
Association pour la Recherche et l’Education pour le Développement enLocal - SenegalNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 250,000
235Strengthening CSOs to effectively engage in peace and governance in Sierra Leone
This project aims at strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations in Sierra Leone by establishing effective peace infrastructures provided with coordination mechanisms at community level for constructive engagements with state actors. The project is anchored to community-based activities and will rely on existing field-based organizations. In addition, collaborations with six civil society organizations and the government of Sierra Leone will give the project an added value and leverage the opportunity for it to meet the desired outcomes.
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Sierra LeoneLocal - Sierra LeoneFeb 2010 - Jan 2012USD 250,000
236Programme d’actions pour l’implication des leaders religieux et d'opinion dans la promotion de la Démocratie au Togo
Le programme d’action pour l’implication des leaders religieux et communautires dans la promotion de la démocratie et la pérennisation de la paix au Togo vise à contribuer à l’instauration d’un climat démocratique et pacifique avant, pendant et après les élections présidentielles de 2010, par l’implication des leaders religieux en tant qu’acteurs du processus de pacification du pays avec le concours des organes communautaires de base: chefferie, Conseil des anciens, Comité Villageois de Développement (CVD), les femmes et les jeunes.
Association Internationale des Educateurs pour la Paix du MondeLocal - TogoNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 250,000
237Promoting civic and political participation of women and youth in the informal sector in Uganda
This project seeks to raise awareness of civic and political rights under multiparty dispensation in five districts of Uganda. Women and youth will be educated on their civil and political rights and encouraged to submit their candidature for leadership positions and engage in political party activities. More specifically, 600 civic peer educators will be trained to disseminate messages to fellow peers using information, education and communication materials. Through community seminars, 15,000 women and youth will be reached with awareness messages on civil and political rights. Furthermore, 24 interactive radio talk shows will also be aired in local languages in five districts of Uganda; demanding their participation in identifying related issues and their intervention when presenting their concerns to political parties and local leaders.
Platform for Labour ActionLocal - UgandaApr 2010 - Mar 2012USD 250,000
238Electoral Process Training for Civil Society in Zimbabwe
This project seeks to restore the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) through domestic observation, civic education capacity and the training of 20 Electoral Resource Officers nationwide; capable of acting as domestic observers and civic educators at a provincial level. The roll-out training of 300 short-term domestic observers in anticipation of the upcoming electoral processes will be conducted as ZESN will pursue the establishment of an ongoing information provision framework throughout the country.
Electoral Reform International ServicesLocal - ZimbabweOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 250,000
239Engaging Civil Society in a Democratic Election Process
The project "Engaging Civil Society in a Democratic Election Process" aims at consolidating a democratic transition through the empowerment of CSOs as they take a constructive role in the election process. This objective will be attained by means of expertise development of local CSOs in the field of election monitoring, through the creation of spaces to support dialogue and the development of positive dynamics relevant to the elections. To this end, an election monitoring working group will be constituted and will be in charge of carrying out missions in 4 countries of the Arab region; contributing to the capacity building of national civil societies, the establishment of dialogue opportunities and raising monitoring efforts within the country.
Kawakibi Democracy Transition CenterRegional - Middle East and North AfricaOct 2009 - Oct 2011USD 300,000
240Contribuer à la mise en valeur de l’image politique de la femme en Algérie, au Maroc et en Tunisie
Ce projet se deroulant au magrheb, concerne la Tunisie, l'Algerie et le Maroc et a pour objectifs de contribuer a promouvoir la connaissance des droits des femmes et l'egalite de genre, a travers le renforcement de la participation des femmes a la vie politique et a la prise de decision au sein de leur communaute et de leur pays. Ceci grace a` la conception et la mise en oeuvre d'une campagne de communication et de conscientisation faisant appel a des outils audiovisuels (courts metrages, videos, radio, etc.) et interactifs (site web d'information, forum de discussion, podcast, etc.)
Center of Arab Women for Training and ResearchRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJan 2010 - Dec 2011USD 275,000
241Women in Democratic Transition: Political Participation Watchdog Unit
Despite women in Egypt being granted citizenship and full political rights in the 1956 Constitution, women have neither achieved access to decision-making positions nor have they had the opportunities to exercise their basic political rights. This is reflected by the dismal percentages of women participation at all political levels. This project aims at addressing this key issue and strengthening the political participation of women leaders in Egypt, within the framework of the 2010-2011 local and national elections. More specifically this project enhance the knowledge of political leaders, the Egyptian population and international partners on the crucial need for equal participation of women in the political sphere through data gathering with the intervention of the media and by building the capabilities of women leaders to effectively participate in electoral campaigns, thus achieving institutional positions. Additionally, this project will require an efficient and constant monitoring of the progress achieved by women leaders with regards to political positions, through the creation and intervention of a social watchdog.
The Egyptian Center for Women's RightsLocal - EgyptNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 300,000
242Preparing Iraqi Women as Leaders, Advocates and Participants in the Political Field
The Iraqi Civic Action Network's (ICAN) project entitled "Preparing Iraqi Women as Leaders, Advocates, and Participants in the Political Process" aims to prepare Iraqi women for a full and equal participation in the democratic process, empowering them to utilize their leadership know-how in the political arena.
Iraqi Civic Action NetworkLocal - IraqNov 2009 - Oct 2010USD 150,000
243Enhancing local public service broadcasting in Iraq
The overarching goal of this project is to raise awareness on democracy and human rights across the South of Iraq. The project also aims to improve democratic processes in the region by supporting dialogue between government, citizens and local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
Al Mirbad RadioLocal - IraqNov 2009 - Oct 2010USD 300,000
244La citoyenneté, c'est mon droit (Liban)
This project aims to strengthen youth participation in local governance bodies and in communities. The action plan is to provide young people with civic and citizenship education in rural areas, in acquisition of the essential qualities, necessary for the development of "Municipal Youth Councils", whilst assisting them in the design and launch of professional projects of collective interests.
Mouvement SocialLocal - LebanonOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 375,000
245Democratic dialogue in Palestine: Acculturation towards tolerance
The project aims to build the capacity of Palestinian youth through the establishment of ad hoc forums, to enhance their participation in democratic processes as well as their in-depth comprehension of democratic methods and principles. The project sets out to bridge the gap between the public and three main Palestinian authorities: the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Judiciary and the Syndicate. It fosters dialogue and tolerance among youth from different backgrounds, addressing pressing democratic challenges in Palestine. An overall goal is to ensure the participation of people from all backgrounds in the political dialogue; rendering the voices of marginalized populations heard and promoting national unity through dialogue, tolerance and the respect for human rights.
Ramallah Center for Human Rights StudiesLocal - PalestineOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 220,000
246Supporting Adult Education in Democracy and Governance in the Asia Pac
The aim of this project is to provide support to people working in the field of civic education in the Asia Pacific Region by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes on democracy and governance. This support will take the form of a network, which will facilitate communications and cooperations.
Australian Electoral CommissionRegional - Asia and PacificOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 300,000
247Combating Impunity & Promoting Fundamental Freedoms thr CS Dialogu
The overall objective of this project is to improve the transparency and integrity of policy-making institutions to ensure the transparency, accountability and integrity of Asian governments through the establishment of a democratic dialogue and strategic working framework with civil society. More specifically, it seeks to document the democratic struggles for an inter-generational dialogue and develop the capacity of civil society for an active involvement in the democratic process of public policy making.
Asian Forum for Human Rights and DevelopmentRegional - Asia and PacificNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 400,000
248Engendering Democratic Governance in South Asia
The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the creation of an environment enabler for democratic governance and women participation in political decision-making processes in South Asia, through the development of an informed civil society capable of fostering dialogue. Furthermore, the project is aimed at enhancing meaningful and equal participation of women in democratic governance in addressing issues related to gender based exclusion, violence and discriminatory practices in politics.
South Asia Partnership InternationalRegional - Asia and PacificOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 375,000
249enhancing capacity for inclusive local governance through synergies and sustainable linkages between communities & gov
The project is aimed at strengthening inclusive local governance in Afghanistan by enabling synergies between communities and their governmental representatives. Its main activities will be to provide training modules on local governance, gender-sensitive development, and vulnerability assessments on the creation of district and provincial forums to identify opportunities for enhanced linkages between national government, CDCs and civil society groups.
Agency for Technical Cooperation and DevelopmentLocal - AfghanistanOct 2009 - May 2011USD 350,000
250Active Citizens and Accountable Local Government (ACALG)
Active Citizens and Accountable Local Government (ACALG) aims at creating the conditions for an active civic engagement among rural poor citizens and to strengthen the capacities of local government towards an accountable and effective governance. The project will be centered on 3 key strategic actions focused on gender equality, tackling both the demand and the supply side of effective and accountable local governance through information sharing practices, thus targeting local bureaucratic and political culture responsive to the needs of people in poverty.
BRACLocal - BangladeshNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 325,000
251Strengthening media and civic education to enhance democracy in Bhutan
The success of the world's youngest democracy depends on how the public is educated on democratic concepts; requiring the intervention of independent media and the conception of a public space for debate, to ultimately urge the electorate to make informed choices. This project is aimed at educating media, youth, officials and civil society.
Bhutan Centre for Media and DemocracyLocal - BhutanNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 225,000
253Strengthening the Leadership of Elected Women in Local Democracy
The overall objectives of the project are: to raise women participation in local electoral processes, to strengthen the leadership of elected women representatives for an increased and effective participation in Gram Panchayats – Village Councils, to build civil society alliances, to advocate for better policies enabling elected women participation in local institutions of democracy and to engage media for a positive coverage on women's work.
The Hunger Project IndiaLocal - IndiaOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 350,000
This project will enhance trust building and cooperation between local governments, NGOs and corporations by improving the capacity and credibility of local NGOs as partners for corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and the development of communities in favor of increasing public welfare, gender equality and the establishment of regulations mandating the integration of CSR programs.
Institute for Research and EmpowermentLocal - IndonesiaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 350,000
255Strengthening the Voice of the Excluded in Poor Urban Communities
The current centralized planning and decision-making structures as well as the weak inter-sectoral coordination mechanisms, in poor urban communities, have led to the exclusion of vulnerable groups from local planning and dialogue opportunities. The roles of formal and informal participatory structures are not clearly defined and inhabitants of urban settlements lack participation skills and information platforms. This project draws on community-based practices to pilot a model for the empowerment of three vulnerable communities, so that their voices are heard in local urban development processes.
Hamyaran Ghada Institute (local development NGO resource center)Local - Iran (Islamic Republic of)Nov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 300,000
256Human Rights Education for the Police
This project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of law enforcement officers by improving human rights protection, through the elaboration and introduction of educative courses into the curricula of the Academy of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs in the Republic of Kazakhstan (in Almaty), the Academy of the Financial Police (in Astana) and the Kazakh Humanitarian and Judicial University (in Karaganda).
Kazakh International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of LawLocal - KazakhstanApr 2010 - Mar 2012USD 175,000
257Empowering Communities to Participate in Local Governance
This project is designed to promote citizen participation in local decision-making processes, to build the capacity of local community advocacy groups, and to provide access to alternative and independent sources of information on key development and policy issues for the fostering of an engaged and informed citizenry in Kyrgystan.
Public Association Jarandyk Demilge NetworkLocal - KyrgyzstanNov 2009 - Apr 2011USD 300,000
258Towards a better electoral process in Mongolia
The overall goal of this project is to strengthen electoral systems and civic participation in Mongolia, through targeted training of key actors, public awareness campaigns, and the introduction of a voter education curriculum in high schools.
Women for Social ProgressLocal - MongoliaDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 300,000
259Enhancing Dialogue for Inclusive Constitution
This project is aimed at consolidating sustainable democracy through people, particularly the historically marginalized groups; enabling them in framing a new constitution and ensuring its continuous improvement through consistent citizen involvement. In order to accomplish this goal, the project focuses on the promotion of dialogue amongst coalitions in preparation for collective actions; prompting political parties to broaden their base and power of intervention.
National Coalition Against Racial DiscriminationLocal - NepalOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 300,000
260Electoral and Parliamentary Process and Civil Society in Pakistan
To promote and deepen the recently-restored democracy in Pakistan this project is aimed at ensuring transparent and fair electoral processes through a new electoral reform, support the effective functioning of the Parliament through policy briefs and dialogues, and build civil society capacity for active engagement in electoral reform and parliamentary strengthening.
Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and TransparencyLocal - PakistanDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 225,000
261Strengthening Philippine Democracy At the Grassroots
This project will undertake a comprehensive, long-term, continuing citizen-voter education to establish a nationwide citizen political and election monitoring network for the 2010 election. Through voter education, it focuses on informing and training citizen-voters to be responsible and participate in democratic governance, to establish an election monitoring network and to train people for the Philippine national election as well as providing leadership training courses for emerging political leaders. The project primarily targets the marginalized and vulnerable sectors.
Institute for Political and Electoral ReformLocal - PhilippinesOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 250,000
262Civil society empowerment project to promote democracy
This project intends to promote knowledge on democracy and the importance of participating in elections through the divulgation of leadership qualities among community members in rural areas. It focuses on the training of selected CSOs leaders and on enhanced equal access to information as well as the education of public and private sector officers on gender equality and democracy.
Saviya Development FoundationLocal - Sri LankaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 225,000
263Strengthening Civil Society Across Borders to Develop Democracy
This project aims to raise democratic interventions in Ukraine and Moldova by improving the relationship between civil society and government; as both groups will be engaged in an ongoing dialogue, with the objective of developing effective and engaged CSOs actively involved in the democratic process.
Euclid NetworkRegional - EuropeOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 300,000
264Empowering People Through Citizens' Journalism
This 24-months project is aimed at establishing a community (campus) radio and a web portal at Tirana University, to provide Albanian civil society organizations, catering to the needs of vulnerable groups in society, direct access to the media. As part of the project, representatives of CSOs will be trained in public communication and a team will work on providing media coverage for main urban centers in Albania.
Institute for Democracy Media and Cultural ExchangeLocal - AlbaniaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 180,000
265Empowering Civil Society inclusion on democratic policy-making
Government and Civil Society (CS) have a relatively new history of development in Kosovo. In a situation where governmental bodies still face huge difficulties in drafting laws and policies, as well as implementing regulations that meet the needs of citizens, civil society organizations are lacking capacities to act on public policy development, rendering intervention needed. The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) proposes a two-year program to empower civil society inclusion on democratic policy-making in Kosovo. Specifically, the planned objectives of this program include: increasing the capacities of CSOs to influence policy-making, to assist CSOs for policy shaping, to promote debate within civil society for the involvement of CSOs in public policy and law drafting processes; enabling the environment for a participative democracy. To achieve these goals, KCSF will provide training and advanced workshops, accompanied with user friendly manuals, to build the capacities of Kosovar CSOs to actively participate in policy-making processes. Moreover, concrete assistance will be provided to active CSOs through the provision of legal expertise, coaching and mentoring on key contributions to policy-making processes. During the duration of the program, up-to-date information will be disseminated and regular spaces for debate and experience sharing will be provided to CSOs and other stakeholders. Finally, the program will raise awareness on the role and responsibilities of state institutions through conferences, training and publications.
Kosovar Civil Society FoundationLocal - KosovoNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 325,000
266Women Can Do It-Balanced Participation in Decision Making
The field of politics is the arena in which gender inequalities have been most evident, with men holding the vast majority of powerful positions in national and local government. The overall purpose of this project is to empower women to participate in the 2011 local elections; to sensitize members of political parties and political leaders both at a local and regional level on gender, by cultivating new political ambitions for women who wish to run for the 2011 local elections.
Political Club of Women 50/50Local - Moldova, Republic ofOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 150,000
267Building Capacity of Local CSOs in Ukraine
The main objective of this project is to develop the vital role of Ukrainian NGOs in promoting transparency by improving its capacity in the field of public monitoring, expert evaluation of governmental activities and decisions, as well as supporting watchdog groups’ activities targeted to the provision of monitoring initiatives at a local level.
CCC Creative CenterLocal - UkraineOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 299,700
268Monitoring and Influencing the Central Budget by Civic Empowerment
The project is aimed at raising civil societies' influence on social protection, by training and empowering socially excluded groups at a local level and connecting them with their political representatives. This project is intended to set itself apart from conventional “Budget Watch” projects, by training vulnerable groups and ensuring the scrutiny of public spending. This will be achieved through two channels: a Permanent Monitoring Group (PMG) and its implementing partners constituted of academics, experts and civic actors with expertise in sectors like education, health and social services, and Local Monitoring Units (LMUs) under the aegis of Urban Councils (compulsory civic councils made up of civil society organizations in each municipality in Turkey as a result of Local Agenda 21 initiatives of UNDP). The PMG will develop tools for tracking social protection expenditure from the central budget at a local level and LMUs will use these tools to scrutinize relevant expenditures. PMG will share collected field observations and their policy implications in a timely manner with selected members of the Parliament and media professionals, in an effort to influence the central budget in the making. Diversely LMUs will collaborate with the MPs of their province with the objective of providing local feedback. Project activities will take place in 4 provinces and districts of Turkey, namely Kocaeli, Van, Adana, Denizli and Kadıköy (district of Istanbul).The activities will culminate in a national conference for experience-sharing initiatives developed in partnership with other provinces.
Turkish Economic and Social Studies FoundationLocal - TürkiyeOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 230,000
269Advancing Transformational Leadership for Gender Justice
This project aims to promote equal participation of women, in politics and decision-making processes as well as the advancement of transformational leadership in the Caribbean region (Belize, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia). This will be achieved through complementary and inter-locking strategies of capacity development, partnership/alliance building, knowledge provision and advocacy initiatives through the development of training institutes for women on political and/or civil society leadership, mentoring/internships with political parties, national public dialogues and the resolution of Caribbean governance and gender-sensitive political communication issues.
Centre for Gender and Development Studies Mona Unit UWIRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 375,000
270Empowerment of shanty towns' settlers through democratic spaces in Latin America
This project aims to create a space for democratic-community level participation in slums in 4 Latin American countries (Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru), raising slum-dwellers involvement through community activities and interactions with local institutions. Hence, aimed at improving the skills of local people, to favor their community integration in formal networks and democratic processes.
Un Techo Para mi PaisRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 375,000
271Best Practices for Women's Participation in Democracy at Local Level
Through qualitative research based on in-depth interviews, networking and capacity-building, this project seeks to identify best practices that enable women leaders in civil society to consolidate their leadership and to promote their meaningful political connections in local jurisdictions, through enhanced advocacy and participation. The project intends to increase women leaders' capacity to influence the public agenda by providing them with the tools necessary to facilitate their integration in the political debate and by promoting their civil society involvement with political representative institutions; increasingly important to democracy at a local level.
ELA - Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y GeneroLocal - ArgentinaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 325,000
273Empowering communities to strengthen citizen participation processes
This project's goal is to enhance democratic governance and dialogue in Chile by strengthening citizen involvement in environmental impact processes within the SEIA system in vulnerable communities of Northern, Central and Southern regions of the country. The project encourages the identification and assessment of facilitating and blocking factors, access to information and stakeholder perceptions, reinforcing existing mechanisms by improving citizen involvement through awareness-raising and training activities.
Accion por la Tierra (EarthAction Alerts Network, Santiago Office)Local - ChileMar 2010 - Oct 2011USD 250,000
274Women's Demands in Local Development, a Strategy for Peace in Soacha
Soacha is a municipality in Colombia with the largest displaced population of women escaping from violence, discrimination and exclusion reckoning to gain refugee status. Given the crucial need for the local municipal authorities to address gender issues and for the voice of the women of Soacha to be heard, the project seeks to address gender discrimination through the strengthening of participation and gender sensitive policy-making.
Cooporación Centro de Apoyo PopularLocal - ColombiaNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 220,000
275Strengthening Ethics, Good Governance and Transparency in Ecuador
This project is aimed at producing practical, results-oriented mechanisms within Ecuador to fight corruption and promote transparency. Extensive training of over 500 public officials, as well as key members of civil society will be carried out along with broad-based public awareness campaigns, and the introduction of long-term sustainability ethics modules in the educational curriculum of primary and secondary public schools.
Fundación EsquelLocal - EcuadorDec 2009 - Nov 2011USD 400,000
276Formation de jeunes pour la démocratie et le développement au Guatemala
L'objectif général du projet est le renforcement de la participation citoyenne des jeunes grâce à la formation et la création d’une base de jeunes leaders, représentée par des femmes et des hommes indiens d’Alta Verapaz, qui interviennent avec des propositions au sein d’espaces locaux de dialogue et de décision consolidés. Objectifs spécifiques sont les suivants: - Développer des compétences chez les jeunes leaders pour qu’ils occupent la fonction de responsables du développement de leur communauté. - Promouvoir l’appropriation de la loi en vigueur au Guatemala par les jeunes, pour renforcer l’état de droit, la gouvernance et la démocratie. - Renforcer la communication et le dialogue entre la jeunesse et les gouvernements locaux en améliorant les espaces de participation. - Motiver les jeunes et leur donner le pouvoir d’être plus influents par le biais de la présentation de propositions dans les espaces locaux de décision pour subvenir aux besoins de leurs communautés.
Association d'Amis du Développement et de la PaixLocal - GuatemalaOct 2009 - Sep 2011USD 300,000
277Education de Femmes Rurales D'Haiti a l'Action Citoyenne Democratiq
En Haïti les Femmes quoiqu’elles représentent 52% de la population, elles ne participent pas assez à la gestion des affaires publiques. Elles manquent d’information et de formation. AFASDA à travers ce projet d’éducation des femmes à l’action Citoyenne et Démocratique, veut favoriser leur éducation civique, citoyenne, électorale, faciliter des consultations entre les femmes élues avec les femmes rurales et augmenter la participation des femmes aux affaires publiques.
Association Femmes Soleil d'HaitiLocal - HaitiJan 2010 - Dec 2011USD 350,000
278JWPC Political Caucus Leadership Training Programme
This project focuses on providing leadership training for female political aspirants, to equip them with the capabilities to run as candidates in the Parliament and for local government positions. Moreover, within the framework of this project, training programmes will be offered to women across the Island, to augment female representation within society, whilst promoting and preserving gender equality in Jamaica.
Jamaica Women's Political CaucusLocal - JamaicaApr 2010 - Mar 2012USD 125,000
279Civil society advocating for quality education & healthcare in Mexico
From 2009 to 2011, Rostros y Voces will launch an initiative to strengthen the collective action and voice of civil society in Mexico, demanding for qualitative education and healthcare along with equal rights for women, indigenous people and youth, as enablers for democracy and development. Local actors in the states of Chiapas, Hidalgo and Guerrero, three of Mexico’s poorest states, will broaden their knowledge, capabilities and leadership skills for public and political action, using legal frameworks and instruments for exercising civil and political rights as well as directly engaging society to transform the quality and transparency of State institutions in guaranteeing essential services.
Rostros y Voces FDS, A.C.Local - MexicoNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 375,000
280Paraguay facing its future: Dialogues to strength democracy
In Paraguay, the democratic election of Fernando Lugo, as the newly appointed President is marked as a political momentum in the country's history. Within this political context, this project aims to promote consensus building among governmental, social, political and economic actors by enhancing their civic responsibility within the taxation system.
Asociación Trinidad Cultura, Ciudadanía y DesarrolloLocal - ParaguayNov 2009 - Oct 2011USD 250,000
281Opening the Doors of Policy-Making: Central Asia and South Caucasus
PASOS will draw on its expertise in participatory policymaking to organize training and mentoring events, regional networking initiatives, and an exchange of know-how and cross-border skills for civil society organizations (CSOs) in eight countries of Central Asia and South Caucasus, to forge channels of dialogue with governments at a national and local level. Thus, rendering CSO representatives capable of effectively monitoring and evaluating the implementation of inclusive public policies.
Policy Association for an Open Society - PASOSGlobalAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 325,000
282Monitoring corruption in a democracy: Enhancing civil society´s role
The project will equip the UNCAC Coalition with the capabilities to monitor and assess government performance in relation to UNCAC commitments. More specifically, it will enable UNCAC to raise awareness and engage in constructive dialogue with governments, conduct advocacy for change, and promote active engagement in favor of anti-corruption efforts; playing a crucial role in enhancing democracy and participation, both nationally and globally.
Transparency InternationalGlobalSep 2010 - Aug 2012USD 400,000
283Democratizing Governance for Development: LDC Civil Society Engagement
This project aims to further develop CSOs capabilities and to mobilize and consolidate LDC Watchs’ expertise and commitment to achieving quality interventions and inputs in the 2010 MDG Comprehensive Review Summit and the LDC-IV. Hence, the project's goal is to strengthen democratic decision-making in international development processes on a global level.
LDC WatchGlobalAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 325,000
284Renforcement des capacités des défenseurs des Droits de l'Homme en Afrique de l'Ouest et Afrique centrale
Ce project a pour objectif de renforcer de manière significative la mise en réseau et les capacités des défenseurs des droits de l’homme. De plus, pour assurer une meilleure défense des citoyens par un recours plus systématique à tous les instruments et procédures régionaux et internationaux de protection des droits de l'Homme afin de promouvoir une large diffusion des principes, valeurs et outils qui permettent de renforcer l'Etat de Droit, la démocratie et la paix en Afrique centrale et de l’ouest.
Avocats Sans Frontières FranceRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaOct 2010 - Oct 2012USD 110,000
285Renforcer le rôle et représentation des femmes dans les médias en Afrique de l'ouest(burkina faso,Côte d’Ivoire,Niger)
Le projet vise à promouvoir le rôle et l’image des femmes à travers les médias: l’image dévalorisante que les médias en donnent et la place souvent secondaire que les femmes professionnelles occupent dans les organes de presse. Le projet vise d’une part à accroître l’espace donné aux femmes, à renforcer la conscience sociale des professionnels sur la question des femmes dans les rédactions et d’autre part a` renforcer la conscience sociale des femmes marginalisées quant à leurs droits politiques et civils. Le projet établit des comparaisons et crée des synergies et des échanges d’expériences à l’échelle régionale en intervenant dans trois pays (Burkina Faso, Côte D’Ivoire, Niger) pour y déceler des similitudes ou différences quant au rôle de la femme dans les médias, et en diffusant les résultats et leçons apprises du projet auprès des acteurs dans ses autres pays d’intervention en Afrique de l’Ouest.
Institut Panos Afrique de l'OuestRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaNov 2010 - Nov 2012USD 325,000
286Increasing Women's Participation in Politics and Decision Making in Angola
The project aims to promote equality in politics and decision-making processes, bridging the gap between men and women. Furthermore, it seeks to increase women participation in decision-making processes within political parties and promote measures to enhance the number of women in leadership roles through training, lobbying, advocacy and diseemination of materials and information on civic education and human rights.
Rede Mulher/AngolaLocal - AngolaApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 325,000
287Participation citoyenne pour l’amélioration de la gouvernance locale au Benin
L’ONG ALCRER en coopération avec le Fonds des Nations Unies pour la Démocratie (FNUD) se propose de mettre en œuvre un projet intitulé « Participation citoyenne pour l’amélioration de la gouvernance locale au Bénin ». Ce projet vise à accompagner les populations à la base qui, en réponse à leurs aspirations à une gestion des affaires publiques privilégiant la transparence, la reddition de compte et l’équité, entendent créer un cadre idéal pour l’exercice de la démocratie locale et participative. En effet, la bonne gouvernance locale qui devrait résulter de la gestion locale imposée par l’avènement de la décentralisation au Bénin peine encore à décoller en raison entre autres, du manque d’intégrité dans la gestion des affaires locales, entraînant ainsi la corruption dans l’octroi des marchés publics et le secteur foncier, l’immobilier, les infrastructures de base etc. et ce en violation des principes cardinaux des droits humains et de la bonne gouvernance. Pour remédier à cette situation, il importe de créer les conditions pour l’instauration d’un environnement favorable à l’émergence, d’une culture de participation citoyenne et de bonne gouvernance locale à travers la création de cellules de participation citoyenne structurées et fonctionnelles lesquelles joueraient le rôle de veille et de contrôle citoyen au niveau local. La veille citoyenne emmènera les autorités locales à s’engager dans la voie de la transparence et de l’intégrité dans la gestion des affaires publiques.
Association de Lutte contre Racisme, Ethnocentrisme & RégionalismeLocal - BeninJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 300,000
288“Nawe Arashoboye!” (She can, too!): Supporting the Role of Women Leaders in Burundi
The overall objective of the project - 'Nawe Arashoboye! (She can too!)' - is to ensure that women leaders from both the private and public sector are equipped with the necessary tools to play active roles in governance, and that their increased inclusion brings about concrete social change in gender equality in Burundi. As such, the project seeks to strengthen the leadership capacity of women leaders at a community level. Beneficiaries, include women leaders from local governments and civil society as well as private citizens whose voice and interests/concerns pertaining to democracy-making, governance and gender are relevant to the overall democratic process. Additionally, it seeks to strengthen the political participation and leadership of women in Burundi through a number of activities: training of leaders, organization of town-hall meetings to disseminate information and the organization of debates. The project's objective will be achieved through a tripartite strategy of capacity-building and training of women leaders, thus strengthening women integration at a political and local level.
Search for Common GroundLocal - BurundiNov 2010 - Nov 2012USD 275,000
289Building Democratic Institutions through Gender Equality in Burundi.
The project is aimed at engendering the democratic process in Burundi, to ensure full and equitable participation of women in decision-making processes and the protection of women’s rights for sustained human development. This will be achieved mainly through capacity-building activities for key decision-makers and members of civil society in Burundi, thus providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to implement relevant changes in policies and programmes; rendering gender equality a key instrument to democratic integration.
Femmes Africa SolidaritéLocal - BurundiMar 2011 - Feb 2013USD 225,000
290Education au Droit Electoral et Accompagnement des Citoyens dans les Processus Electoraux au Cameroun
Le présent projet intitulé «Education au Droit Electoral et Accompagnement des Citoyens dans les Processus Electoraux au Cameroun» est une initiative de l’ONG Un Monde Avenir, Agence de mise en œuvre. Il a pour objectif de redonner confiance aux citoyens et susciter leur participation massive aux élections et de conférer aux gouvernants élus la légitimité nécessaire pour gérer les affaires publiques. Il sera mis en œuvre à travers trois axes : la formation, l’accompagnement des citoyens et l’observation des élections par la société civile. Ce projet couvre les dix régions du Cameroun et il est financé par le FNUD.
Un Monde AvenirLocal - CameroonJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 250,000
291Amélioration de la participation des femmes rurales au processus electoral a l'ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire
Ce projet vise à renforcer les capacités de 6000 femmes rurales, membres de 155 groupements féminins dans 155 villages de 5 départements à l’ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire en vue qu’elles prennent part aux processus électoraux. L’atteinte de cet objectif passe par la sensibilisation des femmes rurales pour les amener à prendre conscience de leurs droits civils et politiques, et à participer à la prise de décision dans la gestion des affaires publiques soit par le choix de leurs dirigeants soit par leurs propres élections. Ainsi le bassin des femmes rurales informées sera accru.
Organisation Nationale pour l’Enfant, la Femme et la FamilleLocal - Côte d'IvoireDec 2010 - Dec 2012USD 225,000
293Enhancing Women's Participation in Democracy in the Gambia
The project, “Enhancing women’s participation in Democracy in the Gambia” targets rural women in five of Gambia's regions. The project seeks to enhance women involvement and participation in political processes and democratic governance. Capacity building and skills training on one hand and community engagement in broad-based sensitization on the other, will form the underlining strategy to achieving the objectives of this project. In particular, a community pilot mentorship programme will be developed to nurture women as leaders, further contributing to their political involvement in Gambia's democratic governance.
West African Network for Peacebuilding, The GambiaLocal - GambiaFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 175,000
294Promoting Citizens Participation in Constitutional Reform Process
This project seeks to promote citizen participation in the constitutional reform initiated by the Government of Ghana through research, surveys and seminars. The research will elaborate arguments in favor and against the amendment proposals, with the objective of capturing the views of the public opinion and civil society in general. The overall objective, is to ensure a participatory process as well as advocate for ownership and public acceptance of the constitutional review process.
The Institute of Economic AffairsLocal - GhanaNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 400,000
296Strengthening Governance and Democratization Pro Processes in Kenya and the East and Central Africa
The project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of institutions and grassroots organizations, through the enhancement of citizen involvement in democratic processes in Kenya as well as in the eastern and central eegion of the African continent.
Institute for Education in DemocracyLocal - KenyaMar 2011 - Feb 2013USD 275,000
297Voter Education and Voter Registration in Kenya
The objective of this project is to strengthen and advocate for the participation of marginalized people in electoral processes, for a responsive governance in six provinces in Kenya. The project aims to sensitize communities through media and fora in sustain of national voter registration and to provide voter education to marginalized people, enabling their active involvement in electoral processes.
Community Organization Training ProgrammeLocal - KenyaApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 200,000
298Increasing Civic Participations in Liberia
The project seeks to contribute to a democratic culture in post-war Liberia, through increased awareness of marginalized populations on their civic rights and duties, as vital mechanisms for meaningful participation in the democratic reform and good governance, subsequent to two decades of marginalization, exclusion and armed conflict. The electoral process leading to the upcoming general elections scheduled for October 11, 2011 is valued as a key opportunity to achieve this change.
Volunteers To Support International Efforts In Developing AfricaLocal - LiberiaNov 2010 - Nov 2012USD 180,000
299Seeing the world with human rights spectacles;citizenship education in the Republic of Mauritius
The project aims to develop a Human Rights Education and Resource Centre in response to the absence of a human rights culture in Mauritius, through citizenship education with the objective of enhancing democracy. The Centre will also be utilized as a space to foster principles underlying interculturalism. Hence, its objectives are to promote the interdependence, indivisibility and universality of human rights as well as the respect and appreciation of differences in opposition to practices of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, natural ethnic or social origin, physical or mental conditions. Thus it is aimed at fostering the know-how and skills in appliance of international human rights principles at a local, regional and national level; empowering communities and individuals in identification and protection of their rights. The project will develop capacity-building, awareness-raising and outreach activities tailored to diverse groups: teachers and students in colleges, NGO workers with no training in social leadership, community associations and Mauritian citizens. UNDEF's grant will be utilized in support of the development and launch of the Centre, with the goal of strengthening human rights in the Republic of Mauritius.
Amnesty International Mauritius SectionLocal - MauritiusFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 60,000
301Civil Society Support Initiative on Political Marginalization in the N
The project will develop the capacity of Civil Society Organizations and other non-state actors in the Niger Delta; actively working with politically disadvantaged and marginalized groups. The initiative will not only engage marginalized groups but also the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government which work towards the political integration of marginalized and disadvantaged individuals.
Kebetkache Women Development and Resource CentreLocal - NigeriaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 295,000
302Promoting Democratic and Human Rights Values Among Rwandan Youth
This project seeks to empower Rwandan youth to play an active role in the democratic process and good governance of their country. NAR values youth as active agents of change, capable of driving the resolution of key governance challenges given their openness towards new ideas and initiatives. The project will target 7,000 youth members of NAR clubs and associations; ambassadors of change. Main activities include: the training of youth as well as the development of debates and broadcast theatre shows on human rights and democracy. The overall objective is to raise a constructive participation of youth in governance processes.
Never Again RwandaLocal - RwandaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 275,000
303Access to justice and Human Rights Education in Rwanda
In Rwanda marginalized groups and individuals yearn for access to justice, yet they often find themselves unempowered. The result is pervasive unfairness and injustice inherent throughout communities, where a growing rift continues to divide those with means and those without. The objective of Access to Justice and Human Rights Education is to assist disadvantaged, vulnerable and poor segments of rural communities by improving their conditions, granting access to justice and the promotion of human rights in Kamonyi, district in the Southern province of Rwanda. The strategy of this project is geared at empowering the rural population; poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals which seek remedies for injustice through the provision of legal aid, human rights education and legal literacy programmes.
Human Rights First Rwanda AssociationLocal - RwandaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 60,000
304To empower Somali women to realize their social, justice and political rights
The project seeks to empower Somali women to protect their social, justice and political rights by raising awareness on their rights. This involves developing the capacity of a core group of young professional women to deliver training, provide support and assist rural Somali sheepherding and Hargeisa market women in exercising their human rights through training and follow-up support. The success of the project is driven by young professional women as they are empowered to train and assist other women in need.
Women's Integrated NetworkLocal - SomaliaFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 110,000
305Empowerment of Civil Society in Monitoring of Development Programmes a
The project “Empowering Civil Society in monitoring of Development Programmes” will promote effective civic engagement in policy processes, to ensure inclusive and responsive national policies, strategies and programmes as means to promote human development in line with the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGR). The project area comprises six districts: Mpwapwa, Kondoa, Bahi, Chamwino, Kongwa and Dodoma, in coverage of the entire Dodoma Region.
Dodoma Environmental NetworkLocal - Tanzania, United Republic ofJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 225,000
307Renforcement des capacités et formation en leadership pr renforcer la participation des femmes ds la viepublique Algerie
Le projet vise à renforcer la capacité des femmes impliquées dans les associations, syndicats et partis politiques pour qu'elles puissent s'affirmer et afin de leur permettre de participer à la gestion de la cité notamment par leur implication dans les institutions locales. Le projet comporte un programme de formation, des séminaires et rencontres thématiques, une enquête et une étude sur l’implication et la participation de la femme à la gestion de sa cité.
Association culturelle AmusnawLocal - AlgeriaApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 175,000
308Enlarging the Social Base for Democracy and Rule of Law in Egypt
CIHRS intends to empower Egyptian youth and increase the involvement of this demographic group in political discourses and processes in the upcoming elections. Through an integrated education program, participants will be trained on human rights, the use and relevance of social media, as well as methods and techniques of networking involving organizations in Egypt.
Cairo Institute for Human Rights StudiesLocal - EgyptApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 250,000
309Campaign For Stressing Community Concerns and Seeking Political Resolutions in Iraq
This project seeks to engage with and involve Iraqi Civil Society Organizations and citizens for full and equal participation in decision-making processes, in resolution of local and community issues. More specifically, the ICAN-UNDEF collaboration is aimed at achieving the following objectives: assist civil society, political parties and independent community leaders in the South by focusing on citizen and community priorities, building the capacity of local leaders to advocate decision makers for better community involvement, and assisting civil society NGOs, political parties and other actors in building sustainable processes and mechanisms.
Iraq Civic Action NetworkLocal - IraqJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 200,000
311Youth Local Councils for Civic Engagement and Social Change in Palestine
The project mainly aims to educate Palestinian youth in the West Bank towns on governance, democracy and civic engagement, by enabling their participation in local communities. Moreover, the establishment of Youth Local Councils, will enable and promote decision-making and leverage civic engagement in Palestinian society.
Teacher Devlopment CenterLocal - PalestineMar 2011 - Feb 2013USD 325,000
312ARWA Initiative
Over the course of two years the Arwa Initiative will seek to measurably increase women’s voting participation and candidacy in the 2011 Parliamentary elections, in five governorates. The objectives of the projects are to: enable Yemeni women and young people to become creative agents of social change, foster non-partisan alliances between women and youth focused-organizations and ultimately create opportunities for women and young people to take on leadership roles in the public arena.
Yemeni Women UnionLocal - YemenOct 2010 - Sep 2012USD 325,000
313Asian Consortium on HRBA to A2J (HRBA to A2J)
The project seeks to contribute to the development and strengthening of capacities of different actors in Asia when integrating human rights concepts in ``Access to Justice`` programs with regards to content, processes and outcomes. As various forms of injustice persist in Asia such as: economic inequalities, ethnic discrimination, infringement of ancestral domain of indigenous people, land conversions from agricultural to industrial estates and the encroachment to sources of artisanal fisherfolks. Moreover, the interests of traditional centers of power prevail, resulting in violations of human rights. Hence, the overall objective of the project is to render access to justice a reality by favoring vulnerable and marginalized people.
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights-Asia (ESCR-Asia), Inc.Regional - Asia and PacificFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 275,000
314A Push for Plurality: Diversifying Information in Central Asia
The project seeks to diversify available information to citizens in Central Asia by promoting the use of media and social techniques to produce, promote, and distribute content that represents a real alternative to the government-dominated flow of information.
TransitionsRegional - Asia and PacificNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 300,000
315Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability in Asia
The project seeks to improve democratic practices in urban local governance institutions, through the promotion of social accountability and in provision of basic services (water and sanitation) to marginalized individuals and families (women and low-income groups) in two Asian cities - Rajshahi in Bangladesh and Takhmao in Cambodia. The goal of the project is to strengthen south to south learning and advocacy on participatory democratic governance and social accountability practices in urban Asia.
Society for Participatory Research in AsiaRegional - Asia and PacificMar 2011 - Feb 2013USD 375,000
316Citizens' Platform for Democratic Debates & Dialogues in Afghanistan
The project attempts to sharpen the perception of democratic values in society and to identify a set of recommendations for the application of democracy in Afghanistan.
Saba Media OrganizationLocal - AfghanistanNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 135,000
317Creation of Women's Parliament in Azerbaijan
Gender-based inequality and discrimination remain unsolved issues in Azerbaijan. The creation of the first women's Parliament is a unique opportunity for women from various sectors to achieve women empowerment through participation, action, dialogue and cooperation. The project evolves around 15 thematic sessions conducted within a two-years action plan and focuses on the formation of targeted recommendations, the elaboration of a CEDAW report and a Sharing Experience Report, with the purpose to furtherly eliminate gender inequality within communities.
Women's Association for Rational DevelopmentLocal - AzerbaijanAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 200,000
318Promoting Good Governance among Tribal Inhabitants in Bangladesh (PROGGATI)
This project aims to build gender sensitive and good governance policies in four sub-districts of Rangamati Hill in Bangladesh by enhancing the capacities of local government, hill district administrations and tribal communities. To enable a better coordination between stakeholders, the project will focus on promoting democratic processes to ensure a well-established service delivery and resource allocation. In relevance, 50,400 people and over 350 officials of the local and administrative government will benefit from the success of this project.
Green HillLocal - BangladeshJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 275,000
319Supporting Cambodia Democratization
This project seeks to improve voter registration and voting procedures by creating a structural change in the political process through the inclusion of marginalized groups; enhancing women participation voter confidence, thus raising the overall credibility of election processes.
Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Election in CambodiaLocal - CambodiaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 325,000
320Protect the environmental rights and justice of the public
The objectives of the project are to raise environmental awareness of the public and to promote policy change through the establishment of an environmental public interest litigation (PIL) system, in protection of the environment and in contribution to the democratization process in China.
All-China Environment FederationLocal - ChinaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 375,000
321Enhancing Rural Women's Participation in Governance at Village Level
Improving the marginalized role of rural women in village-level governance and raising women awareness on democratic participation are the broad goals of this project. The specific objectives include: mobilizing rural women to participate in elections and politics by raising their enthusiasm and improving their ability to participate in the governance and monitoring of public affairs at a local level, as well as developing their decision-making skills; ultimately to attain leadership positions in governance.
Women's Watch ChinaLocal - ChinaJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 130,000
322Active Democracy and Political Participation of Tribal Communities of the Himalayas
The project seeks to enhance civic participation among Himalayan tribes and empower them through awareness building and information services on laws and provisions, in light of the creation of Resource Centers in selected districts. More specifically marginalized groups (women, disabled and nomads) will be provided with support through local helpline services. The project will foster the involvement of Himalayan people in governance through ‘Social Watch’ processes and grassroots assistance. Moreover, stakeholder forums will be created for effective political representation and in provision of feedback and policy inputs, to enhance the visibility of issues concerning Himalayan tribes. Additionally, the sensitization of state and non-state actors and the strengthening of the role of Civil Society Organizations with socio-legal competencies will enable services for grievance redressal of tribal people and facilitate a supportive environment for access to rights.
PragyaLocal - IndiaNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 320,000
323Empowering Civil Society Group to Promote Social Accountability in Papua
The countries' weak governance is characterized by a lack of transparency, poor public accountability mechanisms and limited societal participation. The impact of weak governance translates in high rates of corruption, poverty, poor public service delivery and a lack of distrust between society and the government. The objectives of this project are to empower civil society, promote accountability and hold the government accountable to the public in Papua. In addition, it also seeks to build a synergetic collaboration between CSOs and the Government. In achieving its results, the project will utilize the following strategies: establish an ad hoc CSOs forum, increase the capacity of CSOs, local government staffs and local parliament, and drive civic engagement and public outreach on social accountability and good governance.
Centre for Strategic and International StudiesLocal - IndonesiaApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 225,000
325Enhancement of electoral awareness and inclusive democratic developmen
The project is aimed at integrating electoral processes into a broader democratic agenda, through the enhancement of the electoral participation of underrepresented categories of society and by strengthening the capacity of newly formed local electoral bodies. The project intends to utilize new technology-based approaches in electoral education and ensure the sustainability of its results through the active involvement of the Central Election Commission.
Pavlodar Regional Governance SchoolLocal - KazakhstanAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 200,000
326Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society (LEAD)
The Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society Project (LEAD) has been designed to meet the objective of increasing the effectiveness of Civil Society Organizations in Lao PDR, so that they may contribute meaningfully to Laos’ governance. To achieve this important goal, LEAD will develop 13 project activities focused on developing the capabilities of 30 government officials and 250 civil society leaders as well as 25 managers from diversified organizations.
Kenan Foundation Asia (operationally, Kenan Institute Asia)Local - Lao People's Democratic RepublicOct 2010 - Sep 2012USD 375,000
327Civic Education and Civil Society Empowerment Project in Remote Areas
The project is aimed at supporting the development of good governance in Myanmar by enlightening, empowering and mobilizing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in provision of civic education and advocacy capabilities in fourteen federal states.
Myanmar Egress/Network Activities Groups (NAG)Local - MyanmarJan 2011 - Dec 2012USD 250,000
328Advocating for the Rights of Widows in Nepal
The project focuses on three major areas: mainstreaming widows’ issues at the national level, capacity building and the protection of widows’ human rights at an international level. More specifically, policy level interventions will be instituted to ensure the protection of the rights of widows through collective and active lobbying. Various sensitisation programs will be conducted for stakeholders and civil society at local and national level on widows’ issues, and will include the participation of media, youth, academia, religious leaders, political parties, lawyers, human rights activists, community leaders, NGOs, INGOs, government officials, women’s groups and entrepreneurs. Moreover the mainstreaming of issues related to widowhood will become part of the South Asian development agenda through international workshops, seminars and conferences.
Women for Human Rights single women groupLocal - NepalApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 275,000
329Youth Action for Democracy (YAD) - Strengthening Democracy by Empowering Youth in Pakistan
The Youth Parliament of Pakistan worked closely with the British Council to produce a research document titled “Next Generation Report” which, reveals how 33% of Pakistan’s youth believe that democracy is the best form of governance for Pakistan, 34% desiring the return of the Islamic Shariah and 7% confiding in the return of military dictatorship. As a result, youth results in having an incorrect notion and indoctrination about democracy, which results in one of the causes of the growing frustration and rising extremism in the country. Moreover, results show that only 39% of youth voted in the last general elections of 2008 and half of them are not enlisted in the voter registration system. In an attempt to work towards the enhancement of youth’s knowledge and understanding about democracy and human rights this project seeks to enable young people under the age of 35 to develop democratic attitudes. Through planned youth roundtables and other non-formal learning and information dissemination tools 26,500 young people will be given the opportunity to understand the fundamental nature of democracy and freely express their views about democracy and political participation. Democracy Youth Teams will work as local platforms to deliberate on various pending issues concerning youth and will work in cooperation with Democracy Resource Banks through intergenerational gatherings at a national level. This project has been conceived and planned to be executed in partnership with the national ministries of Youth Affairs and Human Rights, the British Council, the Election Commission of Pakistan, Kahawat Theater and MAQSAD puppets as well as ATV and Air Waves media groups.
Youth Parliament of PakistanLocal - PakistanFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 250,000
331Promoting active participation of civil society in environmental gover
The goal of this project is to improve environmental conditions in Vietnam by raising the quality of governance through activities, including but not limited to: the promotion of high-level political awareness involving local NGOs in environmental reporting and monitoring as well as a qualitatitve improvement of the overall environemntal conditions.
IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature in VietnamLocal - Viet NamOct 2010 - Sep 2012USD 250,000
332Emprowering CSOs of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities
The objective of this project is to empower civil society organizations established by migrants and ethnic minorities, to strengthen their access to justice, their ability to combat xenophobia and discrimination, as well as to promote their social integration and interaction with Russian governmental bodies and NGOs.
Center for Assistance to Victims of Violence and Human TraffickingLocal - Russian FederationAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 225,000
333Participatory Rights of the Physically Disabled Persons in Georgia
The overall objective of the project is to create an advocacy campaign aimed at convincing the government on the need to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The ratification of the Convention will bring positive changes in the national legislation, which will contribute to the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and increase their involvement in social life. In addition the project will raise public awareness on the rights of the disabled, provide training to stakeholders, and create opportunities for social networking among people with disabilities.
Qualification Center for TrainersLocal - GeorgiaMay 2011 - Apr 2013USD 165,000
334Capacity development for Association of Professional Journalists of Kosovo
The project aims to facilitate the continuing development and expansion of the Association of Professional Journalists in Kosovo (AGPK) as a vital mechanism for oversight and accountability in Kosovo. The project will strengthen the contribution of media for promoting democratic governance, through capacity development initiatives including professional training to increase cohesion of the professional body, advocacy for freedom of speech and information, outreach, and encourage greater involvement with media.
Association of Professional Journalists of KosovoLocal - KosovoJan 2011 - Jan 2012USD 200,000
335Strengthening Civil Activity in Participation in Democratic Process
This project aims to strengthen civil society and increase its involvement and cooperation with authorities, for the empowerment of marginalized women.
Foundation “Social Investments”Local - Russian FederationAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 180,000
336Your Local Representative: Citizens’ Participation Project
The project will enhance the capacities of Ukrainian NGOs and citizens to influence political processes, by providing local citizens with tools to monitor and evaluate the elected officials’ work, whilst advocating for desired change.
East Europe FoundationLocal - UkraineAug 2010 - Jul 2012USD 275,000
337Building a "Digital Democracy Network" (DDN) in Peru
The Digital Democracy Network (DDN) will utilize telecommunications technology to provide poor and marginalized populations in Peru with software tools, such as: civics tutorials, real-time focus groups and polls, anti-corruption channels, chat rooms and blogs for democratic participation and access to public policy formulation, to establish open and transparent governance.
The Global Center for Development and DemocracyLocal - PeruApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 250,000
338Training of Justice System Professionals to litigate before the IACHR
The overall objective of this project is to improve access to justice to victims before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) in accordance with its recent reform, in improving victim’s access to legal representation. To this end, CDH will train justice system professionals belonging to Inter-American Association of Public Defenders (AIDEF) in international human rights standards and the Inter-American System (IAS) so that they can litigate on behalf of the alleged victims, who would otherwise not have access to legal representation. CDH will also provide ongoing support to the public defenders appointed to litigate before the IACHR and study the effects of the reform on the IAS.
Centro de Derechos Humanos, University of Chile Law School (CDH)Regional - Latin America and the CaribbeanNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 200,000
340Promoting Freedom of Information Activism at the Local Level in Brazil
This project adopts a rights-based capacity building approach to promoting the development of a more inclusive and equitable society, facilitated by a free flow of information to the public; to allow individuals and civil society groups acting at local level to hold their government in account for relevant decisions, and to advocate for their rights and entitlements more effectively by influencing policy-making processes.
ARTICLE 19: Global campaign for defending freedom of expressionLocal - BrazilMar 2011 - Feb 2013USD 250,000
341Monitoring freedom of expression and democracy in Colombia
The project seeks to create and implement an indicator database on the freedom of expression and access to information in Colombia, to measure and make visible the current restrictions and violations to the above mentioned fundamental rights. Monitoring has proven to be one of the most important measures for the protection of journalists in Colombia. In consideration of the above, the project will strengthen journalists’ protection through a permanent consolidated monitoring methodology. Three factors will be utilized as benchmark indicators: the freedom of expression (FOE), indirect censorship and access to information (AI). The project will involve the strategic coalition Antonio Nariño Project (PAN - www.pan.org.co) and cooperate with some of the most important organizations, purposed at working towards the promotion of the freedom of press in Colombia.
Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa/ Press Freedom FoundationLocal - ColombiaDec 2010 - Nov 2012USD 180,000
342Honduran Youth for Democracy
This project will contribute to an improved social and political involvement of Honduran youth in the departments of Choluteca and Valle through the strengthening of youth organizations and in contribution to national and regional focused youth policies. Moreover it will center on creating and strengthening local youth organisations, enabling them to develop local programs for democratic youth participation, by supporting the development of targeted policies through Municipal Youth Commissions (MYC) in the cities of Nacaome and Choluteca; articulating local, regional and national programs.
ProgettoMondo Movimento Laici America LatinaLocal - HondurasApr 2011 - Mar 2013USD 300,000
343Construisons citoyenneté au San Luis Potosí
This project seeks to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations, to promote democracy through the effective participation of citizens, the exercise of human rights and by placing women and youth as national prioritized groups. Furthermore, this project aims at establishing a process of collective construction, which links civil society organizations with governmental instances to drectly affect public policies.
Educación y CiudadaníaLocal - MexicoNov 2010 - Oct 2012USD 325,000
344Press Electoral Coverage in Peru
This project has been formulated to strengthen the role of media in Peruvian democracy, promote transparent and fair journalistic coverage by the media on electoral processes (including the presidential and parliamentary elections of 2011), and publicize the performance of outgoing and elected governments. To achieve this, the strategy designed revolves around the training of journalists who work for media outlets located in remote cities, in coverage of election processes; for the purpose of achieving investigative journalism and incrementing accessibility to public information.
Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (Press and Society Institute)Local - PeruFeb 2011 - Jan 2013USD 150,000
345Campaign for Human Rights promotion by encouraging participation in civic and democratic initiatives
The main objective of this project is to leverage capacity building at an individual and institutional level, by raising youth enegagement through the use of social networking. It also aims at strengthening the collaboration between artists and CSOs, emphasizing activities related to human rights and democratic values. More specifically, the project interconnects designers and local CSOs in 12 countries worldwide, by prioritizing women empowerment.
4 TomorrowGlobalSep 2011 - Aug 2013USD 175,000
346Empowering Women’s Participation in Public Life through Women’s Leadership Schools (WLS)
Through this project, the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) will enable women to actively participate in the democratic political development and governance of their respective countries. WDN will conduct Women Leadership Schools (WLS) in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Georgia and Guatemala, which will utilize innovative approaches to empower women through civic education; building effective leadership skills and identifying areas of public activism.
International Republican Institute - Women's Democracy NetworkGlobalOct 2011 - Sep 2013USD 300,000
347Using public interest litigation in southern Africa to strengthen human rights and the rule of law
The project seeks to strenghten the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups, and the rule of law in Southern Africa, by working along with local lawyers to litigate cases that have a broad impact on law, policy and practice. Additionally, the project centers on capacitating local NGOs to use public interest litigation as an advocacy tool and heightening the involvement of private sector lawyers in public interest litigations.
Southern Africa Litigation CentreRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 250,000
349Projet d'accompagnement des OSC pour un suivi efficace des politiques de développement au Benin
Le projet vise à renforcer les Organisations de la Société Civile (OSC) actives dans le domaine de la veille citoyenne afin d’améliorer les actions de suivi des politiques de développement local. Il permet d’assurer un suivi des politiques et programmes de développement à la base en s’appuyant sur les structures impliquées dans la veille citoyenne et en associant les pouvoirs publics locaux.
Maison de la Société CivileLocal - BeninDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 250,000
350Projet de renforcement des capacités démocratiques des organisations de la société civile au Burkina
Le but du projet est d’améliorer le niveau de culture démocratique et la qualité de la participation au débat démocratique des OSC membres du réseau Burkina-ntic. Plus spécifiquement, le projet a pour ambition de permettre aux organisations bénéficiaires d’accéder à l’information utile en utilisant des supports modernes et adaptés en fonction du public (SMS, site web, vidéos…), d’outiller la population cible de connaissances solides pour leurs actions de plaidoyer et de contrôle de l’activité démocratique ; et de cultiver la compréhension de la démocratie par des activités créatives.
Association Yam PukriLocal - Burkina FasoDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 150,000
351Overcoming barriers to Democratic governance and reconciliation in Burundi
The goal of this project is to foster a democratic dialogue in Burundi, by addressing the causes and consequences of democratic instability and violent conflict. The IRC-B and FOSC will bring together faith communities and key stakeholders in the eight provinces of Bujumbura Rural, City of Bujumbura, Bururi, Makamba, Rutana, Muyinga, Ngozi and Gitega, to achieve this overall objective through consultations, forums, trainings, advocacy and mobilizations.
The Inter Religious Council of Burundi [Religions for Peace - Burundi]Local - BurundiDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 250,000
352Projet «Volontaires pour la Démocratie et la Paix » (VDP) au Cameroon
Le projet VDP vise à accroitre la participation citoyenne au processus démocratique à travers la création dans 3 régions (Nord, Littoral, Ouest) des pools de volontaires engagés dans le dialogue et la médiation sociale, le suivi de la démocratie et de la gouvernance locale.
Nouveaux Droits de l'homme CamerounLocal - CameroonNov 2011 - Oct 2013USD 200,000
353Strengthening Advocacy Capacity for Civil Society in The Gambia
Thia project aims to build an environment of trust and communication between civil society organizations and the government in Gambia, by sensitizing them to the requirements and results of quality engagement, equipping the national non-governmental umbrella body and its members with the skills and resources it needs to contribute to policy dialogue, and by providing a platform for ongoing government-civil society dialogue in Gambia.
Concern Universal The Gambia and SenegalLocal - GambiaJan 2012 - Dec 2013USD 225,000
354Voices of Youth: Towards inclusive public policy decision-making in Ghana
This project responds to the limited attention paid to issues concerning youth in Ghana and the lack of structures for achieving meaningful youth participation in decision-making processes. Through a broad-based, multi-stakeholder approach, the project will develop a long-term mechanism for youth participation in Ghana, by providing an opportunity for youth inclusion, in articulation of the issues and resolution of the problems related to their generation; ultimately increasing youth participation in governance and democratic development within the country.
Youth Empowerment SynergyLocal - GhanaJan 2012 - Mar 2014USD 175,000
355Judicial Reform:Empowering Magistrate-Civil Society Collaboration for Guinea’s New Democratic Future
This project seeks to create a stronger voice for civil society interests, in the broader judicial reform process in Guinea, by improving basic knowledge of the judicial system and enabling joint civil society-judiciary capacities for dialogue and collaboration; in support of enhanced access to justice.
The BEFORE Project (a strategic partnership between swisspeace and the Alliance for Peacebuilding) in GuineaLocal - GuineaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 200,000
356Civic and Voter Education in Pastoral Communities in Kenya
The project aims to increase civic knowledge and participation in democratic and electoral processes, of marginalized pastoral communities in ten constituencies within Turkana, Pokot, Elgeyo/Marakwet and Baringo Counties. Furthermore, it seeks to enhance voter knowledge on electoral processes, leadership opportunities and accountability under the new Constitution of Kenya, through increased confidence in the electoral system and processes; enabling women, youth and people with disabilities to register and cast their votes from an informed perspective.
Great Rift Valley Development AgencyLocal - KenyaFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 225,000
359Renforcement de la participation politique des communautés des anciens esclaves en Mauritanie
Le projet de renforcement de la participation politique des anciens esclaves en Mauritanie vise la promotion du dialogue démocratique. Il facilitera la participation à l’action politique, à la prise de décision et à la représentation politique des groupes marginalisés que sont les communautés des anciens esclaves. Enfin, il contribuera à la construction de la paix intercommunautaire dans la Wilaya (région) du Hodh El Gharbi.
Agence de Coopération et de Recherche pour le DéveloppementLocal - MauritaniaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 225,000
360JOINT contribution to strengthen and expand democracy in Mozambique
The project aims to strengthen the voice of local CSOs, to enhance the participation of marginalized communities in the promotion of civic rights and democratic processes across the Mozambican province of Manica, through educational campaigns, civil society institutional empowerment, dialogue interface between private organizations and Government, and the activation of local processes for public initiatives and monitoring.
JOINT, Mozambican NGOs leagueLocal - MozambiqueApr 2012 - Jun 2014USD 250,000
The goal of the project is to involve women in Nigera towards an understanding and active participation in key governance and democratic processes. A national network of women advocates will be established to carry out dialogues focused on promoting new strategies for domesticating affirmative action and implementing new plans for intervention. Moreover, community based women organizations will be trained to mobilize women across generations, to join political parties and contest elections in states where gender inequality is still predominant. In the long-term, this project seeks to contribute at raising the number of women elected in a political role.
Centre for Human Development & Social Transformation (CHDST)Local - NigeriaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 200,000
362Plaidoyer et Renforcement de Capacités pour l’Application Effective de la loi sur la Parité au Sénégal
The aim of this project is to ensure that the law on parity is directly implemented, effectively and irreversibly in relation to the elections scheduled for 2012 (presidential elections in February 2012 and parliamentary elections in June 2012) and 2014. The project wishes to attain the above mentioned goal, by raising awareness among populations, undertaking advocacy activities with state institutions and political parties, and by building the capacities of women involved in political life.
Conseil Sénégalais des FemmesLocal - SenegalMar 2012 - Aug 2013USD 275,000
363Supporting SGBV violence survivors and women to access their rights in Sierra Leone
This project will uphold women’s rights and access to justice in Northern Bombali, Sierra Leone through awareness raising, training and participation. Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) will be provided with confidential advice, and legal assistance and granted the access to justice to which they are entitled. Health Poverty Action will train influential actors and community members on the Gender Acts, SGBV and human rights, facilitating an increase in convictions.
Health Poverty ActionLocal - Sierra LeoneNov 2011 - Oct 2013USD 225,000
364Enhancing Youth Participation towards consolidating Democratic practice in Somaliland
This project aims at strengthening the capacities of youth CSOs to competently represent and be responsive to addressing and resolving youth related issues. The project will establish a Young Voters’ Leagues for civic education and mobilize young voters, by strengthening working collaborations between the government and CSOs. Attention will be given to the implementation and monitoring of the National Youth Policy through the development of actions plans, the drafting of key NYP policies and blue prints, as well as the establishment of the NYP Monitoring Task Force.
Somaliland National Youth OrganizationLocal - SomaliaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 150,000
366Supporting the Role of Women Leaders in Sudan and South Sudan in the Post-separation Period
Post recession realities for both Sudan and South Sudan will reshape identities and political arrangements, as well as relationships in the border area. A network of elected women could play a key role in managing problems on the border linked to the local implementation of referendum results. This project’s objective is to build cohesion and capacity among elected women leaders in Sudan and South Sudan, to facilitate a democratic and peaceful dialogue; further building a network of elected women leaders in the border states, enabling them to leverage relationships adequate to resolve local conflicts and promote reconciliation. Women leaders will be engaged from differentiated regions, to actively participate in a dialogue process aimed at setting an agenda for action in a Post-Referendum Sudan.
Search for Common GroundLocal - SudanApr 2013 - Nov 2014USD 325,000
367Grass root Gender Accountability Project (GGAP)
The Grassroots Gender and Accountability (GGAP) Project in Uganda seeks to influence democratic processes by empowering grassroot communities of poor women and men in four districts of Uganda, (Gulu, Kabale, Kibale and Kibuku). The GGAP aims to achieve gender-sensitive policy making and to enhance gender-sensitive service delivery for the benefit of the communities, through a variety of supported media activities.
Forum for Women in DemocracyLocal - UgandaApr 2012 - Apr 2014USD 225,000
368Amplifying the voices of women in politics and decision making in Zimbabwe.
The overall objective of the project is to increase the number of empowered women, participating in politics and decision-making processes in Zimbabwe. The project will target the Binga district where major efforts need to be made in support of women's role; in training 100 Women Popular Opinion Leaders (WPOLs) through the endorsement of an outreach program.
Women and Law In Southern Africa Research and Education Trust ( Zimbabwe)Local - ZimbabweDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 200,000
369Renforcement des capacités des journalistes et blogueurs arabes pour la promotion des droits de l'Homme
Ce projet vise à développer les capacités des journalistes citoyens et blogueurs arabes dans les domaines de la promotion et la protection des droits de l’homme pour une participation plus effective au processus de transitions démocratiques dans la région. L’IADH mettra en œuvre des actions de formation en présentiel et de mentoring à distance et créera un réseau en ligne afin de faciliter le partage des expériences entre les bénéficiaires, et leur acquisition des connaissances et des compétences pratiques.
Arab Institute for Human RightsRegional - Middle East and North AfricaFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 275,000
370Partners for Integrity in Administration in Egypt
The project aims to fight corruption and to spread values of integrity in 6 State ministries (Interior, Housing, Health, Social Solidarity, Education, and Justice) in Cairo, Egypt. The project will raise awareness of ministry officials, journalists and lawyers on the UN Convention against Corruption through training, monitor corruption cases and report on the state of integrity in ministries through conferences and publications, as well as provide anti-corruption services for citizens, in provision of an adequate and reliable justice system.
Arab Program for Human Rights ActivistsLocal - EgyptNov 2013 - Oct 2015USD 225,000
372NGO Monitoring on Governorates Councils ( GC) in Iraq
The project aims to strengthen civil society organizations’ (CSOs) participation in the democracy process, by establishing a CSO monitoring group in 6 Governorates. The project will train CSOs on monitoring the performance of the Governorate Council (GC), as well as provide training for GC members on integrity, accountability and good governance.
Umelyateem for Development FoundationLocal - IraqDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 225,000
373Media and art as Catalyst for free speech and access to information right (Freedom Messengers) in Jordan
The project aims at engaging talented young artists and journalists, encouraging them to use new forms of art in promoting change and advocating for the freedom of speech and press. The project will focus on: providing training for young journalists on media coverage and young artists for the development of creative productions as well as organize a public event and a social media campaign involving 20,000 young participants in support of democracy and human rights.
Center for Defending Freedom of JournalistsLocal - JordanApr 2012 - Mar 2014USD 200,000
374Youth Partnership for the Improved Budgetary Governance in Lebanese Municipalities: Musharaka
The project aims to increase the influence of CSOs on the legislative process of Lebanon in order to catalyze a democratic reform; establishing a CSO liaison unit for the Lebanese Parliament. The unit will be in charge of coordinating the work between members of the Parliament (MPs) and CSOs, in changing national policies and the country's Legislation.
Lebanese Transparency AssociationLocal - LebanonDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 200,000
375Creating a Civil Society- Parliament Liaison Unit in Lebanon
The project aims to increase the influence of CSOs on the legislative process Lebanon, to catalyze democratic reform, by establishing a CSO liaison unit for the Lebanese Parliament. This unit will coordinate the work between members of parliament (MPs) and CSOs working on bringing change to national policies and the country's Legislation.
IndyACT-The League of Independent ActivistsLocal - LebanonFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 200,000
376Advancing the Rights of Women in the West Bank Periphery
The overall development objective of this project is to promote social change and empower women in the West Bank, to increase their participation within local governance frameworks and positions. Specifically, the project aims to increase women’s involvement in local councils, and to increase public awareness and support for women’s participation in urban and environmental planning. The strategy focuses on leveraging womens' capactities by endorsing action at policy level.
International Peace and Cooperation CenterLocal - PalestineJun 2012 - May 2014USD 150,000
Le projet a pour objectif général de développer des outils spécifiques de détection de toutes discriminations politiques, économiques, sociales et culturelles à l'égard des femmes et de promouvoir des actions concrètes pour l'égalité des chances. En ce sens, l’Observatoire jouera un rôle de vigilance démocratique et de justice sociale vis-à-vis des populations féminines et mettra en place plusieurs activités dont une enquête sectorielle sur l’état d’application de la législation, rencontres-débats, activités de sensibilisation des femmes à leurs droits et mise en place de guichets d’écoute et d’accompagnement en recherche d’emploi (GEARE).
Association tunisienne des femmes démocratesLocal - TunisiaJul 2012 - Jun 2014USD 150,000
378Empowering Local CSOs in Yemen Through Participation in Local Governance
The project aims to address the perennial problem of weak local civil society organizations and the general lack of collaboration between private and public development stakeholders in Yemen. This initiative will endeavor to improve the capacity of local CSOs and strengthen partnerships between local CSOs and the government, in order to effectively address emergencies and respond to humanitarian crisis.
Humanitarian Forum - YemenLocal - YemenMay 2012 - Apr 2014USD 200,000
379Raising Awareness about Women's Social, Political and Economic Rights in Afghanistan
The goal of this project is to promote the democratic rights and the active social and political participation of Afghan women. It aims to achieve this by generating increased awareness and support for women’s rights, among women in general and more specifically women activists, through training, educational materials, media campaigns, mosque speeches and established networks. Moeover, the project focuses on: empowering pro-women’s rights activists, encouraging women to take initiative and collective actions, engaging Imams in delivering pro-women’s rights speeches in mosques, and also involving religious scholars, community leaders, human rights activists and clerics to advocate in TV and radio roundtable discussions on behalf of women.
Development and Public AwarenessLocal - AfghanistanMay 2012 - Apr 2014USD 300,000
380Strengthening ethnic communities' access to information in Bangladesh
This project aims to enhance access to information among indigenous people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, on public services offered by local government institutions, departments and NGOs, thus contributing to their active participation in the democratic governance processes of livelihood and survival. This will be achieved via the strengthening of community-based institutions as a source of information, sensitizing local government and NGOs about their roles and responsibilities in advocating for RTI issues.
Trinamul Unnayan SangsthaLocal - BangladeshMay 2012 - Apr 2014USD 200,000
381People Access To Public Information in Cambodia
This project seeks to improve citizen’s access to public information, in achieving social accountability and transparency and to strengthen administrative and managerial procedures; in improvement of local authorities’ response to the needs of local communities in Cambodia. The project activities, training and capacity building of local councils are achieved through public community forums, citizen feedback mechanisms and media campaigns.
Advocacy and Policy InstituteLocal - CambodiaNov 2011 - Oct 2013USD 200,000
382Strengthening Grassroots Democracy in India through Women and Participatory Media
The project seeks to empower rural women by creating and shaping access to information, in order to increase their involvement in democratic processes, and strengthen the overall functioning of democratic institutions. Specifically, it aims to increase the capacity and participation of women in rural media, in accessing media when living in information-scarce and marginalized communities; concurrently building stronger linkages between mainstream and rural journalists. The project will provide essential capacity-building and training in journalism for rural women from socially marginalized communities, and will establish a local vernacular newspaper produced, managed and distributed by them. Moreover, the project will also build a network of rural women journalists, to exchange news and experiences on issues concerning rural communities with the objective of directly influencing mainstream media. The learning from these experiences will be disseminated to a group of selected media students in colleges via learning modules on grassroots media; leveraging interactions between media faculty members, students and women.
Nirantar TrustLocal - IndiaMar 2012 - Feb 2014USD 225,000
383Empowerment of Women in India through Innovative Vocational Education and Training
The primary objective of this project is to empower 3,000 impoverished women with the ability to participate in the democratic process and to strengthen their capacity to make decisions at an individual, family, and community level. This objective will be achieved by fostering economic empowerment for women once they have graduated from a certified university in Computerized Vocational and Educational Training (CVET) and through social anddemocratic empowerment with Life Enrichment Education (LEE).
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University)Local - IndiaApr 2012 - Apr 2014USD 350,000
384Development Pacts at local level: An accountability tool in the hands of communities in Kyrgystan
This project aims at improving access of communities to public goods and services in Kyrgyzstan. The project creates incentives for committed actors in public office to demonstrate higher standards of performance and accountability in the delivery of public services through ‘Development Pacts’ with local communities.
Transparency International KyrgyzstanLocal - KyrgyzstanDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 225,000
385Youth as Agents of Democratic Change through Knowledge and Information Acquisition and Exchange
The objective of this project is to develop the capacity of youth groups to actively engage in democratic and participatory processes, regarding the management and use of natural resources through information and communication technology (ICT); narrowing the urban-rural division in six provinces in Laos. The project will assist young people to document local sustainable practices and bio-diversity preservation and encourage youth volunteers to conduct simple action research and dialogue with communities on patterns and ownership, to influence policies and practices.
Participatory Development Training CenterLocal - Lao People's Democratic RepublicApr 2012 - Mar 2014USD 200,000
386Promoting Transparency and Accountability through Access to Information in the Maldives
This project aims to promote transparency and accountability in a nascent democratic environment through national access to information architecture. The project will establish the necessary linkages between public institutions and beneficiaries through a sustainable strategy of building local level knowledge and expertise in the Right to Information (RTI) through a combination of training, capacity development, civil society involvement, and innovative uses of information technology; to allow a wider outreach to the geographically disbursed islands.
Transparency MaldivesLocal - MaldivesApr 2012 - Mar 2014USD 264,000
387Institutionalizing Social Accountability of Community Radio in Nepal
The aim of this project is to strengthen the institutional capacity of community radios, to effectively serve as legitimate watchdogs for social accountability issues, as they work as agents of social transformation, whilst operating within the parameters of accountability.
Association of Community Radio Broadcasters NepalLocal - NepalJun 2012 - May 2014USD 275,000
388Empowering the Voice of a New Generation (EVNG) in Pakistan
The main objective of the EVNG programme is to harness the potential of Pakistani youth as they contribute towards the socio-economic and democratic development of Pakistan. This will be achieved by educating, engaging and empowering 500 youth from 20 districts of Pakistan in policy and public affairs at local, provincial and national level, by strengthening their networking capacity and developing positive inter-provincial relationships.
Civil Society Support ProgrammeLocal - PakistanFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 225,000
389Narrowing the Gender Gap in Flood-Affected Areas of Pakistan
The project will work with 12,000 women and 6,000 men in 48 locations of 8 of the flood-affected districts in Pakistan. The project seeks to reduce gender gaps and gender-based violence, through participatory analyses, awareness raising and mobilisation for action. Moreover, Gender Reform Committees will be created to monitor the performance of public officials through the utilization of gender and governance performance scorecards.
Pattan Development OrganisationLocal - PakistanApr 2012 - Mar 2014USD 250,000
390Institutionalizing Marginalized Communities’ Participation in the Philippine Budget Process
The project aims to institutionalize marginalized groups’ participation in budgeting, in eight targeted areas in the Philippines. Specifically, it aims to achieve enhanced capacities of marginalized groups to engage in local gender responsive budgeting and to promote government-citizen partnerships in light of new reforms.
Social Watch PhilippinesLocal - PhilippinesJan 2012 - Dec 2013USD 225,000
391Building Tajik youth's confidence in democracy, Tajikistan
This project aims to build Tajik youth’s confidence in democracy. This will be realized through the establishment of a Youth Parliament (YP) system which will produce plans and implement practical activities, through a small grants mechanism, to meet the needs of disenfranchised youth from ethnic minorities in the Kuhistoni Badakshon (VMKB) province of Tajikistan.
Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia- TajikistanLocal - TajikistanJan 2012 - Dec 2013USD 225,000
392Civil society empowerment in Advocacy and Policy Development in Vietnam
This project's objective is to increase the participation of CSOs in democratic policy-making. It will focus on: enlarging the competencies of CSOs to advocate for democratic participation in policy development processes in Vietnam, as well as aiding them to intervene within an established legal framework.
Reseach Center for Management and Sustainable DevelopmentLocal - Viet NamFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 175,000
393The Minority Network, a new challenge on Albanian society
This project seeks to improve human rights conditions of minorities and vulnerable groups in Albania, by creating an Anti-Discrimination Network (ADN), consisting of organizations focused on steering anti-discrimination actions in different communities, especially in marginalized ones. The Network will conduct legal and advocacy actions as well as operate as a watchdog, to monitor human rights violation cases and represent minority members in court. Moreover, it will strengthen its activity through legal training, summer schools, documentaries, and publications.
Albanian Human Rights GroupLocal - AlbaniaFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 150,000
394The Women's Center for Civic Engagement
The goal is to strengthen democracy by empowering women in public sector. Through training, leadership conferences and exchange programmes, the project will work to increase women’s participation in public life and civil society to advance in leadership positions, in government and civil society organizations.
Young Leaders Education, Training, and Development Public UnionLocal - AzerbaijanNov 2011 - Oct 2013USD 200,000
395Empowering Youth Leaders at Local Level in Bosnia and Herzegovina
This project seeks to increase civic activism and initiative among youth. It leverages cooperation between civil society and government authorities at local level, through the training of youth, teachers, and local authority representatives; promoting multilevel involvement in activities benefiting the community.
Democracy and Human Rights Education Center CIVITASLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 125,000
396Citizen Journalists for Free and Fair Elections in Georgia
This project promotes free and fair elections in Georgian regions, through the use of citizens-journalism as an effective tool of inclusion. In developing a close collaboration between professional and citizen-journalists, the project aims to provide Georgia's citizens with a better overview of electoral processes, in turn raising public trust in political elections and associated results relevant in the country.
Civic Development InstituteLocal - GeorgiaDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 175,000
397Transparency and accountability of authorities through common NGO's and Media watch dog activities
The main objective of this project is to contribute to a more transparent and accountable system of local governance in Moldova, by strengthening the role of NGOs and media as watchdogs of society.
National Center for Assistance & Information for NGOs in Moldova "CONTACT"Local - Moldova, Republic ofSep 2011 - Aug 2013USD 225,000
398Supporting Democratic Participation of Northern Indigenous Peoples in Decision-Making Process
With vast natural resources, Russia’s northern regions are of national and global importance; home to a vast number of indigenous people striving to maintain their traditional way of life. The project aims to create better functioning legal relationships between indigenous people, businesses and the state, through the draft of legislations, a code of conduct and a manual; tools of information for indigenous people outlining their civic rights and guiding them through the processes of democratic decision-making.
Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the NorthLocal - Russian FederationOct 2011 - Sep 2013USD 175,000
399Enhancing the Role of Internally Displaced Women in the Integration Process in Serbia
The overall objective of this project is to increase the capacity of IDP women, local civil society organizations, and authorities in order to integrate the needs and concerns of IDP women in integration processes; namely the implementation of the Local Action Plan (LAP) in the three target areas (Belgrade, Kragujevac and Kraljevo). The project will take an all-comprehensive approach to increase the capacity of stakeholders and support a sustained implementation of actions.
FractalLocal - SerbiaNov 2011 - Oct 2013USD 125,000
400New Opportunities for Marginalized Groups of Rural Communities in Chernobyl-Affected Area
The project aims to ensure inclusive governance in rural communities of Chernobyl-affected areas. It will work to engage all community stakeholders in innovative development actions and introduce civic education as an encouragement towards the equal participation of marginalized groups.
GURT Resource CentreLocal - UkraineDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 175,000
401Strenghtening access to information via community radio in Latin America
The project aims at achieving higher levels of citizen participation, and increased interaction between citizens and authorities in a local democratic context, through the creation of spaces for information sharing between local authorities and the population; ultimately enabling citizens to create and share information.
Asociación Latinoamericana de Educación Radiofónica / Latin American Radio Education AssociationRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 150,000
402Strengthening Women's Representation in National Leadership in Belize
This project aims at strengthening the capacities of women and civil society organizations to forge the development of an inclusive political platform and to institutionalize equal participation of women in national leadership by building their capabilities as leaders in the national elections.
Women's Issues NetworkLocal - BelizeJul 2012 - Jun 2014USD 225,000
403Representation and Political Participation of Five Urban Indigenous Populations in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
This project aims to strengthen the rights of five urban indigenous groups (Ayoreos, Guaraníes, Chiquitanos, Guarayo and Yuracaré-Mojeños) living in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, by reinforcing their participation and inclusion in the regional political framework of decision-making, in formulation of the 2012 Municipal Charter. Main activities include: the formation of 5 civil associations, the development of 2 census and 3 socio-economic studies, the training of 900 members of the indigenous population and 100 leaders, the conception of 2 annual public events and a TV program production as well as the creation of an APCOB library and associated website.
Apoyo Para el Campesino - indígena del Oriente BolivianoLocal - BoliviaApr 2012 - Mar 2014USD 225,000
404The rights and political participation of the Mapuche peoples of the Region of Araucania in Chile
The project aims to develop spaces purposed at promoting a political dialogue among Chile’s Mapuche communities and governmental authorities, within the political sphere. Moreover, it seeks to increase the capacity of the representatives of the Mapuche communities from the region of Araucanía, for the constitutional recognition of indigenous rights, impacting policy makers in Chile.
Corporation ProyectamericaLocal - ChileFeb 2012 - Jan 2014USD 175,000
405Strengthening Democratic Participation of Maya Communities in Rural Guatemala
SANK’s project aims at creating an inclusive democracy in Guatemala, by expanding recognition of indigenous women and traditional authorities of the Maya Communities in northern Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The project acts upon public policy decision-making processes, led by the local government and the administration of justice.
Asociacion Probienestar en Accion - Saaq Ach'oool Nimla Kaleb'aalLocal - GuatemalaMay 2012 - Apr 2014USD 175,000
406Education civique des jeunes de province pour la reconstruction d'Haïti
Le but du projet est de redynamiser l’éducation civique des jeunes vivant en milieu rural et ceux victimes du séisme de retour dans leur village du département de l’Artibonite en Haïti. Il s'agit de partir du drame du 12 janvier 2010 et de l'épidémie de choléra pour sensibiliser les jeunes de 18-25 ans sur leur engagement citoyen et le rôle central qu'ils sont appelés à jouer dans la reconstruction politique du pays.
Association des Parents et des Professeurs d'Ecole de LiancourtLocal - HaitiDec 2011 - Nov 2013USD 225,000
407Strengthening Democratic Participation Among Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico
This project aims to contribute at strengthening the autonomy and sovereignty of Mixe people and other indigenous groups in Oaxaca, by improving the respect of their rights and enhancing their participation in decision-making processes. It specifically intervenes on the role and position of indigenous women in society; in promotion of a democracy based on justice, equality and interculturality.
Servicios del Pueblo MixeLocal - MexicoJun 2012 - May 2014USD 225,000
408Strenghtening women's empowerment in the democratic process of Paraguay
The overall objective of this project is to contribute to women’s empowerment, socially, economically and politically in order to reduce the cultural gap between men and women in Paraguay. To achieve the above mentioned objective, the project will strengthen the capacity of rural women’s organizations, ensure public awareness, support women’s political rights and promote an effective collaboration with the local government.
Sociedad de Estudios Rurales y Cultura PopularLocal - ParaguayJul 2012 - Jun 2014USD 200,000
409Capacity Building for Local Governance: Cultivating a Global Community of Practice
THP proposes to strengthen an inclusive, participatory, grassroots democracy through the inclusion of women and marginalized groups, as a country-led strategy to achieve the MDGs by identifying, engaging and empowering those practitioners actively working in building a strong community of practice.
The Hunger ProjectGlobalNov 2012 - Oct 2014USD 225,000
410A Civil Society Strategy for Strengthening Democracy Education
CCD in drawing upon the findings of a seminar on democracy education, held in Mongolia in May 2012, will organize a conference on democracy for policymakers, to be held in India, in Fall 2012. The international organization will be closely working with an international network of experts and the CD Working Group on Democracy Education, to publish a resource guide on methods used to teach democracy. The guide will serve as a platform for the promotion of national pilot programmes to be held in Asia, the Middle East, and/or Latin America.
Council for a Community of DemocraciesGlobalAug 2012 - Jul 2014USD 275,000
411Strengthening Legal Frameworks for Access to Information in Africa
The project aims to strengthen legal frameworks for the enforcement of rights, to access information at a regional, sub-regional and national level in Africa; utilizing the soon to be adopted Model Law for African Union Member States on Access to Information. Additionally, the project will advocate for the integration of the Model Law into the existing legal framework of the African Union, directly adopted by the African Union Commission and the Pan African Parliament, in cooperation with Regional Economic Communities. At a national level, technical support will be provided by the Special Rapporteur in assisting 10 Member States to adopt access to information laws, conforming to the Model Law.
Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria)Regional - Sub-Saharan AfricaMar 2013 - Feb 2015USD 275,000
412Jeunesse en réseau pour une participation démocratique accrue au Burkina Faso
The project “Youth connected for growing democratic participation” will take place in Burkina Faso. Its objective is to strengthen the acquisition of a responsible democratic culture by youth, in six country regions, promoting citizen participation in decision-making processes at local level. The actions will have both local and national repercussions and will require the intervention of youth associations, elected officers, local partners and experts.
Lay Volunteer International AssociationLocal - Burkina FasoFeb 2013 - Jan 2014USD 110,000
413Campagne d' éducation au respect des principes démocratiques et promotion de dialogue démocratique au Burundi
The aim of this project is to evaluate the political climate in result of a peaceful political, democratic dialogue recovered in the country, and in light of democratic values ​​and principles set before the 2015 elections; bringing together political leaders ( opposition and power), parliamentarians and local councilors to promote democratic culture in local parliaments in Bujumbura .
Coalition de la Société Civile pour le Monitoring ElectoralLocal - BurundiApr 2013 - Sep 2014USD 200,000
414Developing Democratic Culture in Rural Communities Using Radio in Cameroon
The project aims to transform community radio in an effective instrument for the popularization of democratic values and practices in rural Cameroon. This will be achieved by developing the professional skills of 130 journalists and managerial capacities of 70 community radio station managers, and through the creation of high school Radio Democracy Debate Clubs, in promotion of a culture of democratic practices among young people. The practices of the project will be sustained through the establishment of the “National Association of Rural Radio Broadcasters for the Promotion of Grassroots Democracy in Cameroon”.
Change CommunicationsLocal - CameroonFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 175,000
415Jeunes, artisans d'une nouvelle citoyenneté au Tchad"
The project aims to aid youth associations to raise the voice of youth, in support of the development of public policies and associative leadership. This will be achieved through the strengthening of individual and collective capacities of youth organizations, within the framework of their joint actions towards the development and promotion of associative alliances.
Action des Partenaires pour l'Appui au DéveloppementLocal - ChadFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 200,000
416La Loi électorale en images pour les communautés analphabètes en République Démocratique du Congo
The project will facilitate the participation of illiterate voters in the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for the 2013/2014 provincial and local elections and other upcoming elections through the dissemination of democratic values and principles on the electoral law and media, in order to provoke and achieve political adherence to the electoral process.
Dynamique des Groupes des Peuples AutochtonesLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 175,000
417Promotion du dialogue démocratique et de la cohésion sociale dans l’ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire
This project aims to strengthen community dialogue and participatory democracy in the west of the country (Bangolo, Blolequin, Toulepleu, Sinfra and Soubré). It will support local civil society organizations (women's and youth) during the building of dialogue platforms, in support of the interaction between community actors in conflict.
Centre de Recherche et d'Action pour la PaixLocal - Côte d'IvoireFeb 2013 - Jul 2014USD 200,000
418Appui à l’implication des jeunes dans les processus électoraux au Gabon.
Le projet souhaite promouvoir la participation active des jeunes et amener ces derniers à s’impliquer dans les processus électoraux dans quatre provinces du Gabon (Estuaire, Moyen-Ogooué, Ogooué maritime et Woleu-Ntem) à travers la sensibilisation, les concerts populaires, les causeries, les universités d’été et un forum national. Il s’appuie sur les stratégies de communication et de mobilisation pour le changement des comportements et l’incitation des jeunes à s’inscrire sur les listes électorales et à voter.
Réseau des Organisations Libres de la société civile pour la Bonne Gouvernance au GabonLocal - GabonMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 200,000
420Enhancing public participation and oversight in county public planning and procurement processes in Kenya
This project aims to empower CSOs and citizens, by providing them with the necessary skills, information and ICT tools to participate in county planning and procurement processes in 3 rural counties of Kenya; thus to establish a framework for citizens' participation that can be replicated in other counties. It will build capacity via the training and networking of CSOs, establishing community monitors in each county, generating reliable data on procurement processes, conducting advocacy initiatives, and utilizing social media, the internet and community radio to disseminate information.
Ufadhili TrustLocal - KenyaAug 2013 - Jul 2015USD 225,000
421Promoting the Representation of Malagasy Women in Politics and Public Affairs
This project aims at promoting the representation of Malagasy women in politics and public affairs by increasing the number of female candidates elected in post-conflict decision-making institutions and strenghtening women’s political effectiveness. The project also seeks to enhance awareness on challenges confronting women’s representation in politics and public affairs and to share best practices on how to address them.
Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in AfricaLocal - MadagascarJan 2013 - Jun 2014USD 250,000
423Advancement of Women in Community Governance in Gaza Province of Mozambique
This project aims to promote the participation of women in the democratic process of local governance, targeting the Gaza province in Mozambique, where stigmatization and discrimination against women is especially severe. The project will take a holistic approach – awareness raising, capacity building and participation - in forming 20 members of women groups in each administrative post (43 in total).
KULIMA - Organisme pour le Développement Socio-économique IntégréLocal - MozambiqueMar 2013 - Feb 2015USD 200,000
424Promotion de la participation citoyenne des femmes aux processus budgétaires locaux au Niger
Le projet d'AEC est une initiative visant à garantir la prise en compte des droits économiques, sociaux et culturels des femmes, en particulier les droits à l’éducation, à la santé, à l’eau potable et à l’alimentation, à travers d’une part, le renforcement des capacités (suivi budgétaire, budgétisation sensible au genre et plaidoyer) des organisations féminines, des élus locaux et des médias des régions d’Agadez, Diffa et Zinder, et d’autre part l’amélioration de la participation des femmes aux processus décisionnels locaux, notamment aux processus budgétaires.
Alternative Espaces CitoyensLocal - NigerJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 175,000
425Initiative to Build Social Movements in Sierra Leone
The main objective of the project is to strengthen national civil society platforms to become more organized, cohesive, confident and effective in engaging power holders when bringing forward social change within their communities; accordingly 10 targeted civil society platforms will be engaged and trained. Four thematic areas will be considered: accountable governance, natural resource management and economic justice, human rights of youth, women and people with disabilities, as well as food security and land rights.
Network Movement for Justice and DevelopmentLocal - Sierra LeoneOct 2012 - Sep 2014USD 225,000
426Building the Capacity of First Time Parliamentarians
The November 2012 elections will usher in a large number of first-time parliamentarians. This project seeks to build the capacity of 40 new MPs to participate effectively in parliament activities, thus supporting the government’s agenda on female and youth participation in governance. Moreover, it seeks to strengthen the relationship between new MPs and their constituencies by opening dialogue forums, in support of the establishment of a constituency parliamentary committee to aid MPs in mobilizing the community.
Democracy Sierra LeoneLocal - Sierra LeoneOct 2012 - Sep 2014USD 135,000
427Gender and State Building in South Sudan
The project aims to establish and bring together women civil society organizations through the establishment of Regional Gender Working Groups in three regions of South Sudan, serving as a platform to coordinate civil society and government participation in the Constitutional Review Process. This platform will also serve to bring together diverse organizations working in the fields of human rights and gender to build upon collective experience, through capacity building, and knowledge sharing in Rwanda. These efforts will collectively enhance the promotion of gender equality and gender sensitive participation, in the constitutional and democratic processes in South Sudan.
South Sudan Women's Empowerment NetworkLocal - South SudanMar 2014 - Feb 2016USD 225,000
428Strengthening Democratic Practices through Adult Civic Education among Maasai women and men
This project aims to ensure Maasai women and men’s effective participation in civic and democratic processes, through awareness raising activities and civic education workshops for Maasai community members. The project will try to improve the decision-making processes by training local leaders, holding community dialogue meetings and establishing community watchdog groups. Cultural institutions such as Ilagwanak, Council of Elders, other local government organizations, and influential individuals will be involved in promoting recognition for women within democratic political forums.
Longido Community Development OrganizationLocal - Tanzania, United Republic ofJun 2013 - May 2015USD 160,000
429Démocratie locale, décentralisation et développement des territoires au Togo
Préparant le processus de décentralisation, le projet répond au besoin de dialogue organisé entre les autorités locales et la population par la formation à l’action des porteurs d’initiatives locales, de comités cantonaux et communaux de développement à la production de projet de territoire, et des collectivités à la planification concertée. Chaque catégorie d’acteurs est sensibilisée à son rôle dans le processus de gouvernance locale. 30% de femmes au moins participent activement à chaque activité.
Centre International de Développement et de RechercheLocal - TogoFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 225,000
430Des journalistes, médiateurs entre les autorités locales, les Osc, et les citoyens du Rwanda
Contribuer à une meilleure participation des populations à l'élaboration des politiques publiques grâce à une information indépendante et constructive sur les actions des autorités locales et celles de la société civile et l’amélioration du dialogue entre citoyens, autorités et organisation de la société civile. Pour ce faire, il y aura un renforcement des compétences des journalistes pour assurer un suivi indépendant des actions des autorités de base et des OSC, la mise en place d’espace de débat public et la diffusion des résultats de ces débats.
PAX PressLocal - RwandaFeb 2013 - Jan 2014USD 100,000
431YES 4 Uganda - Youth Empowerment Services for Uganda
YES 4 Uganda aims to increase youth involvement in governance and decision-making processes in Tororo, Busia and Jinja Districts in Uganda, where poverty is acute and youth involvement is very low. It seeks to strengthen the position of young people within their communities through the establishment of 24 youth clubs, centered on promoting skills-building, awareness raising, peer learning and direct engagement.
DSW UgandaLocal - UgandaApr 2013 - Mar 2015USD 225,000
432Promoting Human Rights through providing Access to Information for marginalised Women.
This project seeks to promote access to information for women living in Zimbabwe's marginalized communities, through the use of alternative broadcasting, printed media and social media as well as community-based policy dialogues. Additionally gender-sensitive reporting training will be provided to journalists to enable them to publish stories pertaining to women’s empowerment.
Media CentreLocal - ZimbabweMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 225,000
433Supporting the Engagement of Youth and Civil Society in Public Policy Dialogue in North Africa
The purpose of this project is to engage youth and civil society in public policy dialogue in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya by training individuals and providing materials for organizational support to carry out 240 local level public policy programs; thus utilizing the project citizen curriculum (previously used in a Second Round UNDEF-funded project in Morocco). The curriculum is designed to engage civil society organizations and youth in public policy analysis, enabling them to carry out informed policy dialogue with local decision makers, community leaders and other stakeholders. The project will create a regional network of policy advocates and will use social media tools to share information and ideas with CSOs and youth groups, throughout the North African region.
Moroccan Center for Civic EducationRegional - Middle East and North AfricaOct 2012 - Sep 2014USD 275,000
434Women Empowerment in Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt.
The overall objective of this project is empower regional civil society, more specifically women, in Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, by strengthening their democratic representation. The goal is to increase the capacity of women and to establish networks among civil society, enforcing the equal participation of women; thus educating CSO members on human rights conventions and women’s rights in constitutions, and providing them with skills and practical knowledge to form a network of women members in underprivileged remote areas.
Jordanian Center for Civic EducationRegional - Middle East and North AfricaFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 275,000
436Ensemble contre la violence et la discrimination des femmes à Djibouti
The aim of this project is to contribute to the elimination of violence and discrimination vis-à-vis the women in the Tadjourah region. The project will employ campaigns to raise awareness and mobilize local society via the creation of vigilance groups in 20 localities.
Association des Femmes de TadjourahLocal - DjiboutiJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 200,000
437Women in Democratic Transition: Political Watchdog Unit II
Women have neither achieved equal access to decision-making positions nor have they had opportunities to exercise their basic political rights in Egypt. This project aims to address this key issue and strengthen the political participation of women leaders in Egypt's political, social and cultural framework in consideration of the 2013/14 elections and the transitioning period the country is currently facing . The project will strive to increase the know-how of political leaders, the Egyptian population and international partners on the crucial need for equal participation of women in the political sphere, and to build the capacity of the Egyptian women who are interested in running as local councils and parliamentary candidates. Furthermore, the project will build the capacity of media professionals, to effectively cover stories pertaining to women’s issues and to efficiently monitor the progress of women’s access to politics.
The Egyptian Center for Women's RightsLocal - EgyptNov 2013 - Apr 2015USD 225,000
438Democratic and Empowerment Processes (DEEP)
This project aims at realizing participation youth rights, through social empowerment, thus leading to young peoples' active involvement in decisions affecting them in society. This will be achieved by equipping youth with skills and capacitating civil society to support them in establishing forums capable of eliciting youth engagement and empowerment processes.
Permanent Peace MovementLocal - LebanonFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 215,000
439Center of Excellence to Mainstream Women in Democratization Process
The project aims to develop a nationwide civic education strategy and establish a center of excellence to mainstream women in the democratization process. The purpose of the center is to provide comprehensive training and capacity building programs for Libyan women, which enable women to bring about change. The curriculum will include educational elements on democratic processes and institutions, gender, leadership and interpersonal skills. On completion of piloting, a plan for implementation will be presented to the Libyan government.
Libyan Woman ForumLocal - State of LibyaDec 2012 - Nov 2014USD 225,000
440Jeunes Pour la Démocratie au Maroc
Le projet a pour objectif de développer la citoyenneté active des jeunes et de soutenir leur participation politique au moyen d’un « parlement parallèle » (Shadow Council). Le projet vise également à offrir aux jeunes une plateforme d’échange sur laquelle ils pourront exprimer leurs opinions et leurs visions. Le projet vise enfin à améliorer les compétences des jeunes dans les domaines de l’analyse et l’évaluation des politiques publiques, par le biais d’un cycle de formation et d’apprentissage. Dans cette perspective le projet définit 3 résultats qui sont poursuivis à travers 11 produits / 21 activités.
Médiateur pour la Démocratie et les Droits de l’HommeLocal - MoroccoMar 2013 - Feb 2015USD 275,000
441"FINDER": Forming Investigative Networks for Democracy Enhancement and Reporting in Palestine
“FINDER” aims to develop a capacitated Palestinian media sector enabled to exercise its role as an independent watchdog and source of reliable information. The strategy includes a variety of capacity building measures targeting student journalists, media professionals and CSOs, who will participate in trainings, and the conducting of in-depth investigative reporting and awareness raising activities to trigger nationwide discussions. A new investigative journalism curriculum will be developed for Al-Quds University media students, along with training manuals in investigative reporting and new media for journalists and CSOs. The investigative reports resulting from the university course and training sessions will be used to stimulate discussions at a series of town hall meetings, which will be broadcast on local television. The best three reports will be broadcast on Palestinian satellite TV to reach a maximum audience. The students, journalists and CSO trainees will form an investigative reporters’ network with a website and online platform to exchange ideas and support.
Al Quds University / Institute of Modern MediaLocal - PalestineJun 2013 - May 2015USD 180,000
442Education électorale des femmes et des jeunes en Tunisie
La Ligue des Electrices Tunisiennes souhaite à travers ce projet augmenter la participation des femmes et des jeunes aux prochaines élections. À cette fin, la LET lancera un vaste programme de sensibilisation et d’éducation à la citoyenneté ainsi qu’une formation d’observateurs pour les prochaines élections et la création d’un terrain de rencontre et d’échange d’idées entre les représentants des parties politiques et les militants des droits des femmes. La LET compte également effectuer des simulations dans les régions cibles pour pratiquer le vote avec les femmes rurales.
Ligue des électrices tunisiennesLocal - TunisiaFeb 2013 - Jan 2014USD 80,000
443Projet d'accompagnement de la transition démocratique et de Promotion de la citoyenneté en Tunisie
This projects aims to increase participation of citizens in three Tunisian regions (Tataouine, Gabès and Sfax) during the upcoming elections, thus to reduce the rate of abstention and blank voters. The project relies primarily on strengthening the capacities of local associations, in order to enable them to contribute efficiently toards an inclusive society.
Association Nationale de Développement DurableLocal - TunisiaApr 2013 - Mar 2015USD 225,000
445MDG Unions: Building Participatory Democracy From the Bottom Up in Rural Bangladesh
This project will be developed in light of the recent legal reforms and governance improvements at local level (the Union Parishad or UP), by building the capacity of the UP, and mobilizing citizenry through the implementation of a village assembly (Ward Shava); operating to accelerate progress for social and economic development. The project will work to promote the results throughout the country in partnership with local and national media.
The Hunger Project - BangladeshLocal - BangladeshMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 250,000
446Improving journalism ethics in Cambodia through monitoring and a Media Watch TV Show
This project aims to improve the ethical standards of mainstream newspapers and TV stations, through a “watchdog” mechanism, monitoring the adherence of newspapers and TV stations working in compliance with the Journalism Code of Ethics, and drawing attention upon media practices. Thus contributing to increasing citizens’ access to information and strengthening CJCE’s role as a watchdog.
Cambodia Health Education Media ServiceLocal - CambodiaDec 2012 - Nov 2014USD 130,000
447Empowering vulnerable people through Internet: an E-learning program for Chinese Migrant Workers
The project aims to empower young migrant workers (YMW) (aged 16-24) through the development of innovative educational approaches and to connect them through the use of social media as a platform for communication, information sharing, knowledge development and mutual support. The project seeks to increase YMWs’ rights, improve their ability to articulate their concerns, enhance networking mechanisms among migrant YMWs as well as promote the effective implementation of their proposals and actions.
ICO Institute for Social AgendaLocal - ChinaFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 225,000
448Civic Education and empowerment for more women in leadership, from villages to parliament in Fiji
The project aims at increasing women’s representation in public offices, in support of women’s participation in political processes and civic leadership. A large number of women will be trained through the BRIDGE, Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections methodology: a specialized training that enables women to actively participate in society.
National Council Of WomenLocal - FijiSep 2013 - Aug 2015USD 225,000
449Swara: A Community Platform for Sharing Information in India
The project aims at developing a vibrant community, an owned and managed information network, accessible to people living in poverty in Central India. Moreover, it seeks to operationalize and refine the tools and practices that facilitate grassroots media to effectively and efficiently communicate across the areas of field experimentation and engagement.
Society for Integrated Tribal and Rural ActionLocal - IndiaJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 250,000
450Human Rights and Democracy Actors Reinforcement Alliances to Strengthen Democracy in Indonesia
The project aims at strengthening civil society and democratic practices, particularly related to women’s participation, in the Indonesian regions of Aceh, Borneo and Papua. This will be achieved through capacity building, the establishment of forums for citizen participation and the consolidation of practices. During the project, activities such as democracy workshops, public hearings and a final national seminar will take place in contribution to community activism.
Satunama FoundationLocal - IndonesiaMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 200,000
451Kazakhstan Civil Society Building Initiative
The aim of the Civil Sector Capacity Building Initiative is to improve the quality of NGO services and programs in Kazakhstan, by strengthening the capacity of NGOs to effectively implement accountability tools and strategies. The project strategy is based on stakeholder collaboration in the development of NGO Accountability Guidelines, as well as regional trainings to support guideline dissemination and implementation.
Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia - KazakhstanLocal - KazakhstanFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 250,000
452Make Radio - Make Progress: Breaking the informational isolation of mountain communities in Kyrgyzstan
The project aims to improve access to information of marginalized groups in secluded areas, by enhancing community media in Kyrgyzstan. The project will create a national Community Media (CM) Association that facilitates the smooth entrance of new actors in the community media sector, with a focus on marginalized groups of mountain communities. The Association will enrich the media landscape with diverse news and views from marginalized groups, thus enabling a close look at marginalized populations. This initiative will be combined with lobbying initiatives at national level, in proposition of possible amendments to media law.
Public Foundation MediamostLocal - KyrgyzstanDec 2012 - Nov 2014USD 120,000
453Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society – Phase II (LEAD II)
The objective of the project "Lao Encouraging and Applying Democracy for Civil Society (LEAD II)" is to enable meaningful participation of CSOs in decision-making processes in Lao society, by encouraging the engagement of local and national leaders. This will be achieved by increasing CSOs' opportunities to advocate on behalf of their beneficiaries and by providing increased encouragement for CSOs to engage with the government or communities, in constructive dialogues on beneficiary issues. The activities in support of these outcomes include capacity building activities such as stakeholder meetings, training workshops, mentoring, and small grant opportunities for CSOs to engage in advocacy projects building on the lessons learned during training activities.
Kenan Foundation Asia (operationally, Kenan Institute Asia)Local - Lao People's Democratic RepublicMar 2013 - Feb 2015USD 250,000
454Increasing citizens ‘ access to information to promote transparency and integrity in Mongolia
The project’s goal is to promote transparency and integrity at a national and sub-national level in Mongolia, utilizing the newly adopted FOI law.The involvement of local NGOs, government and media, will be essential in accessing and disclosing public information as well as monitoring the transparency and integrity of public bodies.
Globe InternationalLocal - MongoliaDec 2012 - Nov 2014USD 175,000
456Strengthening Local Democracy Through Ward Citizen Forums
A major obstacle for an inclusive democratization process has been the negligible involvement of women in it. The project’s objective is to increase the participation of women in Ward Citizen Forums (WCFs). In terms of the results, the above mentioned objective may be reached, by informing women about their democratic rights and Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB), thereby making them more vocal of their demands, with an enhanced capacity in decision-making processes at local level. Media, will be a prominent actor in generating awareness whilst highlighting the importance of women's roles and impact of their participation in local governance and civic affairs.
Media Initiative for Rights, Equity and Social TransformationLocal - NepalSep 2013 - Aug 2015USD 250,000
457Strengthening Youth, Minority and Women's Organizations in Pakistan
The project aims at improving the way in which democracy is understood among civil society organizations, particularly youth/women/religious minority led/focused organizations in 25 districts of Pakistan. The two-years project will resume with a baseline survey in all selected districts, to measure the understanding of CSOs on democracy followed by 200 Democracy Forums engaging 10,000 CSO members. Moreover, 6 National ToTs will be organized to train 150 CS members as master trainers, who will subsequently train 5000 CS members on democracy through 200 workshops. Additionally, 150 seed grants will be awarded to local CSOs for grassroots actions for democracy, while 4 bi-annual newsletters and 2 annual National CS Democracy Forums will be organized to promote grassroots practices to strengthen democracies. Concurrently, 2 Press conferences will be organized, with the participation of media, to share the results obtained through the implementation of this project.
Chanan Development AssociationLocal - PakistanMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 225,000
458Expanding and Fortifying Local Democracy Through People’s Council in the Philippines
This project is a replication of the people’s council concept and mechanisms, in the barangays, in the City of Naga and in 6 of its municipalities. It aim to establish, expand and institutionalize a people participatory mechanism as well as consolidate and mobilize Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the targeted areas, to engage their respective LGUs in all levels of governance.
Naga City People’s CouncilLocal - PhilippinesFeb 2013 - Jul 2014USD 200,000
459Paint a Rainbow – Youth Voices for Democracy in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan youth are faced with the critical challenge to participate in the democratic processes. This project aims to enhance democracy education among youth by creating a mutli-language e-curriculum on democracy and by training youth in collaborative digital media creation. It will enable youth to express opinions and concerns on civic issues, and will engage the same in a democratic dialogue with their peers to bring about a positive change in society.
Shilpa Sayura FoundationLocal - Sri LankaJun 2013 - May 2015USD 225,000
460Youth leaders in Tajikistan
This project will encourage Tajik youth to participate in the current political debate on youth policy issues. The project seeks to achieve its objective by strengthening youth capacities, leveraging their understanding of democratic values and principles. A key mechanism is the creation of a Youth Debate Center as well as the development of a monitoring body, created to evaluate the effectiveness of youth policy recommendations and their direct application.
Youth of the 21st CenturyLocal - TajikistanDec 2012 - May 2014USD 175,000
461Facilitating Access to Justice in Timor-Leste
The project promotes access to justice in Timor-Leste, by improving public awareness and confidence in the justice sector. Targeted workshops, radio programs, seminars and publications will be used to build awareness in communities relevant to the Courts' and Parliament's work with regards to laws and legislative processes. These activities will be complemented by the independent monitoring and reporting of the Courts and Parliament to enhance transparency and accountability of the justice sector, thereby fostering greater public trust.
Judicial System Monitoring ProgramLocal - Timor-LesteJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 275,000
462Young Women Leadership Program in Tonga
The Young Women Leadership Program aims at identifying, encouraging and enhancing the leadership potential of young women in Tonga. Through training and mentorship, selected young women will become leaders and implement their own developed projects; a prime opportunity for young women in Tonga to make a difference within their communities.
Talitha Project IncLocal - TongaFeb 2013 - Jul 2014USD 60,000
463Media, Government and Civil Society Dialogue in Uzbekistan
This project will contribute towards the freedom of press in Uzbekistan and contribute towards the independency of media, that has the capacity to engage in the professional coverage of human rights, political issues and other related matters in Uzbekistan; in cooperation with the civil society and government. The specific objective of the project is to enhance access to information by the media in support of a common public purpose.
Regional DialogueLocal - UzbekistanOct 2012 - Sep 2013USD 120,000
464Strengthening the HIV-positive women’s networks in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia
This project promotes equal rights for women living with HIV. In reaching its objective it seeks to train NGOs representing women living with HIV, to hold roundtables in promotion of a dialogue between NGOs and Government; supporting the exchange of practices and experiences, the organization of an international conference on women with HIV, and the production of a manual in book-form. Overall the project aims to enhance the work of NGOs representing HIV-positive women, raise the quality of managerial decision-making and support greater public tolerance towards HIV-positive women.
Public Health and Social Development FoundationRegional - EuropeOct 2012 - Sep 2014USD 300,000
465Creating A Network of Young Reporters
This project aims to empower young people through the enhancement of media skills, to raise youth participation in civic life and define the formulation of a democratic society. This will be achieved through increased civic and media literacy among regional youth for the creation, production and dissemination of information. Media products will be shared within communities through the use of photo exhibitions, film screenings and magazines; diversified tools of engagement in respect to mainstream media.
Manana Youth Educational Cultural CenterLocal - ArmeniaJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 200,000
466Democracy Initatives Support Project (DISP)
The project aims to improve electoral processes to raise participation, especially among women and youth, in the upcoming Presidential (2013), Municipal (2014) and Parliamentary (2015) elections. This will be achieved through a strengthened civil society in the regions of Sheki, Lenkaran, Ganja, Mingechevir and Guba and in a closer partnership with local governments and the Central Election Commission. Further on, AYU will, together with its local implementing partners offer voter education to citizens, with a special focus on women and youth.
Azerbaijan Youth UnionLocal - AzerbaijanJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 225,000
467Promoting Democracy in Georgia through Empowering Young Members of Political Parties and CSOs
The main objective of this project is to equip young members of political parties and civil society organizations in Georgia, with relevant knowledge and skills to enhance their roles in effective democratic governance and policy-making. Achieved through training in leadership, public policy analysis, and advocacy; the objective is to create a road map for political parties and civil society organizations to increase their awareness on how to engage effectively and productively.
International Centre for Social Research and Policy AnalysisLocal - GeorgiaOct 2012 - Sep 2014USD 115,000
468Civic Involvement for Transparency and Accountability
This project aims to increase civic involvement in the monitoring of local governance for transparency and accountability purposes. This will be achieved through 3 CSOs training (monitoring, issue identification, and advocacy) during 22-months monitoring activities; where advocacy campaigns will be conducted by CSOs within their respective municipalities, in a framework of enhanced networking.
Kosova Democratic InstituteLocal - KosovoJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 250,000
469Civil Society to Monitor and Contribute to Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies in Moldova
The project seeks to increase engagement between civil society and media houses for the purpose of fighting against and reducing corruption; enabling both actors to act as watchdogs and major contributors to the anti-corruption policies developed in Moldova. The project will engage national and grassroots NGOs as well as local media, for complex monitoring and advocacy efforts around the implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan, strengthening civil society's oversight and participation in the formulation and implementation of anti-corruption policies.
East Europe Foundation - MoldovaLocal - Moldova, Republic ofDec 2012 - Nov 2014USD 200,000
470Strengthening the Right to Information in Perm Region, Russia
The project's objective is to strengthen the capacities of citizens, state and municipal authorities to apply the right to information legislation in the Perm region, and to improve transparency and information openness amongst state and municipal authorities. Special emphasis will be given to marginalized people such as prison inmates who will be given consultations, lectures and provided with materials for research development purposes. Increased media outreach on right to information related topics will support the objective throughout the project.
Perm Regional Human Rights Protection CentreLocal - Russian FederationFeb 2013 - Jan 2015USD 200,000
471The Territory Of Good Deeds
The project is aimed at empowering citizens, by involving them directly in the selection and implementation of social projects needed within their community. An innovative technology-based platform will be developed to facilitate the selection and contribution as well as the transfer of resources and services to the targeted projects. It is also expected that the trust between citizens and local government will be strengthened through a solid partnership with local stakeholders, active participants of the projects.
Cultural Institution CloudwatcherLocal - Russian FederationMar 2013 - Feb 2015USD 170,000
472Energy sector development for public benefit
The project will closely work with selected local communities and CSOs, to run common campaigns to bring changes into particular infrastructural projects and national policies relating to energy and climate change. The project will combine research (field trips and studies of local impacts on the disadvantaged), advocacy (publications, correspondence and meetings), information distribution (new and traditional media outreach, information tours) and capacity building for activists (skills sharing meetings, trainings and manual). NECU will pass on its knowledge and experience of influencing decisions and using media for other local initiatives and CSOs; utilized far beyond the UNDEF-sponsored project.
National Ecological Centre of UkraineLocal - UkraineJul 2013 - Jun 2015USD 225,000
473Young citizens in action: Model to promote citizenship culture and capacity in disadvantaged youth
In Costa Rica, local governments lack adequate participation mechanisms to engage youth. Likewise, youth shows little interest to participate in local decision-making processes.This project's objective is to foster youth participation and interaction in local governance; achieved via a participatory process, Youth Citizens in Action Model, to strengthen institutional capacities in three local governments and capacitate youth to be better equipped at a local level.
Fundación PaniamorLocal - Costa RicaJan 2013 - Dec 2014USD 250,000
474Building a democratic political culture in marginal urban areas in Dominican Republic.
The main development objective of this project is to contribute to the elimination of exclusion, poverty, and inequality through advocacy and the promotion of fair and universal public policies. In order to achieve the overall goal, the project seeks to enhance youth capacity in participating in decision-making processes while taking initiative and fulfilling leadership roles in Boca Chica, Los Alcarrizos, and the (3rd) district of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.
Centro Bonó.Local - Dominican RepublicJun 2013 - May 2015USD 250,000
475Strengthening Municipal Capacity for Access to Public Information in El Salvador
The project contributes to the development of transparency and citizen participation conditions, in local-level public institutions; promoting the enforcement of the Law for Access to Public Information. The project will be implemented in 10 municipalities in El Salvador, and it will aid in strengthening the capacities of public and private stakeholders to publicize and implement citizen oversight for purposes of law enforcement.
Fundación Dr. Guillermo Manuel UngoLocal - El SalvadorJan 2013 - Aug 2014USD 250,000
476Civic Participation of Indigenous Youth for the Strengthening of Democracy
The project aims to increase the participation of Q’eqchi youth (especially women) in individual and collective decision-making and democratic processes in the municipality of Sayaxché, department of Petén, involving local government. One hundred Q'eqchi youth will be trained as Promoters of Democracy; promoting civic participation efforts among young people in villages. Moreover, a youth organization will be created, with the purpose of encouraging youth to vote and to participate in village development processes, and a public policy proposal will be scripted for Q’eqchi's youth; developed in cooperation with municipal authorities.
Coordinación de ONGs y CooperativasLocal - GuatemalaJul 2013 - Jun 2015USD 225,000
477Strengthening Women's Public Participation in Nine Municipalities of Honduras
The project will promote the public participation of women, in democratic processes and grant them access to public office, in nine selected municipalities. This will be achieved through the strengthening of women's networks and coordination of efforts between municipal institutions and civil society organizations, to promote a gender mainstream in municipal public policies. The promotion of women’s public participation will be further strengthened by advocacy efforts.
Save the Children HondurasLocal - HondurasMar 2013 - Aug 2014USD 225,000
478Youngsters and women reinforcing the construction of a participative democracy in their communities.
This project intends to promote women’s rights, gender equality, and youth participation in decision-making and public policy implementation, in 24 rural towns in 3 regions of the State of Veracruz, Mexico. Though the “Citizenship Education Model”, the capacity of 36 female and young leaders will be developed, to strengthen their position as possible candidates, elected representatives, and public officials within their regions. The project encourages women and youth to formulate a Citizen’s Agenda (CA), to be disseminated and eventually taken into consideration by candidates for the 2013-2014 local election.
Desarrollo AutogestionarioLocal - MexicoMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 175,000
479Arts as a action to stand up for women's rights".
This project aims to protect and promote women’s rights, utilizing art as an effective tool to communicate and raise awareness, on the challenges women are currently facing (violence against women and implementation of the Law on Violence Against Women (Law 779) in protecting and promoting their rights). In partnership with women’s organizations, theater groups and local authorities, this project will produce 200 theater performances as well as 20 artworks to raise awareness of the above mentioned problems; triggering concrete action for meaningful change.
Movimiento de Teatro Popular Sin FronterasLocal - NicaraguaMay 2013 - Apr 2015USD 250,000
481Legal empowerment and democratic participation of peasant communities in the Puno region of Peru
This project aims to promote the strengthening of governability and democracy in Peasant Communities of the Puno region; legally empowering people, by providing them with the tools necessary to raise democratic participation, through the regularization of the peasant community and social organization of legal personalities (recognition from the State of a civil group, grants legal capacity). Overall the project seeks to promote citizenship, democratic participation, access to governmental benefits, advocacy activities and gender equality; through workshops, training and in provision of information and affordable legal services.
Microjusticia Peru ONGDLocal - PeruJun 2013 - May 2015USD 225,000
482Inclusive Political Participation - Accessing the Ballot Box
The main objectives of this project are to establish a baseline understanding of the political participation of people with intellectual disabilities and raise the comprehension of the right to political participation; providing people with tools necessary to initiate positive change. The project seeks to reach its objective through the collection and analysis of data, the production and dissemination of information and publications as well as the design of targeted workshops and training programmes.
Inclusion InternationalGlobalNov 2013 - Apr 2015USD 200,000
483Scalable, Low-Cost Mobile Technology Capacity Building Workshops For Civil Society Organizations
Frontline SMS will create and host a series of web-based trainings to support 35 civil society organizations in their efforts to use mobile technology to broaden citizen participation in democratic processes. An innovative, guided curriculum aimed at exploring applications of mobile technology for accessing information and monitoring civic engagement, will be developed to outline the challenges resulting from the use of technology to engage members of society. Furthermore an online resource toolkit aimed at improving mobile engagement efforts for civil society organizations will be created to engage people worldwide.
FrontlineSMSGlobalDec 2013 - Nov 2015USD 90,000
484Supporting Constitution-making and reform: A Cornerstone of Peacebuilding and State Building
Constitution-making processes provide unique opportunities for conflict-affected or fragile societies to bridge the endeavors of peace-building and state-building. They can consolidate the legitimacy of democracy through inclusivity or compromise the integrity of embryonic democracies by reproducing the patterns of exclusion that underpin conflict. As there is little available guidance or exchange on the processes of constitution-making and reform, this project seeks to expand awareness and facilitate the application of inclusive, participatory approaches to such processes through national and international practitioners.
Interpeace – The International Peacebuilding AllianceGlobalOct 2013 - Sep 2015USD 200,000
485Eau et Assainissement pour tous : Pour une société civile forte et entendue en Afrique de l’Ouest
This two year project aims to strengthen both the voice and influence of African civil society over water and sanitation issues. The project will support a collective of eight countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo) to increase true advocacy of the issues of water and sanitation through: capacity building (training, expertise); participation in decision-making processes(meetings, dialogue); and access to and dissemination of information (information workshops).
Secrétariat Permanent des Organisations Non Gouvernementales du Burkina FasoRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaDec 2013 - Nov 2015USD 250,000
486Renforcement de la participation des femmes à la gestion des affaires publiques au Bénin (RPF-GAP)
The project aims to promote women's leadership and gender issues in the decision-making processes of budgeting for 14 towns in Benin. More specifically, it aims to strengthen women participation in decision-making at a municipal and departmental level. To succeed, 14 Women's Municipal Movements will be created and supported in each chosen municipality where women will be trained on gender budgeting and citizenship rights.
Dimension Sociale BéninLocal - BeninNov 2013 - Oct 2015USD 200,000
487Empowerment of NGOs for civic participation in electoral system and in the politic of development
This project aims to empower CSOs to advocate for citizen inclusion in the political process; providing essentials tools specific to participation in the monitoring and evaluation of elections, furtherly creating the legal conditions for a transparent and credibile democratic system in Cape Verde. To do so, a new law on election observation will be developed, instructional handbooks on election observation for CSOs will be produced, and a training for election observers will be conducted.
Platform of Non-Government Organizations of Cape VerdeLocal - Cape VerdeApr 2014 - Sep 2015USD 110,000
488Création et redynamisation d’une société civile agissante dans 6 ETD en République démocratique du Congo
This project aims to create and promote civil society participation via community resource management in the cities of Bagata, Fatundu, Misay, Djuma, Vanga and Nioki. To achieve this, the project will strengthen the capacities of community leaders and local government, through the configuration of workshops to establish a nuclei of civil society in decentralized territorial entities, the hosting of workshops to develop a community plan, and the implementation of an awareness campaign and training, distinctly on gender issues and women's leadership.
ONGD BunketeLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoDec 2013 - Nov 2014USD 100,000
489Appui a la Gouvernance Democratique Locale (AGODEL) des zones minieres de la Haute Guinee-Nord
This project aims to attain the strengthening of local democratic governance of mining communities in Upper Guinea. More specifically, it seeks to reinforce citizen participation and transparency in the management of three targeted municipalities due to the lack of transparency and citizen accountability, the influence of close supervision in the management of local public affairs, and low citizen participation in local development; a result of impunity and degradation of the social fabric.
Centre d'Appui pour le Developpement Economique et SocialLocal - GuineaJan 2014 - Dec 2015USD 225,000
490Kenyan County Youth Councils (KCYC)
The objective of YEPCOGK is to engender youth participation in county government in five counties, in Kenya. The purpose of this project is to build youth capacities, county assemblies and civil servants, so as to engender youth participation in governance. More specifically, a hundred young people will be trained through two workshops, and five Youth Councils will be created to engage young people in a dialogue with county authorities through 15 interface meetings with assemblies and governments.
Centre for Law and Research InternationalLocal - KenyaApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 230,000
491Fostering Women Inclusion, Gender Equity and Political Participation Through Media
This project intends to provide speedy information to rural women via radio and ICT, to strengthen research and documentation competencies of women groups, and to increase media capacities whilst reporting on gender issues. The radio to mobile service, powered by a local GSM company, will take LWDR’s broadcast to women in forest and mountainous rural areas, giving them a chance to access useful information and engage on issues related to their human, economic and political rights as well as their advancement and role in governance.
Liberia Women Media Action CommitteeLocal - LiberiaFeb 2014 - Jan 2016USD 230,000
492Mise en place d’un espace de dialogue entre les dirigeants et les dirigés dans les Communes rurales à Madagascar
The project aims to promote civic engagement and accountability among leaders in local development policies. Leaders and citizen representatives will be trained on democracy, citizenship and good governance as well as how to intervene by means of dialogue. Hence, dialogue procedures will be validated and put to work by updating a municipal development plan, which enhances local communication and directly supports citizens.
ONG LalanaLocal - MadagascarJan 2014 - Dec 2015USD 200,000
493Judges & Community Workers Join Forces to Enhance Access to Democratic Justice
IAWJ in partnership with WOJAM and CELA will facilitate a democratic exchange between judges and vulnerable groups, seeking the right to participate in court processes. The project will identify and remove barriers vulnerable groups of individuals face in accessing justice. Through public education activities, vulnerable women will be provided with information valuable to advocate for their rights, and through training seminars on civic education, judges will be demanded to support citizens in entering the courts. Moreover, marginalized women will be granted a forum in which they may share their opinions and points of view on how to render courts more accessible to them.
International Association of Women JudgesLocal - MalawiApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 225,000
494Building the Capacity of Community-base Groups for the Effective Use of Freedom of Information Act
The project aims to build the capacity of community-based groups, to effectively use the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act in accessing public records in 13 local government councils across Nigeria. Accordingly, 650-1000 Nigerian law students will be trained on the freedom of information; educated to provide support to community members/groups to effectively use the Freedom of Information Act.
Network of University Legal Aid Institutions, NigeriaLocal - NigeriaMar 2014 - Feb 2016USD 230,000
495Empowering persons with Disabilities in Rwanda
The project aims at empowering people with disabilities in Rwanda by improving their access to health and social services. This will be achieved by, strengthening local structures supporting PWDs and improving the legal and institutional framework enabling PWDs to advocate against stigma. Our strategy anticipates DPOs, government and other stakeholders training, quarterly coordination meetings, an annual partnership review, study tours, a joint platform, working with media and recreational activities specific to people with disabilities.
Umbrella of persons with disabilities in the fight against HIV/AIDS and promotion of community healthLocal - RwandaApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 250,000
496Strengthening "Grassroots" Democracy and Responsive Traditional Leadership (Chieftaincy) in Sierra Leone
The project aims at enhancing local capacities and creating democratic space for traditional authorities to be accountable and responsive to the needs and rights of people. The project will provide a platform for community dialogue with chiefs, as well as promote broad participation and regular feedback on chiefdom governance related issues. It will be implemented in strategic partnership with two field-based Civil Society Organisations, the National Council of Paramount Chiefs, and the government of Sierra Leone to ensure that the desired objectives and outcomes are achieved.
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Sierra LeoneLocal - Sierra LeoneOct 2013 - Sep 2015USD 200,000
497Democracy and Human Rights through ICT-Strengthened Media in South Sudan
JHR’s project aims to increase public dialogue of human rights and democracy through strengthened media in South Sudan. It will work to build the capacity of local media outlets and media associations to build a stronger, coordinated media sector across the country; whilst leveraging the power of ICT and SMS technologies to raise access to information. The project will simultaneously work with various partners in the media sector through both practical and theoretical training, to establish a tradition of fair human rights and democracy, reporting in a holistic and sustainable way across the media sector.
Journalists for Human RightsLocal - South SudanJul 2014 - Jun 2016USD 250,000
498Enhancing Interaction between State and Citizen,Bridging Humanitarian Information Access Divide
This project will facilitate increased space for citizens to access and impart information in a multi-stakeholder process of humanitarian information; strengthening linkages between media, humanitarian NGOs, community-based organizations, policy makers and local communities in 24 districts, in Zimbabwe. Capacity building for journalists is envisaged to facilitate increased and better reporting, informed by community processes that catalyse discussions on key humanitarian issues and proposed policy alternatives. Training of community-based organizations will enable them to act as a bridge between local and national level organizations.
Humanitarian Information Facilitation CentreLocal - ZimbabweApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 175,000
499Helping Journalists to Foster Debate and Collaboration Across the Arab Education Sector
This project seeks to improve the quality of Arab journalism to leverage the focus on governments, parents, students and other education stakeholders on the need to improve education in Arab countries and the possible ways in which to do it. The project will develop an educative-journalistic curriculum tailored to Arab journalists, to foster online interaction among journalists interested in writing about education. Concurrently, the project will also expand on the depth and range of Arab journalism.
Alexandria TrustRegional - Middle East and North AfricaDec 2013 - Nov 2015USD 225,000
500Programme de formations de renforcement des capacités des femmes syriennes réfugiées à l'étranger
The project aims to create a capacity building programme for a hundred Syrian women refugees in Turkey; to increase Syrian women’s opportunity to fully participate in the democratic, economic and reconstruction processes during the post-conflict period. The project will serve as a source of inspiration to other Syrian women and will be implemented through a package of tailored training courses mainly focused on international law (human rights, gender/women's rights, children’s rights and humanitarian law) and democratic mechanisms as well as the conception and design of new communication techniques.
Mandat InternationalRegional - Middle East and North AfricaMay 2014 - Apr 2016USD 225,000
501Initiative for civil & political empowerment of women in Iraq
The project aims to increase the political participation of women in rural and urban districts of 4 governorates (Baghdad, Basrah, Babil, Al-Muthana) in Iraq, in partnership with four civil society organizations. The project targets 400 women and 280 local male leaders and seeks to raise awareness on women’s political participation through workshops and dialogues, by creating a support mechanism (12 Women Support Groups) for women candidates and parliamentarians as well as enhancing their capabilities through monthly training, by a newly established political academy in Baghdad.
Umelyateem for Development FoundationLocal - IraqJan 2014 - Dec 2015USD 250,000
502Pour une société civile marocaine plus vigilante
The objective of this project is to include associations and marginalized groups in decision-making processes, in the development and monitoring of public community policies. The project is explicated through capacity building, inter-actor and exchange dialogues, communication via ICT as well as awareness, mobilization, lobbying and advocacy initiatives.
Association Mouvement Alternatives citoyenneLocal - MoroccoApr 2014 - Sep 2015USD 150,000
504Increasing Access to Justice in the West Bank by Strengthen the Criminal Legal Aid System
ILF-West Bank seeks to improve access to justice by assisting in the development of an effective and sustainable criminal legal aid system in the West Bank; increasing access to quality defense services for the poor. Specifically, it will assist the Ministry of Justice to develop a criminal legal aid system that is capable of providing training and oversight to legal aid providers, train lawyers for effective criminal defense services in courts for appointed cases, and to establish criminal legal aid clinics in three universities.
The International Legal Foundation – West BankLocal - PalestineFeb 2014 - Jan 2016USD 225,000
505Promotion of Women Empowerment and Rights (POWER)
The main objective of this project is to contribute to inclusive development by empowering women with the capacity to claim their rights in Somalia through increased participation in social, economic and political activities. It seeks to develop the institutional capacity of women groups, umbrellas and associations, conduct public forums that promote dialogue and relations between Somali women organizations and institutional interlocutors, promote stakeholders’ mobilization, as well as develop appropriate strategies for discussions.
Centre for Education and DevelopmentLocal - SomaliaMar 2014 - Feb 2016USD 180,000
506Strengthening Tunisian Democracy through Public Opinion Polling and Media and Party Training
This project strengthens Tunisian civil society, political parties and media through an accurate understanding of citizen demands. Knowledge on public priorities and political attitudes will be developed to activate and empower civil society, concurrently strengthening media and political parties’ ability to respond to citizen demands. Key project activities include but are not limited to: the implementation of a national-level survey that assesses political engagement and attitudes, media trainings, targeted one-to-one consultations with political parties, the empowerment of six nascent CSOs, and workshops conducted in partnership with a group of local organizations.
Centre d'Études Maghrébines à TunisLocal - TunisiaMay 2014 - Apr 2015USD 180,000
507South Asia Media Freedom for Democracy Project
The project’s objective is to increase the capacity of South Asian journalist organizations and press freedom groups, and to enhance a regional coordinated voice to promote and defend media freedom and its role in the democratic process, particularly in the digital environment. The project will conduct training activities on Media Rights Monitoring (MRM), digital campaign skills, and secure communications in the country and in regions. The South Asia Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN) will be expanded and strengthened with a digital hub, to support key regional reporting on the freedom of press and expression. Moreover, regional media campaigns and small grant activities will be explicated for monitoring and advocacy purposes by member organizations.
International Federation of Journalists Asia-PacificRegional - Asia and PacificMar 2014 - Feb 2016USD 200,000
508Strengthening the voice of civil society towards 2014 elections in Afghanistan
The project’s aim is to strengthen the voice of civil society and foster sustainable democratic practices within Afghanistan by generating a deeper public debate around the electoral process, among women and youth. The initiative will be focused on the implementation of a public awareness campaign through democratic news media aiming at reinforcing political rights and democratic practices as well as encouraging women and youth participation in the upcoming election process. Following the 2014 elections, the media action will focus on fostering accountability and transparency of the elected authorities.
Development Humanitarian Services Afghanistan/The Killid GroupLocal - AfghanistanJan 2014 - Dec 2014USD 250,000
509FREE/DEM: Empowering community radio for increased pluralism & access to democratic information
This project aims at empowering community radio (CR) in India, to fulfill its mandate as a voice for the marginalized by: assisting CR stations to develop locally relevant and contextual content on democracy, democratic institutions, and public participation in democratic processes, to establish a training institute for CR for the production of related content. This process of learning and sharing will be extended to media and ICTs, notably by expanding the existing MANCH community media exchange platform and by generating a body of exchangeable and adaptable content on democracy, pluralism, and the community's right to information.
Ideosync Media CombineLocal - IndiaFeb 2014 - Jan 2016USD 275,000
510Developing alternative models of natural resource governance with indigenous community participation
This project aims to improve the capacity of mukim indigenous communities in the Ache province, Indonesia, developing, advocating for, and instituting an alternative model of natural resource governance that promotes the participation and protects the rights of local communities; fosters environmental sustainability, and advances the interests of vulnerable and marginalized populations. Moreover, the project seeks to raise awareness on the successful experience of 4 mukims that have already implemented their alternative model, to enhance the capacity of 5 mukim communities and associations in implementing an alternative environmental governance.
Perkumpulan ProdeelatLocal - IndonesiaMay 2014 - Apr 2016USD 225,000
511Towards Inclusive Democracy: involving LGBT and other groups in building a democratic society
The project aims to develop an anti-discrimination law (ADL) to protect LGBT persons and other marginalized groups and to ensure their equal participation in building a democratic society. The drafting process of the ADL will be followed by a number of advocacy and information activities to raise the awareness and support among policy-makers as well as among the public. The project also aims at strengthening the knowledge and to improve the objective reporting of media as an important actor in forming the opinion of the people and promoting non-discrimination.
Public Union "Kyrgyz Indigo"Local - KyrgyzstanJan 2014 - Dec 2015USD 150,000
512The National Campaign towards Muslim Family Law Reform (the MFL Campaign)
The project will encourage a comprehensive reform on Muslim family laws in Malaysia and the protection of existing rights in the current family law, within a framework of justice and equality. It will do so by creating a surge in popular demand for law reform by raising women awareness on their rights, and building their capacity to voice their demands for change through targeted communications, media strategy, and direct lobbying of policy and decision-makers; enhancing a favorable environment for policy-makers to initiate and be receptive towards a legal reform.
Sisters in Islam [registered SIS Forum (Malaysia)]Local - MalaysiaFeb 2014 - Jan 2016USD 225,000
513Building Women’s Leadership and Facilitating their Political Participation
The objective of the project is to increase the capacity of women councilors and members of the Island Women’s Development Committees (IWDCs) for their effective participation in the decision-making and policy-making processes. Newly elected women councilors and representatives from the IWDCs (at target Atolls) will be trained and a mutual supporting system will be formed between the IWDCs and Island Councils, to fulfill their functions effectively. The IWDC members trained at each target Atoll will also formulate and implement an action plan to improve their effectiveness.
Hope for WomenLocal - MaldivesMay 2014 - Apr 2016USD 150,000
514Empowered and strong civil society addressing the democratic needs of rural women in Myanmar
Civil society in Myanmar has an emerging but yet unrealized potential to contribute to an inclusive and empowered society. Despite rapid governmental reforms, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) remain cautious of advocacy, accountability and governance projects, especially in rural areas. This project seeks to strengthen the capacity of three young CBOs, empower women and promote gender equality in rural areas. As a result women will have increased voice in village affairs, decision-making processes and service providing. The three CBOs will establish multiple Self Help Women’s Groups (SHWGs) and associations to strengthen the interconnectedness of women as stakeholders in the community.
DanChurchAidLocal - MyanmarFeb 2014 - Jan 2016USD 250,000
515Strengthening democratic processes for Bangsamoro Government in Lanao Lake Watershed Reservation
The project aims to build a strong coalition to ensure the efficient management, conservation and protection of Lake Lanao Watershed Reservation.The project will be developed through community integration, formalization of partnerships with key stakeholders in a Memorandum of Understanding, pre-consultation processes, training, sectoral meetings, sub-grant awards for micro-projects, and policy monitoring.
Tanggol KalikasanLocal - PhilippinesApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 250,000
516Empowering Women for Democratic and Peace Dialogues in the South of Thailand
This project aims to address the impact of conflict in southern Thailand, by promoting and empowering women as peace agents. The project has four key outputs: train affected women in facilitation, communicate and develop analysis skills, create media coverage to share women stories and experiences, support the involvement of women’s networks in local democratic dialogues, and support social inclusion and access to justice initiatives for stigmatized groups. The results will be consolidated into reports with recommendations to the Royal Thai Government and relevant stakeholders.
Hilal-Ahmar FoundationLocal - ThailandApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 250,000
517Engagement of women with disability into development policy making in Turkmenistan
The overall objective of the project is to promote women with disabilities engagement, in development policy-making; with a focus on hearing and visually impaired women in the Turkmenistan Deaf and Blind Society (DBST). The project will expand the knowledge of hearing and visually impaired women on democratic institutions, modern socio-economic-political processes, gender issues and computer skills.
Deaf and Blind Society of TurkmenistanLocal - TurkmenistanJan 2014 - Jun 2015USD 225,000
519Connecting the Dots: An E-learning Platform for Greater Civic Activism and Networking
The overall objective of this two-year project is to boost the capacity of individual civic advocates and civil society organizations, to use ICT tools; increasing their impact as public watchdogs and their ability to mobilize communities of engaged and concerned citizens. An e-learning platform will be created, "capturing" the knowledge and expertise currently available in Central Europe and permitting the transfer of relevant lessons learned in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova. Furthermore, a wide range of online resources will be available as well as an established social network that will allow users to connect with their respective peers.
TransitionsRegional - EuropeNov 2013 - Oct 2015USD 125,000
520Promoting the application of alternative, non-custodial sanctions in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
The main objective of this project is to promote the increased application of alternative sanctions and measures, especially with regard to vulnerable groups - women and juvenile offenders and those with a serious or terminal illness - in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Specifically, the project will support increased use of community service as an alternative to imprisonment throughout Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia on the one hand, and the application of parole as a mechanism for early release on the other.
Penal Reform International - South Caucasus Regional OfficeRegional - EuropeNov 2013 - Oct 2015USD 160,000
521Democracy and Human Rights Education in Armenia, (DHRE)
The main objective of this project is to strengthen democratic and human rights culture and competences amongst graduates of public schools in Armenia, through the introduction of the Democracy and Human Rights Education Policy. Additionally, it seeks to enhance pre and in-service teachers' capacities, providing authentic and up-to-date teaching and learning, as well as contributing to the improvement of the democratic and human rights climate in schools.
Armenian Center for Democratic Education-CIVITASLocal - ArmeniaJan 2014 - Dec 2015USD 200,000
524Strengthening participatory democracy for effective environmental protection
The project aims to increase the capacity of civil society in Ukraine; in protection of their environmental and participatory rights. Planned actions include: the creation of a national network of centers for environmental and pro bono legal aid, capacity raising of a network of members through the development of 4 training and 4 websites as well as the production of a media campaign focused on free legal aid and environmental rights in 4 regions of Ukraine. Moreover, the project seeks to offer pro bono legal aid to local communities, participate in the publication of a guidebook in support of environmental decision-making, the publication of a policy paper, the launch of an electronic system the Kyiv region, and an international symposium for public interest directed to environmental lawyers.
Environment-People-LawLocal - UkraineDec 2013 - Nov 2015USD 225,000
526Create a Youth Observatory to monitor public policies on climate change in the Amazon region.
Climate change is one of the biggest problems the planet is currently facing, and fragile ecosystems such as the Amazon Region are at risk due to the negative effects of this global phenomenon. This project, implemented by Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano aims to increase youth participation, especially traditionally excluded actors such as young people, female and indigenous, in the design, monitoring, and implementation of climate change policies in the Ecuadorian Amazonian province of Sucumbios. This project calls for a methodologically adequate process to update the current map of all the involved stakeholders, provide capacity training, and promote stakeholder engagement to effectively vocalize local needs regarding climate security as well as to monitor, influence and communicate local public policies; issues relevant to climate change.
Fundación Futuro LatinoamericanoLocal - EcuadorMay 2014 - Apr 2016USD 225,000
527Strengthening capacities of organized women for the fulfillment of their human rights.
In 2010, El Salvador passed the Comprehensive Special Law for a Life Free of Violence for Women and in 2011 the Law of Equality, Fairness, and Elimination of Discrimination against Women. This project aims to further raise women’s rights by improving and mainstreaming the implementation of the above mentioned Legeslations; specifically in the municipalities of Zacatecoluca and San Salvador. The project strategy will include three general components - capacity building, state monitoring and institutional strengthening in improving stakeholder coordination – through a series of trainings, public awareness campaign, the establishment of a civil society monitoring system (Observatory) to function in concert with the state designated body (ISDEMU), observatory reports and recommendations, formal stakeholder agreements, and the creation of a new commision formed with members of the state monitoring body (ISDEMU).
Fundacion MundubatLocal - El SalvadorJul 2014 - Jun 2016USD 203,500
528Access to Justice for the Maya Q'eqchi’ in Guatemala by Rebuilding Traditional Forms of Organization
This project promotes access to justice for the Maya q’eqchi’ people: women, children and youth. Links between the existing justice system and the indigenous justice system will be established. Moreover, the capacities of community leaders and members for the surveillance and defense of human rights will be enhanced by training them as “Justice Promoters”. The establishment of the Councils of Indigenous Q’eqchi’ People, two Centers for Indigenous Law and a Virtual Center, will be developed in support of the receival of complaints and the provision of legal advice; instituted to resolve conflicts among communities and transnational corporations.
Asociación Estoreña Para el Desarrollo IntegralLocal - GuatemalaMay 2014 - Apr 2016USD 230,000
529Education Juridique à l’intention des acteurs de la chaîne de protection des Droits Humains en Haiti
The project aims to improve access to Haitian justice and fundamental human rights by marginalized and vulnerable people living in Haiti. The project will mainly develop awareness and observation, conduct training, monitoring and provide legal assistance to victims of injustice, arbitrary acts and other violations of human rights. This will be achieved through a strategy focused on participation and mobilization of communities in diversified areas of Haiti .
Plate-fome des Organisations Haitiennes des Droits HumainsLocal - HaitiApr 2014 - Mar 2016USD 225,000
530Narrowing the gap: Local surveillance of the legislative action on Human Rights in Mexico
This project aims to strengthen Mexican NGOs as watchdog groups for state level legislation on human rights, in 9 target areas, to promote the democratic consolidation and advancement of human rights. Local implementing NGOs will form a network and will be trained to monitor legislative actions on human rights. The monitoring results will be disseminated and shared among both NGOs and local governments to improve government accountability and promote greater dialogue; with the ultimate aim of implementing key actions to resolve human rights issues.
Centro de Investigación y Capacitación Propuesta Cívica Asociación CivilLocal - MexicoMar 2014 - Feb 2016USD 225,000
532Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era
The key objective of this project is to increase youth participation in democratic governance, by empowering young people from across the world to invent and propose new, innovative and concrete actions. More than 1000 young people will contribute with ideas in face-to-face and virtual communications, during five Co-Laboratories engaging ICT and a structured democratic dialogue methodology. The process is designed to mobilize young people and to increase interaction among youth globally; advocating and enabling meaningful youth participation in democratic processes.
Future Worlds Center (Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute)GlobalMay 2015 - Apr 2017USD 200,000
534Strengthening the Voice of the Basarwa/San in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve
This project will work with two communities of the indigenous Basarwa San, to develop a Land Use Management Plan for their traditional community use zones, inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve; empowering communities to become self-sustained. The objective is to increase the involvement of the Basarwa/San in the management of the traditional territories, raising government awareness in playing a positive role in the environmental and wildlife protection. This type of engagement will lead the Government to fully recognize the democratic and constitutional rights, as well as the value of indigenous knowledge systems in the sustainable use of the environment.
Botswana Centre for Human RightsLocal - BotswanaJan 2015 - Dec 2016USD 225,000
535Strengthening Grassroots Citizen Participation in the Implementation of Decentralization in Cameroon
This project will contribute to creating an enabling environment for participatory governance in the implementation of a decentralized Cameroon. It focuses on increasing the inclusion of local communities in local decision-making processes; eighteen local councils, six civil society organizations and six media houses will be enhanced to engage in community mobilization and the advocacy of grassroots communities.
InterFaith Vision Foundation CameroonLocal - CameroonMar 2015 - Feb 2017USD 200,000
536Promoting Women and Youth CSOs participation in democracy and efficient governance in Cote d’Ivoire
The project aims to promote participation of women and youth CSOs in local decision-making processes, in eight district departments of Savanna. The project will achieve its objectives, through information sharing and the promotion and strengthening of CSOs' capacities in view of creating active partnerships with local authorities.
Animation Rurale de KorhogoLocal - Côte d'IvoireApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 200,000
537Defence of Vulnerable People and Democracy Restoration for Workers in the Exploitation of Mines in DRC
This project aims to increase the effectiveness and protection of economic, social and cultural rights of local communities and traditional miners in relation to the exploitation of mineral resources, in the DRC. This will be achieved through a legal reform, the popularization of legal texts, awareness raising of local community leaders, of the judiciary and mine administration officials on their rights and obligations; in support of mining diggers rights and the monitoring of human rights related to the exploitation of natural resources.
Action Pour la Promotion et la Defense des Droits des Personnes DefavorisesLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 225,000
538Strengthening Participation of Women in Geographically Deprived Communities in Local Governance in Ghana
The project seeks to institutionalize Women Group Advocacy (WOMGA) Platforms made up of women leaders in three target districts; namely Sefwi Wiawso, BIA and Juabeso. These advocacy platforms are developed to engage and dialogue with local government authorities in decision-making processes for a sustainable, decentralized bottom-up planning and public project implementation. To achieve this objective, the project will mobilize and constitute three Women Group Advocacy Platforms, train 150 platform members in social accountability and gender monitoring and tracking tools, support platforms to engage duty-bearers, monitor the public policy formulation and service delivery, as well as conduct community outreach/education and media advocacy for a sustained decentralization, social accountability and developed governance.
Gender Centre for Empowering DevelopmentLocal - GhanaNov 2014 - Oct 2016USD 160,000
539Creation and management of local information centers on democracy and human rights in Guinea
This project's aim is to establish an efficient and dynamic mechanism which will give citizens access to information and foster citizen participation in the democratic processes in Guinea. Implementation of this project will involve proximity leader training, an awareness campaign, and the creation and management of 'Proximity Information Center's' on democracy and human rights in Conakry, and in seven additional administrative regions of Guinea.
Synergies & DéveloppementLocal - GuineaApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 225,000
541Pilot Project for Communal Youth Councils in Rural Communities of Madagascar
The main goal of this project is to strengthen youth participation in democratic practices, in four Rural Communes of Ankazobe, district in Madagascar. This will be achieved through the creation of the " Communal Youth Council " ( CCJ) and the institutional support (technical, organizational and material ) of the CCJ, and its local partners in its startup phase.
Vatsy Iombonana Ho An’ny FampandrosoanaLocal - MadagascarFeb 2015 - Jan 2017USD 200,000
542Youth Empowerment for Participation in Local Governance in Malawi
The project aims to build the capacity of the members of youth organizations, to empower them to effectively participate in local governance, in three regional districts of the country - Mzuzu (North), Blantyre (South) and Lilongwe (Central). Through this project specialized training courses will be provided to senior managers of youth organizations, and the creation of new platforms for dialogue, in response to the need for social engagement and communication, will enable a collaborative approach between youth and duty bearers with participations in talk shows and fora, and the development of issue-based sensitisation campaigns.
Malawi Human Rights Youth NetworkLocal - MalawiDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 175,000
544Creative Communication of Nigeria's Budget
The project addresses a lack of citizen access to information of budget formulation and execution in Nigeria. It seeks to provide 10,000 citizens with the information of planned public project and services budget, by utilizing diverse and creative IT-based approaches. The project will also facilitate citizens' ability to track and monitor budget formulation and execution, and to demand service delivery in accordance with the adopted budget through increased transparency and accountability in the Nigerian government.
BudgIT Information Technology NetworkLocal - NigeriaMay 2015 - Apr 2017USD 225,000
545Consolidating Democratic Practices through Civic Education for Youth and Women in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone
The project is designed to promote the core principles and values of democracy and human rights among women and youth. The project will utilize a multi-stakeholder approach in responding to issues of impunity of human rights abuse and violence. This initiative will also seek to measurably increase women and youth participation and representation in the upcoming elections. Ultimately, it seeks to provide a basis for collective response to discrimination and abuse.
Dignity Now-Sierra LeoneLocal - Sierra LeoneDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 250,000
546Portal for Civil Change in Tanzania
Portal for Civic Change project plans to offer civic education to rural communities with access to mobile phones in seven districts in Tanzania (approximately 1,343,925 people to be directly and indirectly reached). This project aims at employing mobile phone’s SMS technology to inform rural community members in targeted districts about their constitutional and legal rights, and hence ignite dialogues and collective actions for accessing social and legal services in Tanzania; providing direct opportunities for quality service provisions by the local Government and authorities.
C-SemaLocal - Tanzania, United Republic ofApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 200,000
547Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Participation and Leadership in Uganda
The project aims to increase the participation of 1,500 young university women in the 2016 general elections in Uganda as voters, educators, supporters or candidates. The project’s strategic approach will equip young women with leadership skills, by providing them with information through the utilization of user-friendly, interactive and entertaining channels, experiential learning tools and a supportive network for peer-to-peer learning. The goal is to ultimately enable these young women to actively participate in electoral and civic activities.
Century Entrepreneurship Development AgencyLocal - UgandaApr 2015 - Sep 2016USD 225,000
548Good Governance and Accountability Promotion in Zambia
The objective of the project is to strengthen youth participation in democratic processes in order to promote transparency and accountability in state policies and in the management of the Constituency Development Fund in the Chipata district in eastern Zambia. To do so, it will build the capacity of youth to engage in policy monitoring and to promote transparency and accountability. It will also increase the awareness of communities in the district on their rights and roles in holding duty-bearers accountable. This will be done through budget tracking and social audit exercises, creating community links and networks, developing social accountability tools, and raising public awareness on good governance and accountability via radio/tv broadcasts and social media.
Youth Development FoundationLocal - ZambiaApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 60,000
549Amplifying Youth Voices in Democratization in Zimbabwe
The project aims to increase youth appreciation of and participation in civic processes in Zimbabwe. The project will promote a culture of deliberative democracy and public participation through capacity building of 120 young people living in the Bulawayo province as civil engagement fellows, and the formation of 12 Civic Engagement Clubs (CECs). Specific support groups for women and youth living with disabilities (YLWD) will also be established. The project will implement fellow training workshops, adult civic leader consultation sessions, public orientation festivals, as well as women and YLWD round tables. The key outcomes will result in concrete cases of youth participation by CECs and support groups.
Contemporary Affairs FoundationLocal - ZimbabweApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 180,000
550Emerging Leaders of the Arab Region
The project seeks to direct the energy and potential of youth in 5 Arab states (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates) towards constructively building free, just, and democratic societies. It will connect and build the capacities of 620 young people on the topics of freedom, democracy, and human rights along with a module on civic engagement and leadership skills. Capacity building will be both theoretical and practical through the training of trainers, 2 regional forums, 40 national workshops, and 80 community activities across 5 countries, and regular teleconference meetings through the effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
World Youth Alliance Middle EastRegional - Middle East and North AfricaNov 2014 - Oct 2016USD 200,000
551Social, economic and political integration of disabled people in Djibouti
The main objective of the project is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in public life, in the Republic of Djibouti. To achieve the above mentioned objective, concurring activities will be conducted to obtain: increased awareness of national opinion, enhanced voter education, access to knowledge, participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in public life, sports and cultural activities .
Action HandicapLocal - DjiboutiMar 2015 - Feb 2017USD 175,000
553Increased Citizen Dialogue Through Strengthened Media in Jordan
JHR’s project aims to increase public dialogue on human rights in Jordan through strengthened media. It will do so, by equipping media with skills and tools to effectively inform the public on relevant themes and matters. Moreover, the project will focus on the relevance of the use of data, tools and techniques in journalism for effective media coverage on citizen participation and local human rights issues.
Journalists for Human RightsLocal - JordanNov 2014 - Oct 2016USD 150,000
554Promoting a Culture of Human Rights in Lebanon
The proposed project aims at promoting democracy and human rights in Lebanon, through the organization of targeted activities for journalism students. A series of workshops, an internship program, human rights events, press conferences and documentary screenings will take place in lebanese universities; fostering human rights media reporting and information access to the public.
Lebanese Center for Human RightsLocal - LebanonNov 2014 - Oct 2015USD 75,000
555Informing and Empowering Communities in Libya through Professionalization of Independent Journalism
The aim of the proposed project is to strengthen independent journalism in Libya, amidst of the considerable security challenges. Working with local partners, the Rory Peck Trust will be training a core group of freelance journalists in Libya, in freelance tradecraft and safety skills. This training will be developed into an online resource, providing all freelance journalists in the country with access to international protection networks.
The Rory Peck TrustLocal - State of LibyaOct 2014 - Sep 2016USD 110,000
556Bytes Without Borders in Morocco
The proposed project aims to promote online citizen journalism and improve access to information on the freedom of expression as a cornerstone for good-governance in Morocco. This project will be supported by a national multi-stakeholder platform and will validate a legislative proposal for the defense of the digital space in Morocco. The project will strengthen Moroccan CSOs' skills and aid journalists, lawyers and social movements on gender issues pertinent to digital rights with the support of 45 awareness campaigns on the freedom of speech and the right to information.
Association Marocaine des Droits HumainsLocal - MoroccoMay 2015 - Apr 2017USD 225,000
557Improving Public Policy Participation and Accountability in Somalia
This project intends to enhance the capacity and confidence of marginalized groups (women, minorities and disabilities) in disadvantaged areas in Somalia. The project aims to provide a platform, which supports the active participation of citizens in decision-making processes and in influencing policy making. The project will directly affect 4,125 marginalized people through workshops, information sharing, coordination and advocacy activities. For this purpose, 15 community advocacy committees (CACs) will be created and key actors will be involved in local initiatives.
United Trust AssociationsLocal - SomaliaJun 2015 - May 2017USD 150,000
559Rural Media Development to Promote Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh
This project's objective is to strengthen democracy and human rights in social life, through media development in rural areas. Initiatives will be undertaken to develop the professional skills and sensitize rural journalists, editors and CSOS staff to defend and promote democracy and human rights. The project will cover 12 districts of the country and provide: 12 training sessions for 240 rural journalists, 12 awareness raising events for 120 editors, 12 training sessions for 180 CSOS staff and 12 interaction events for journalists and CSOs. Reports will be commissioned from trainees and competitions held. The project will have a strong impact, by raising public awareness and defending human rights.
News NetworkLocal - BangladeshDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 225,000
560Fostering Ethical Democracy and Advancing Micro-Justice in India
This project aims to improve the provision of local democratic services to women, youth and students in disadvantaged communities in 5 regions. It will facilitate capacity development and create an enabling environment for Women Self Help Groups, youth associations and student groups to support their own "democracy action" initiatives. The project also seeks to initiate intensive campaigns on the Right to Information Act, in developing informed citizens. Additionally, the project will develop micro justice initiatives to address problems of infringement of rights; establishing para-legal clinics to facilitate the insurance of citizen rights and entitlements for development.
DHAN FoundationLocal - IndiaJun 2015 - May 2017USD 225,000
562Community Journalism for Democracy in Kyrgyzstan
This project addresses the lack of access to information and the absence of representation in mainstream media, relevant to issues the rural population in Kyrgyzstan currently faces. Community multimedia centers addressing these issues, are dependent on the actions and initiatives of local authorities, hence the objective of this project to directly address them, by training volunteer reporters and diversifying the availability of communication channels in 14 villages, in Kyrgyzstan.
Kloop Media Public FoundationLocal - KyrgyzstanFeb 2015 - Jan 2017USD 225,000
563Parliament Watch in Maldives
This project aims to engage the public in holding the Maldivian Parliament accountable for its role, responsibilities and boundaries; sharing relevant information on parliamentarian activities and creating a platform for interaction between constituents and MPs. The project will also provide feedback on the perception of parliamentarians within civil society through the Majlis Members Report Card and will further assess whether the tabled legislation is in line with international human rights and gender equality standards.
Maldivian Democracy NetworkLocal - MaldivesMar 2015 - Feb 2017USD 200,000
564Next Level Democracy: Citizen Involvement in Legislative Development through E-Governance in Mongolia
This project improves citizen engagement in Mongolia’s democracy through the improvement of information flow and interactive exchanges between citizens and the legislative body. It provides an e-governance platform for government to communicate its legislations, and for society to create petitions. Through users and moderators training, awareness campaigns and small grants, it aims to increase the community's understanding of legislative development and petitionary mechanisms. Furtherly, through reports, dialogue sessions, and forums involving government members and CSOs, it seeks to integrate citizens in legislative decision-making processes.
Women for Social ProgressLocal - MongoliaApr 2015 - Mar 2017USD 225,000
565Debate Education for Democracy in Myanmar
Debate Education for Democracy is the first initiative to empower civil society organizations to strengthen constructive criticism in the democratic transition process in Myanmar. The project will develop debate skills and enhance civil society organizations to examine sensitive social issues. The project will provide trainings in six different regions to develop ethical debaters who can deliver logical convincing arguments to a wider public, whilst creating a space for people to share and exchange ideas through public forums; building strong debate educative networks with local organizations to deliver debate trainings and to serve as a resource for local communities. The project will solely focus on engaging with youth and social activists.
Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education SchoolLocal - MyanmarFeb 2015 - Jan 2017USD 140,000
566Reinforcing Women and Chepang as Change Agents for Promoting Local Governance in Nepal
The project aims to empower women in the indigenous Chepang community, enhancing their engagement in local governance to promote pro-poor and gender responsive decision-making processes. This will involve capacity building of Chepang women in 6 villages and the creation of the Women Chepang Action Fora (WoCAF). Furthermore, local government agencies will be sensitized through training and awareness-raising events to become accountable for the needs of marginalized people in society. Influential male leaders will also be mobilized to provide support, in developing the agenda of Chepang communities in development planning processes.
Development Exchange Center NepalLocal - NepalJan 2015 - Dec 2016USD 170,000
567Using Web and Social Media for Youth and Citizen Participation in Governance Monitoring in Pakistan
This project will work at a local level in ten districts of the Punjab province. It aims to sensitize youth to be involved in the democratic and political processes, as well as raise general public awareness on local governance issues and how to utilize existing legal tools for protection, accountability and governance monitoring. The project will raise awareness and create networks by sharing development and governance issues, via district websites and Facebook pages, which will be developed by trained local contributors in each district. Workshops aimed at capacity building and facilitating participation in local governance will also be organised for active social media members.
Punjab Lok SujagLocal - PakistanDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 225,000
569Enhancing the Productive and National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Capacities of Rural Women in Luzon
This project aims at reducing vulnerabilities of over 340 rural women in geo-hazard areas in Luzon. It will raise awareness and recognition of rural women’s capabilities in resource governance and community decision-making processes; enhancing the capacity of rural women in resource governance and disaster risk reduction management. The project will train rural women, establish village disaster-management councils to adopt gender sensitive disaster management plans, and provide grants to women-led social enterprises of fishers and farmers.
Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas-LuzonLocal - PhilippinesMar 2015 - Feb 2017USD 250,000
570Constituency Development Funds Community Assessment in the Solomon Islands
The proposed project seeks to assist Solomon Islands in building an inclusive and empowered society, where citizens are able to access information and participate in community development. The main objective of the project is to increase transparency in use of the Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) in the Solomon Islands. This objective can be achieved through consultations with key stakeholders and the provision of workshops held in constituencies; empowering people to take action and to engage with media (radio, newspapers, advertising advocacy) and the Advocacy Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) services.
Transparency Solomon IslandsLocal - Solomon IslandsFeb 2015 - Jan 2017USD 150,000
571Right to Women's Political Representation in Sri Lanka
The project aims at strengthening women's capacity to participate in decision-making and political leadership, through capacity building, technical training and policy influence for affirmative actions. It lobbies and bargains for increased women’s representation in nomination processes; enhancing democracy, good governance, gender equality, and peace-building.
International Movement aganist All forms of Discrimination and Racism - Asia CommitteeLocal - Sri LankaJan 2015 - Dec 2016USD 160,000
572Toward a Better Heard Voice of Civil Society through Media in Viet Nam
This project increases the volume and effectiveness of Vietnamese CSOs' engagement in media and communication. It hones CSOs’ outreach through expression skills training for spokespersons, one-on-one communication consultancies, and small grants to implement effective communication strategies with media. Complementarily, it strengthens the interaction between CSOs and media, by means of a documentary film -to be aired nationally- on their engagement and collaboration, by means of training journalists on using CSOs' sources, editorial outreach and media's commitment to 250 articles on CSOs' work.
Center for Research on Development CommunicationLocal - Viet NamApr 2016 - Mar 2017USD 77,000
573Online Youth Activism Voicing Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The project aims at empowering 1500 passive youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to become Youth Public Speakers (YPS) exercising their right to freedom of expression; enhancing democratic engagement and political development. This will be done by introducing an e-democracy tool of engagement that will support the delivery of a 12-module online training. YPS will also be delivering online and offline advocacy initiatives to influence decision-making and mainstream ICT-based youth development activities.
Institute for youth development KULTLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaNov 2014 - Oct 2016USD 200,000
574Advancing Pedestrian Rights in Georgia
The project aims to improve the rights of pedestrians and to enhance cooperation between NGOs in Georgia. Additionally it will aim to ensure pedestrian access to new developments. An Association for Pedestrians will be founded: a sophisticated platform, with member participating NGOs working in a related field, social movements, government institutions, private sector companies and individuals. The association will address the issue of pedestrian rights on several different levels, from grassroots initiatives and small community groups, to municipal and national strategies for the development of pedestrian friendly cities.
Iare Pekhit (Walk)Local - GeorgiaDec 2014 - May 2016USD 150,000
575Am I Equal in Kosovo Society?
The project aims to enhance the role of women in Kosovo, through media, by focusing on three key topics: violence against women, discrimination in employment, and sexual harassment. The project will raise awareness on the above mentioned issues via radio, TV, and internet; increasing the capacity of women and key stakeholders through training, workshops, and meetings. Additionally, the project will directly engage with public authorities and private employers to advocate for the implementation of anti-discriminatory laws, policies and practices.
INC Network of MediaLocal - KosovoMar 2015 - May 2017USD 200,000
576Parliamentary Procedures for Local Governance Bodies in Ukraine
The project aims to increase transparency and accountability of local self-governance in Ukraine, by introducing parliamentary procedures in the daily work of selected local Councils. The project will select 24 local authorities, one for each region of Ukraine, to attend the School of Democratic Rules and Procedures. The project will promote the adoption of amendments to the regulations of the relevant local authorities and to introduce parliamentary procedures and democratic rules. This will enable Councils to broadcast their sessions on the Internet, bringing together representatives from all over Ukraine; for an organized, inclusive and peaceful political debate.
West Ukrainian Resource CentreLocal - UkraineOct 2014 - Sep 2016USD 225,000
577Empowerment and Participation of Central America Civil Society in Dialogue on Right to Food
The project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations of producers and consumers, in 5 Central American countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) to raise awareness and develop proposals for the Governments on the right to food. The project will work with the already established national alliances in each country, to strengthen their existing structures (through training and development of advocacy plans and agendas) advancing the creation of a regional-level alliance for a democratic dialogue on global access to fundamental human rights.
Oikos - cooperação e desenvolvimentoRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanJan 2015 - Dec 2016USD 250,000
578Strengthening Democratic Participation and Inclusive Local Development in Indigenous and Peasant Communities in Bolivia
The project aims to legally empower traditionally excluded indigenous and peasant communities, in the La Paz and Oruro Departments, to participate in democratic processes and exercise their civil and indigenous rights. It will do so through the provision of basic legal documentation (identity and legal personality) and local capacity building for targeted groups (50% women). Additionally, it will provide evidence-based inputs to advocate for institutional change within public institutions.
Microjusticia BoliviaLocal - BoliviaDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 200,000
579Strengthening Democracy through Freedom of Expression and Peace Agenda for Journalists in Colombia
The project seeks to strengthen media networks in Colombia, by creating an agenda for the Freedom of Expression to increase the importance of the role of media in the democratic peace dialogue. In achieving this objective, FLIP will promote open and plural debates in forums, roundtables and think tanks to develop an agenda for Freedom of Expression (FEA) which will be submitted to the Office of the High Commissioner of Peace in La Havana, Cuba. The project will also produce a documentary that aims to educate and advocate challenges faced by Colombia’s existing media networks to a wider audience who traditionally lacks access to information.
Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa/ Press Freedom FoundationLocal - ColombiaDec 2014 - Nov 2016USD 175,000
580ICT Empowerment of Women's Voices in Haiti
This project aims to increase women's influence in the north and north-east departments of Haiti, through the use of information communication technologies to enhance resource management policies and development programs, which protect the rights of rural Haitian women. The project will be built on existing social and community dynamics to strengthen the skills of women and provide them with the materials and skills needed to raise access to information and for purposes of interaction with local and national decision makers.
ActionAid HaitiLocal - HaitiJan 2015 - Jul 2016USD 225,000
581Understanding our Rights, Roles and Responsibilities: Ensuring Citizen's Participation for a Better Jamaica
The project aims to deepen the awareness and understanding of human rights, civic roles and responsibilities among vulnerable communities, duty-bearers and the general public, through targeted capacity building, education and mass media programming at a community and national level. Furthermore, it aims to create a foundation for effective citizen advocacy and protection of human rights while bolstering the accountability of duty-bearers.
Jamaicans for JusticeLocal - JamaicaJan 2015 - Dec 2016USD 225,000
583Empowering and Creating an Educational Framework for People with Intellectual Disorders in Belarus
The project's objective is to create an educational framework for adults (18+) with intellectual disorders residing at psychoneurological social care homes, providing an opportunity for them to develop and exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms. The project contributes to the promotion of the state reform of deinstitutionalization, by strengthening the democratic dialogue and cooperation between the government and civil society; preparing the general public to the inclusion in society of people with intellectual disabilities.
International Public Association “Voice of Heart”Local - BelarusJul 2015 - Jun 2017USD 175,000
584Strengthening the Voice of African Writers in Civil Society to Promote Democracy and Human Rights
The project seeks to build the capacity of writers, through training and mentoring, enabling them to become leading civil society actors advocating for the repeal of criminal defamation laws in Africa. Advocacy at a national and regional level in 20 countries will be underpinned by research in four focus countries (Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia), which will demonstrate the impact of such laws on writers seeking to report on issues deemed sensitive, such as corruption. A campaign action will be launched, whereby over 200 of Africa’s leading writers will petition African leaders to decriminalize libel, insult and defamation.
PEN InternationalRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 220,000
585Promoting Civic Awareness and Engagement Among Youth: Participation, Influence, Leadership and Community Initiatives
This project is aimed at promoting democratic leadership and young people's participation, by strengthening their capacity in terms of influence, leadership and participation through training, local forums, strategic consultation, and dialogue sessions. Additionally, the local Assembly of young people will be established, to work within a consultation and advocacy framework, analyzing and evaluating local public politics in the communities of Kabezi, Isale, Mugongomanga, Mutambu and Kanyosha in the rural area of Bujumbura.
Youth Action for Leadership and DevelopmentLocal - BurundiJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 165,000
586Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Ombella Mpoko and Kemo
The proposed project seeks to increase women’s participation in political processes in the Ombella M’Poko prefecture, Central African Republic (CAR). The project will contribute to the improvement of political literacy among women and girls, by providing them with access to information and capacity building; advocating for women empowerment and gender equality. The project will be implemented by World Vision CAR in collaboration with a local implementing organization, AFJ (Association des Femmes Juristes de Centrafrique). The project will also support the establishment of dialogue forums, to sustain open communication and discussions related to women empowerment and gender equality issues in the future.
World Vision Central African RepublicLocal - Central African RepublicMay 2016 - Apr 2018USD 165,000
587Support for Civic Participation of Vulnerable Youth
The project aims at supporting civic participation of vulnerable children and young people, by creating a citizen consultation framework on education for human rights and democracy, for the formation of social actors on policies and methodological tools. Accordingly, sensitization of power will strengthen the adoption and implementation of participatory citizenship and policies, for vulnerable children and youth.
Dignité et Droits pour les enfants en Côte d'IvoireLocal - Côte d'IvoireMay 2016 - Apr 2018USD 165,000
588Human Rights and Democracy Education for Rural Illiterate Women and Young People
This project aims at raising awareness among women and illiterate rural youth, for their dynamic and responsible participation in the exercise of their citizen duties and civic rights. To achieve this goal, meetings will be organized using different community mobilization strategies for illiterate rural women and youth. Moreover, the project will encourage the promotion of a patriotic spirit and leadership among rural illiterate women and youth.
Centre d'actions sociales pour le developpement integreLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 176,000
589Citizen Scrutiny of Public Policy and Institutions in the Faranah Region
In the region of Faranah a lack of governance in local public institutions exists. Through this project, the Association of Volunteers for Rural Development seeks to restore confidence in local authorities among citizens. To achieve this goal, the project will engage with local representatives on the training of local authorities on their roles and responsibilities; conducting information and educational campaigns on citizenship and good governance on a local level.
Association des volontaires pour le developpement ruralLocal - GuineaApr 2016 - Mar 2018USD 176,000
590Strengthening Grassroots Democracy and Responsive Leadership
The objective of this project is to empower women and youth, in the informal settlements of Kamukunji SubCounty, raising their capacity to meaningfully participate in local governance. This will be achieved by conducting extensive civic education training and through the use of innovative folk and mass media initiatives; educating the community on key provisions of the Constitution of Kenya by fostering dialogue in fora and facilitating the development of community-led mechanisms for the monitoring of service delivery.
St. John's Community CentreLocal - KenyaMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 176,000
591Using Access to Information to Foster Open Expenditure and Budget Transparency in Liberia
This project seeks to enhance the fight against corruption in Liberia, by fostering accountability and fiscal transparency in the public sector. It will also foster increased public advocacy in favour of anti-corruption actions and expenditure transparency. Public understanding and input in transparency and anti-corruption efforts will be buttressed by increased media coverage of these issues. Trained journalists in transparency and anti-corruption reporting, will investigate on development projects, and a team of anticorruption champions based in community radio stations, will be activated to advocate for redress, monitor and increased public awareness in the fight against corruption.
Liberia Media CenterLocal - LiberiaJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 220,000
592A Citizen's Watchdog for Local Governance
The project aims at encouraging the empowerment of citizens involved in the management of local public affairs. The project will focus on activities relevant to good governance and decentralization, and cascade training for the benefit of community stakeholders (local officials and civil society organizations) in ten communities. The activities are supported by the reinforcement of awareness and mobilization campaigns in the community, developing interactions between the government and citizens.
Comité National d'Observation des Elections - Education des citoyensLocal - MadagascarFeb 2016 - Jul 2017USD 220,000
593Promoting Dialogue within Communities for Security and Safety of Schools in Nigeria
This project promotes community dialogue and stakeholder engagement to facilitate school safety and security, in the North East state of Bauchi, North West Kaduna and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja-North Central. Through a participatory approach it will build the capacity of schools, communities and civil society organizations, to effectively engage authorities on school security and safety programs; design and establish early warning systems; and define the adoption of minimum standards/guidelines and a plan of action, to promote safe and secure schools in the targeted states.
Women Advocates Research and Documentation CentreLocal - NigeriaMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 198,000
594Access To Justice and Human Rights Education in Rwanda (Phase II)
The project is aimed at reducing injustice impacting the poorest, most marginalized and vulnerable groups in rural communities. Focus groups will be formed and empowered to defend and protect their rights and those of their communities, through legal aid initiatives, legal empowerment training and rights awareness. This project builds on lessons learned from a previous UNDEF-funded project, implemented by the same organization in Rwanda and expands it to the second district.
Human Rights First Rwanda AssociationLocal - RwandaMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 242,000
595Enhancing Women's Land Ownership Rights in Eastern Sierra Leone
This community-driven project is aimed at supporting an informed public debate and advocacy on women land ownership rights in the Districts of Kailahun, Kenema and Kono in Eastern Sierra Leone. The project will focus on research, public awareness-raising, building knowledge of communities on human rights and the Devolution of Estates legal framework, thus creating a forum for communities to critically analyze the need to enhance gender fairness and social justice, in the existing land tenure system.
Humanist Watch SaloneLocal - Sierra LeoneJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 176,000
596Strengthening Cultures of Peace, Human Rights, Good Governance and Dialogue in South Sudan
The project aims to strengthen a culture of peace, human rights, good governance, reconciliation and peace dialogue; building the skills of young people from different ethnic groups, in 11 counties, in the Jongolei State and 9 other counties in the Unity State. This will be achieved via youth leader training, cascade training, the facilitation of joint meetings between youth leaders from different ethnic groups, and discussions on reconciliation and peace issues via radio talk shows.
Grassroots Relief & Development AgencyLocal - South SudanJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
597Civic Knowledge 2 Action: Strengthening Youth Involvement in Democratization - SYID
The project will develop youth leadership capacity and enhance their participation in decision-making advocating for youth priorities in the local government development plans in the Districts of Kasese, Wakiso and Mukono, in Western and Central Uganda. The project will train 330 youth leaders from 30 youth councils and 900 fellow youth council leaders. The project will also reach out to 2400 youth, through 12 motivational speaker events, divulged in universities and secondary schools; concurrently reaching out to 1500 young people through small grants awareness events. Finally, the project will also help to raise the voices of youth, through dialogues with local governments and visits to the Parliament.
Action for Community Development UgandaLocal - UgandaApr 2016 - Mar 2018USD 198,000
599Mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Civil Society Agenda
The project aims to advance dialogue among CSOs, political parties, academics and trade unions in the context of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. In order to achieve this, the projects plans to establish a permanent Arab Forum that will serve as a platform for raising awareness, enhancing engagement, producing publications and e-tools, and building the capacity of various stakeholders in monitoring the implementation of the new Sustainable Development Agenda.
Arab NGO Network for DevelopmentRegional - Middle East and North AfricaFeb 2016 - Jan 2018USD 198,000
600A School for Democracy in Blida
With the goal of developing and implementing a series of practical activities in Blida, this project aims at awakening the civic consciousness of young people; teaching them to live in democracy and to restore the socio-economic equality in order to contribute to the social inclusion of women and youth, thus to achieve the revival of the democratic process in Algeria.
DjazairounaLocal - AlgeriaNov 2017 - Apr 2019USD 110,000
601React against Corrupt Behaviour
WATCH/RAQB is a multi-stakeholder initiative against corruption in Egypt that leverages the potential of civic education and new technologies, to promote active citizenship and social accountability. It will identify eight CSOs and citizens in eight communities of four regions, and train them to understand the concept of corruption and to recognize the problems within their communities. An on-line hub will be created to host the resource materials to exchange information and views, and to monitor different types of corruption. Furthermore, the project will seek to build cooperation between CSOs and governmental bodies to create a community mechanism and implement initiatives against corruption.
International Development Support and ConsultingLocal - EgyptMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 242,000
602Iraqi Youth for Conflict Resolution
The project aims to empower youth in 18 Iraqi governorates through a leadership training and awareness raising workshops, with the objective to educate youth on how to dismiss all kinds of violence, sectarianism and hatred. The project’s main goal is to work with government representatives to revise, improve and advocate for the National Reconciliation Law. As active actors in conflict resolution, youth will actively participate in the creation of ad hoc legislative campaigns for the promotion of the above mentioned law.
Press and Media Care AssociationLocal - IraqApr 2016 - Mar 2018USD 220,000
603Youth Web TV
This project seeks to democratize public media, by rendering it accessible to young people in a context marked by the rise of new communication technologies, which leverage political participation. The project aims at enhancing capacity building of youth by involving them in the design, development and implementation of television programs for the production of communication materials that will address various topics related to current political, economic, social and cultural issues. The project Youth web TV will allow young people, confined to alternative media, access to public media following the strengthening of their technical and artistic skills.
Médiateur pour la Démocratie et les Droits de l’HommeLocal - MoroccoJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 242,000
604Provision of a Safe Environment for Youth in the Gaza Strip to Participate, Volunteer, and Build Capacity
This project aims to empower 300 youth and leaders from five governorates of the Gaza Strip, as they will be trained to manage the recently established youth club in Gaza City. The club’s organizational structure will be strengthened and the capacity of its members enhanced, to foster democracy and youth participation. Youth club members will be equipped with the tools to effectively address the issues of youth and other vulnerable groups in Palestinian communities. More specifically, the youth club will organize 2 youth camps, offering arts, media and human rights training workshops; implementing 100 awareness workshops, 15 awareness events using artistic expressions, and 15 community initiatives designed by youth.
El-Wedad Society for Community RehabilitationLocal - PalestineMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 242,000
605Giving Voice to the Voiceless Women and Girls of Somalia
This project will give voice to Somali women and girls, to raise awareness on education/employment opportunities, underage marriage and violence; fostering and instilling positive social changes through gender equality initiatives, in five targeted areas. Through offered community radio programmes women and girls will be trained and will be demanded to participate in the production and dissemination of advocacy campaigns. Moreover, project participants will formulate and implement small grant initiatives in their respective communities.
Radio DaljirLocal - SomaliaJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
606Support for Civil Society and Constitutional Processes in Decentralization and Governance (Mab3adhna)
This project seeks to reinforce the capacity of Tunisian civil society organizations through training in the regions of Jendouba, Gafsa and Tozeur. Moreover, a dialogue will be established between citizens and public authorities with the vision to facilitate the genesis of the project and its success.
Développement Sans FrontièresLocal - TunisiaAug 2016 - Jul 2018USD 220,000
607Promoting Local and Participatory Democracy
This project aims to increase citizen's participation and the application of the principles of effective governance in the local management of seven municipalities, in the governorates of Gabes, Sfax, Kairouan, Ben Arous, Sousse, Jendouba et Kasserine. This initiative is based on a unifying effort of CSO demands relevant to the legal framework in which they operate and for the promotion of local democracy in Tunisia. The main activities put into place by this project are: the selection and agreement-making with 7 participating municipalities, the organization of a training program to strengthen the capacities of elected officials, workshop/debates focusing on capturing recommendations made by CSOs and citizens, leadership training for young men and women to supervise awareness campaigns and virtual discussions for young people and pilot-projects to improve local services provided to citizens.
Observatoire CHAHED, Observation des Elections et Soutien des Transitions DémocratiquesLocal - TunisiaFeb 2016 - Jan 2018USD 220,000
609Engaging Men and Boys in Preventing Violence against Women and Girls to Build a Democratic Society
The project aims to engage men and boys, village leaders and religious authorities in advocacy and training to prevent gender-based violence and to overcome gender barriers, in order to promote the equal participation of women in society. The project initiates outreach activities to bring together youth and leaders at a provincial and interprovincial level, for the exchange of experiences and ideas. Furthermore, as the project seeks to reach out to a greater number of communities, awareness campaigns and media broadcasts will be organized in targeted locations.
Welfare and Support Afghan Women Disability OrganizationLocal - AfghanistanJan 2016 - Dec 2016USD 154,000
610Journalism Development in Bhutan
The main objectives of the project are to enhance the quality and skills of Bhutanese journalists, foster a growing number of professionally trained journalists in the country, and eventually promote the constitutional right to information, and the freedom of media and speech. The project will primarily seek to develop professionalism in the practice of journalism by building the competencies of journalists. Journalism grants will also be instituted to promote rural reporting, thereby giving voice to the marginalized segments of the population; facilitating democratic discourses on media rights, legal and regulatory systems to foster a conducive environment for the free flow of information.
Journalists' Association of BhutanLocal - BhutanApr 2016 - Mar 2018USD 143,000
611Promoting Migrant Workers’ Capacity in Labor Rights Protection
This project aims to promote and protect labor rights of migrant construction workers in Beijing, China. Special emphasis is made to raise migrant construction workers’ awareness of their rights, to increase their knowledge of labor laws regulations, and to enhance their capacity so that they can protect their rights and interests through the legal system; further providing them with legal advice and support in cases violations of their rights. It further aims to support legal and policy changes, to protect the rights of immigrant construction workers through action-oriented research, public seminars and consultations between the government and the employers of migrant construction workers.
Beijing Yilian Legal Aid and Research Center of LaborLocal - ChinaFeb 2016 - Jan 2018USD 176,000
614Development Pacts: An Accountability Tool in the Hands of Local Communities in Kyrgyzstan (Phase II)
The project aims to improve the role of communities in local decision-making processes and to increase their access to public goods and services, by reducing the gap between public demand for improved delivery and the responsiveness of local authorities and public representatives, in meeting the demand. The project builds on an accountability tool ‘Development Pacts’ created by Transparency International Kyrgyzstan during a previous UNDEF-funded project. The tool will be used as a mechanism to create incentives for public servants to provide better performance and accountability in the delivery of public services to local Kyrgyz communities.
Transparency International KyrgyzstanLocal - KyrgyzstanMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 242,000
615Activate Your Rights: Youth Participation in Mongolia
The project aims to empower youth and promote civic participation, by enhancing their skills in engaging in decision-making, facilitating formal arrangements for civic participation, and by promoting responsiveness, accountability and transparency in Mongolian governance at a local, provincial and national level. Particular emphasis will regard increasing youth voter participation in the 2016 elections. The project will build capacity of 30 youth committees, conduct an extensive voter education campaign and establish formal mechanisms for youth participation in local governance, through the establishment of 30 local government youth advisory panels.
The Mongolian Youth FederationLocal - MongoliaMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 198,000
616Civil Society Organizations Incubation Centre in Chin State, Myanmar
The project will strengthen the potential of Chin State’s civil society organizations, by providing them with necessary institutional capacity and competence in project development and management, and a network of established contacts with other organizations. To achieve this aim, project management training will be delivered to 24 young civil society organization leaders. The best 12 projects developed by the trainees, will be selected and awarded with micro-grants for their implementation. In addition, an open e-learning platform will be created and a civil society organization incubation centre will be set up to disseminate the know-how and project-management related information, as well as facilitate connections amongst local civil society organizations.
Agency for Basic Community DevelopmentLocal - MyanmarMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 176,000
617Awaaz-e-Niswan-National Network of Women Voters
The project aims to form a vibrant network of women voters in 10 constituencies that will draw attention and resources to priority areas of concern for female voters; ultimately engaging with duty bearers (elected representatives and government functionaries). The project will address the low visibility and weak influence of women voters and related issues, which affect them in local governance; involving the mobilization of women voters, formation and capacity building (plans of action, district budget analysis, and policy advocacy).
Center for Gender and Policy StudiesLocal - PakistanJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
618Our Voice Matters! Youth Empowerment, Participation and Influence to Decision-Making Processes in Sri Lanka
The project aims to equip youth in the districts of Anuradapura and of Monaragala, to become active citizens and to engage in decision-making processes. Youth will be provided with the skills and knowledge to understand how to engage with relevant local and national institutions and will be supported in implementing youth-led advocacy strategies to monitor government performance, challenge political decisions and influence the development of policies, plans and budgets. Additionally, it will create avenues to engage with governmental officials and to stimulate direct youth advocacy and policy influencing both at a national and local level. The use of innovative IT solutions for advocacy purposes, will be introduced to promote effective governmental accountability and participatory governance led by youth. District level communication and social media campaigns, and linkages with the Youth Council and the Parliament will be introduced, to further enable youth to connect and channel policy requests at a national level.
Plan Sri LankaLocal - Sri LankaJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
620Enabling Environment for Civil Society in Vietnam
The project aims to create an enabling environment for the development of civil society organizations in Vietnam. The project will build advocacy capacity of 100 Vietnamese civil society organizations and 500 of its staff members, to enhance networking and alliance of civil society organizations particularly non-Hanoi-based centrally and regionally, with government officials in Hue/Da Nang and Hochiminh City. To render this project successful, meaningful participation and inputs of civil society organizations, in the formulation processes of the Law on Association and related policies will be necessary. Furthermore, the project will use on-line and off-line capacity building methods to achieve tangible results. (Phase II)
Research Center for Management and Sustainable DevelopmentLocal - Viet NamJun 2016 - May 2018USD 220,000
621Towards a Probation System in Armenia
The project aims to contribute to the establishment of a fully-fledged functioning probation service in Armenia, as well as an effective use of non-custodial and early release measures, to challenge the overuse of imprisonment by decreasing its application and rates, build proportionate responses to crime, strengthen effectiveness of enforcement of alternative sanctions, and facilitate the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. Actions aim at consolidating efforts among different stakeholders and facilitating the involvement of civil society organizations in the development and implementation of reintegration programmes. This initiative is an outcome of an earlier UNDEF penal reform project covering the south Caucasus, with the goal to strengthen non-custodial measures and to exchange best practices.
Civil Society Institute NGOLocal - ArmeniaJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
622Developing a New Generation of Democratic Youth Leaders
This project aims to enhance the capacity and voice of young people, preparing them to formulate and integrate their propositions in key policy areas; education, employment and youth civic rights. It will train an additional 1150 youth with the aim to set up Local Youth Parliaments and a consolidated network of these bodies in Azerbaijan. Their propositions and recommendations will be consolidated and submitted to the local government and parliaments for their consideration, integration and implementation.
Integration of Azerbaijani Youth to EuropeLocal - AzerbaijanApr 2016 - Mar 2018USD 176,000
623Developing Entrepreneurial and Work Capacity of Young People with Disabilities
The project aims to empower young people with disabilities through training and opportunities of employment, enabling their de-institutionalization, to in turn improve the quality of their life and ability to participate in society. Actions include opening a support centre for entrepreneurial activities and for the employment of young people with physical and mental disabilities. Concurrently, further activities will be offered: workshops, master classes, contests for business proposals, trade fairs, integrative forums and outreach activities.
Charitable Public Association "World Without Borders"Local - BelarusJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 220,000
624Community Development Programme for Rural Districts of Transnistrian Region
Most of the settlements of the Transnistria region do not have strategic plans and experts able to elaborate plans for sustainable development. This severely limits their ability to attract funds for the design and implementation of social and infrastructure projects. This project aims to address this, by building a team of experts in strategic planning and project management, to support local public authorities in the socio-economic development of rural districts in the region. In the long-term, it seeks to mobilize and improve the lives of communities, build trust and support partnerships between local public authorities and communities; attracting international funds for the local development of villages and towns.
Agency for Regional DevelopmentLocal - Moldova, Republic ofJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
625Building a Women's Political Lobby
Women in Ukraine continue to be under-represented in decision-making bodies, in particular as political leaders and elected officials. The project aims to strengthen the political role, promote activism, and increase the representation of women in Ukrainian political life; strengthening the support of women from communities and other political institutions through the implementation of democratic principles of governance in Ukraine. This will be achieved, by enhancing dialogue between political parties, local governments and CSOs regarding ways and strategies of increasing women’s empowerment.
Women's Consortium of UkraineLocal - UkraineMay 2016 - Apr 2018USD 242,000
626Strengthening Democratic Culture through Young Deputies in Ukraine
The project aims to strengthen democratic culture among local government authorities, through the training of young council deputies in Ukraine. The project seeks to train 175 young deputies and workers of local authorities from the entire country, provide 150 internships, develop a web-catalog and issue brochures, as well as organize conferences and online groups in social networks where young deputies can exchange experiences and lessons learned.
VOLYN Resource CenterLocal - UkraineJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 220,000
627Strengthening Civil Participation in Journalism and Data-based Investigative Reporting in Argentina
The objective of the project is to promote citizens' greater involvement in the monitoring of public affairs in five cities in Argentina, through their collective participation in the production of news content and enhanced access to data. The implementing organization will partner with local journalists to conduct data-based investigations in each city. Through the use of Chequeado's crowdsourcing and crowdchecking tools, the public will be able to contribute in collecting, processing and analyzing information. The results will be accompanied by a strong on-the-ground promotional campaign and the innovative contributions will be presented at relevant journalism conferences and universities.
Fundación La Voz Pública para la Verificación del Discurso PúblicoLocal - ArgentinaJan 2016 - Jun 2017USD 220,000
628Building an Inclusive Democracy through Knowledge-building and Dialogue on LGBT rights
This project will contribute to building an inclusive democracy in Bolivia, by strengthening the capacity of the LGBT community to advocate for and protect their rights. This will be achieved via the empowerment of the leaders of the LGBT movement at a national and departmental level; enhancing their leadership and advocacy skills, developing their political agendas and legalizing the status of their associations.
Coordinadora de la MujerLocal - BoliviaMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 198,000
629Citizen Participation for the Political Party Transparency
The project aims to create tools and participation channels for the strengthening of the transparency and accountability of political parties. Efficiently implemented, it supports the development of a web-based platform to enhance transparency among political parties, a strategy to promote citizen participation through workshops and media outreach, and an advocacy campaign to raise awareness on how political parties perform, the transparency of their work and their adoption of democratic standards.
Fundacion Ciudadano InteligenteLocal - ChileJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
630Todos por la Educación; All for Education
The project aims to contribute to making education a national and collective priority for citizens as well as policy-makers, highlighted as a key element to address inequality. The project will build advocacy skills among a network of young volunteers, who will carry out pedagaogical events to promote citizenship actions, addressing education inequalities in six targeted cities: Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, Quibdó and Manizales. They will monitor local development education plans and Government commitmments in this field. Moreover, a comprehensive media strategy will be used to sustain and promote awareness on key education issues.
Fundación Compartir - Todos por la EducaciónLocal - ColombiaFeb 2016 - Oct 2018USD 154,000
631Towards a Rights-Based Political Culture and Participation of the Dominican Population of Haitian Origin
The project aims at promoting recognition of the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent and those at risk of deportation in three municipal districts. The project will achieve: increased access to identity and migration documents, increased debate and knowledge on the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent and immigrants, and strengthened capacity and advocacy efforts leveraged by diverse actors to promote for the right to nationality, immigration regularization, and due process in case of deportation.
Oxfam IntermónLocal - Dominican RepublicMar 2016 - Aug 2017USD 220,000
632Time Banks in the Metropolitan District of Quito: A Tool for Citizen Participation
This project aims to reduce and solve the limited social participation and lack of community cohesion in the Metropolitan District of Quito, by creating a space for community building and activism called Time Bank. Time Bank will provide a cooperative space to encourage and promote an open dialogue and sharing of skills among the citizens of Quito.
Fundacion Esquel EcuadorLocal - EcuadorMar 2016 - Feb 2018USD 198,000
633Debate, Dialogue and Democracy
Debate Dialogue and Democracy-3D is a project organized and implemented by young leaders for the benefit of other young leaders that aims at building and consolidating democratic habits through the generation of trustworthy and open spaces of participation. The project will provide spaces for debate among youth, build the capacity of youth leaders through specialised training workshops and increased public awareness roles, responsibilities, interests and the potential of young people in shaping democracy.
Asociación Conexión al Desarrollo de El SalvadorLocal - El SalvadorJan 2016 - Dec 2017USD 198,000
635Support for Women and Girls Impacted by Violence in the Sud Department
The project aims at combating violence against women. This is a legal assistance project which seeks to support women and girls, victims of violence, to aid them in adressing and protecting their rights through the Haitian and International Protection System. The population in the Southern Department will be educated by means of radio, television, commercials, brochures on the issue of violence against women.
Reseau Sud pour la Défense des Droits HumainsLocal - HaitiMar 2016 - Feb 2017USD 110,000
636House of Initiatives by and for Syrian Women in Reyhanli
The project aims to create a capacity building programme for one hundred Syrian women currently refugees in Turkey, to increase their opportunity to fully participate in the democratic, economic and reconstruction processes during the post-conflict period. This project will be implemented as an extension of the initial Zeytuna Project financed by UNDEF (UDF-RAS-12-500). The activities under this second phase will bring together some of the projects developed by the women during the first phase. The centre will help the participants to ensure the sustainability of their projects by providing a common area, where they will be able to share resources (human, material and financial); empowering them and simultaneously inspiring other Syrian women to conduct similar spin-off projects.
Mandat InternationalLocal - TürkiyeJun 2016 - May 2018USD 231,000
637Youth Engagement in Development of Drug Policy
The project aims to promote the active participation of young people in drug policy development and implementation; improving skills and capacity of youth organizations in advocating for the rights of vulnerable people such as drug users, fostering quality improvements in youth work and volunteering, enhancing cooperation between youth organizations from different regions of the world, promoting volunteering as a tool to facilitate social inclusion and supporting the active engagement of young people in society.
Fondazione Villa Maraini OnlusGlobalJan 2017 - Jan 2019USD 176,000
638Accelerated Reconciliation in Post-Transitional Burkina Faso
The project aims to cultivate social activism in order to contribute to social cohesion in Burkina Faso, through the promotion of intercommunity dialogue, tolerance and responsible behavior. It thus aims to accelerate the stability of Burkina Faso in the aftermath of the political transition. It will target young leaders of civil society organisations, student movements, religious and traditional leaders, political party leaders, national elected representatives, journalists and victims of recent insurgencies.
Réseau Afrique JeunesseLocal - Burkina FasoApr 2017 - Mar 2019USD 198,000
639Promoting a Spirit of Dialogue, Political Tolerance and Respect for Human Rights among Young People in Burundi
This project aims at building the capacity of young men and women in the field of social conflict prevention and management in order to help them to take action in consolidating peace and promoting the respect of human rights through their participation in activities that favour social cohesion, regardless of the diversity of political opinion, of religious affiliation, social status and levels of education. Elected representatives and community leaders will also be engaged in non-violent mediation. The project will also give the opportunity to young people of the targeted areas to be economically autonomous; reducing their vulnerability to manipulation by political parties. The provinces of Kayanza, Ngozi and Rumonge will be targeted by the project.
Observatoire Ineza des Droits de l'enfant au BURUNDILocal - BurundiJun 2017 - May 2019USD 198,000
640Citizen monitoring through women and traditional leadership in Central African Republic
This project supports local government citizen monitoring through women organizations and aims at offering better public services access to populations for health, education, water and sanitation services. Women organizations, traditional authorities, locally elected representatives of the cities of Bouar and Baoro in the prefecture of Nana-Mambéré, will be better organized for responsible local governance. Their capacities in terms of social dialogue, analysis, advocacy and civic control will be reinforced. They will participate in decision-making and will lead actions in favour of social responsibility.
Conseil Inter ONG en CentrafriqueLocal - Central African RepublicJun 2017 - May 2019USD 176,000
642Enhancing Media-Government Relations to Improve Legal Environment for Freedom of Expression in Gambia
Through this project, Gambia Press Union aims to promote an enabling environment for free and responsible journalism. Through capacity building workshops, outreach and advocacy, this project will facilitate the establishment of a self-regulatory body for media, equip media personnel with skills to enhance professionalism and create platforms for dialogue between media and government as well as strengthen relations between civil society organizations and private sector. Gambia Press Union will address public misconception of the media and contribute to reform laws, policies and practices to enable and ensure the free flow of information.
Gambia Press UnionLocal - GambiaApr 2017 - Mar 2019USD 220,000
645Youth Engagement for Participatory Local Development in Bamako, Mali
The project aims to engage young people of Commune IV of the Bamako District, in the process of democratic decentralization and local governance so that they can play their roles as actors of development and social change. To achieve this objective, the project will strengthen the capacity and technical competence of civil society youth organizations that will develop their own initiatives to participate in local governance through listening centers. Young people will engage in actions of civic awareness, political dialogue, advocacy and citizen control in relation to public services and the participation of young people.
Partenaires Pour Le Developpement RuralLocal - MaliAug 2017 - Jul 2019USD 220,000
646Restoring Local Democracy and Empowerment of Displaced Populations in Niger
The aim of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of local democracy processes, as well as to facilitate the insertion and the empowerment of displaced populations, especially women in the region of Diffa. The capacities of these women in terms of civic participation, associative involvement and income generation will be increased to enable their inclusion in local communities. This will contribute to a fair representation of the different social groups in local government, thanks to the mobilization and the organization of women in associations. Displaced populations, especially women, but also host communities will have the opportunity to register on official electoral communal lists and to participate in the elaboration of local development plans.
Groupe d'Appui au Développement Rural - Recherche/ActionLocal - NigerMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 220,000
647Sustainable Citizen Participation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta
This project aims to institutionalize sustainable citizen participation in 81 local government areas in 9 Niger Delta States. The goal is to make local governments more accountable to the populations they serve. This project will train 198 citizens such as civil society/women groups leaders as change agents, organize 81 Town Hall Meetings and hold quarterly community consultative committee meetings. It will also mobilize 1,620 citizens to formulate community plans of action, democratically select key development activities, and engage with government stakeholders in the target areas to implement and fund activities.
Afrihealth Optonet AssociationLocal - NigeriaJan 2017 - Dec 2018USD 242,000
648Empowering Female and Youth Domestic Workers in Uganda
The project aims to promote the recognition of domestic work as decent work and domestic workers' (WDs) contribution to society. 3500 domestic workers reached will be positioned to take individual and collective actions to improve their working conditions. Two Associations of existing 61 mutual support groups of domestic workers, will be established to build solidarity and support for each other, develop advocacy strategies and represent themselves whilst influencing change. This project will also further the participation of female and youth DWs in claiming their rights, accessing services of legal aid, inclusion in policy decision-making, and local/national government processes.
Platform for Labour ActionLocal - UgandaMar 2017 - Feb 2019USD 242,000
649Institutional Strengthening to Support the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Zimbabwe
The project seeks to enhance constitutional awareness in communities while strengthening the role of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission in the protection and promotion of rights. It will also increase access to justice for vulnerable and marginalized communities located in peri-urban and rural areas, through mobile legal clinic and advocacy activities. Through the Court's monitoring process, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights seeks to influence the reform of justice delivery, by engaging strategic stakeholders with a key role in influencing reforms.
Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human RightsLocal - ZimbabweMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 165,000
650Promoting Youth Participation in Governance in Areas Affected by Regional Conflicts
The massive influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon has overwhelmed public services in host communities, leading to increased tensions between members of local communities and refugees. This project will increase the civic engagement of young people, especially women, and public servants to enhance the delivery of public services, in conflict affected areas in Jordan and Lebanon. Moreover, it seeks to strengthen youth-led community Arab Regional Initiatives and Centres to build a sustainable community-based resiliency.
ActionAid Arab Regional InitiativeRegional - Middle East and North AfricaMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 242,000
651Strengthening An Independent Syrian Media Sector
Journalists for Human Rights has designed a two-year project to build the capacity and ensure the sustainability of selected independent Syrian media outlets in order to foster a balanced, inclusive, accountable and informed public dialogue on governance and human rights issues to advance democratic narratives in Syria. The project will train journalists, help media managers to build sustainable business plans, and create opportunities for public dialogue on human rights, democracy and governance issues.
Journalists for Human RightsRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJan 2017 - Jan 2019USD 242,000
653Enhancing Women's Capacities for Effective Participation in Local Councils in Egypt
The project focuses on improving the performance of female local council members and on strengthening their engagement with local/community-development Non-governmental Organizations in 8 governorates, in Egypt. The project empowers female council members to increase their efficiency and to engage with their communities, thereby better representing them in decision-making processes.
The Egyptian Center for Women's RightsLocal - EgyptAug 2018 - Jul 2020USD 220,000
654Capacity Building and Empowerment of Gender Equality Based Civil Society Organizations in Iraq
The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of gender equality focused civil society organizations to engage with government, to meet the needs of vulnerable women and girls in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In addition to a comprehensive coaching programme, the project further seeks to increase the participation of civil society organizations in governmental and non-governmental coordination and advocacy platforms, to empower them to bring attention and generate a positive policy response on gender equality issues.
Women Rehabilitation OrganizationLocal - IraqApr 2017 - Mar 2019USD 220,000
655Access to Justice for Migrants in Jordan
In early 2015, the number of regular migrant workers in Jordan has reached more than 300,000, according to the Ministry of Labour. An unknown but estimated high number of migrant workers in irregular positions, are likely to face discrimination, exclusion, exploitation and abuse at all stages of the migration process. This project seeks to protect workers from abusive practices by amending legislation that fails to protect against human rights violations, and by providing migrants and Syrian refugees with access to justice and redress. This will be done not only by taking on more cases, but by taking on cases that will set a legal precedent, which will positively impact future cases addressing the human rights violations of migrants and refugees.
Tamkeen Fields for AidLocal - JordanFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 220,000
656Democratic and Empowerment Processes for Youth - Cohesion and Social Stability (DEEP-CSS) in Lebanon)
The project aims to ensure for youth to be able to participate in public life without discrimination, and to enhance social cohesion and democratic practices in Lebanon. The project seeks to equip youth from all communities with skills to actively participate in civil society, by supporting the creation of forums; spaces where their voices can be heard.
Permanent Peace MovementLocal - LebanonMar 2017 - Mar 2019USD 220,000
657Strengthening the Capacity of Syrian Women Refugees in Lebanon
The project aims to create a capacity building programme (training courses on International law, project management and communication) for a hundred Syrian women refugees in Lebanon, so as to increase Syrian women’s opportunity to fully participate in the democratic, economic and reconstruction processes during the post-conflict period. The project will build an ongoing network and serve as an incubator for women leaders as well as a source of inspiration to other Syrian women.
Mandat InternationalLocal - LebanonJan 2017 - Dec 2018USD 220,000
659Youth as Change Agents: Building Capacities to Define Public Space in Palestine
The project seeks to address the issue of low participation and recognition of youth in decision-making, in shaping the design of urban and rural public spaces through capacity building trainings, social audits, and small-scale community initiatives in West Bank, Palestine. The overarching strategic approach is to train youth through theoretical and practical learning, giving them experience in engaging with local level politics for the implementation of real change through social audits and the design of community initiatives in public spaces.
International Peace and Cooperation CenterLocal - PalestineFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 198,000
660Strengthening Rural Women’s Representation in National Leadership in Somaliland
The project aims to strengthen the capacity of rural women and civil society organizations to develop an inclusive, political platform to institutiionalize their equal participation in national leadership. The project will build the capacity of women leaders to participate as constituent representatives in the national elections and formulate proposals on legislative and policy changes, thus increasing women representation in Somalia.
Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of AfricaLocal - SomaliaMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 242,000
661Entrepreneurship for Participation and Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth in Tunisia
The project aims to integrate young people in the northeastern governorates of Beja, Jendouba, Kef and Siliana in Tunisia's social fabric and democratic transition, by developing their managerial skills and entrepreneurial leadership; skills that will sustain youth in the launch of their own projects.
Tamkeen For DevelopmentLocal - TunisiaApr 2017 - Mar 2019USD 209,000
662Building Public Participation, Trust and Transparency in Local Government in Tunisia
The project aims to reconstruct the confidence between citizens and the local authorities in four communes in Tunisia. The communes will adopt participatory budgeting as a mechanism for public participation, transparency and accountability towards citizens. The project will enable citizens to participate in the decision-making process - namely co-decision making - with the local authorities on local basic infrastructure projects.
Action AssociativeLocal - TunisiaApr 2017 - Sep 2018USD 242,000
663Enhancing Youth Participation in Peacebuilding and Democracy in Yemen
This project aims to empower 300 Yemeni Youth Initiative members in the three governorates of Sana'a, Ibb and Dhamar as agents of peace and democracy, through capacity building in peace related issues. Its objective is to reduce conflict and tensions among the targeted communities through extensive youth-led peacebuilding campaigns and to foster youth civic engagement in the peace process, by developing and advocating the adoption of a youth vision and representation in the peace dialogue.
Khadija Foundation for DevelopmentLocal - YemenJan 2017 - Dec 2018USD 220,000
664Female Journalists Taking the Lead in Media in Afghanistan
This project seeks to increase women’s participation in media by promoting their capabilities and presence in the media field. Given the lack of equitable representation of female journalists in the media sphere, the project aims to develop a comprehensive and inclusive training programme to build the capacity of female journalists, to compete with their male counterparts, and engage with their communities in anti-corruption and gender equality. The project trains female journalists on investigative reporting in four provinces -- Herat, Kabul, Balkh, and Kunduz -- to produce investigative reports on corruption and gender issues. Furthermore, it seeks to promote gender equality and equal employment opportunities for women in Afghan society.
Faryad Radio & TV NetworkLocal - AfghanistanFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 176,000
665Empowering Women for Climate Resilience in Cambodia
The proposed project aims at empowering 80 local women community leaders to better respond to climate change through capacity building, in terms of local adpatation and planning in result of the alterations brought forward by climate change with a focus on how to access climate-related funding and information. The main activities of this project include training, exposure visits, networking and information sharing forums, and participatory action research. The end goal of the project will be the empowerment of women for climate resilience, through the integration of women's action plans into commune development and investment strategies.
Cambodia Development Resource InstituteLocal - CambodiaMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 198,000
666Capacity Building to Promote Rights Protection for Migrant Workers in China
This project seeks to enhance legal aid services and grant migrant workers in China access to justice. In order to achieve this objective, the implementing agency will provide legal counseling, case representation and legal empowerment training to migrant workers; incubating CSOs to expand the scope of beneficiaries, establishing a network of professional lawyers in the country, and promoting public advocacy to call on an equal and favorable legal environment for migrant workers.
Beijing Zhicheng Migrant Workers Legal Aid and Research CenterLocal - ChinaJan 2017 - Dec 2018USD 242,000
667Empowering Women to become Champions of Sanitation in India
For women in rural India, poor sanitation, inadequate access to healthy sanitation infrastructure, and a lack of awareness around good practices are fundamental challenges to women’s rights and participation in their community’s democracy. This project aims to empower women to become champions of sanitation by providing them with a platform for democratic participation and a support network of advocacy self-help groups. The advocacy self-help groups will formulate proposals and have regular interactions with local government for social development plans. The project operates in 21 states of India through the implementation of leadership and communication training, community-led sanitation campaign initiatives and actions mobilizing 5000 women as change agents.
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Amrita University)Local - IndiaFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 242,000
668Empowering Youth to Develop Democracy without Violence in Indonesia
This project aims to reduce violent youth conflicts in Indonesia by creating the Youth Conflict Early Warning System information tool; equipping thirty youth organizations with conflict analysis, monitoring and prevention mechanisms and by facilitating community deliberative forums to provide a space for dialogue and conflict resolution. The project focuses on youth in the regions of Jakarta, Makassar and Papua.
Institute for Social and Economic Research, Education & InformationLocal - IndonesiaMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 220,000
670Empowering Indigenous Youth in Sabah, Malaysia
This project targets indigenous youth in Sabah, Malaysia. The aim of the project is to enhance institutional capacity of indigenous youth by creating ten councils, in ten target parliament constituencies. The goal is to increase youth capacity in decision-making in order to enhance their involvement at local community level. The project will enable youth to take specific actions on community development initiatives, such as voter registration and education campaigns on relevant youth issues.
Partners of Community OrganisationsLocal - MalaysiaMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 198,000
671Action for Right to Education in Pakistan
This project aims to mobilize citizens, especially youth, to promote democratic rights and civic participation of Pakistanis, particularly that of women and vulnerable minorities. It aims to achieve this by generating increased awareness and support among youth, school teachers and communities at large as defined in Article 25-A of the Constitution, which imparts all children between the ages of 5 -16 the right to free and compulsory education. The project supports the provision of training, as well as the creation and dissemination of educative materials, social media campaigns and public forums.
Idara-e-Taleem-o-AagahiLocal - PakistanJan 2018 - Dec 2019USD 176,000
672Creating Community Activism for Renewable Energy in the Philippines
The project aims to build and strengthen mass support for the development and utilization of small scale renewable energy sources. The project seeks to achieve: increased awareness of local stakeholders on coal fired power plants and renewable energy alternatives, build the capacity of a coalition of local stakeholders, and promote the participation of local stakeholders in decision-making processes of coal fired power plants. The project will also raise awareness on renewable energy resources as well as the social impact of coal fired power plants, via information and educational campaigns for the general public. Moreover, it will attempt to develop the capacity of citizens and NGOs to change the country’s energy policies.
Tanggol KalikasanLocal - PhilippinesMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 176,000
673Active Citizenship for Democracy Network in Sri Lanka
The project will empower citizen forums at village level with the objective of contributing to a culture of governance where citizens, state and non-state actors work together to achieve inclusive and sustainable local development outcomes for citizens in Sri Lanka. The objective is to strengthen the participation of civil society in the development processes of local government policy and its implementation; promoting effective and participatory governance, transparency and accountability in Sri Lanka.
Law and Society TrustLocal - Sri LankaFeb 2017 - Feb 2019USD 110,000
674Acting Together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia
The project aims to create a participatory, effective, and accountable governance process in response to the need for civil society organizations and citizens to participate in the recent social reforms in Armenia. The project particularly intends to raise public awareness on the reforms and to set concrete milestones in engaging citizens and CSOs, to make relevant observations on the necessary actions. The end goal is to render CSOs fully equipped to understand the country's new social policies and related funding mechanisms, as well as establishing a direct dialogue on best practices for social reform between government officials and citizens.
Armenian Association of Social WorkersLocal - ArmeniaFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 220,000
676Strengthening Youth Activism on Anti-Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The objective of this project is to strengthen the voice and engagement of youth (16-27 years old) in anti-corruption actions and initiatives, in Bosnia and Herzegovina by raising their awareness and knowledge on corruption, and through the improvement of their advocacy skills and networking opportunities, thus facilitating the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives. The project implements a series of training and conducts information and advocacy activities, whilst establishing collaborations with key stakeholders. Concurrently, trained youth will become part of the Youth Anti-Corruption team, focused on implementing youth-led anti-corruption advocacy initiatives and monitoring on public procurement and recruitment.
Medijske inicijativeLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaMar 2017 - Feb 2019USD 176,000
677Developing and Empowering Youth Centres in Kosovo
This project seeks to empower youth to actively participate in decision-making and democratic processes in Kosovo. The project focuses on 10 youth centers in 10 municipalities, developed to strengthen young people's managerial skills and to aid them in formulating and implementing their work plans as well as developing ad hoc advocacy campaigns on relevant issues they decide to focus on. Finally, the project will support young people in the implementation of a social enterprise initiative, impacting other communities in Kosovo.
Organizata Rinore AktiLocal - KosovoApr 2017 - Mar 2019USD 198,000
678Participation in Policy Processes on Justice Sector Reforms in Moldova
This project seeks to address and overcome the limited participation of civil society in governmental decision-making processes, by ensuring comprehensive and active participation of civil society organizations in the development of justice and anti-corruption strategies as well as in the monitoring of their subsequent implementation. Civil society organizations will be trained and provided with platforms on which they can input their drafts, evaluations of past strategies and monitor the implementation of the approved initiatives. Moreover, targeted advocacy actions will be undertaken and regular media coverage ensured within the framework of the project.
Resource Center for Human RightsLocal - Moldova, Republic ofApr 2017 - Apr 2019USD 132,000
679Supporting Ukrainian Independent Journalism by Building Freelance Journalists’ Resilience and Ability to Work Safely
In response to ongoing threats to the integrity and diversity of independent journalism in Ukraine, this project aims to help freelance journalists continue their vital contribution to an informed civil society. It will build their resilience by providing them with training in digital and psychological safety, risk assessment and responsible journalism; by publishing an online resource based on the training curriculum; and by bringing together individuals and organisations concerned with freelancers’ safety during the course preparations, workshops and a forum. A local project support group will be established to oversee delivery of the project, and take its core values forward.
The Rory Peck TrustLocal - UkraineDec 2016 - Nov 2018USD 132,000
680Building Transparent Cities in Ukraine
The project aims to increase the motivation and drive of Ukrainian cities to become more transparent, accountable and participatory. It seeks to achieve its objective by: measuring the transparency of the largest cities in Ukraine, developing a local government transparency ranking, conducting a series of training for regional representatives for the dissemination of best practices, organizing partner exchanges between public officials, and by planning regional workshops focused on enhancing the skills of local NGOs and civic activists. A final survey on the changes obtained will be conducted and utilized as a benchmark to determine the transparency of the cities in Ukraine and the success of the project.
Transparency International - UkraineLocal - UkraineJan 2017 - Jan 2019USD 242,000
681Transparency and Public Accountability in Education in Brazil
The project seeks to improve access to education in Brazil, by tackling mismanagement in construction of schools; empowering civil society groups to pressure local and federal government officials for more accountability; building a network of local monitoring organizations; gathering robust information on problems in several phases of construction and delivery, presented in semi-annual reports to federal government and media; holding a final conference on lessons learned and how to redesign policies for effective monitoring and control with the help of local civil society organizations.
Transparencia BrasilLocal - BrazilMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 220,000
682Empowering Women Victims of the Conflict in Colombia
The main goal of this project is to promote access to human rights for women, survivors of armed conflict, in five municipalities located in the department of Caquetá and Cauca in Colombia. The project intends to strengthen the communities through the development of organizational skills for women associations, encouraging their political participation in key community issues. The project will also assist women in claiming their rights through a legal support and assistance program.
Corporacion Opcion Legal/ Corporation Legal OptionLocal - ColombiaFeb 2017 - Jul 2018USD 253,000
683Young People's Leadership in Building Peace in El Salvador
The project seeks to strengthen leadership and participation skills amongst youth networks in La Libertad, San Salvador and Sonsonate, through training, workshops and technical assistance. The aim is to transform young people into real leaders and agents of change within their communities, with the long-term objective of rendering the transfer of their knowledge and skills to future generations a successful outcome; ensuring a peaceful sustainable development of their communities.
Fundación Empresarial para la Acción SocialLocal - El SalvadorMar 2017 - Mar 2019USD 242,000
684Human Rights Education for Social Transformation in Haiti
The project aims at supporting the emergence of a culture of human rights in the service of lasting change in Haiti. Its objective, is the formal adoption of human rights principles in the national Haitian education system. This project seeks to achieve a long-term impact on the cultural attitudes towards social inequality; promoting the practice of committed citizenship based on inclusion, equality and equity.
Reseau National de Defense des Droits HumainsLocal - HaitiMay 2017 - Apr 2019USD 220,000
685Young People for Dialogue and Democracy in Honduras
The project aims to enhance the socio-economic conditions of Honduran youth and to highlight the respect of human rights through the promotion, adoption, and implementation of public policies and legislation by young leader representatives in the Congress. To achieve this, the project will seek to increase the participation of youth in the formulation of public policies in order to diminish the phenomenon of social exclusion. It will further support the formal establishment of a Youth Parliamentary Network which will develop legislative actions to directly benefit Honduran youth.
Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos HumanosLocal - HondurasFeb 2017 - Jan 2019USD 220,000
686Youth Empowerment through Dialogue in Jamaica
The project Youth Empowerment through Dialogue in Jamaica, will provide a platform for Jamaican adolescents and youth between the age of 14 and 24, to advocate for solutions regarding socio-economic issues affecting youth, and in demand for accountability from local and national government representatives. Live town hall meetings will be organized, where 1,400 young people will be able to directly debate with officials for a constructive dialogue. At the heart of the project is a capacity strengthening component which aims to train 350 adolescents and youth advocates across the country; generating a general consensus on priority issues and in provision of policy recommendations to relevant elected public officials. Additionally, an online media strategy will be developed to engage 150,000 Jamaican young people in an empowering dialogue.
Talk Up YoutLocal - JamaicaJan 2017 - Jan 2019USD 220,000
688Building a Transparent Future Together in Albania
Low levels of transparency in government delivery of public services continue to exacerbate corruption in Albania; impacting essential services such as education, health, public transport, and urban planning. This project aims to engage youth in the Shkodër municipality by enhancing transparency, strengthening communication links between youth groups and local governance, raising youth engagement in policy and decision-making, and by promoting youth participation in the electoral processes.
Intelektualet e rinj, ShpreseLocal - AlbaniaMar 2017 - Mar 2019USD 160,000
691Community Mobilization Project Against Trafficking of Young Girls in the Communes of Ouinhi and Zagnanado in Benin
The project aims to reduce human trafficking in Ouinhi and Zagnanado communes, in Benin, by engaging women in local development. It seeks to offer training on legal frameworks related to child trafficking, promoting the proper application of legal frameworks through communication and popularization campaigns, and strengthening citizen participation units for monitoring purposes. Furthermore, it aims to empower, economically and socially, young women victims of trafficking as advocates against human trafficking.
Ligue des Femmes en Lutte Contre la Déperdition Scolaire Féminine, la Pauvreté et la Dégradation de l'environnementLocal - BeninMay 2018 - Apr 2020USD 209,000
692Promoting Democracy through the Establishment of a Permanent, Participatory, Inclusive and Collaborative Citizen Dialogu
The project aims to support democratic dialogue in the Central African Republic, by promoting constructive and collaborative interactions between civil society organizations, the government and citizens. Already accepted local committees will lead dialogue sessions between representatives from civil society and the government, to develop concrete actions in addressing existing challenges to community governance. Each dialogue will be inclusive and collaborative with the intention to positively transform the current community governance model.
Search for Common GroundLocal - Central African RepublicJun 2018 - May 2020USD 242,000
693Empowering Women as Decision Makers for an Inclusive Democracy in Democratic Republic of Congo
The project will contribute to the growth and development of democratic culture in Fizi and Uvira, by broadening the political space in which marginalized women in the Democratic Republic of Congo can intervene. To promote the rights of women, the project aims to raise the number of women in decision-making bodies, mobilize community members and engage with local authorities for the implementation of laws and legal texts at both a national and international level. Women’s empowerment and community awareness sessions will be held with civil society organizations and representatives from local councils throughout the project to generate influential advocacy initiatives.
Solidarité des Femmes de Fizi pour le Bien-Etre FamilialLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 165,000
694Empowering Human Rights Defenders and Young People to Fight Gender-Based Violence in Guinea-Bissau
The regions of Bafata and Gabu in Guinea-Bissau have a very high prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practices, and the freedom of speech is curtailed for defenders of human rights in the country. The objective of this project is to contribute to reducing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) pertaining to female genital mutilation; engaging communities, Human Right Defenders (HRDs), youth associations and right holders in promoting and protecting the rights of women and girls. Women and girls’ participation in policy implementation and raising community awareness will be essential for the elimination of gender-based violence. Thus, within the framework of this project, human rights defenders and young people will be provided with the skills and knowledge to engage with relevant local and national institutions, in questioning political decisions and influencing policies, in favor of the elimination of gender-based violence and the abolition of female genital mutilation.
Plan International Guinea-BissauLocal - Guinea-BissauJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 220,000
695Youth and Women’s Participation in Community Policing in Kenya
This project seeks to mobilize women and youth to participate in community security initiatives, to give credence to the United Nations Security Council's Resolutions 1325 and 2250, on women and youth participation in peace and security efforts at a global, national and local level. The project will build the capacity of women, youth and local communities to establish community-policy frameworks, and to advocate for a greater coordination of security structures, and respect of human rights standards.
696Strengthening CSO Engagement with Defence Institutions to Reduce Corruption and Strengthen Accountability in Mali
The project aims to reduce the risk of corruption in the Malian defence forces, by strengthening civil society’s expertise on defence accountability, developing well-evidenced inclusive reform recommendations, and catalyzing reforms within state institutions. The project will sustain in-depth research into defence corruption risks through regional focus group discussions, develop capabilities and coordinate civil society advocacy efforts for greater defence accountability.
Transparency International UKLocal - MaliApr 2018 - Sep 2019USD 187,000
697Reversing Youth Exclusion in Mozambique
The objective of this project is to reduce the social, cultural, economic and political exclusion of young people in the city of Chimoio. The project aims to lead an increased level of youth engagement in social and political processes, leveraging a greater understanding of and responsiveness to the needs of young people, as well as stronger youth-led civil society groups. These outcomes will be pursued and facilitated via soft-skills training, small grants programs, and youth-led campaigns across the city.
MICAIA FoundationLocal - MozambiqueJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 143,000
698Promoting Women’s Equal Political Representation in Namibia
The project aims at promoting the rights of women in politics in Namibia, by raising awareness on gender equality among the public at regional level. It further intends to equip women with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to fully participate in the electoral processes as candidates, representing their respective political parties. The project also intends to create an environment for political parties, favorable for the adoption of internal policies and legislative frameworks that are conscious of gender equality and support the nomination of women as party leaders and political representatives.
Women’s Action for DevelopmentLocal - NamibiaJun 2018 - May 2020USD 220,000
699Community Mobilization against Torture in Nigeria
The project aims to work towards the prevention and elimination of torture, by training 7,300 police officers, and raising awareness of the public to seek redress where torture occurs. More specifically, it seeks to offer training to 180 CSOs staff, 50 lawyers, 20 journalists, and 80 paralegals, on torture prevention and victims’ assistance. Its end goal is to provide support to 120 torture victims, and assist in the formulation of a national policy on torture prevention. The project targets three states: Lagos, Adamawa and Yobe.
Legal Defence and Assistance ProjectLocal - NigeriaFeb 2018 - Jan 2020USD 242,000
700Promoting Equality and Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Rwanda
The project seeks to address how the potters’ community is subject to gender-based violence, through capacity building and awareness raising of community volunteers. Volunteers will be grouped into gender focal points and trained on power structures regarding community, family, gender, gender-based violence laws as well as facilitation and communication skills, in order to promote equality and to advocate for the rights of the victims subjected to gender-based violence in Rwanda.
Communaute des Potiers du RwandaLocal - RwandaMay 2018 - Apr 2020USD 220,000
702Advocating for Community Radio in Zimbabwe
The project will advocate for licensing community radio institutions in Zimbabwe. This will be achieved by means of: (a) coordinated civil society stakeholders and citizens advocacy and petitioning the Government and its related institutions through a united and strong effort; (b) policy and regulatory review and reform of community broadcasting and the process required for licensing; and (c) developing the capacity of 10 target community radio institutions (CRIs) for licensing.
Amnesty International ZimbabweLocal - ZimbabweJan 2018 - Dec 2019USD 198,000
703Citizen Empowerment for the Promotion of Good Governance and Participatory Democracy in Algeria
This pilot project aims to promote good governance and sustainable local development, through democratic participation and dialogue among non-governmental organizations and public authorities in Bordj Boi Arreridj, Algeria. Campaigns will be implemented across four Wiliyah’s on communication, sensitization, training, and animation-consultation with production tools for decision-making support, to enhance citizen participation and action that meets the needs of Algerian civil society.
Association de Solidarité et de Lutte contre la Pauvrete et l'exclusionLocal - AlgeriaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 220,000
705Participation and Empowerment of Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan and Lebanon
The project aims to increase the capacity of Syrian refugee women to organize their communities and improve their way of living. Women’s Learning Partnership partners in Jordan and Lebanon will empower Syrian refugee women to act on behalf of their rights and their communities. It will instill and disseminate among local organizations a new understanding of the situations and issues regarding Syrian refugee women. The goal of this project is to train refugee women leaders to develop skills and capabilities of other women, in understanding their rights and enabling their participation in decision-making processes and community building activities.
Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and PeaceRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 198,000
707Mobilizing Communities for Fair Sexual-Violence Legislation in Lebanon
The project aims to influence decision-makers in Lebanon to adequately respond to sexual violations against women and girls and to change social norms regarding sexual and gender-based violence. The project will carry out advocacy and information activities with media to influence public opinion on the implementation of revised legal frameworks, in compliance to the abolition of Article 522. The overall long-term goal is to ensure a better quality of life for women and children, victims of sexual violence, by contributing to the development of a legal reform in protection of individuals and in prevention of sexual and gender-based violence in Lebanon.
ABAAD Resource Center for Gender EqualityLocal - LebanonJan 2018 - Jul 2019USD 220,000
709Enabling Women’s Political Participation in Somalia
The project aims to promote women leadership and political participation in Galmudug and Puntland, Somalia through raising awareness, advocacy, and capacity building initiatives at grassroot level, as the absence of women affects development processes of Somali society and community. The project aims to engage and train youth, elders, influential women and girls, representatives from civil society organizations, media, and local councilors on political engagement. Additionally, the project will establish a forum in two target states to create a space for women’s advancement, in support of their participation in civic life.
Somali Birth Attendants Cooperative OrganizationLocal - SomaliaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 121,000
710Women and Men as Equal in Partners in Local Government in Tunisia
The project aims to enhance gender equality and good governance in local development projects, by mobilizing public actors to take into consideration the status of women during local elections. Actions include gender sensitization training of local public actors, advocacy campaigns aimed at engaging local authorities for a sustainable equitable development, the development of innovative tools and awareness campaigns on women’s rights as well as the engagement of local authorities and media.
Lam EchamlLocal - TunisiaMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 198,000
711Observatory for Minority Rights in Tunisia
The project will create an observatory aimed at improving human rights in marginalized and vulnerable communities. This new space will be dedicated to coordinating the dialogue between discriminated groups, public actors and civil society; established to rethink and tackle injustices by devising on a structural reform. The observatory will focus on monitoring the development of awareness raising intiatives to fight inequality, and be responsible for the conception of a network of influencers, which will protect and reinforce the capacity and engagement of project stakeholders. The network of influencers will also be responsible for the drafting of laws on the protection of minorities and the reinforcement of the capabilities of stakeholders for increased engagement in project activities.
Association pour la promotion du droit à la différenceLocal - TunisiaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 176,000
712Promoting Inclusive Democracy and Disability Rights in Afghanistan
This project aims to improve the participation of people with disabilities in democratic processes, through awareness raising campaigns and capacity building of civil society groups, media, organizations and communities across 6 provinces of Afghanistan. Through a participatory approach, the project will develop coordinated efforts to increase access to voting for people with disabilities and promote inclusive democracy, by removing the social and cultural barriers to their participation in elections at a local level.
Community Center for DisabledLocal - AfghanistanMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 242,000
713Countering Religious Extremism in Bangladesh
In the context of a growing trend of violent religious extremism in Bangladesh, this project aims to promote the values of diversity, peace, and tolerance as a counter-narrative to violent religious extremism. It aims to achieve the objective by developing and nurturing the leadership of university students and by organizing discussion sessions, online activities within universities as well as planning work sessions with community leaders and folk cultural activists. Additionally, the project will develop knowledge assets, YouTube contents and a book on contemporary global and local contexts on pluralism and diversity; advocating for peace and tolerance.
Bangladesh Nari Progati SanghaLocal - BangladeshFeb 2018 - Jan 2020USD 165,000
714Enhancing Local Democratic Governance in Cambodia
This project sets out to strengthen local governance and social accountability in and across 20 villages in four communes, in Cambodia. Scorecard surveys will establish an evidence base for citizen perceptions and claims on social services at project outset, which will be transformed into joint demand and supply-side action plans for social services improvement within the four communes. Citizens’ capacity will also be developed to monitor, oversee, and influence the implementation of local democratic governance, through advocacy and collaborative actions in support of achievements through enhanced local democratic governance.
Advocacy and Policy InstituteLocal - CambodiaMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 165,000
715Towards an Inclusive Justice System for Persons With Disabilities in China
The objective of this project is to improve access to justice for people with disabilities in China. This will be achieved by enhancing the knowledge and capacity of legal aid providers and people with disabilities, through the strengthening partnerships between government entities and disability rights organizations. The project seeks to train legal aid providers and people with disabilities; disseminating legal information and establishing networks among government, disability organizations and other stakeholders.
East-Lake Institute for Social AdvancementLocal - ChinaMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 187,000
716A Spatial Data System for the Inclusive Cities Agenda in India
Local government in Indian cities find their efforts at inclusive planning hampered by the lack of reliable data systems that can capture challenges faced by marginalized communities. The capacity of marginalized citizens to participate in local government, is also impeded by the paucity of resilient, local knowledge systems that enable dialogue and deliberation. This project seeks to develop a proof-of-concept, scalable model of a community-based spatial data system that can democratize the agenda of sustainable cities, by building the civic capability of the urban poor to track the progress of local development priorities such as water, sanitation, and health. The project will focus on building a crowdsourced spatial data platform, training young men and women from the community to engage with the platform, and using the data system to strengthen the capabilities of marginalized communities.
IT for ChangeLocal - IndiaMar 2018 - Mar 2020USD 220,000
717Rule of Law and Rehabilitation of Young Offenders in Kazakhstan
This project aims to promote a comprehensive social reinsertion intervention model for 200 young ex-offenders to reduce the risk of recidivism in Kazakhstan. Participants will take part in a programme which includes training, skills development and psychological support. They will be directed towards community volunteerism to become active citizens and leaders. These activities will enhance re-socialization and inclusion in civic life among the participants who will then advocate for social inclusion for other young offenders and make recommendations to the authorities for the development of an effective rehabilitation system in Kazakhstan.
Social and Sustainable Youth Development Public FundLocal - KazakhstanJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
718Empowerment opportunities for youth and women in Lao People’s Democratic Republic
This project addresses the limited empowerment opportunities for young women and men in Laos and aims to empower them by providing skills, leadership training and participation opportunities. The Gender Development Association will recruit young leaders, especially rural and ethnic women from the Vientiane Capital and rural Mad district, to participate in six-month leadership and self-development training, over a two-year cycle. The training will be combined with internships, specific assignments, and forum discussions to enable them to seek professional development opportunities and to engage in civic advocacy activities.
Gender and Development AssociationLocal - Lao People's Democratic RepublicAug 2018 - Jul 2020USD 132,000
719Strengthening Democracy through Civic Empowerment of Young Women in Pakistan
The project aims to increase the empowerment and participation of young women in civic, political, electoral and democratic processes to strengthen governance and democracy in Pakistan. Specifically, the project aims to enhance young women’s participation, living in 10 districts of Pakistan, in the 2018 general elections through quarterly community dialogues. Furthermore, a Citizens Committee will be established, consisting of both trained young women and local civil society organizations, to advocate with state institutions and political parties through provincial policy dialogues; strengthening democracy through the civic empowerment of young women.
Aware GirlsLocal - PakistanMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 242,000
720Making Extractive Industries Transparent and Accountable to Communities in the Philippines
This project aims to pursue a three-pronged approach to implement the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative governance model in three provinces, in the Philippines. It seeks to develop the capacity of local civil society and indigenous people groups, to actively participate in the sub-national transparency Initiative, promoting the establishment of local multi-stakeholder groups with fair representation from marginalized sectors through the issuance of a provincial resolution, and encouraging the participation of marginalized communities in political dialogues. As such, the representation of community stakeholders is considered a vital component to achieving effective and sustainable development outcomes.
Bantay Kita, Inc.Local - PhilippinesApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 220,000
721Empowering Communities Threatened with Displacement in Thailand
Economic growth has benefited many citizens but has in some cases resulted in being a threat to cultural existence, livelihoods, and land/citizenship rights of communities. This project aims to promote the social, political and economic inclusion of marginalized communities in the Andaman region of Thailand, through capacity development, advocacy and community campaigning to eliminate discriminatory laws, policies, and practices. It seeks to help members of marginalized communities to gain legal identities and acquire the political and legal know-how, and organizational skills needed to assert their rights and in participating in decision-making processes. Moreover, it will support media and public-advocacy campaigns designed to increase local authorities’ knowledge of and compliance with laws and policies, recognizing the rights of marginalized people and communities.
Chumchonthai FoundationLocal - ThailandJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 220,000
722Preventing Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities in Viet Nam
The project aims at preventing sexual violence against women and girls with disabilities and promoting their human rights. It seeks to bring about change by enhancing their awareness and capacities with regards to sexual violence, developing a support system for the beneficiaries integrated with support network meetings and legal counselling sessions, and through the strengthening of related legal frameworks and policies. The project will target beneficiaries in Hanoi and Danang. By the end of the project, the target beneficiaries will be aware of their rights and the legal issues surrounding sexual violence.
Action to the Community Development CenterLocal - Viet NamApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 220,000
723Enabling Watchdog Journalism in Armenia
The project intends to enhance governmental public oversight in Armenia by promoting investigative journalism. It aims to increase the quality of journalistic investigations via strengthening the knowledge of journalists and interested citizens on investigative journalism, through online courses and face-to-face capacity building workshops. The project will foster a number of quality media products of investigative journalism through pilot articles from trained journalists and citizens as well as in-depth pieces from small investigative journalistic projects; promoting public discussions on related topics.
Union of Informed CitizensLocal - ArmeniaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 121,000
724Learning Democracy DemoLab in Hungary
This project offers a unique opportunity to young people for experiential learning. It enables them to acquire basic personal, social and citizenship skills and experience a democratic and safe environment in which they are encouraged to take initiatives. Regularly, DemoLab sessions and boot camps will be organized in high schools at the beginning of the school year, to empower young Hungarians to take an active part in shaping their communities and society; inspiring others to pursue the same path.
Foundation for Democratic YouthLocal - HungaryJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 242,000
725Enhancing Participation, Transparency, and Accountability in Kosovo
This project will enhance the capacities of 11 local civil society organizations and students, who will assist and engage proactively in monitoring the Kosovo Assembly, Presidency, and Parliamentary Committee meetings, with an aim to improve Parliamentary accountability and transparency. The project will enable a structured dialogue between elected assembly members and local constituencies, providing electronic tools to achieve a participatory policy-making process.
Kosova Democratic InstituteLocal - KosovoMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 176,000
726Increasing Local Government Transparency trough participatory policies in the Republic of Moldova
The goal of this project is to increase the level of transparency of local governments in 10 administrative units, in Moldova, through participatory methods and by implementing local transparency plans. Within the framework of this project, 10 local groups of active citizens will be created and trained, 10 local transparency action plans will be elaborated and adopted, 30 small grants will be funded, and a contest for the best local transparency plan and media campaign will be organized.
National Center for Assistance & Information for NGOs in Moldova "CONTACT"Local - Moldova, Republic ofFeb 2018 - Jan 2020USD 165,000
727Improving Parliamentary Oversight and Responsiveness in Montenegro
Montenegro’s weak legislative branch, the consequent lack of accountability of political power, corruption and limited public trust in official institutions are hampering its democratic progress and European Union accession. This project thus aims to increase the Parliament’s responsiveness and openness to citizens, by monitoring and analyzing the work of the Parliament and its working bodies; advocating for the routine participation of citizens through the establishment of new communication channels, whilst directly engaging them to participate in public debates. It also aims to help MPs with their oversight responsibilities, by developing frameworks and benchmarks for their use and by monitoring and publicizing their efforts.
Network for Affirmation of NGO SectorLocal - MontenegroNov 2017 - Nov 2019USD 121,000
728Participation, independence and work for young people with hearing impairment in the Russian Federation
For people with disabilities, entering the labour market is key for their social inclusion, their economic independence, and for the attainment of decent standards of living. This project aims to develop the professional skills of people with disabilities, by organizing competitions amongst hearing-impaired people, based on the principles of the Paralympics/Deaflympics. Moreover, it will develop the DeafSkills movement in the Russian Federation so as to support young people with impaired hearing, in obtaining vocational education whilst attaining employment opportunities.
All Russian Society of the DeafLocal - Russian FederationJul 2018 - Jun 2020USD 220,000
729Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue in Turkey
This project will contribute to creating new mechanisms for cooperation and collaboration among advocacy-based civil society organizations in Turkey, from different identities and backgrounds. The civil society organizations will work on issues related to three themes: women’s economic empowerment, environment and development, refugees and social services. By enriching encounters and enabling exchange, the project aims to contribute to improving the democratic participation of civil society organizations in policy processes. The outputs are likely to produce a culture of discourse, negotiations, and cooperation among civil society organizations thus fostering improved relations for a strengthened civil society in Turkey.
YADA FoundationLocal - TürkiyeMar 2018 - Feb 2020USD 198,000
730Helping Teenagers to Transform their Communities in Ukraine
The project aims to foster civic participation of young people in Ukraine, by training them to become responsible and pro-active citizens. The central activity of the project is a non-formal civic education training program in four stages that will train teenagers to become “Junior Agents of Change” in four pilot cities. Trained Junior Agents of Change will implement development projects, aiming for the transformation of their social environment and the development of their communities.
Eidos Center for Political Studies and AnalysisLocal - UkraineApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 198,000
731Promoting Citizen Participation in Lawmaking through Improved Legislative Transparency in Argentina’s National Congress
The project aims to advance legislative transparency in Argentina through public awareness, coalition building, and a multistakeholder advocacy campaign. Traditional and social media will support and provide platforms to raise public awareness of the need for legislative transparency and ways to advance it. A citizens’ Social Coalition for Legislative Transparency and a Group of Transparent Lawmakers will be established to champion and coordinate a national campaign, devise a ‘Roadmap to Legislative Transparency’, and bring relevant policies, procedures, and resources in line with it.
Fundación Directorio LegislativoLocal - ArgentinaFeb 2018 - Jan 2020USD 220,000
733Youth to Youth – Building Peace and Democracy in Colombia
Sustaining peace in Colombia is dependent on deepening the country´s democratic processes over the next years. Participation, at all levels of society, is a cornerstone of democracy and one that must be strengthened, especially amongst traditionally excluded and marginalized groups. The project will work to empower youth to democratically engage in Colombia´s peace and reconciliation processes, focusing largely on youth leaders in the municipality of Medellin, but also at a national level, through the National Network of Young Peacebuilders.
Fundación Mi SangreLocal - ColombiaJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 198,000
734Young and Indigenous Participation to Strengthen Democracy in Guatemala
The project aims to foster young indigenous Kakchiqueles' leadership skills, by enhancing their active participation in Guatemala´s democratic processes. It seeks to empower youth to defend the rights of indigenous young women, concurrently preventing violence against women and girls. This will be carried out through the training of 60 youth on democracy and human rights, information technology, and through the formation of two Youth Organizations with 300 members; including the creation of “Observatorios” of violence against women, and the elaboration and implementation of municipal youth policies in two municipalities in Guatemala.
Cooperación Mesoamericana para el Desarrollo y la PazLocal - GuatemalaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 198,000
735Democratic Territorial Management in Honduras
The aim of this project is to strengthen the capacity of indigenous/Campesino organizations and structures in political dialogue and advocacy, in 10 municipalities in Honduras. The focus will be on developing the capacity of these organizations so that they can engage in political dialogues and advocate for the democratic management of their territories. In addition, the project will encourage the integration of protection mechanisms for human rights defenders and the promotion of an inclusive approach; fostering the participation of women.
Centro de Desarrollo HumanoLocal - HondurasFeb 2018 - Jan 2020USD 198,000
736Promoting Human Rights and Rule of Law within the Context of HIV and AIDS in Jamaica
Discrimination against people living with HIV is pervasive in Jamaica. Given the absence of anti-discrimination laws and commissions, criminalization of same-sex relations and sex work further stigmatizes those most vulnerable to HIV, as existing HIV and AIDS policies and strategic plans fall short in ensuring equal access to prevention, care, treatment, and support. This project seeks to ahieve a long-term impact, through the improvement of access to justice for individuals living with HIV and AIDS, whilst reducing HIV-related stigma, discrimination and violence. Concurrently, it seeks to promote human rights and social justice. Related activities include: conducting a national awareness-raising campaign, policy engagement with key decision-makers, the expansion of a network of pro bono lawyers, and the training of people living with HIV.
Jamaica AIDS Support for LifeLocal - JamaicaJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 198,000
737Support for Women Human Rights Defenders in Remote Areas of Nicaragua
The objective of this project is to promote and protect the human rights of women and to prevent gender-based violence in eight rural municipalities in Matagalpa Department, Nicaragua. This will be achieved through capacity strengthening of a network of human rights defenders, women, religious and community leaders; the creation of self-help groups and other support mechanisms for women survivors of gender-based violence, and the improvement of cooperations and dialogues with local and national authorities for long-term policy and legal changes.
Federacion Luterana MundialLocal - NicaraguaApr 2018 - Mar 2020USD 121,000
738Improving Access to Public Information in Paraguay
The project aims to strengthen access to legal information in Paraguay, in particular in areas outside of the capital where legal information is difficult to access. This project will focus on training journalists and judges on the law, providing them with follow-up assistance. Moreover, the project not only intends to raise accessibility but also plans to increase the quality of information; enhancing public awareness and accountability.
Instituto de Derecho y Economia AmbientalLocal - ParaguayJan 2018 - Jan 2020USD 110,000
739Enabling National Initiatives to Take Democracy Beyond Elections
Making democracies more inclusive requires bold and innovative reforms to bring the young, the poor, and minorities into the political system. Some countries have piloted initiatives for assemblies on specific issues where members are not nominated by political parties but chosen at random for a limited term to represent all sectors of society, to prevent the formation of self-serving and self-perpetuating political classes disconnected from their electorates. The project aims to enable more countries to develop initiatives of this kind. It will develop and distribute a handbook on ‘Democracy Beyond Elections’ designed to show how nations at various levels of development can apply the principles of representation and deliberation in ways that are appropriate to their economic and educational circumstances. The project will fund three pilot projects to further the demonstration effect and produce a documentary based on one of these to demonstrate how deliberative democracy can work in practice. Among citizens, the project will work to build the sense that ordinary people are involved in making decisions that affect them, and thus to promote trust in Government. Among elected representatives, the project will work to stimulate a greater openness to complementary democratic models in which citizens explore and recommend policy solutions on key issues.
The newDemocracy FoundationGlobalNov 2018 - Oct 2020USD 275,000
740Jeunesse et participation électorale au Burkina Faso
The project aims to further strengthen social mobilization and youth engagement in the ongoing electoral processes in Burkina for the combined legislative and presidential elections of 2020. The project will focus on monitoring the biometric enrollment of voters and carrying out actions to preserve social cohesion for a peaceful electoral process. Moreover, the monitoring of violence will help work for the prevention of electoral conflicts.
Association Jeunesse Espoir d'AfriqueLocal - Burkina FasoFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 165,000
741Youth Mobilization for Democratic Elections in 2020 in Côte d' Ivoire
This project aims to strengthen political involvement among young men and women for 2020 electoral process in Ivory Coast. To reach this goal, three main activities will be set: 1) a speech for the defense of gender equality among political parties; 2) a support to young men and women who are eager to run for legislative elections; and 3) a civic and electoral education campaign for young men and women.
Forum de la Société Civile de l'Afrique de l'Ouest section Côte d'IvoireLocal - Côte d'IvoireApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 198,000
742Promoting Participatory Governance and the Rule of Law in South Kivu
In a context characterized by the recurrence of violations of human rights and freedoms, the project aims to respond to the major problem, identified by the Protection Cluster, which is "attacks on the right to life, dignity and freedom. "integrity of the person". This will be done through reactive, corrective and constructive actions, with technical support to the local Volunteer and Volunteer Community-CLOC Local Organizing Committees. This support includes: (1) Capacity building through training for members of these community structures and local authorities on the protection, promotion of human rights and community mediation, and on the reduction of human rights violations.(2) Technical and material support for advocacy, awareness-raising and mediation actions aimed at strengthening collaboration between the civilian population and local civil and military authorities and (3) easy access for victims to appropriate care services.
CARITAS DEVELOPPEMENT BUKAVULocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoMar 2019 - Jun 2020USD 198,000
743Strengthening Women's Leadership and Political Commitment in Gabon
The project aims to strengthen leadership and women autonomy among Gabonese women, who account for 53% of the national electorate. in order to reinforce involvement into the democratic process of the country, the project’s main aim is to: 1) study the political involvement of women; 2) build an awareness of a civic democratic culture; and 3) demonstrate a reinforcement of the economic and political capacities through a representative sample of 750 women coming from four strategic provinces of the country.
Réseau Femme Lève-Toi!Local - GabonFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 198,000
744Strengthening Human Rights and Good Governance in the Gambia
The objective is to strengthen the advocacy capacity of civil society to effectively participate in public policy processes in holding the government to account. The project aims to achieve this through building the knowledge and skills of civil society organisations and citizens on human rights, policy analysis and advocacy through training workshops, campaigns, media and community outreach. The project aims to enhance popular participation to nurture democratic culture, combat corruption and ensure efficient delivery of public services.
The Association of NGOs in the GambiaLocal - GambiaMar 2019 - Feb 2021USD 176,000
745Enhancing Civic Space Through Community Organizing in Kenya
This project acknowledges the need to protect and enhance civic space within at least three counties in Kenya. It will establish Community Action Teams in three field bases to educate and empower communities, with a specific focus on women, to discuss and develop home-grown solutions to the unique challenges in public life and decision-making that limit their civic space. The project will also encourage citizens to take control of the civic space guaranteed by the Constitution and secure it to allow for their participation in public affairs through community organizing, dialogue and non-violent actions. InformAction will support these community activities by producing and distributing films and video clips on local citizen action for protection and enhancement of civic space.
InformActionLocal - KenyaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
746Mainstreaming Gender in Economic Governance in Liberia
The project seeks to launch a Women Coalition for County Development advocacy platform to influence and track the management of the County and Social Development Funds. It will provide training and support to address the capacity and information gaps that undermine the advocacy work of civil society organisations in ensuring women’s voices are heard on the fund’s priorities. The project will use the media and policy dialogues as tools to elevate women’s voices and widen the debate on gender equality, economic governance, and accountability as they relate to the funds.
Liberia Women Media Action CommitteeLocal - LiberiaDec 2018 - Nov 2020USD 176,000
747Strengthening Media to Promote Inclusive Democracy in Mali
This two-year project aims at strengthening media to play a role in fostering an effective, inclusive and transparent democracy in Mali. Based on field assessments of media outlets and CSOs, the project will build the capacity of media to report on good governance and human rights issues, break the financial dependency on political sponsorship through training on business skills and greater sector accountability, and help journalists and civil society actors to work together on data projects.
Journalists for Human RightsLocal - MaliJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
748Support for Elections in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Elections in Nigeria, and especially in its oil-producing Niger Delta states, have in the past been disputed and given rise to violence. One of these states, Bayelsa, is due to choose a new governor in 2020 in what is expected to be a hotly contested election. The project seeks to minimize the risk of dispute and help to ensure the election is free, fair, and credible. It will support the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission to train staff engaged to oversee polling in at-risk areas in the procedures necessary to do so effectively. It will support the creation of a database to register party political agents in three areas, reducing the risk of unidentifiable persons engaging in illegal political activity. Activities will also include voter education across the target areas, aiming to reach 1,350 citizens in workshops and 170,000 via a public campaign, seeking to inform citizens on how to prevent votes from being stolen or manipulated
Stakeholder Democracy NetworkLocal - NigeriaJan 2019 - Jun 2020USD 198,000
749Building Women's Capacity for Democratic Dialogue and Accountability in Sierra Leone
This project seeks to harness democratic dividends through women's voices, empowering them to influence government’s commitments in mainstreaming issues bordering around women’s political, social cultural and economic advancement in the development agenda. Community women will interact with elected representatives, media, traditional authorities and civil society and through low tech skills collect service delivery data as evidence for monitoring policy implementation. Planned actions include community research, training, democratic dialogue, quarterly publications and service summits.
Campaign for Good GovernanceLocal - Sierra LeoneFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 198,000
750Strengthening Democracy Through LGBT Political Participation in South Africa
This project aims to strengthen South Africa's democracy through increasing equal participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people and promoting understanding among political parties and the Independent Electoral Commission around the importance of diverse representation. This will be achieved through the training of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex leaders in civic engagement strategy and working with parties and the Commission to adopt policies and procedures to improve their representation, participation, voter registration and turn out.
Triangle ProjectLocal - South AfricaDec 2018 - Nov 2020USD 154,000
751Promoting Citizen Participation in Constitutional Discource in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s recent transition presents an opportunity to advance constitutionalism and ensure that the State complies with the constitution in all its facets and that it upholds the rule of law. It also presents the media with an opportunity to go beyond covering the process by focusing on the substantive issues at hand. Doing so will require the capacity to identify and interpret constitutional and rule-of-law issues in a non-partisan and timely manner. The project seeks to contribute towards the development of a culture of constitutionalism by enhancing the capacity of the media to report on constitutional issues as a means of empowering citizens, and to promote public dialogue on constitutional matters for purposes of facilitating an open and transparent society.
Centre for Applied Legal ResearchLocal - ZimbabweJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
752Strengthening Electoral Processes with Integrity in Sub Saharan Africa with a focus on Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon
The project aims to increase the likelihood of peaceful transfer of power in Sub Saharan Africa through enhancing policy awareness, advocacy and dialogue with national and regional leaders, increasing capacity of electoral practitioners/experts to understand, respond to and mitigate threats to democratic elections and increasing capacity in target countries, notably Cameroon and Ivory Coast, to deliver credible democratic elections. This capacity will be built through regional dialogue events, which will frame regional action plans, combined within country engagements to build local capacity.
Kofi Annan FoundationRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 275,000
753Enhancing the Civic Participation of Youth in Iraq
This project aims to promote the participation of youth in democratic processes. The project will support capacity building of a network of youth activists in skills including leadership, negotiation and communication. Youth will use media tools to communicate their stories and experiences and engage with local authorities and other civil society actors in defense of democracy and human rights. The project focuses on 16 targeted districts in three governorates struggling to rebuild following a period of ISIS occupation.
AL-Tadhamun Iraqi League for YouthLocal - IraqAug 2019 - Jul 2021USD 154,000
754Supporting Political Dialogue Between Civil Society and Parliament in Jordan
The main objective of the project is to promote and resolve human rights issues in Jordan by building a constructive partnership between Civil Society Organizations and the Parliament. Parliament members will be incentivized to become more active and knowledgeable about human rights issues. University students will be involved as well to promote human rights, since they represent the youth component, which is the future, therefore the active agents of change.
Amman Center for Human Rights StudiesLocal - JordanFeb 2019 - Jan 2020USD 110,000
755Synergie : Jeunesse actrice pour une gouvernance inclusive et intégrée
The project `Synergy: An active youth for and inclusive and integrated governance` encompasses a large set of activities including training sessions, public dialogues and advocacy activities which seek to contribute to the implementation of a regional governance model focussing on youth empowerment. The project seeks to support territorial and regional collectivities in the developement of mecanisms that allow for the participation of the youth in decision-making processes, and for the creation of space for responsible participatory democratic youth affairs.
Association Jeunes pour JeunesLocal - MoroccoMar 2019 - Feb 2021USD 198,000
756Engaging Men and Boys in Promoting Gender Equality in Palestine
The project’s main objective is to contribute to a positive transformative change of gender roles and norms based on gender-equitable relationships between men and women in the Gaza Strip. The planned actions are to conduct a young people baseline / end-line comparative study, develop training tools, establish and train a network of five youth action groups, awareness raising workshops and stand-up comedy shows for local communities, train journalists/media groups, social media campaign, train governmental staff, public hearing meetings, and advocacy initiatives to promote gender equality.
Woman's Affairs CenterLocal - PalestineFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 176,000
757Enhancing Youth Participation and the Rule of Law in Somaliland
This project aims to strengthen youth organizations’ capacity to participate in civic affairs and to use social accountability methods such as social audits, budget monitoring, and community score cards to achieve greater openness in public governance and accountability. The project will establish six regional social accountability youth civil society organisations fora across the six regions of Somaliland. These will mobilize youth and conduct education and awareness activities on youth participation in the social accountability of public projects and enhance civic action between youth organisations and the government for the promotion of open accountable governance.
Somaliland National Youth OrganizationLocal - SomaliaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
758Engaging Marginalized Women in Elections in Sudan
The project will support grassroots urban women living in poverty, including street vendors, to formulate their own political agendas and elevate their voices in politics through training, community outreach, and civic engagement in the run up to the Sudan general election now scheduled for 2022. The project will engage community stakeholders to promote gender equality in politics through public events, social media, engagement of men and boys, youth, civil society organisations, and broader community members.
The Strategic Initiative for women in the Horn of Africa NetworkLocal - SudanJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
759Promoting Gender Equality in Decision-Making in Six Regions of Tunisia
The project "Feyza for equal opportunity" seeks to promote the implementation of a rule of law through gender equality by strenghtening the relationship between civil society, the government and communal activism. Thanks to capacity building trainings, altogether 10 CSOs will implement avocacy and awareness raising actions on gender equality in Tunisia. The project, through dialogue sessions, will contribute towards sensitizing responsible local authorities, and at the same time will demonstrate the existence of underlying inequalities. Thanks to a virtual platform informing on inequalities, it will also give tools to fight against those inequalities.
Tunisian Association for Management and Social StabilityLocal - TunisiaMay 2019 - Oct 2020USD 198,000
760Creating a Basis for Gender Equality in Three Regions of Tunisia
The project is located in 3 maginalized governorates (Siliana, Gabes and Kesserine) with a main goal of reducing masculinity in order to promote gender equality and equity in Tunisia. The specific objectives of this project are: 1) organizing capacity building trainings in mentorship for young people in the 3 governorates, in order to help them launch communal activities regarding masculinity and gender equality; 2) spreading public awareness on the pros of challenging the concepts of masculinity and gender equality and its impact on democratic transition and social peace. These objectives will be reached through capacity-building activities, exchange of experience discussions and communication campaigns.
FREE SIGHT ASSOCIATIONLocal - TunisiaApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 198,000
761Amplifying the Voices of Syrian Women and Girls Through Media
The project aims to amplify the voice of Syrian women and girls by increasing their participation in social, political and cultural life. Project activities will include the production and dissemination of thematic programs designed to raise awareness via radio and social media, on issues that focus on the role of Syrian women in society. Additional programs will include discussions on violations of basic rights, economic participation and psychological challenges.
ASSOCIATION RADIO ROZANARegional - Middle East and North AfricaFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 132,000
762Increasing Young Women's Engagement in Elections in Afghanistan
The objective of the project is to promote young women’s engagement in the electoral cycle and broader political processes. TEFA will organize four forums in four provinces of Afghanistan-- Herat, Balkh, Nangarhar and Kabul with participation of 240 women, and train them to hold dialogues with government officials to share women’s recommendations, conduct advocacy and awareness raising activities, support selected women to become candidates for upcoming elections.
Transparent Election Foundation of AfghanistanLocal - AfghanistanApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 198,000
763Empowering Rural Communities in Bhutan through Mass Media
The project aims to address low levels of media knowledge and social media awareness in Bhutan’s rural population, urban centric news media, and the lack of viable, private and free media coverage on rural issues. By training journalists to report on local issues in both mainstream and social media the project will encourage local communities to engage in active reporting on rural issues. Small grants will be awarded by a jury to recognize excellence in local journalism and to encourage continued meaningful contributions to free media in Bhutan by individual rural journalists.
Journalists' Association of BhutanLocal - BhutanNov 2018 - Oct 2020USD 154,000
764Ensuring the Right to Legal Representation in Cambodia
The project aims to amplify people’s legal rights, facilitate access to justice and prevent violations of due process through the development of legal tools such as the iConnectJustice app and the provision of a legal advice hotline and SMS system. These legal tools will enable the accused, friends and family to learn their rights and reach lawyers for legal assistance. Additionally, the project will also organize collaborative roundtables between lawyers, members of the judiciary and legal advocates to promote the iConnectJustice tools and advocate for the adoption of policy resolutions that increase the capacity of the local legal defense community.
International Bridges to JusticeLocal - CambodiaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 187,000
765Taking Children's Legal Protection to Scale in China
This project seeks to improve the protection of children’s rights in six Chinese cities through enhancements and scale-up in legal aid services and increased access to justice by children and families. It will establish, strengthen and work in partnership with five local civil society organizations in five major cities in China to provide direct legal consultations, case representations, develop a handbook on the rights protection of children, conduct trainings to raise legal awareness of the public and conduct empirical research to promote public advocacy and the innovation of laws and policies to improve legal protection to children.
Beijing Children's Legal Aid and Research CenterLocal - ChinaMar 2019 - Feb 2021USD 198,000
766Creating an Inclusive Policy and Legal System, Protecting Elderly People’s Fundamental Rights in Indonesia
The aim of this project is to improve protection mechanisms and policies regarding basic rights and public services to the elderly. Three local partners, each located in one of the three targeted provinces will help complete the project. The project will collect data to close the evidence gap, raise public awareness, and enhance capacity building of the elderly and paralegals as they advocate to improve elderly programs and legal and public services at village and community levels. The project will include a strong gender focus by prioritizing women as paralegals and recipients of legal services.
Indonesian Legal Aid Association for WomenLocal - IndonesiaApr 2019 - Sep 2020USD 176,000
768Advancing Gender Justice with Community Broadcasters in Kyrgyzstan
This project aims to strengthen the transformative role of community media (community radio and community multimedia centers) in Kyrgyzstan to reduce gender-based violence (GBV) and to promote positive role models for women in their respective communities. The project will cover all regions in Kyrgyzstan and work with key stakeholders, including journalists, women activists, rural women as well local government officials through three integrated outcomes focused on stakeholder capacity building, public awareness raising, and support for dialogues.
Community Media AssociationLocal - KyrgyzstanJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 165,000
769Empowering Indigenous Communities to Protect Their Land in Malaysia
This project will improve the customary rights recognition of the Semai indigenous grassroots organizations in native land protection through a combination of community organization, capacity building and advocacy support. The project builds local ownership and enhances sustainability by connecting and empowering communities in the form of local action groups and through a series of advocacy activities aimed at legislative reform concerning indigenous customary land rights.
Malaysian CareLocal - MalaysiaDec 2018 - Nov 2020USD 110,000
770Strengthening Local Democracy and Governance in the Maldives
The project aims to strengthen recently introduced decentralization and local governance systems in the Maldives, while promoting inclusive and democratic participation of citizens in island and atoll development. Activities include building capacities of elected local councils, administrative staff, civil society organizations and women development committees, and increasing awareness of women’s participation and rights.
Community Development InitiativesLocal - MaldivesApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 187,000
771Helping Young Chepang Women Leaders to Promote Gender-Responsive Governance in Nepal
The project aims to strengthen gender-responsive democratic local governance that respects the rights of marginalized and indigenous women in two municipalities -- Icchakmana and Kalika -- of Chitwan. The project will follow a three-pronged approach of empowerment of rights holders, promoting accountability of duty bearers and increased civil society capacity for promoting social accountability. This project builds on the results acheived by the previous UNDEF funded project UDF-NEP-13-566, implemented by the same organization in 2015-2016.
Development Exchange Center NepalLocal - NepalMay 2019 - Apr 2021USD 165,000
772Towards a Credible General Election in 2020 Sri Lanka
This project aims to contribute to a credible 2020 general election consistent with the democratic principles of universal suffrage, political equality, inclusion and transparency. The project will work in Sri Lanka’s 25 districts to promote voter education and support participatory election observation with political advocacy engaging with decision makers in Parliament, political parties and the Election Commission.
People's Action for Free and Fair ElectionsLocal - Sri LankaApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 165,000
773Promoting Protection for Human Rights Defenders in Asia
This project seeks to support the development and implementation of national legislation, policies and mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders in Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines. Activities include capacity building workshops for Human Rights Defenders in developing and promoting legislation and policies, developing and implementing strategic national campaigns to enhance public support for Human Right Defenders, their work and their protection, and conducting sustained advocacy toward developments in Human Right Defenders protection legislation, policies and mechanisms.
International Service for Human RightsRegional - Asia and PacificJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 154,000
774Tracking Campaign Promises in Albania
The project will help Albanian people to track promises made by politicians by providing Albanian citizens, CSOs and Media with tools to fact-check the implementation of their promises on-the-ground. Through a “truth-o-meter” web/app platform and through data checking and reporting, the project will hold 201 public officials/politicians in Albania accountable for their promises with the final aim to strengthen democracy and rule of law in Albania. Through simplified versions of municipal budgets made accessible as “citizens’ budgets”, citizens will be able to evaluate and take decisions affecting the future of those politicians that are in charge of taking decisions at local or national level.
Regional Development Agency KorceLocal - AlbaniaApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 143,000
775Enabling Women to Participate in Sustainable Water Management in Armenia
The project aims to contribute to strategies regarding the sustainable management of natural water resources in the Ararat Valley through enhancement of women’s groups that supply oversight and equity in community water and sanitation resources. Three groups will be interlinked in their actions to facilitate discussion on tariff compensation; monitor the participation of oversight activities on irrigation; and implement four pilot projects at the community level. Pilot projects will identify community-based participatory approaches to decision-making involving women to improve access and management of water resources
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGOLocal - ArmeniaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 176,000
776Fostering the Electoral Participation of Internally Displaced Persons in Georgia
The project aims to increase awareness of electoral processes and to create an informed type of participation for internally displaced persons in Georgia. This will be achieved through mobilization and training to improve knowledge of electoral processes and encourage meaningful electoral involvement in the upcoming 2020 parliamentary election, and 2021 municipal elections. Capacity building activities will target civil society organizations who observe and monitor local elections.
Consortium Legal Aid GeorgiaLocal - GeorgiaJan 2019 - Dec 2020USD 198,000
777Promoting the Public's Right to Know in Moldova
This project aims to improve the application of the legal framework on access to information and to engage under-represented groups in being more active in claiming their right to access to information. Through strategic litigation, a judicial practice in the field will be established which will empower this right and will help underrepresented groups to enjoy freedom of information. An advocacy campaign shall be conducted, that will include roundtable, trainings, study and analysis, to make officials understand the necessity to respect this right.
Lawyers for Human Rights MoldovaLocal - Moldova, Republic ofMar 2019 - Feb 2020USD 110,000
778Promoting Pro Bono Legal Assistance in the Russian Federation
The main objective of the project is to increase access to free legal assistance in Russia. In order to achieve this objective, the Center of the Development of Legal Clinics (CODOLC) will support the work of court representation groups on providing legal assistance and legal education; train law students and law professors; carry out an awareness campaign; and collaborate with government agencies to generate a favorable environment for the work of legal clinics. The project will focus on 20-25 regions, though the advocacy work with the Government of Russia (GoR) is designed to have an impact at the national level.
ANO Center of the development of legal clinicsLocal - Russian FederationMay 2019 - Oct 2020USD 154,000
779Application of the restorative justice in Ukraine
The project aims to develop the mechanism of restorative justice application in the criminal justice system in Ukraine by creating restorative justice platforms in 6 regions of Ukraine to enhance awareness and establish victim-offender mediation systems. Based on the achieved results the project team, together with leading criminal justice experts, will elaborate and disseminate to stakeholders recommendations on the mechanism for mediation application in criminal cases, with the objective of bringing about change in the criminal system through the institutionalization of applicable mechanisms.
Institute for Peace and Common GroundLocal - UkraineMay 2019 - Oct 2020USD 198,000
780Building a Platform for Citizen Advocacy in Elections in Brazil
This project seeks a more representative process during the 2020 municipal elections in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, by enhancing the advocacy and monitoring channels of citizens and CSOs in public deliberations and increasing public commitments. The project provides an easy-to-use web-platform for citizens and CSOs to create and support proposals on public policies related to diverse socio-economic sectors, as well as to engage candidates publicly with them. In addition, a series of events with citizens, CSOs, candidates and parties will be held to foster participation and support to the proposals from the platform.
Fundação Cidadania InteligenteLocal - BrazilApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 198,000
781A Strategy for an Informed Society in Colombia
This project seeks to restore local communication networks in regions silenced by the armed conflict, with an emphasis on strengthening an informed civil society. Through the installation of a mobile 'Information School', the project will deliver specialized training and boost the production of local information. In parallel, a strong advocacy work with local authorities will be undertaken to improve conditions for press freedom and to activate local information in ten Colombian municipalities.
Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa/ Press Freedom FoundationLocal - ColombiaMar 2019 - Feb 2021USD 198,000
782Promoting Gender Equality through Youth Artivism in Ecuador
The project aims to empower some 100 young leaders in Quito and strengthen their levels of civic engagement to help fight gender-based violence in Ecuador. The project will train them in issues related to gender-based violence, and in understanding and creating art for an awareness-raising campaign to combat gender-based violence.
Fundacion Esquel EcuadorLocal - EcuadorFeb 2019 - Jan 2021USD 187,000
783Democracy Academy for Young Adults in El Salvador
The Democracy Academy for Young Adults (DAY) is a project that contributes to the strengthening and the promotion ofe democracy through the formation and active participation of young leaders in spaces of dialogue, social control, and defense of the democratic system with civil society and key political actors. The digital platforms used are essential to deepen and expand the exercise of democratic practices in this time of technological revolution.
Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y SocialLocal - El SalvadorJul 2019 - Dec 2020USD 187,000
784Improving Maya Women's Access to Justice in Rural Guatemala
This project seeks to improve access to justice for some 2,900 indigenous women living in rural areas of Tecpan, Guatemala through free legal support, accompaniment of survivors, and strengthening local governance and municipal response to violence against women and girls. In addition, the project aims to increase the capacities of 175 key public actors including community leaders, service providers, and police at the local, municipal, and departmental level to provide quality services to indigenous survivors and promote human rights.
Women's Justice InitiativeLocal - GuatemalaJan 2019 - Jan 2021USD 187,000
785Consolidating Women's Collective Leadership in Democratic Processes in Haiti
The project aims to raise women collective leadership among the South-East Department in Haiti by renewing community and social work. It will be based on sex equality and the economic autonomy of women. Action will mainly consist in training activities that reinforce economic autonomy of females in order to get them involved in the political life of their country.
Fanm DesideLocal - HaitiMar 2019 - Feb 2021USD 198,000
786Mainstreaming Justice: Redress for Marginalized Groups and Establishing National Human Rights Indicators in Jam
The project provides legal support to marginalized victims of human rights violations across Jamaica and sensitizes key stakeholders in the justice system to better understand and respect human rights. The project also introduces in Jamaica the Human Rights Indicator framework developed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Jamaicans for JusticeLocal - JamaicaApr 2019 - Mar 2021USD 176,000
787Gender Based Enforced Disappearance: Towards Prevention Mechanisms and Effective Citizen Agency Aimed at Access to Justi
This project seeks to provide girls and young women with effective prevention and response mechanisms against gender-based enforced disappearance. The expected results of the project are the consolidation of a citizen’s agency to respond to such cases; the improvement of prevention and response instruments at the regional and national levels; as well as the strengthening of the dialogue and political articulation among civil society and institutions in Mexico’s judicial, legislative and executive branches.
Centro de Investigaciones Para la Equidad Politica Publica Y DesarrolloLocal - MexicoJul 2019 - Jun 2021USD 187,000
788Developing a Global Early-Warning System for Democratic Erosion
The process by which democracies decline is subtle and often not understood by a citizenry until it’s too late. This project will create an early warning system composed of three tools, with input from various civil society organizations, to provide cross-national information on key areas of democratic functioning: a) tracking global democratic performance, b) analyzing the rhetorical strategies of populist politicians, and c) understanding the role of referendums in healthy democracies. These tools will be publicly available, with the aim to support journalists, civil society organizations, academics, and others study, track, and predict democratic erosion in countries around the world.
Chicago Center on DemocracyGlobalFeb 2020 - Jan 2022USD 220,000
789Promoting Youth Participation through Development Policy in Burkina Faso
This project aims to both increase citizen participation of young people in the electoral process and implement the formulation and monitoring of public policies in seven municipalities in Burkina Faso. Advocacy and a series of awareness-raising actions will allow the establishment of at least seven local networks dedicated to the promotion of citizen participation of youth at the level of decision-making bodies. These actions will also lead public authorities to take formal measures in response to the demands formulated by young people. Project activities integrate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis and its various implications for youth.
Balai CitoyenLocal - Burkina FasoAug 2020 - Jul 2022USD 176,000
790Youth Participation in Elections in Central African Republic
This project will help expand the young electorate of Bangui. To do so, the project will organize training sessions on democracy, republican institutions, youth political participation and communication for behavior change, which will be followed by the launching of an awareness campaign regarding these themes. The project will also organize training workshops for young people on the electoral process, which will be followed by an awareness campaign organized through football tournaments, radio broadcasts and social media.
Alliance pour la Renaissance CentrafricaineLocal - Central African RepublicJan 2020 - Dec 2021USD 165,000
791Promoting and Realizing National Gender Reforms in Chad
Chad is a country where equality remains a challenge despite the adoption of the National Gender Policy. The project, in collaboration with the network of women's organizations, intends to publicize this policy, to lay the foundations for improving the situation of women in school structures, families, and districts of the province of NDjaména. The planned actions consist in disseminating the content of the National Gender Policy and strengthening the capacities of various actors so that they take initiatives aimed at improving the situation of women.
Centre d'Etude et de Formation pour le DéveloppementLocal - ChadSep 2020 - Aug 2022USD 198,000
792Strengthening Mining Tax Systems for Development in Democratic Republic of the Congo
This project aims to promote transparency and accountability in the mining sector through the participation of local communities in public debates on the issue of management and allocation of mining revenues by the Animators of Decentralized Territorial Entities and political authorities. This project also aims to open general public access to information on revenues generated by the mining sector in South Kivu. The planned activities will revolve around the following complementary axes:capacity building, awareness-raising / popularization, social dialogue, monitoring of commitments and advocacy.
Justice Pour TousLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoNov 2020 - Oct 2022USD 220,000
793Enhancing Women's Political Participation in Eswatini
The project seeks to enhance the gender responsiveness of policies and practices in the electoral process in Eswatini by assisting stakeholders to develop gender responsive guidelines and educating citizens on the importance of women’s political participation, while empowering the female electorate with leadership skills, campaign and mobilization strategies. The project seeks to impart a long-term effect by enabling community-based paralegals to conduct gender equality sensitization talks at community level. Project activities will incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts women, including gender-based violence as well as social and economic pressures.
Women and Law in Southern Africa- EswatiniLocal - EswatiniJun 2020 - May 2022USD 198,000
794Raising the Social and Political Profile of Youth in Mozambique
The project supports young people's participation in local and national issues by developing youth councils and youth councilor training workshops. Young people will have their voices heard on key social and political platforms, and will be better represented at the center of local and national policies and decision-making, within and outside selected councils. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts youth.
Associação Gender Links MoçambiqueLocal - MozambiqueNov 2020 - Oct 2022USD 198,000
795Strengthening Good Governance and Democratic Processes at Local Level in Nigeria
The project seeks to increase the capacities of civil society and local government chairmen in order to help them fulfill their roles and responsibilities more effectively in a democratic system. The project will provide training to20 civil society organizations who will in turn conduct civic education for 20,000 local citizens in order to boost civic engagement in state decisions. The project will also conduct training for 54 local government chairmen on democratic governance and establish an inter-state forum for exchanging best practices in promoting democratic accountability at local level. This will ultimately enhance cooperation between civil society actors and elected leaders in Nigeria, making the government more accountable. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts citizen consultation and participation.
Women United for Economic EmpowermentLocal - NigeriaJul 2020 - Dec 2021USD 132,000
796Promoting Women's Voice and Participation in Sierra Leone
This project addresses the huge gap in awareness of democratic and human rights principles and values in the recently created districts of Falaba and Karena, Sierra Leone, and recognizes the high rate of poverty among women and youths and the de-prioritization of their developmental needs as a critical governance challenge in the two districts. This project shall promote the voice and participation of women and youths in the governance process and empower women to play a meaningful role in the governance process in their local communities.
Action PlusLocal - Sierra LeoneMar 2020 - Feb 2022USD 176,000
797Increasing Youth Civic and Political Participation in South Sudan
The project will increase participation and representation of youth in civic space and decision making at the local, state and national level for effective prevention and resolution of conflict in South Sudan. Dialogue forums, mentorship, life skills training and creation of peer to peer networks will strengthen youth capacity around advocating for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250. Youth will be linked to civil society groups, state and national parliaments to learn and engage with leaders and advocate for expansion of civic space. Through these efforts, youth will gain the capacity to participate knowingly, effectively and meaningfully in the revitalized peace agreement, resolution of conflict, community based civic structures, social cohesion and peacebuilding. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath, including social and economic pressures.
Together In Transformation Initiative FoundationLocal - South SudanOct 2020 - Sep 2022USD 154,000
798Advancing Women’s Electoral Participation in Uganda
Uganda will hold its next general elections in 2021 but there is inadequate participation of women in the electoral process. This project aims at strengthening the quality and quantity of women’s political participation in Uganda’s elections and to build competencies of female candidates in governance related skills through policy dialogues, capacity building workshops for women-led CSOs, strategic networking, media workshops and advocacy campaigns among other actions.
Rural Women Empowerment NetworkLocal - UgandaApr 2020 - Mar 2022USD 176,000
799Enhancing Women’s Participation in Electoral Processes in Zimbabwe
The project seeks to advocate for women’s participation in elections. It also seeks to ensure that women are adequately represented in election management bodies. This will be achieved through advocacy work targeting duty bearers such as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the Zimbabwe Gender Commission and the Civil Service Commission. The project will also target constituencies where by-elections may be conducted and mobilize these constituencies to participate in election work. There will also be close collaboration with the media houses in order to raise awareness among media workers so that they are able to better highlight and report on the impact made by women in a gender sensitive manner. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts women, including gender-based violence as well as social and economic pressures.
Women's Coalition of ZimbabweLocal - ZimbabweJun 2020 - May 2022USD 198,000
800Community Participation through Sustainable Cultural Tourism in Algeria
The project seeks to tap the region’s wealth of cultural assets to fuel investment, economic development, and community participation. Rather than promote conventional mass commercial tourism, the project aims to harness ecotourism so as to preserve local heritage, ensure long-term sustainability and build community engagement. It would mobilize local commitment to environmental sustainability and shared heritage through educational workshops and conferences. It would then help to support local entrepreneurship through skills and network development – for example, by involving local actors in training sessions on ecotourism and local governance.
association El Mouahidia de sauvegarde du patrimoine Historique. Culturel et TouristiqueLocal - AlgeriaDec 2020 - Nov 2022USD 198,000
801Fostering Young Community Leaders by Empowering Youth-Led Organizations in Egypt
The project seeks to promote the role of youth as active citizens capable of making a difference in their societies. It provides 200 youth with leadership skills, tangible tools and competences for social change while endorsing the multiplier effect to transfer knowledge and skills to 1,000 youth at the local communities as they actively engage in addressing local challenges. Additionally, the project supports the capacity development of 20 youth-led organizations to enhance their schemes and programs that promote youth engagement at the local level. By the second year, the project will fund 10 community-based initiatives designed, managed and monitored by the selected youth leaders
Life Makers Foundation - EgyptLocal - EgyptAug 2021 - Jul 2023USD 220,000
803Strengthening Independent Media in Jordan
The overall objective is to expand the ecosystem of investigative reporting skills through enhanced collaboration, capacity building to journalists in Jordan that contributes to good governance and accountability. Specifically, the project will equip 15 aspiring journalists from governorates across Jordan with the skills, information and support to report on accountability and governance on-ground issues. Also, a policy paper will be launched tackling good governance and accountability in Jordan. The top in-depth reports published in addition to the policy paper will be discussed in two roundtable debates on a local scale to raise media and public awareness and outreach in order to encourage and provoke change.
ARIJ InternationalLocal - JordanAug 2020 - Jul 2022USD 220,000
804Strengthening Rule of Law through Access to Justice in Jordan
The overall objective of the project is to increase the availability of effective representation for detainees in order to ensure their human rights are respected. Grantee will work towards this objective through ensuring holistic change on all levels of engagement, by safeguarding rights through capacity enhancement, awareness raising and provision of legal services. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts detainees’s rights.
Justice Center for Legal AidLocal - JordanJul 2020 - Jun 2022USD 242,000
805Promoting Gender-Sensitive Personal Status Laws in Lebanon
This project aims to strengthen advocacy efforts towards a gender-sensitive civil personal status law in Lebanon. It will build capacity in civil society; create a coalition of a range of actors; engage the media; educate and inform the public; and increase pressure on political parties to take action on the draft law currently being reviewed by a committee in parliament. It will build a strong foundation for a well-informed, consistent national campaign to change the current law, which threatens democracy and human rights, in particular the rights of women, children, and marginalized groups, as well as increasing political pressure on lawmakers. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts women, including gender-based violence.
KAFA (Enough) Violence and ExploitationLocal - LebanonSep 2020 - Feb 2022USD 198,000
806Monitoring Implementation of UN Treaty Bodies’ Recommendations in Morocco
The project’s objective is to support in an inclusive way the monitoring of governmental efforts to implement UN treaty body recommendations, by bringing together civil society organizations and parliamentary actors to develop a monitoring mechanism; conducting a capacity development programme on international human rights law, monitoring, and advocacy in four regions; and mobilizing legislators to effectively exercise their roles and responsibilities in holding the government accountable for its commitments to implement UN treaty body recommendations.
Médiateur pour la Démocratie et les Droits de l’HommeLocal - MoroccoJul 2020 - Jun 2022USD 220,000
807Incubating Young Leaders in Palestine
Zimam’s Leadership Incubator wants to inspire young leaders and give them the confidence and training to inspire their communities. The program offers policy and problem-solving workshops, engagement and meetings with business, political, and social leaders, and opportunities for youth to implement their own initiatives aimed at social transformation. In doing so, we can empower young people to realize their potential as confident and capable change-makers who can lead their communities. Project activities also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts youth.
Zimam for Creativity and DevelopmentLocal - PalestineDec 2020 - May 2022USD 198,000
808Promoting Youth Engagement in Sudan
The project works to engage youth in sociopolitical change in Sudan, by training them to become proactive in their communities and discuss issues of youth engagement at decision-making levels. This will involve debate, dialogue and advocacy for the ratification of the African Youth Charter; and working with youth organizations and local and national authorities to strengthen legislation for youth participation, inclusion and freedoms as a reference framework of the new government in the democratic transition. Project activities also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts youth.
Youth Forum OrganizationLocal - SudanMar 2021 - Feb 2023USD 220,000
809Empowering Youth to Build Local Democracy in Tunisia
The project would aim to enable young people to get involved in public and political life by building their capacity to take part in community affairs and local governance. At the project’s core would be two groups of young people: One group would be trained to conduct social audits, the results of which would be published on dedicated platforms. A second group of young people would set up a Social Innovation Unit to identify community projects with the potential to address local needs. The work of both groups would be used to promote awareness and accountability among elected local officials while also bringing young people and the larger community closer together.
Tamkeen For DevelopmentLocal - TunisiaJul 2020 - Jun 2022USD 220,000
810Promoting Youth Participation in Regional Development in Tunisia
Tunisia’s current decentralization process presents an opportunity to empower young citizens from marginalized regions. The project proposes to integrate young marginalized people into local governance by getting them involved in monitoring public projects, analysing central authorities’ choices and identifying the development potential of their regions. It would allow young people to formulate recommendations to central authorities and to play an effective role in the decision-making processes of their regions. The project would provide working methods, training, and technical tools with which to build a youth-led movement for development in the regions of Le Kef, Medenine and Kairouan. In parallel, awareness would be raised on decentralisation and democratic participation in remote regions.
Observatoire Tunisien de l'EconomieLocal - TunisiaJun 2020 - May 2022USD 220,000
811Promoting Democratic Consolidation through Inclusive Natural Resource Governance Reform in Tunisia
This project will empower civil society organizations and local journalists to influence policy reform through building their capacity and providing financial support for targeted advocacy and investigative products informing public opinion on local demands and issues of the marginalized producing regions. Ultimately, the project will support the institutionalization of venues for multi-stakeholder natural resource reform through the platforms of the Open Government Partnership and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
Natural Resource Governance InstituteLocal - TunisiaJan 2020 - Dec 2021USD 242,000
812Engaging Civil Society in Policy Dialogue on Agenda 2030 in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia
The project aims to enhance civil society capacity for engagement in policy dialogue on sustainable development and the Agenda 2030. Better informed engagement will be ensured through training involving national, regional and international participation and increased dissemination of the sustainable human development narrative will be ensured through communication tools developed by the project. This will contribute to ANND's wider strategic plan to maintain a Training Unit for Sustainable Development by and for civil society, and it is expected to have a multiplying effect on the achievements of the permanent forum, which was created during the previously implemented UNDEF project UDF-14-599-RAS.
Arab NGO Network for DevelopmentRegional - Middle East and North AfricaMar 2020 - Feb 2022USD 275,000
813Empowering a New Generation of Human Rights Advocates in the Arab Region
The project aims to empower and engage a new generation of change-makers from Middle East and North Africa to lead human rights reform within their communities. A group of young civil society leaders will be provided with essential skills in human rights, civil society work and mobilizing communities. They will also be able to exchange and learn from more experienced civil society actors operating in an open, democratic context. By the end of the project, at least four initiatives raising awareness on human rights issues in the region, designed by participants, will be showcased in a public event in Tunis.
Cairo Institute for Human Rights StudiesRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJun 2020 - May 2022USD 275,000
814Activating Private Sector for Women's Economic Rights in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
The project aims to activate and equip the private sector to lead and participate meaningfully in advancing women’s economic rights, with the support and cooperation of civil society, government and policy makers. Main activities include regional training and networking; setting up a framework in the wider region; training and networking at the country level; implementing and documenting practical activities; sharing information to benefit future strategies and activities.
Hands Along the Nile Development Services, Inc.Regional - Middle East and North AfricaMay 2020 - Apr 2022USD 275,000
815Enabling Witnesses to Inform the World about Conflict in Iraq, Syria, Yemen
The project’s objective is to train those who report on and recount the stories of conflict survivors in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The aim is to tell survivors’ stories accurately, sensitively and respectfully, so as to present a full narrative. With established journalists, documentarians and other experts leading a training and mentorship programme, fledgling journalists, international aid workers, and others will receive guidance and instruction on storytelling that is balanced and culturally appropriate. Told correctly, such stories have the power to influence policy and create shifts in thinking.
The Soufan CenterRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJun 2020 - Nov 2021USD 275,000
816Empowering Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon
The project aims to strengthen the autonomy of Syrian women refugees in Lebanon, so as to increase their opportunity to fully participate in the democratic, economic and reconstruction processes during the post-conflict period, whether they return to Syria or stay in the host country. It is implemented as a second phase of the previous UNDEF-funded project “Strengthening the Capacity of Syrian Women Refugees in Lebanon”, UDF-15-657-LEB. The present project’s main purpose is to open and operate a Centre as a meeting place and shared resource to enable Syrian women refugees, and some Lebanese women from the host community, to implement projects they conceptualized and developed under the first phase of the project during 2017-2019. The project was inspired by the pioneering UNDEF-Mandat International project implemented in Turkey 2014-2018.
Mandat InternationalRegional - Middle East and North AfricaDec 2019 - Nov 2021USD 264,000
817Empowering Youth to Advance Democracy in Afghanistan
The project aims to empower young people in three remote provinces of Parwan, Kapisa and Panjsher, by engaging civil society organizations and media organizations to galvanize culture and practices of democracy among youth. It will educate youth on democratic values, establish youth democracy champion networks, and implement town hall advocacy conferences, produce advocacy papers, hold follow-up meetings with influential decision makers and change leaders.
Civil and Liberal Initiative for PeaceLocal - AfghanistanApr 2020 - Sep 2021USD 198,000
818Advancing Responsiveness and Accountability through Citizen Engagement in Bangladesh
The project aims to enhance civic participation in the democratic process within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions. Taking the election pledges of the newly elected governments reference points, the project will push for delivery on pledges around three issues aligned with Sustainable Development Goals 4 on quality education, 5 on gender equality, and 8 on decent work. Activities will include citizen focus group discussions, policy briefs and resource documents, subnational policy dialogues, a workshop with the members of the national parliament, and exchange of views with relevant policymakers on delivering election pledges in the thematic areas at national level.
Centre for Policy DialogueLocal - BangladeshApr 2020 - Apr 2022USD 198,000
819Strengthening Grassroots Capacity to Influence Policy in Cambodia
The project aims to empower Cambodia’s grassroots civil society members to participate in public debate by developing and strengthening their knowledge on human rights and fundamental freedoms; building their networking and advocacy skills; and enabling their voices to be heard by restoring a culture of dialogue between grassroots communities and government bodies at the sub-national and national levels. This will ultimately contribute to drive changes in policies and practices of democratic institutions, leading to improvements in human rights and the promotion of democracy in Cambodia.
The Cambodian Human Rights and Development AssociationLocal - CambodiaJan 2020 - Dec 2021USD 198,000
820Empowering Rural Communities to Manage Land Tenure and Enhance Access to Justice in Indonesia
The project aims to strengthen and legally empower rural communities living in forest and peatland areas, so as to protect their rights and improve their land access. It will enhance the capacity of rural communities to protect their community land rights through advocacy and advanced paralegal training; provide legal assistance in handling tenure-related conflict; and pursue legal protection for community-based management of forest and peatland through building rural community capacity in drafting village regulations.
Epistema InstituteLocal - IndonesiaApr 2020 - Mar 2022USD 198,000
822Preparing Youth for Democracy in Mongolia
The project will promote democratic values and electoral processes among young people in order to stimulate youth engagement and informed electoral voting. By reviewing the school curriculum and developing extra-curricular activities, the project means to improve young people’s understanding of and affinity for democratic values that will help effect better governance and stronger democracy. The project will establish 10 Young Voters Clubs, seven in the capital Ulaanbaatar, and three in the rural province of Khovd, whose members will be trained to carry out their own advocacy actions, assisted by the project’s small grants, to demonstrate their capability and potential in promoting democracy.
Save the Children in MongoliaLocal - MongoliaMar 2020 - Feb 2022USD 176,000
823Supporting Grassroots Advocacy to Strengthen Human Rights in Myanmar
The project aims to strengthen meaningful civic engagement between civil society and the Myanmar government by improving the organizational capacity and advocacy skills of three implementing partner CSOs working for marginalized groups and human rights in Mon State, Magway Region, and Chin State. The project involves tailored on-site capacity building, practical community mobilizing exercises, localized human rights documentation and awareness raising, engagement with local government officials and MPs, as well as three sub grants to implement advocacy projects with onsite mentoring support.
Equality MyanmarLocal - MyanmarJan 2020 - Dec 2021USD 176,000
825Dialogue for Sustainable Forest Development in Viet Nam
The project aims to enhance the dialogue between civil society organizations and government agencies for more transparency and accountability in Viet Nam's forest sector. The project plans to develop a forest change independent monitoring system using near real-time satellite technology. The project wm build capacity of civil society organizations to collect and verify forest changes as evidence and basis for a dialogue with forestry government agencies, so as to push for investigation into causes of unplanned changes, and for preventive action.
The Center for Sustainable Rural DevelopmentLocal - Viet NamJul 2020 - Jun 2022USD 220,000
826Strengthening the Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
This project aims to support initiatives in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to reform prison systems, building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. It will help develop probation services in the three countries as a key tool to increase resilience and stability in communities. It will also conduct local baseline research on criminal justice system issues, addressing the problems of women and children in conflict with the law, and providing adequate trainings for prison services in all project countries.
Penal Reform International office in Central AsiaRegional - Asia and PacificApr 2020 - Mar 2022USD 275,000
827Building a National Gender Equality Index in Azerbaijan
The National Gender Equality Index (NGE Index) will be an innovative measurement, advocacy and action-motivation tool for Azerbaijan to quantify the achievements and demonstrate the gap for gender-based inequalities in the country. The methodology will be designed in a way that enables the conduct of annual NGE Index assessments with minimum costs. Being compatible with the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) outlay and international standards, the NGE Index will be a long-term investment into women, empowerment and gender equality in Azerbaijan.
Women's Association for Rational DevelopmentLocal - Azerbaijan- - USD 176,000
829Advancing the Activism and Rights of HIV-Positive Women in Russian Federation
The project seeks to improve health services for HIV+ women and develop social activism among affected women, thus advancing their human rights. Gynecologists will be trained in HIV counseling and treatment and, subsequently, will deliver an advocacy campaign among medical staff in teams with HIV+ women activists in regional outpatient clinics and hospitals. An online gynecologist referral system will be developed that will ensure that HIV+ women will receive supportive, quality services from doctors that are trained in treating patients with HIV. Female HIV+ activists will be empowered to provide support to their peers. A final conference for 90 participants will be held where the project results will be summarized in a report and disseminated to all relevant stakeholders.
Public Health and Social Development FoundationLocal - Russian FederationJan 2020 - Dec 2021USD 242,000
831Strengthening Environmental Democracy in Ukraine
Ukrainian civil society groups that are inspired to strengthen the rule of law for environmental protection often lack institutional and networking capacity to be truly effective. The proposed project aims to build the capacity of the Ukrainian civil society sector fighting for environmental justice through the formation of three thematic groups of civil society organizations and activists working on environmental impacts of the war, alternative energy, and fostering sustainable industry and agriculture. Skills trainings for civil society organizations representatives, expert consultations, exchange of experience, and joint actions to combat environmental degradation will contribute to enhancing the rule of law in the environmental sector.
Environment-People-LawLocal - UkraineApr 2020 - Mar 2022USD 220,000
832Promoting Women´s Participation and Access to Justice in Poor and Indigenous Communities of Argentina
The project aims to expand access to justice and advance democratic participation for women in poor and indigenous communities in north Argentina’s provinces of Jujuy, Salta and Tucuman, as well as in Buenos Aires. It will do so through free legal aid for legal identity and civil rights, birth registration and Identity documentation, community seminars, communication campaigns and training leaders on human, women’s and identity rights, and evidence-based advocacy for institutional change at provincial and national level. The project will help strengthen Argentina’s response to the Covid-19 crisis by empowering women and supporting communities’ efforts to unite in addressing the pandemic’s many consequences and the recovery.
Fundacion Microjusticia ArgentinaLocal - ArgentinaAug 2020 - Jul 2022USD 176,000
833Strengthening Human Rights Monitoring in Brazil
The project seeks to build an articulated and joint system for monitoring human rights violations for use by Brazil’s civil society, while strengthening the work of Brazilian human rights organizations operating at the international level. In cooperation with the UN Resident Coordinator's Office in Brazil, and the recently created Universal Periodic Review-Sustainable Development Goals Brazil Coalition, trainings and advocacy will strengthen the human rights work of civil society organizations. The project strengthens Brazil’s response to the Covid-19 crisis by supporting communities’ efforts to unite in the fight against the pandemic and its economic and social consequences.
Institute for Development and Human RightsLocal - BrazilJun 2020 - May 2022USD 176,000
834Building Peace and Democracy by Restoring Rights in Colombia
The project’s objective is to strengthen peacebuilding, justice and the democracy in communities affected by the armed conflict in Colombia. It will do so by helping those impacted by conflict to access transitional and ordinary justice processes, and by enhancing coexistence and reconciliation. There will be a strong focus on the providing beneficiary communities with legal representation and technical support. The project will help strengthen Colombia’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, by supporting communities’ efforts to unite in the fight against the pandemic and its many consequences.
Corporación Jurídica Yira CastroLocal - ColombiaJun 2020 - May 2022USD 198,000
835Building Trust in Electoral Politics through Women and Youth Participation in Ecuador
This initiative’s goal is to strengthen trust in Ecuador’s democratic system by supporting young leadership, especially women within national political parties, to develop inclusive electoral platforms that reflect citizens´ needs and include inputs from local organizations. The main activities are: capacity building processes for young political leaders, the development of youth participation structures within political parties, the strengthening of electoral platforms and the promotion of an informed vote through the broad dissemination of political parties’ proposals in the 2021 presidential elections.
Grupo FAROLocal - EcuadorFeb 2020 - Jan 2022USD 198,000
836Addressing Women's Rights and Gender-Based Violence in Honduras
The project aims at reducing the phenomenon of gender-based violence and at diminishing risks for women human rights defenders in the Center-West region of Honduras. To meet these objectives, the project strengthens capacities of local women civil society organisations with emphasis on young, peasants and indigenous women, by creating and consolidating their advocacy capacities, networking skills and evidence-based research. The project also provides direct assistance services to women victims of violence, and it raises evidence and awareness among international protection bodies, public authorities and the general population. Project activities will incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts women, including gender-based violence as well as social and economic pressures
ProgettoMondo MlalLocal - HondurasJun 2020 - May 2022USD 198,000
837Empowering Domestic Workers to Assert their Right to Social Security in Mexico
The project seeks to guarantee access to social security for 2.2 million domestic workers in Mexico through training and collective organization. To promote and demand social security for domestic workers, a network of alliances with strategic actors in 25 municipalities will facilitate the coordination and execution of actions. Campaigns and materials, aimed both at men and women, will sensitize, promote and guarantee the enrolment of domestic workers in social security programmes, within the context of the current legal reforms. The Covid-19 crisis has increased social and economic pressures on domestic workers; the project incorporates activities that reinforce the importance of access to social security in light of the pandemic’s many consequences.
Nosotr@s por la democracia ACLocal - MexicoSep 2020 - Aug 2022USD 198,000
838Citizen Action for Freedom of the Press in Cameroon
This project aims to promote legislation in favor of the decriminalization of press offenses and access to information. The objective is to strengthen democratic expression in Cameroon by improving access to public information for journalists. The action provides for capacity building on international instruments relating to freedom of the press, fact-checking and digital rights, consultation frameworks, and multi-actor dialogues, as well as advocacy for the decriminalization of press offenses. The project is highly relevant in the era of Covid-19 and its aftermath, in which the fight against disinformation and for freedom of information, media education, and online safety is crucial.
Un Monde AvenirLocal - CameroonMar 2021 - Feb 2023USD 198,000
840Securing the Digital Environment for the 2022 Election in Kenya
The project objective is to address the potential impact of the internet, social media and digital technologies, both positive and negative, on electoral integrity and confidence in the electoral process in Kenya for the 2022 elections. The project will convene and facilitate processes of inclusive political and technical dialogue with the election management body, political parties, technology companies and civil society to work for conditions of trust. These will be combined with advocacy to promote awareness among stakeholders, citizens, and voters of digital threats and opportunities. The project incorporates activities relevant in the Covid-19 world and its aftermath, where the fight against disinformation and for digital safety are crucial.
Kofi Annan FoundationLocal - KenyaApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 220,000
841Strengthening Independent Media and Freedom of Information in Liberia
The project objective is to strengthen independent media and freedom of information in Liberia by advancing freedom of the press, the safety of journalists and media self-regulation through training, mentoring and networking. It will establish a national journalist peer support network, and train journalists, and bloggers in legal know-how as well as personal safety. Civil society and communities will be educated on the statutory provisions of Article 15 of Liberia’s Constitution, ensuring the right to freedom of expression, and the 2010 Freedom of Information Act. It will foster active citizens’ demand for data and bolster civil society, media, and government collaborations. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts media, freedom of information, the fight against misinformation, and online safety.
Volunteers for Sustainable Development in AfricaLocal - LiberiaJun 2021 - May 2023USD 198,000
842Supporting Democratization Through Participatory Radio Programming in Mali
The project plans to support the democratization and decentralization process underway in Mali through a series of integrated initiatives around the Radio Rurale de Kayes for the production of participatory programs that will mainly involve women and young people of 20 villages located in the rural localities of Marena Diombougou, Kolimbine and Somankidi. The project also intends to establish "Democracy Laboratories" and "Listening Centers" which will constitute a place of animation and training on the theme of democracy and its variations in Mali. The project is highly relevant in Covid-19 times and its aftermath, in which the fight against disinformation and for freedom of information, media education, and online safety are crucial
Association Radiodiffuseurs de Kayes pour le Développement RuraleLocal - MaliJul 2021 - Jun 2023USD 220,000
843Standing up for Youth Information Rights in Niger
The project is an initiative aimed at contributing to the emergence of a social movement of young Nigeriens, strongly anchored in the democratic game and capable of generating a dynamic of political, economic, and social change in favor of the realization of fundamental human rights. It plans to assemble media content and forums to promote youth civic engagement, election participation, and rejection of violent extremism. The project is highly relevant in the era of Covid-19 and its aftermath, in which the fight against disinformation and for freedom of information, media education, and online safety is crucial; and where it will be essential to advance understanding of the specific impact of the crisis on young people, ensuring that responses respect their rights and take into account their needs.
Alternative Espaces CitoyensLocal - NigerApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 220,000
844Strengthening Advocacy for Transparent and Inclusive Budget Processes in Local Government Areas in Nigeria
The project objective is to create open and inclusive budgeting processes for community development in selected local government areas of Nigeria. It will train and support grassroots advocates on financial literacy, accountability, and advocacy, to enable them to engage local officials and campaign on the use of public funds. Advocates and local officials will then be supported in establishing platforms for sustained community engagement. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, where it is essential to advance understanding of the specific impact of the crisis on civil society and local communities, ensuring that responses uphold their rights and are inclusive of their needs.
Social Development Integrated Centre/Social ActionLocal - NigeriaMay 2021 - Apr 2023USD 220,000
845Strengthening Grassroots Women’s Groups to Promote and Protect Civic Space in Uganda
The project goal is to empower 6,000 women by raising awareness of their gender specific rights, promoting women’s political participation, and addressing all forms of injustices that affect women’s wellbeing; strengthen the capacity of 100 unregistered women’s groups to become registered under the NGOs Act 2016; and support 100 registered women’s groups in advocating, promoting and protecting civic space in Uganda. Project activities will incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts women, including gender-based violence as well as social and economic pressures.
ALL IN ONE WOMENS ASSOCIATIONLocal - UgandaFeb 2021 - Jan 2023USD 220,000
846Media Literacy for Evidence-based Decision-making in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa
The project addresses the multifaceted problem of misinformation which has become even more prevalent during the Covid-19 pandemic. People across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa do not have access to accurate information to inform the decisions they make on a daily basis. They also lack media literacy skills to interrogate the avalanche of information they are confronted with, in particular on social media platforms. Journalists – key role-players in the information ecosystem – are furthermore not equipped with fact-checking skills. The project will amplify fact-checks through strategic media partnerships and social media to increase people’s access to accurate information. It will empower the public to engage with information critically, through media literacy programmes. It will also train journalists and future journalists, develop toolkits and mentor them to strengthen the fact-checking capacity of these key role players in the information ecosystem. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis, particularly media literacy, more critical than ever as democratic participation has been forced online and fighting misinformation and disinformation, which have mushroomed in the crisis.
Africa Check FoundationRegional - Sub-Saharan AfricaMar 2021 - Feb 2025USD 495,000
847Strengthening Media for Democratization in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
The project objective is to strengthen journalism and media freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan. It will work to enhance professionalism, security, awareness of rights, and advocacy for safer reporting conditions, while working for more accurate reporting and analysis as a component of democracy. Project activities also incorporate a response to the Covid-19 crisis for media on the frontline, and for the fight against misinformation.
Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights WatchLocal - IraqApr 2021 - Sep 2022USD 242,000
849Strengthening Legislation for Women Affected by Sexual Violence and Exploitation in Lebanon
The project objective is to empower women to participate politically and advance fair legislation for women and girls in Lebanon. The project will build awareness of barriers to women’s participation; work for structural adjustments; present draft amendments to Articles 503-521 of the Penal Code, with the goal of providing increased protection to women and girl survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault; raise nationwide awareness on the draft amendments by engaging communities in a national sensitization campaign. The project is highly relevant in the context of COVID-19, with a surge in domestic violence amid lockdowns, quarantines and economic and social pressures.
ABAAD Resource Center for Gender EqualityLocal - LebanonAug 2021 - Jul 2023USD 176,000
850Strengthening Citizen Participation and Monitoring of Public Policy in Morocco
The project aims to promote the inclusion of women and young people in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of local public policies through several monitoring and evaluation, training and support activities, mobilization and advocacy. The project targets three main stakeholders in the social inclusion process at the territorial level: citizens, civil society organizations and local communities in three regions. The project will consolidate the tools, skills, as well as the establishment of consultation and interaction platforms to enable young people and women to play their roles in the process of territorial public policies for social inclusion. Project activities will incorporate actions in response to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on women.
Forum Azzahrae for Moroccan WomenLocal - MoroccoApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 220,000
851Strengthening Citizen Journalism to Counter Hate Speech and Violent Extremism in Tunisia
The project objective is to engage young citizen journalists, bloggers, and media representatives in national efforts to fight hate speech and violent extremism, by producing alternative media; promoting peer-learning for awareness of human rights; and mobilizing local communities against violent extremism. Project activities incorporate responses to the Covid-19 crisis in countering misinformation and supporting journalists on the front line.
Arab Institute for Human RightsLocal - TunisiaApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 198,000
852Protecting Media Freedoms in the Digital Era in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
The project proposes to strengthen online media in two ways. Using training and networking within and between countries, it would support media outlets, professionals and associations to advance the right to information and free speech as ongoing media convergence changes old ways of working and standards of conduct. The project further proposes to use multi-stakeholder workshops to build media capacity to produce content that reflects values of freedom, equality and social responsibility as laid out by UN human rights mechanisms. The project is highly relevant in the Covid-19 world and its aftermath, where freedom of information, media literacy and online safety will be crucial.
ARTICLE 19 - MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICARegional - Middle East and North AfricaJun 2021 - May 2023USD 198,000
853Strengthening Independent Media in the Arab Region
The project aims to strengthen independent media in the Arab region so as to build greater accountability and better governance, by improving the working environment for journalists; advancing media freedom and accessible information and data; enhancing the capacity of freelance and full-time journalists to cover sensitive human rights stories; and improving journalists’ legal knowledge through strong working partnerships with civic actors. Project activities also incorporate responses to the Covid-19 crisis for journalists on the front line.
Journalists for Human RightsRegional - Middle East and North AfricaJan 2021 - Dec 2024USD 495,000
854Advancing Engagement by Setting Up Urban Youth Councils in Bangladesh
The project objective is to facilitate active youth participation in decision-making processes in urban areas by establishing a model of urban youth councils in four cities in Bangladesh. This will be achieved through a youth-led formulation of urban youth council guidelines, operational plans, and terms of reference, as well as holding youth councilor elections. The urban youth councils will work closely with city government and the model will be presented nationally for replication in other cities. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the COVID-19 crisis as it impacts youth.
SERAC-BangladeshLocal - BangladeshSep 2021 - Aug 2023USD 187,000
855Strengthening the Foundations of Democracy Through Media Literacy in Bhutan
The project is designed to help strengthen democracy by educating students, educators, elected representatives, women and girls, and underserved groups in media and democracy literacy. The work is in the local language Dzongkha, and resources in disability-friendly formats. The project will help mainstream media and democracy literacy in the education system by training teachers to conduct in-school professional development programs, and integrate these in school and college clubs.
Bhutan Centre for Media and DemocracyLocal - BhutanMar 2021 - Feb 2023USD 110,000
856Learning from the Past for Sustainable Peace and Democracy in Indonesia
The project objective is to create greater understanding of past conflicts, so as to help prevent the recurrence of conflict and human rights violations. It will work through intergenerational dialogue among youth, victims and human rights defenders. Trained youth will elicit stories from victims to be used by future generations to reclaim, heal, and acknowledge historical injustices, and stories will be exhibited publicly to raise awareness. Project activities will also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath
Asia Justice and RightsLocal - IndonesiaMay 2021 - Apr 2023USD 198,000
857‘Fighting Like a Girl’ to Build Gender-Sensitive Media in Kyrgyzstan
The project objective is to support young women in shaping the media discourse on women's issues and prevailing gender norms in Kyrgyzstan. A new education portal will provide media skills for young women across the country. Capacity-building will enable young women to use equipment, publish media materials and work closely with female media professionals. The project platform will enable young women entrepreneurs to incubate their media start-up ideas and generate income in the media industry.
International Debate Education Association in Central AsiaLocal - KyrgyzstanFeb 2021 - Jan 2023USD 198,000
858Strengthening the Watchdog Functions of Media and Civil Society in Mongolia
The project goal is to strengthen the capacity of local media and civil society actors to work in the digital age, including against disinformation, and ensure media freedom and access to quality information. Support for media professionals, civil society and civic watchdogs includes training and networking initiatives to evaluate and analyze information on governance and government institutions; use digital tools for advanced research, verification and analysis of online information; and ensure personal safety and security.
Press Institute of MongoliaLocal - MongoliaFeb 2021 - Jan 2023USD 187,000
859Strengthening Gender-Responsive Local Government in Nepal
The project aims to empower Musahar women and strengthen their representation in local decision-making procedures for promoting gender-responsive local governance in two rural municipalities and two town municipalities. It will work through three main approaches:empowerment of Musahar women to claim their rights, accountability of local government authorities, and strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships for gender-responsive local governance.
South Asia Partnership NepalLocal - NepalApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 220,000
860Safeguarding the Rights of Transgender & Intersex Communities in Pakistan
The project objective is to work for the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTI persons, particularly transgender and intersex, in Lahore and Faisalabad districts. Expected outcomes include support for 5000 LGTQI/transgender persons; enhanced capacity of 50 civil society and human rights organizations; increased public awareness of LGBTI rights; registration of transgender and intersex persons for computerized national identity cards; improved policy framework and legal provision on the rights of transgender and intersex person.
Formation Awareness & Community Empowerment SocietyLocal - PakistanApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 187,000
861Advancing Media Freedom Through Legal Reform in Tajikistan
This project aims to promote the establishment of a favorable legal environment for media staff and journalists in Tajikistan by creating and training a team of media lawyers to protect the journalists' rights and interests at all stages of their investigation; creating a platform for discussion and finding solutions to the issues faced by mass media; organizing internships to improve the professional level of journalists; improving the media image and regaining the readers ’confidence in the articles published based on true facts of journalist investigations; and improving and reforming the legislation on media operations.
Association "Public advisors of the Republic of Tajikistan"Local - TajikistanApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 110,000
862Increasing Civic Space for Youth in Timor-Leste
The project objective is to empower youth, with a focus on women to participate in decision-making processes at community and national levels. Youth group leaders will form a network to highlight youth issues and promote collective youth voices, advancing volunteerism to promote youth rights and community development. It will eventually develop into a nationwide youth alliance, which will organize sustained advocacy for youth rights. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the COVID-19 crisis in the aftermath as they impact youth.
Plan International Timor-LesteLocal - Timor-LesteJul 2021 - Jun 2023USD 187,000
863Accelerating Women’s Green Tech Startups in Uzbekistan
The project objective is women’s effective participation in the local economy of Karakalpakstan so as to address climate change and man-made issues. Key tools are a startup ecosystem for women-led clean tech startups, knowledge transfer and capacity-building through structured startup acceleration programs, online knowledge materials and web resources, and awareness raising campaigns. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the COVID-19 crisis as it impacts women.
Tech4ImpactLocal - UzbekistanApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 198,000
865Combatting Hate Speech and Protecting Rights in Albania
The project objective is to assess the implementation of a controversial anti-defamation package adopted by Albania’s parliament in 2019, and to work against expressions of hate speech and sexism. The project will work through sharing best legal practices and standards, media monitoring, capacity-building of media professionals and journalism to uphold journalistic standards, media literacy education of youth and the general public, as well as training in gender equality and human rights. Project activities also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis in the context of misinformation and freedom of information.
Counselling Line for Women and GirlsLocal - AlbaniaJun 2021 - May 2023USD 187,000
866Protecting the Rights of Youth in Institutions in Belarus
The project aims to increase awareness and specialized training to protect the rights of young people, to build institutional systems to monitor their situation, and to process allegations of rights violations. It will work with national and regional officials and experts to develop a protection policy and to implement it in institutions where young people in conflict with the law are held in custody, or are provided shelter from difficult living conditions. Project activities incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts youth.
Charitable Public Association "World Without Borders"Local - BelarusApr 2022 - Mar 2024USD 220,000
867Establishing an Interactive Educational Database on the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina
This project aims to raise public understanding of and support to facing the past by developing tools for teaching and learning on the Bosnian war, and to counter revisionist and denialist narratives related to the war. A database on court determined facts related to the war, augmented with articles and documentaries about victims and educational material to teach about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s will contribute to halt the neglect of facts determined by international and domestic courts and to start unbiased dialogue among a divided society which will be more focused on facts and not revisionist tendencies. Project activities also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts on freedom of information.
Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Bosnia and HerzegovinaLocal - Bosnia and HerzegovinaApr 2021 - Mar 2023USD 198,000
868Bolstering Citizen Journalism in Ukraine
The project aims to improve the quality of citizen journalism by creating a strong pan-Ukrainian network of citizen journalists. The establishment of direct, effective communication between citizen journalists from across Ukraine and the improvement of their knowledge and skills will be at the core of this project, and will be achieved by organizing a series of targeted, educational activities, including five trainings, twelve webinars, and a twelve-month internship program. A networking event will be held in Kyiv to form relationships and create communication channels for sharing information. Project activities also incorporate actions in response to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts on misinformation and freedom of information.
Human Rights PlatformLocal - UkraineMay 2021 - Apr 2023USD 132,000
869A New Constitution: Historical Opportunity to Advance Gender Equality and Women’s Rights
The project objective is to promote women’s participation and gender content in Chile’s current constitutional process ; advance women’s understanding of a new constitution’s importance to them and their rights; generate debates on key gender issues; advocate for the inclusion of gender aspects in the drafting process. The pro-ject is highly relevant in the Covid-19 world and its aftermath, where it will be essential to address the massive impact of the crisis on women, ensuring that responses uphold their rights and are inclusive of their needs.
Centro Regional de Derechos Humanos y Justicia de GéneroLocal - ChileMay 2021 - Jul 2023USD 198,000
870Enabling Local Information and Media Literacy for a Better-Informed Society in Colombia
This strategic four-year project works to increase the presence of local news in rural areas of Colombia, so as to encourage civic participation, sound governance and democratic discussion. Building on previous projects the grantee has implemented for UNDEF, journalism labs will expand from two regions to four, bringing more media and digital literacy training programmes to community leaders and groups, women and young people; support post-training local content production and communication to ensure at least one monthly product on local issues; and build an experimental media and digital literacy programme for local schools. The project is highly relevant in the Covid-19 world and its aftermath, where the fight against disinformation and for freedom of information, media literacy and online safety will be crucial; and where it will be essential to advance understanding of the specific impact of the crisis on women and young people, ensuring that responses uphold their rights and are inclusive of their needs.
Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa/ Press Freedom FoundationLocal - ColombiaOct 2021 - Sep 2025USD 495,000
871Strengthening the Right to Freedom of Expression in Paraguay
The project objective is to protect the safety of journalists and advance free and independent reporting. It will work towards the drafting of a new law for the comprehensive protection of journalists; strengthen public policies through strategic litigation; provide legal advice to journalists; design a digital tool for the journalists’ safety; and launch a campaign for the imperative of protecting journalism. The new project is highly relevant given the acute challenges caused by Covid-19, with an increasing need for reliable information and rising pressures on journalists.
Instituto de Derecho y Economía AmbientalLocal - ParaguaySep 2021 - Aug 2023USD 220,000
872Advancing Climate Democracy in Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago
The project aims to improve public awareness and engagement on issues and solutions related to climate change in the localized contexts of Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. It will increase public opportunities to understand, access, influence, and help develop policy to support climate action at country level. A coordinated, innovative on-and-offline campaign, led by multiple stakeholders, will make use of digital connective technology in parallel with civic-parliamentary working group actions to develop policy. The project is highly relevant in the Covid-19 world and its aftermath, as the crisis offers an opportunity for a teachable moment about the dangers of environmental inaction and lack of preparedness.
IAMovementRegional - Latin America and the CaribbeanJun 2021 - May 2023USD 275,000
873Strengthening Young People’s Civic and Political Participation in Burkina Faso
The project aims to promote young Burkinabè in politics and citizenship. It will be implemented through a workshop to identify the concerns of young people in politics, the training of 90 young people from political parties on good democratic governance and the management of political parties, the organization of advocacy campaigns targetting political leaders, the establishment of citizen watch cells in the areas of intervention, the organization of podium events and radio programs to raise awareness on civics. This project, which is a follow-up to the previous one (UDF-17-740 BKF) implemented between 2019-2020, will contribute to consolidating the results for better governance in Burkina Faso.
Association Jeunesse Espoir d'AfriqueLocal - Burkina FasoMay 2022 - Apr 2024USD 220,000
874Strengthening Young Women’s Civic Engagement Online and Offline in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The project aims to create an alternative and safe online space where young Congolese women will connect with each other around issues that concern them, claim their right to express themselves and mobilise for political influence, using the Habari DRC blog platform. The project will also combat discrimination against women by challenging harmful narratives, norms and gender stereotypes that circulate online and spread as misinformation. The project is highly relevant to the state of the world in and after Covid-19, where combating misinformation and promoting freedom of information, media literacy and online safety are crucial; and where it will be essential to advance understanding of the specific impact of the crisis on young women, ensuring that responses respect their rights and take their needs into account.
Habari RDCLocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoJun 2022 - Nov 2023USD 242,000
875Enhancing Young Women's Participation in Political Parties of Ghana
The project aims to increase young women’s participation within Ghana’s main political parties. Using training to build women’s capacity to engage in party processes and to act as agents of change by recruiting other young women, the project further aims to mainstream gender in political parties and processes. In collaboration with the parties, workable strategies and guidelines to address the various structural, economic, gender and cultural barriers that impede the participation of young women in politics will be developed. The project also includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis, as it impacts young women.
Gender Centre for Empowering DevelopmentLocal - GhanaMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 176,000
876Strengthening Civilian Democratic Oversight of the Defence and Security Sector in Mali
This project aims to enhance the capacity of civil society to exercise oversight and engage with government representatives and defence institutions while promoting legislative reform on defence governance in Mali. It will focus on the defence and security sector during the transition period and to work lay legislative foundations for reforms in preparation for the resumption of parliamentary work. In particular, the project will seek to develop civil society expertise on defence and security governance; foster cooperation among those actors and the National Transition Committee; and promote sustainable legislative reform in defence governance. The project will build on work carried out by the same grantee under UNDEF project UDF-16-696-MLI.
Transparency International UKLocal - MaliJun 2022 - May 2024USD 242,000
877Promoting Youth Engagement with Policy-makers Through Performing Arts in Rwanda
The project works to create civic spaces where young people can engage with policy-makers to shape debates on democracy and human rights. It will work for youth-led, intergenerational channels for policy dialogue on peacebuilding and democracy, using a blended approach of in-person and on-line arts-based methods. This will make it agile amid the changing circumstances of the pandemic, while extending the reach of the project to groups of youth typically excluded from participatory initiatives. The aim is to empower youth to document and highlight obstacles to democracy and human rights in their respective communities, while ensuring policy-makers respond and engage with young people in ongoing dialogue.
Institute of Research and Dialogue for PeaceLocal - RwandaApr 2022 - Mar 2024USD 220,000
878Enhancing Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity for Inclusive Governance and Development in Sierra Leone
The project aims to increase the capacity of community-based organizations and, in particular, women’s rights groups, to advocate for gender parity in governance and leadership in order to increase women’s participation in policymaking and development. Activities include enhancing capacity and partnerships among civil society organizations, state actors and community fora as well as increasing public support for women’s political participation and leadership in the run-up to general elections scheduled for 2023. Further, the project addresses Covid-19 as both challenge and opportunity by advancing women’s participation and leadership in community, district and regional responses to the pandemic.
Muloma Women's Development AssociationLocal - Sierra LeoneMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 242,000
879Civics Education to Increase Youth Engagement in Democratic Processes in Tanzania
The project aims to advance young people’s democratic participation in Tanzania by developing a Toolkit for Action Civics Education for use in secondary schools. The toolkit will be based on Positive Youth Development and Youth Participatory Action Research methodologies, which are intended to bridge the gap between academic learning, civic understanding and community and political engagement. The project will work with Government to increase receptivity to youth perspectives and participation, and with civil society organizations and the media to strengthen advocacy for young people’s democratic rights. By providing civic education toolkits to young people and fora for youth advocacy, the project will also dovetail with national efforts to provide information to the general public on issues relating to the Covid-19 pandemic relief and recovery.
HakiElimuLocal - Tanzania, United Republic ofMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 198,000
880Empowering and Equipping Healthcare Workers as Promoters and Defenders of Human Rights in Zimbabwe
This project seeks to equip and empower health care professionals to promote and defend human rights in Zimbabwe. Resource manuals and referral pathways will be developed to enable victims of violations to seek remedy and assistance from both the duty bearers who defend human rights and the agencies who are able to offer specific assistance. In addition, the project will train health care service providers, who are often the only point of contact for victims of human rights violations, to recognise, document and refer survivors to human rights commissions and other rights actors to access redress and rehabilitation, as well as increase knowledge on rights-based approaches to health care. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts marginalized and rural communities.
Counselling Services UnitLocal - ZimbabweMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 198,000
881Supporting Young Policy Leaders to Bridge the Gap Between Youth and State in Iraq
This project aims to bridge the gap between youth and the state by training young professionals in how to bring about positive change through policymaking. Participants will be mentored to prepare policy papers, prepare for meetings with policymakers to discuss policy issues, will develop action plans and have the opportunity to present their papers at a conference and advocate for their adoption. Policy papers will be presented in short videos to ensure their reach to the wider public as well as printed in Arabic and English and distributed for free to the policy community in Iraq. Five policy ideas will be rewarded with sub-grants and local sessions with stakeholders organized to advocate for their adoption.
Iraq Policy ProgramLocal - IraqApr 2022 - Mar 2024USD 308,000
882Strengthening Civil Society Capacity to Interact with Central and Regional Governments in Iraq
The project objective is to strengthen civil society organizations’ capacity to fulfill administrative obligations to the central and regional governments of Iraq, as well as to manage information and provide training. This will pave the way for policy and regulatory change, through better information-sharing between civil society organizations and the Government of Iraq / Kurdistan Regional Government, while improving implementation of laws and governmental decisions. The project capacity-building will benefit more than 200 civil society organizations and government officials.
NGO Coordination Committee for IraqLocal - IraqJun 2022 - May 2026USD 495,000
883Engaging Civil Society Organizations and Youths in Gender-Inclusive Citizenship and Leadership
The project will engage with civil society organizations and youth in Lebanon to foster a stronger sense of citizenship, leadership, and gender inclusivity. It will work for real change by empowering actors to take a more holistic approach to citizenship, factoring in all issues affecting their communities -- including gender-based violence, which has become even more widespread amid Lebanon’s economic collapse and multiples crises, yet has been pushed down the priority chain by the same factors.
ABAAD Resource Center for Gender EqualityLocal - LebanonApr 2022 - Mar 2026USD 495,000
884Improving the Implementation of Gender-Based Violence Laws in Lebanon
The project aims to strengthen the legal system’s protection of women and girls by strengthening implementation of gender-based violence laws and legal amendments. It will raise public awareness of amendments and how to access protection, while working with key implementers such as judges and internal security forces to ensure buy-in to and understanding. It will build a coalition of journalists, civil society, grassroots political movements, and political parties to support the adoption of further amendments.
KAFA (Enough) Violence and ExploitationLocal - LebanonMar 2022 - Feb 2026USD 495,000
885Towards a Protective Ecosystem for Freedom of Expression in Lebanon
The project aims to build a multi-sectoral, supportive constituency for freedom of expression in Lebanon, which includes journalists, media professionals and their representative bodies, artists, and social media activists, but also the general public, representatives of the three branches of government, military and security apparatuses. Building upon and feeding into this support, the project’s goal is the establishment of a regulatory framework that guarantees and safeguards freedom of expression, through enshrining in the texts and the practices followed by state institutions, media outlets and journalists themselves the necessary measures that promote freedom of expression and respond adequately to any form of abuse.
Samir Kassir FoundationLocal - LebanonMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 275,000
886Strengthening Civil Society Capacity to Reclaim Civic Space in Transition of Sudan
The project seeks to strengthen the Sudanese civil society’s capacity to reclaim civic space with the aim to ensure their effective participation in key and fundamental areas. The project will support and strengthen the Sudanese civil society’s capacity to monitor and document the civic space situation as well as to advocate for improved protections of civic freedoms. It is anticipated that the project will promote a conducive and enabling environment for civil society and the media.
African Centre for Justice and Peace StudiesLocal - SudanJul 2022 - Jun 2024USD 220,000
888Strengthening Youth Inclusion and Participation in Marginalized Neighbourhoods and Border Regions of Tunisia
This project will increase the ability of marginalized young people to advocate peacefully and effectively for change, thereby increasing their political participation and social inclusion. This will be achieved by building their skills, confidence, relationships and opportunities to engage with local decisionmakers. Young people will collect information about their local communities’ needs via Open Street Map and citizen audits of health and educations services, be supported in presenting this to decisionmakers and mentored in creating online campaigns for change.
International AlertLocal - TunisiaMar 2022 - Feb 2026USD 495,000
889Observatory 29/30 on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Tunisia
The project aims to strengthen the monitoring of the rights of persons with disabilities in order to ensure the follow-up and reporting on the obligations of the Tunisian State under Articles 29 and 30 of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. A group of monitors will be formed to ensure the reporting mission on twelve governorates of six (6) different Tunisian regions under the control of a Scientific Committee. This Committee will validate the reported data and publish on an online platform analytical and synthetic reports on the situation of civil, political and cultural rights of people with disabilities in the concerned governorates. These reports will be used by lBSAR in its advocacy for the respect of the rights of persons with disabilities.
Ibsar pour le loisir et la culture des non et mal voyantsLocal - TunisiaApr 2022 - Mar 2024USD 220,000
890Promoting Democratic Space for Marginalized Communities Tataouine oil-producing area of Tunisia
The project aims to support a peaceful democratic transition in Tunisia by bridging the gap between the government and marginalized oil-producing communities of Tataouine and Kebili. Through quantitative and qualitative research and technical and financial support, it will establish and empower local civil society networks to engage in community and government consultations for region-specific roadmaps addressing oil-producing communities’ grievances. The networks will also be accountable through follow-up meetings to monitor the implementation of government commitments.
Natural Resource Governance InstituteLocal - TunisiaMar 2022 - Feb 2026USD 495,000
891Pandemic Lessons for Democratic Good Practices in Crisis in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia
The project’s overall objective is the promotion of democratic good practices during crises, through examining the different ways in which governments have dealt with the pandemic crisis. Key activities aim to support stakeholders in improving their knowledge on the features and characteristics of Covid-19 responses in the Arab States Region, combining research, capacity building, and policy recommendations; thus, improving their capacity to become involved in public policymaking during crises; and strengthening regional networking for improved advocacy and policy alternatives.
Arab Forum for AlternativesRegional - Middle East and North AfricaAug 2022 - Jul 2024USD 330,000
893Building Access to Justice and Legal Support for Gender-Diverse Population of Bangladesh
This project aims at creating access to justice and legal support for the transgender community in Bangladesh. While recognized as a `Separate Gender’, transgender people are not currently granted status equal to other gender-diverse populations. The project will address this through evidence-based policy dialogue, capacity building for the transgender community, mass awareness and social campaigns, legal support, and networking with relevant actors.
BANDHU SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETYLocal - BangladeshFeb 2022 - Jan 2024USD 220,000
894Mobilizing Young Against Gender Inequality and Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan
The project seeks to develop the capacity of young leaders to become Champions for Life, and mobilize young people as Agents for Change, to combat gender inequality and domestic violence in Almaty, Nur-Sultan, and Karaganda. Trained youth will form youth action groups that will create and implement awareness campaigns and youth action initiatives in their respective cities.
Public Foundation AFEW KazakhstanLocal - KazakhstanMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 198,000
895Strengthening Youth Activism for Democratic and Human Rights Values in Kyrgyzstan
The project aims to strengthen youth activism for human rights and democracy, with a focus on rural Kyrgyzstan. It will engage young community leaders, local media specialists, and opinion-makers, in mobilizing youth through civic education, activism, and youth-oriented media.
Institute for Youth DevelopmentLocal - KyrgyzstanMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 198,000
896For Women's Participation in Elections, Politics, Leadership, Democracy in Pakistan
This project aims to enhance women’s rights, participation, and gender equality in decision-making processes in Quetta district, Baluchistan province. This will be achieved through producing a guiding document, establishing democracy action groups, identifying and implementing necessary actions for gender equality at district level. The democracy action groups will raise women’s voices through consultations with duty bearers, and through artistic expressions, such as films, theater performances, and art exhibitions to achieve key women’s participation, increase computerized voter ID registration, as well as the number of women voters, candidates, and elected in the 2023 general elections.
Youth Association for DevelopmentLocal - PakistanJan 2022 - Dec 2023USD 220,000
897For Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Disaster and Climate Risk Governance in the Philippines
This project works to empower people with disabilities to participate in disaster risk reduction approaches in 20 local government units in Cebu Province. It will build capacity for 20 organizations of persons with disabilities to have a real voice in formal community planning processes, with the goal of influencing local government to break barriers, open spaces for inclusion, and encourage at-risk populations to take an active role in disaster preparedness, risk reduction and other community development agenda issues.
A2D Project-Research Group for Alternatives to Development,IncLocal - PhilippinesMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 220,000
901Improving Humane Conditions in Places of Detention by Strengthening National Preventive System in Ukraine
Kharkiv Human Rihgts Protection GroupLocal - Ukraine- - USD 242,000
902Mapping Digital Rights Violations and Fighting Disinformation in Central Europe Region
The overall objective is to advance public knowledge of and ability to assert the right to information, to discern disinformation and abuse online and to access and contribute to the information and public discussion on which official decision-making is based. The project determines the main patterns related to disinformation and propaganda through a unique regional Digital Monitoring database and the establishment of two new databases, continuous monitoring of digital threats and reporting on digital freedom violations. The project will train journalists in using the databases, publish a cross-regional report and 10 regional investigations, and hold stakeholder meetings and a final conference to promote the cross-regional report.
Balkan Investigative Reporting Regional NetworkRegional - EuropeJul 2022 - Jun 2024USD 264,000
903Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Assemblies to Fight Inequality and Poverty in Brazil
Working in collaboration with municipal governments and civil society, the project seeks to establish Citizen Assemblies in three cities in Brazil to facilitate public participation in policymaking to address poverty and inequality. Building on experience from Brazil and elsewhere, the aim is to demonstrate to public managers, political leaders and citizens alike the feasibility and value of open, inclusive deliberation to build sustainable and widely supported policy responses to complex issues. Results and lessons from the project’s three pilot efforts will be shared at national level. Increased cooperation among policymakers and civil society will address declining public political participation even as it contributes to more equitable and sustainable urban development. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts civil society and ensuring that responses uphold their rights and are inclusive of their needs.
Delibera BrasilLocal - BrazilJul 2022 - Jun 2024USD 198,000
904Strengthening Participation of Marginalized Groups in the Valparaiso Region of Chile
The project seeks to promote civil society and marginalized groups’ participation in Chile’s ongoing process of potentially adopting and implementing a new constitution. Working with environmental, women’s and human rights organizations in the region of Valparaiso, it would build civil society awareness of and capacity to engage in the process at all levels, from municipalities to the National Congress and Constituent Convention. The project’s primary focus would be on amplifying the voices of historically marginalized groups, including women, children and residents of informal settlements and heavily polluted industrial ‘sacrificed zones’. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts marginalized groups.
Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios sobre Cultura Política, Memoria y Derechos HumanosLocal - ChileAug 2022 - Jul 2024USD 198,000
905Strengthening Access to Labour Rights and Local Democracy for Women Survivors of Violence in Colombia
The project seeks to advance the rights of women in Colombia affected by violence and the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to strengthen the administrative and managerial capacity of women’s organizations and their ability to press for better policies and services through negotiations with local authorities and candidates in regional and national elections. It will promote women’s, private companies’ and local authorities’ knowledge of and ability to implement Article 23 of Law 1257/2008, which facilitates increased access to employment for women who have survived the political violence of the past and the domestic violence and economic impacts that have accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic.
Corporación Casa de la MujerLocal - ColombiaAug 2022 - Jan 2024USD 220,000
906Strengthening Local Governance in Covid and Post-Covid Dominican Republic
The project seeks to raise the low level of participation of youth, women, persons with disabilities, and other vulnerable populations in democratic processes in the Dominican Republic. It will facilitate interaction between communities and decision-makers in two provinces, identify urban development priorities, and develop projects for inclusion in municipal investment plans. In this way, the project will address local needs and establish a sustainable model for collaboration with Government following the 2020 elections. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts youth, women, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.
Asociación Ciudad Alternativa, InclLocal - Dominican RepublicMay 2022 - Apr 2024USD 220,000
907Strengthening Participation and Leadership of Women with Disabilities in Mexico
The project seeks to strengthen the political participation and leadership of women with disabilities in the development of a national disability strategy and in influencing related recommendations affecting the rights of women in Mexico. It would build the advocacy capacity of women with disabilities and their organizations and promote dialogue between these organizations and public institutions, to create an environment in which women with disabilities can effectively participate in public and political spaces. The project would contribute to the work of the Mexico National Institute for Women in designing and implementing regulatory frameworks and public policies that allow the Mexican State to guarantee the right of women and girls to a life free of discrimination and violence. The project includes activities relevant to the Covid-19 crisis as it impacts women with disabilities.
Documenta, Análisis y acción para la justicia socialLocal - MexicoMar 2022 - Feb 2024USD 220,000
908Youth Leadership for Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
The primary objective of this project is to foster the inclusive representation, empowerment, and participation of youth and students in Global Campaign for Education’s (GCE) coalitions for sustainable engagement in key advocacy spaces and policy dialogues where the implementation, follow-up and review of E2030/SDG4 agenda takes place at national, regional and global levels. GCE will facilitate processes to strengthen the capacity, democratic representation, and broader participation of youth and students in its advocacy processes to become key champions and cocreators in engaging with policy makers, governments and the international community to promote and defend the human right to education
Global Campaign for EducationGlobalJul 2023 - Jun 2025USD 242,000
909Fostering Social Cohesion Among Youth to Prevent Hate Speech and Political Violence in Cameroon
The project aims at promoting factors of peace and social cohesion through web influencers, digital campaigns and education of youths in community activism, in order to prevent hate speech and political violence in Cameroon. This involves strengthening interaction conditions between different groups of young men and women including civil society, students, political actors, youth councillors; some of which are internally displaced persons, in four target councils: Douala 3, Buea, Mandjou and Kousseri. Yaoundé being the political capital will host other project activities. With a view to a more harmonious cohabitation both in the communities and in the social networks, a guide for political parties for political education in the respect of diversity and the promotion of peace will be elaborated and used as a tool for sensitisation and education.
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - CameroonLocal - CameroonSep 2023 - Feb 2025USD 220,000
910Participation of Rural Groups in Local Governance and Agricultural Value Chains in Central African Republic
The project aims to strengthen the organizational capacity of farmers' groups groups, mainly women, by promoting the spirit and principles of cooperation the defense of their rights and their participation in local governance through advocacy and monitoring of public action, strengthening their productive capacity and their productive capacity and participation in agricultural value chains to foster economic economic empowerment.
ONG YANGADEVLocal - Central African RepublicAug 2023 - Jul 2025USD 176,000
911Empowering Women for Social and Political Inclusion in Communities of South Kivu
This project aims to contribute to the empowerment of women for social and political inclusion in the communities of South Kivu in the DRC, through (1) the establishment of an effective mechanism for strengthening individual and collective cognitive capacities in transformational leadership of women; (2) the representation of women and marginalized groups in social and political life by strengthening the legal and institutional framework as well as actions aimed at transforming social norms that discriminate against women; and (3) women's access to economic resources and assets in order to ensure "knowledge", "power" and "assets" for women.
CARITAS DEVELOPPEMENT BUKAVULocal - Democratic Republic of the CongoJan 2023 - Jun 2024USD 220,000
912Strengthening Public Access to Information and Media Professionalism in Gambia
The project seeks to strengthen public awareness and understanding of the Access to Information (ATI) Act, which was adopted in August 2021, thanks to the previous UNDEF project UDF-15-642-GAM. The present project seeks to maximize the benefits of this law by promoting information requests from journalists, information provision from the government, and the potential benefits derived from the application of the law. Finally, it seeks to improve media professionalism by raising awareness about the role of the Media Council of The Gambia (MCG) and by promoting journalists’ compliance with the Media Code of Ethics reflecting the new ATI Act’s spirit and practices.
Gambia Press UnionLocal - GambiaMay 2023 - Apr 2025USD 154,000
913Young Women's Leadership in Governance and Political Processes in Kenya
The project will realize women’s participation in local decision-making processes in three counties, Nakuru, Kitui and Homabay, in Kenya. The project will identify 780 women who will form self-help groups and conduct awareness raising activities on women’s participation, social audits, and public forums with duty bearers. The project also empowers newly elected female members of county assemblies and raise awareness of implementing the rule which requires not more than the 2/3 of representatives are from the same gender.
Women's Empowerment LinkLocal - KenyaMay 2023 - Apr 2025USD 198,000
914Effective Implementation of Safe School Policies in Nigeria
This project supports the enhancement of citizen-led initiatives to hold government accountable for the effective implementation of the Safe School Declaration (SSD) and its domesticating policy, the National Policy on Safety, Security and Violence Free Schools (NPSS-VFS). The project targets community mobilization and civil society organizing that contribute to the effective implementation of the SSD. It further supports awareness creation on SSD of a model costed action plan and legal framework for SSD. The project will also employ the use of media platforms, advocacy, and a participatory approach to achieve its objective.
Women Advocates Research and Documentation CentreLocal - NigeriaApr 2023 - Mar 2025USD 242,000
915Supporting Local Governance and Training Elected Officials in Republic of Congo
The project consists of training and coaching local elected officials (departmental and municipal councilors) in 6 departments of Congo. It will be a question of putting these councilors in front of their responsibility as guarantors of the rights of the communities and of animation of the democratic organs at the local level by the installation of a monitoring mechanism of the human rights within these institutions. Activities include: training of local elected officials, development of a monitoring guide for human rights at the local level and the establishment of consultation frameworks. and the establishment of consultation frameworks and focal points.
Centre d'Actions pour le DéveloppementLocal - Congo (Republic of the)Mar 2023 - Feb 2025USD 198,000
916Strengthening Civil Society Voices for Climate Advocacy in Zambia
This is a two-year project aimed at strengthening civil society organizations (CSOs) to effectively engage government in climate change action. The project envisages implementing training activities for CSOs in climate advocacy with the focus on the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and inclusion in climate action. Furthermore, consultations, dialogues, and engagements with CSOs, government, and other stakeholders will be undertaken for knowledge sharing on tools and best practices in the NAP, NDC implementation and climate change financial flows in the country. The project will be implemented in Lusaka, Chirundu, Kafue, Chongwe and Rufunsa districts.
Centre for Environment JusticeLocal - ZambiaJul 2023 - Jun 2025USD 242,000
917Strengthening Community Radio for Sustainable Access to Information, Freedom of Expression, and Citizen Participation
The main objective is to strengthen licensed and non-licensed community radios for sustainable and effective provision of access to information, freedom of expression and citizen participation in Zimbabwe.The project will build the capacity of Community Radios and Community Radio Initiatives through strengthening their governance, enhancing content programming and operations, with active participation of community members, providing equipment and influencing policy change for a more liberal regulatory framework to ensure sustainability.
Amnesty International ZimbabweLocal - ZimbabweFeb 2023 - Jan 2025USD 242,000
918Community Dialogue Led by Youth and Women for Democracy in Iraq
The project aims at strengthening women and youth competencies and skills to lead initiatives of community activism emphasizing young women’s and girls’ role in shaping narratives, determining structures of power and decisions affecting their lives, as members of communities and democratic institutions on an equal basis. WEO will collaborate with Terre des Hommes, with the common objective of putting a strong focus on youth and women participation as democratic dialogue promoters. The specific actions will (i) strengthen women and youth competencies and skills, (ii) enhance youth and women networks, and (iii) propose practical recommendations to advocate for change.
Women Empowerment OrganizationLocal - IraqMar 2023 - Aug 2024USD 242,000
919Safeguarding Human Rights Amid Crisis in Lebanon
The project aims to enable Human Rights to become of public interest and to influence the future political system. The Lebanese Center for Human Rights will reach its overall goal through monitoring, documenting, and reporting to a wide external audience. Cases of Human Rights violations in the Lebanese, and through providing support to access justice and rehabilitation services to Victims of Human Rights violations and to finally Prepare the future through promoting a culture of Human Rights amongst the next generation, including Lebanese activists, political parties, and students.
Lebanese Center for Human RightsLocal - LebanonMay 2023 - Apr 2025USD 275,000
920Monitoring, Reporting, Confronting Injustice on Housing and Land Rights in Lebanon
The project would seek to support those who fight for housing and land rights in Lebanon by monitoring state decisions, reporting on housing injustices and making available the knowledge and legal help needed for communities and other stakeholders to safeguard these rights. The project will work with community members to monitor housing vulnerabilities, encourage people to report these and, where needed, support them in pressing legal claims. It would also monitor legislative activity and promote equity in urban planning processes and institutions.. The project is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework in Lebanon, strengthening human rights and promoting effectiveness, transparency and accountability in public administration.
Public WorksLocal - LebanonApr 2023 - Mar 2025USD 242,000
921Inclusion Fellowships for Minority Youth in Somalia
Working towards increased minority clan inclusion in local decision making in Hirshabelle, Jubaland, Puntland and Somaliland and 3 Federal Member States, the project will recruit, train and give 9 months’ work experience to 20 young fellows from a minority background. The fellows will be encouraged to go on to find long term paid work in related occupations and the project will share news of the benefits of inclusive staffing with both decision makers and minority community members to contribute to increasing trust and mutual respect.
Puntland Minority Women Development OrganizationLocal - SomaliaMay 2023 - Apr 2025USD 264,000
922Empowering Civil Society to Advance Participative Democracy at Community Level in Tunisia
FREE SIGHT ASSOCIATIONLocal - TunisiaMay 2023 - Apr 2025USD 264,000
923Advancing Access to Justice in Tunisia
The project aims to strengthen the criminal justice system in Tunisia by leveraging technology and providing access to competent to legal representation. To achieve this, AAJT will support lawyers and marginalized accused individuals in Tunisia by increasing access to justice in criminal cases. In parallel, AAJT will boost the capacity of lawyers through training and tools; improve awareness of legal rights and available services; and provide representation to detainees with the help of local partners and digital solutions. AAJT will also create a platform for local initiatives and collaboration, including a smartphone application to increase awareness and knowledge, and to connect lawyers with vulnerable clients—especially women and youth—in need of representation.
International Bridges to JusticeLocal - TunisiaMar 2023 - Feb 2025USD 242,000
924Identifying Data Patterns to Understand and Counter Misinformation on Arabic Social Media Platforms
An “infodemic” of disinformation and misinformation has infected the global online media landscape with increasing virulence over the last five years. In reaction to this trend, fact-checking organizations have emerged across the world that investigate the accuracy of widespread claims on social media and the news and publish content that exposes their levels of veracity. This project implemented by OTL will be launching the Arabi Facts Hub, a platform that will stand as a coordinating hub for at least 15 different fact-checking initiatives across the Arab World, including OTL’s Matsda2sh (in English “Don’t Believe”). The goal of the platform is to create a one-stop platform for readers looking for verified information from fact-checking organizations across the region. Verdicts on daily fact-checked output from all those partnering organizations will be posted to the website, where users will be redirected to vetted partner websites to learn more about the individual news stories. As a hub, the platform is set to attract the audiences of all our partners combined.
Open Transformation Lab Inc.Regional - Middle East and North AfricaJul 2023 - Dec 2024USD 275,000
925Protecting Media Freedoms in the Digital Era in Jordan and Tunisia
The project aims to strengthen the protection of freedom of expression and journalists in Jordan and Tunisia, through the promotion of good judicial practices protecting freedom of expression and equality, Media Education and Information (EMI) as a positive measure for the protection and promotion of freedom of expression and information, as well as the dissemination of media content promoting the critical and analytical spirit of audiences, particularly young people. This will all be done through a training program for training judges, studies and research, awareness campaigns, capacity building and coaching programs for young journalists.
ARTICLE 19 - MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICARegional - Middle East and North AfricaJul 2023 - Jun 2025USD 286,000
926Strengthening State and Civil Society Efforts to Protect Human Rights in Kazakhstan
The ultimate goal of this project is to promote human rights in KAZ, by applying the presumption of innocence concept mainly by justice sector professionals. As in the problem analysis, many justice professionals do not respect this principle, thus if persons are arrested, they are presumed "guilty" which is reflected in their subsequent treatment. Ombudspersons will work with CSOs to make sure X\ HR violation is not happening in their region and that post-COVID access to justice is also ensured.
Public Association "Dignity"Local - KazakhstanJun 2023 - May 2025USD 242,000
927Empowering Young Law Students for Village Community Access to Justice in Lao People's Democratic Republic
The Project aims to empower poor Lao communities and to improve their access to land and natural resources through the capacity building of young law students and the provision of their legal services to communities. The project will achieve: 1) capacity building of law students on the legal protection of land and natural resources; 2) awareness raising of community members on their land and natural resource rights, and 3) resolution of conflicts regarding land rights and natural resources.
Village Focus InternationalLocal - Lao People's Democratic RepublicJan 2023 - Dec 2024USD 165,000
928Defending Labour Rights of Women Workers in Entertainment Sectors of Nepal
Despite the fact that the Constitution of Nepal and the Labour Act, 2015 have recognized all forms of work, the entertainment sector in Nepal remains largely unregulated. Women working in entertainment are usually internal migrant workers from low socio-economic backgrounds. Women working in segments of the entertainment sector face different types of labor exploitations as well as face social stigma associated with their nature of work. These women work long hours with very low wages, do not receive the basic benefits usually provided by a formal job, including social protection coverage, and their jobs are insecure. They face physical and mental abuse and sexual harassment. Furthermore, workers at the entertainment sector are unaware about labor rights, laws and support mechanisms. The objective of the project is to protect and promote the rights of women working in the entertainment sector. The anticipated project outcomes include : 1) building the capacity of women and their networks and groups so that they can advocate for their labor rights, 2) raising awareness on the rights and dire situations of women in the entertainment sector, and 3) as a result of advocacy by entertainment sector workers, three local governments will take initiative to formulate policy and measurements to regulate the entertainment sector, which ensures safe working environments, free of exploitation and violence. The project will be implemented in three areas: Kathmandu district, Pokhara metropolitan city and Itahari sub-metropolitan city of Nepal which host entertainment sectors in large numbers. The beneficiaries are entertainment sector working women. The project will be jointly implemented by WOFOWON, in partnership with Shakti Samuha and Sharmik Mahila Sajha Manch.
Women Forum for WomenLocal - NepalMar 2023 - Feb 2025USD 176,000
929Promoting Women's Rights in Marriage under Muslim Family Law in Pakistan
The project aims to ensure the protection of women’s rights and privileges in marriage under Muslim Family Law through accessing, demanding and negotiating terms and conditions in marriage contracts. The project will increase capacity of women, paralegals and marriage registrars to institutionalize the marriage contract. Furthermore, the project envisions to provide policy and legal reform for the protection of women’s rights and privileges under Muslim Family Law
The Legal Aid SocietyLocal - PakistanFeb 2023 - Jan 2025USD 242,000
932Building Inclusion for Vulnerable and Marginalized Communities in Georgia
The project aims to increase engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) supporting the most vulnerable persons in Georgia in the development and implementation of social policies. The project will strengthen human, institutional, and technical capacities of 28 CSOs in 10 cities of Georgia. The CSOs will combine efforts to advocate for the implementation of the UN pledge to Leave No One Behind (LNOB). The activities will include capacity building, awareness raising on LNOB and advocacy and dialogue with authorities. The experience of Denmark, where the LNOB principle has been fully implemented, will be a special focus.
Non-entrepreneurial non-commercial legal entity Charity Humanitarian Centre "Abkhazeti"Local - GeorgiaOct 2023 - Sep 2025USD 132,000
933Promoting Green Community Activism in Kosovo
This project aims to support the civil society organizations and communities in 12 Kosovo* municipalities to engage local authorities in ensuring the implementation of commitments to green governance. In addition to providing civil society actors with technical expertise and advocacy knowhow, it facilitates networking designed to help community groups and newly elected local duty bearers in different cities to share best practice on how to implement environmentally sustainable policies and projects.
Kosova Democratic InstituteLocal - KosovoJul 2023 - Jun 2025USD 242,000
934Empowering Women, Local Communities, and Refugees in Moldova
The Project aims to create a sustainable framework for the empowerment of women and for promoting gender equality through the joint engagement of women and men, including displaced women from Ukraine. The project will be developed through capacity building workshops, which would equip the participants with necessary skills to identify and implement the most suited and sustainable local initiatives that respond to the identified local needs, based on the principles of gender equality. In addition, the project aims to engage local and state stakeholders, to ensure the support of local initiatives and their viability, and to inform on the identified gaps, which would be further on translated into future policies mainstreaming gender equality.
Women's Law CentreLocal - Moldova, Republic ofAug 2023 - Jul 2025USD 275,000
935Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace in Ukraine
The project aims to actualize human rights, equality and inclusion for all (irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status) among companies operating in Ukraine. Since the Ministry of Justice, the Ombudsman and other involved state institutions have started their work on drafting the National Strategy or Plan for Human Rights and Business - it is important that businesses, their employees and clients demonstrate public demand for such a strategy in Ukraine.
NGO Fulcrum UALocal - UkraineFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 242,000
936Empowering the Voice of Regional Women Leaders in Ukraine
National Association of MediaLocal - Ukraine- - USD 176,000
937Strengthening the Reach and Impact of Human Rights Movements in Brazil
The project seeks to contribute to the full access to the Rule of Law by families of victims of state violence in Brazil, collaborating to strengthen their movement so that their demands for justice are more widely heard and recognized, guaranteeing the rights to truth, memory, justice, and non-repetition. By the end of its duration, the project aims to have expanded the reach and impact of human rights movements in Brazil, especially the movements of mothers of victims of state violence.
ASSOCIAÇÃO DIREITOS HUMANOS EM REDELocal - BrazilSep 2023 - Aug 2025USD 165,000
938Strengthening Youth Movements for Inclusion in Local Development Policy in Colombia
The project seeks to achieve effective incidence led by youth over the local development plans for 2024-2028 in Colombia, by strengthening their abilities and capabilities in campaigning, advocacy, and policymaking through a bootcamp model.
Coorporación MovilizatorioLocal - ColombiaApr 2023 - Mar 2025USD 242,000
939Using Data Technology to Reduce Violence and Strengthen Access to Justice in Haiti
The project aims to use technology to set up a legal and judicial procedural support system to support 400 people in protractive preventive detention in Haiti. It is also about informing the population about the various cases of violence observed through advocacy and the publication of reports. Through this project, CE-JILAP intends to optimize the use of technology in the judicial field and in the monitoring of human rights violations in Haiti.
Commission Episcopale Justice et PaixLocal - HaitiNov 2023 - Oct 2025USD 242,000
940Rights Advocacy for Domestic Workers in Mexico
The project aims to focus on developing mechanisms and actions to disseminate and demand the right to social security for domestic workers in Mexico. The project will articulate its actions in three main areas: (1) The development of a national information campaign to promote, disseminate and keep the issue positioned in the public agenda; (2) The consolidation of a network to support the cause of decent work for domestic workers, and (3) The development of tools for citizen training and political pedagogy to demand rights for domestic workers, in addition to accompaniment and counseling. This project continues the previous efforts on advocating domestic workers’ rights, also funded by UNDEF (UDF-18-837-MEX), although it aims to implement actions at a wider scale, targeting the national, state and municipal levels across the country
Nosotr@s por la Democracia, Asociación CivilLocal - MexicoJul 2023 - May 2025USD 242,000
941Promoting Education Rights and Provision in Underserved Communities in Benin
Changement Social BéninLocal - Benin- - USD 264,000
942Promoting Human Rights and Access to Justice for People with Disabilities in Botswana
The project promotes human rights and access to justice for persons with disabilities through public education and stakeholder engagements. A Disability Resource Centre, the provision of legal services and a CSO monitoring mechanism on the implementation of UNCRPD and National disability policy by key stakeholders in Botswana aim to support the project’s long-term impact and sustainability.
Botswana Council for the DisabledLocal - BotswanaJun 2024 - May 2026USD 264,000
943Promoting Youth and Women's Civic Engagement in Burkina Faso
Balai CitoyenLocal - Burkina Faso- - USD 187,000
944Promoting Youth and Women's Civic Engagement for Democracy and Peacebuilding in Cameroon
In response to the exclusion of youth and women from civic space and peacebuilding processes, the aim of this project is to contribute to the entrenchment of a participatory and and inclusive democracy and to improve the human rights situation in Cameroon. This will be achieved through mass civic awareness-raising among young people and women, building their conflict mediation skills and empowering them economically via economic empowerment; structural reinforcement of the peace clubs set up by the Réseau des Défenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Centrale; the adoption of a legal framework for the promotion and protection of young and women defenders, and a holistic support mechanism.
Réseau des Défenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique CentraleLocal - CameroonJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 264,000
945Promoting Universal Access to Law and Justice in Chad
The project would seek to promote access to law and justice for all, particularly people with low incomes and little or no formal education as well as those who have survived gender-based violence. It would increase access to free services at local legal-aid clinics and train paralegals to build local-level capacity to address legal problems. The project also would establish systems to monitor the incidence of gender-based violence and other human rights violations.
Droits de l'Homme Sans FrontièresLocal - ChadFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 264,000
946Strengthening Capacity of Women to Prevent Conflict and Gender-Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo HandicapLocal - Democratic Republic of the Congo- - USD 264,000
947Advancing Environmental Rights and Climate Justice for Women and Indigenous People in Ethiopia
The project intends to amplify and unite the voices of Ethiopians at risk of being left behind, to defend and realize their rights and live a decent and dignified life in a healthy environment, within the context of a changing climate. Specifically, it will contribute to holding government and private sectors accountable through the effective promotion of climate justice; empower vulnerable women and girls; and vulnerable community members to claim and defend their social and environmental rights, and scope and document community-based best practices that strengthen adaptive capacities of women and vulnerable communities. It will be implemented in Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, and Southern Nations and Nationalities Regional States.
Union of Ethiopian Women and Children AssociationsLocal - EthiopiaFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 264,000
948Strengthening Collaboration in the Education Sector between Government and Civil Society in Guinea
Coalition Nationale de Guinée pour l'Education Pour TousLocal - Guinea- - USD 264,000
949Using Digital Technology to Advance Deaf Persons' Rights and Participation in Namibia
The project aims to enhance communication for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing population in Namibia by developing a free and user-friendly digital version of Namibian sign language dictionary. The digital format eliminates the need for expensive dictionary reprints and includes recorded national Sign Languages videos. Furthermore, this approach contributes to sustainability by reducing paper usage. The dictionary will be easily accessible across a range of devices and app stores, making it beneficial for a diverse audience including Deaf families, educators, both mainstream and specialized schools, higher education institutions, Sign Language practitioners, and the entire Namibian community.
Namibian National Association of the DeafLocal - NamibiaMay 2024 - Apr 2026USD 132,000
950Promoting Youth Engagement through Creative Expression in Nigeria
Street Project FoundationLocal - NigeriaJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 242,000
951Strengthening Youth and Civil Society Engagement with Government in Uganda
The project tackles corruption in Uganda by enhancing citizens’ and particularly youth’s capacity to demand accountability from the government. By increasing citizens’ access to information and facilitating engagement and capacity-building of CSOs the project will spearhead accountability interventions. This project will therefore reduce corruption, improve service delivery, and ultimately, improve democratic governance in Uganda.
Anti Corruption Coalition UgandaLocal - UgandaJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 264,000
952Empowering Rural Women to Participate in Governance and Development in Zambia
Zambia National Women's LobbyLocal - Zambia- - USD 220,000
953Promoting Social, Economic and Political Participation by Young Women and Men in Afghanistan
This project aims to empower and strengthen youth and women within Afghanistan’s Ghor Province to promote their inclusion in social, political, and economic decision-making processes through providing civic education; occupational training, and apprenticeships; establishing a local youth resource centre; formation of youth and women advocacy committees; conducting community dialogues; and facilitating advocacy sessions with local government officials by 50 youth and 100 women.
Afghanistan Youth National Development and Social OrganizationLocal - AfghanistanJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 264,000
954Strengthening Youth Civic Engagement in Cambodia
The project aims to revitalize democracy through strengthened civic youth engagement in Cambodia to safeguard and advance Land and Natural Resources (LNR) rights within a democratic framework. This involves the creation of 30 Youth Hubs (YH) with 50 trained youth leaders and 750 youth members across 30 communities in five provinces. These YHs will play a pivotal role in defending citizens' LNR rights by identifying violations and presenting research findings to local governments and communities to drive positive changes. Additionally, the project intends to extend its impact nationwide by fostering awareness of LNR rights and establishing the country's inaugural National Youth Hub Coordination Team (NYHCT).
The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability CambodiaLocal - CambodiaDec 2023 - Oct 2025USD 220,000
955Advancing Participatory Governance for Environmental Protection in the Philippines
Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Inc.Local - Philippines- - USD 209,000
956Strengthening Civil Society to Advance the Human Rights of Prisoners in Tajikistan
The proposed action aims to promote and protect human rights and basic freedoms. It focuses on enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) and helping reform the prison system to eliminate torture and ill-treatment. This effort includes creating evidence-based policy recommendations, supporting community activism, and pursuing legal actions on behalf of groups who have suffered human rights violations in prisons. CSOs play a crucial role in ensuring a human rights-based approach to penitentiary reform, achieved through activities like prison monitoring, rehabilitation programs, high-level meetings with state authorities, and legislative changes. Ultimately, the project seeks to strengthen government cooperation with civil society.
NGO "Human Rights Centre"Local - TajikistanFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 275,000
957Improving Access to Justice for Women and Children in Timor-Leste
The project aims to tackle the challenge of inadequate access to the formal justice system and essential support services for women, girls, children, LGBTQI, and People living with Disabilities (PLWDs) in Timor-Leste. It will achieve this by offering independent legal aid to victims of genderbased violence and enhancing the capabilities of the existing referral network to effectively respond to cases of gender-based violence across the country. Through this initiative, the project seeks to empower and support those affected by violence, ensuring they can access justice and the necessary assistance to rebuild their lives.
Asisténsia Legál ba Feto no LabarikLocal - Timor-LesteFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 275,000
958Promoting Democratic Participation and Climate-Smart Agriculture in Armenia
This project aims to promote democratic participation in agriculture in Armenia’s Kotayk and Lori provinces through empowering local small holder farmers, especially women, with innovative knowledge and skills for reducing social and economic vulnerabilities due to climate change (as a contribution to SDG targets 2.3 and 2.4). Through training and facilitation, it would empower women farmers to take advantage of existing opportunities to influence decision-making, obtain training in climate-smart agriculture and to boost their farms' productivity, sustainability and revenues.
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy EnvironmentLocal - ArmeniaFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 209,000
959Institutionalizing Pro Bono Legal Services in Azerbaijan
The project seeks to establish a full-fledged system of pro bono legal services and thereby ensure access to justice for all, including the country's populations most at risk of being left behind. Operating in a conducive official environment, it will facilitate efforts to draft enabling legislation and build capacity within the legal profession to provide pro bono services. Through awareness-raising and the use of digital technology, it will increase vulnerable and marginalized people's access to and use of free legal services across the spectrum of needs.
Law and Development Public AssociationLocal - AzerbaijanJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 165,000
960Using Digital Games to Promote Youth Engagement and a Culture of Democratic Debate in Hungary
The project aims to develop young people's democratic skills by developing a culture of debate, using existing games developed by the Foundation for Democratic Youth (DIA). After introducing civic skills and social participation through an online escape game, we will create, with the help of our NGO partners, debate game themes and information packs around their areas of work, which will be disseminated in youth groups, thus enhancing the development of a culture of debate. In the project’s final phase, we will translate the democratic skills and themes identified through the games into practice and local action, primarily in existing debate clubs supported by DIA.
Foundation for Democratic YouthLocal - HungaryApr 2024 - Mar 2026USD 198,000
961Advancing Women's Political Participation in Bolivia
963Promoting Youth Participation through Civic Education and Engagement in Haiti
Nou Pap DòmiLocal - Haiti- - USD 264,000
964Promoting Deliberative Democracy to Confront Climate Inequality in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
Extituto de Política PúblicaRegional - Latin America and the Caribbean- - USD 220,000
965Strengthening Civil Society Voice and Partnership on Human and Environmental Rights in Iraq
This project aims to strengthen the voice of civil society in Iraq, focusing on protection of the environment and of civic freedoms. The project will work towards improving civil society capacities in planning and implementing strategic advocacy campaigns; improving coordination among civil society actors in central/southern Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI) and international civil society; and improving civil society advocacy initiatives so as to ensure civil society’s effective contribution in preserving environment and civic freedoms in Iraq.
Al-Mesalla Organization for Human Resources DevelopmentLocal - IraqFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 264,000
966Unifying Youth and Women’s Discourse to Support Government Modernization in Jordan
The project aims to increase the participation of young people and women in political and public life in support of ongoing national processes of political, administrative and economic modernization. It uses training, organizing and facilitation to bring together disparate youth and women's organizations, improves their knowledge of emerging laws and policies and builds their capacity to advocate for and engage in civic participation. The project also will seek to nurture dialogue between young people and decision makers.
Politics and Society InstituteLocal - JordanFeb 2024 - Jan 2026USD 275,000
967Promoting Youth Engagement through Participatory Theatre in Lebanon
In partnership with SEEDS for Legal Initiatives, Seenaryo proposes a project to encourage youth engagement in constitutional democracy, strengthen civil society interaction with government, and educate local communities on electoral processes. An empowering, participatory theatre process will boost a diverse group of youth “Advocates’” critical understanding of democratic processes, while building confidence and wellbeing; leadership training and seed funding will allow them to develop as applied theatre facilitators and community leaders.
SeenaryoLocal - LebanonJan 2024 - Dec 2025USD 220,000
969Citizens: empowering local communities, improving local governance
Zimam for Creativity and DevelopmentLocal - Palestine- - USD 264,000
970Giving Voice to Women and Girls in Somalia
This project will give voice to women and girls in Somalia. Building on past work including an UNDEF-funded campaign to promote community radio programming, the project will involve women and girls in raising awareness of, and advancing civic discourse on, gender equality, gender-based violence, education, and marriage timing in Abudwaaq, Galkayo, Burtinle and Garoowe. It will empower women and girls to produce radio programmes and social media content and to use these creative products in advocacy campaigns.
Radio DaljirLocal - SomaliaDec 2023 - Dec 2025USD 165,000
971Increasing Youth and Women’s Participation in Local Governance in Burkina Faso
Réseau Burkinabé des Jeunes Leaders pour l'IntégritéLocal - Burkina Faso- - USD 198,000
972Advancing Gender Equality Through Youth Engagement For Green Governance and Climate Action in Cameroon
ONG Jeunes Volontaires pour EnvironnementLocal - Cameroon- - USD 198,000
973Advancing Indigenous Peoples’ Civic Participation in the Central African Republic
Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in AfricaLocal - Central African Republic- - USD 220,000
974Civic Dialogue to Advance Indigenous People’s Rights in the Republic of the Congo
Initiative DéveloppementLocal - Congo (Republic of the)- - USD 198,000
975Advancing Inclusive Environmental Governance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Bureau de Liaison avec le Parlement de la Conférence Episcopale Nationale du CongoLocal - Democratic Republic of the Congo- - USD 220,000
976Creating a Network of Youth Ambassadors for Climate Action in the Arab States
World Organization of Scout Movement - Arab RegionRegional - Middle East and North Africa- - USD 220,000
977Fostering Youth Innovation and Participation in Climate Action and Civic Affairs in Egypt
Gozour Foundation for DevelopmentLocal - Egypt- - USD 176,000
978Advancing Inclusive Environmental Governance for Climate Resilience in the State of Libya
perpetual peace foundation for developmentLocal - State of Libya- - USD 176,000
979Strengthening Data for Climate Action in Nigeria
Media Awareness and Justice InitiativeLocal - Nigeria- - USD 132,000
980Empowering the Next Generation to Address Climate Change in Somalia
Youth Empowering CouncilLocal - Somalia- - USD 187,000
981Promoting Civic Engagement with Youth and Women in South Sudan
Läkarmissionen (LM International)Local - South Sudan- - USD 220,000
982Enabling Civic Discourse on Climate Change in Tunisia
Al BawsalaLocal - Tunisia- - USD 165,000
983Young People Building Urban Resilience in Bangladesh
Friends In Village Development BangladeshLocal - Bangladesh- - USD 198,000
984Strengthening Journalism to Increase Parliamentary Inclusion, Transparency and Accountability in Kazakhstan
International Foundation for Protection of Freedom of Speech Adil SozLocal - Kazakhstan- - USD 176,000
985Empowering Persons with Disabilities to Advance Inclusive Development in Palau
Palau Parents EmpoweredLocal - Palau- - USD 198,000
986Advancing and Protecting Migrants’ Rights in Thailand
Foundation for Education and DevelopmentLocal - Thailand- - USD 198,000
987Strengthening Grassroots Women’s Initiatives to Promote Civic Engagement in Uzbekistan
Center for Development of Well-Being of the Population of Fergana TaraqqiyotLocal - Uzbekistan- - USD 187,000
988Involving Youth in Local Governance in Armenia
"The A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Centre" NGOLocal - Armenia- - USD 132,000
989Strengthening Human Rights Defenders to Safeguard Democracy in Serbia
Lawyers' Committee for Human RightsLocal - Serbia- - USD 165,000
990'Linking Locales' to Foster Youth Participation in Ukraine
"Lviv - the European Youth Capital"Local - Ukraine- - USD 165,000
991Forming a Young Women’s Leadership Network in Rural Ukraine
Rural Women Business NetworkLocal - Ukraine- - USD 220,000
992Enabling Youth Participation and Digital Advocacy on Environmental Issues in Argentina
Asociación Chicos.netLocal - Argentina- - USD 165,000
993Bringing Communities and Government Together to Advance Sustainable Development in Guatemala
Fundación Grupo de Apoyo MutuoLocal - Guatemala- - USD 198,000
994Empowering Adult and Adolescent Women to Reduce Gender-Based Violence in Peru
995Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Civic Engagement and Climate Action in Trinidad and Tobago
The Cropper FoundationLocal - Trinidad and Tobago- - USD 220,000
996Strengthening inclusive civil society action in the Arab Region towards achieving Climate Justice
Al Chabaka Al Arabia (known as Arab NGO Network for Development)Regional - Middle East and North Africa- - USD 220,000
997Strengthening Youth Engagement in Municipalities and Enhancing Participation in Local Elections
The Lebanese Center for Policy StudiesLocal - Lebanon- - USD 198,000
998Enabling Youth Participation in Sustainable Development and Governance in Jordan
Motivators for TrainingLocal - Jordan- - USD 176,000